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12018-06-21 19:14:15 UTCMarc Konjuhi I want to remind you AGAIN that the NAME of the location should be written at name:... and NOT name:en because it will NOT be displayed on the map if there ist just the English name!
12018-06-13 20:49:15 UTCSpanholz Could you please wait with the name change until Macedonia changed its constitution?!
22018-06-13 21:04:10 UTCMarc Konjuhi fixed:)
12018-05-01 21:40:14 UTCDenisJu Hello Marc,
it's excellent that you have added the rest of A1 motorway constructionpart. I didn't find any official document of the project to put in this construction part of the motorway.
Regards Denis
22018-05-03 17:34:15 UTCMarc Konjuhi it was a pleasure :)

Regards Marc
12018-04-21 01:03:24 UTCSomeoneElse Any reason for switching the name order from "SR / SQ" to "SQ / SR" for ? I believe it was "SR / SQ" before because it was in a Serb-speaking-majority area.
22018-04-21 17:50:31 UTCMarc Konjuhi I thought I made a compromise with somebpody about this, but we made it different so I made a mistake there. I will reset the serb municipalities to SR / AL.
Thanks for your help.
12018-02-11 12:54:21 UTCSomeoneElse What evidence do you have for the use of cyrillic within Kosovo? As Ifar as I can tell from outside even within Serbia cyrillic use isn't 100% (see for example ). The Kosovo government's website,1 doesn't use it, and the Serbian government us...
22018-02-11 15:19:05 UTCVigilante Kosovo (Albanian: Kosova/Kosovë; Serbian: Косово]) is a disputed territory and partially recognised state[11][12] in Southeastern Europe that declared independence from Serbia in February 2008.
Kosovo's constitution says official are both: albanian and serbian. If serbian i using two alp...
32018-02-18 10:52:39 UTCSomeoneElse I asked for examples of use of cyrillic within Kosovo and you didn't provide any.
What script the Serbian OSM community is using is irrelevant; also note that has "name:sr=Косово и Метохија" it's perfectly possible to create ...
42018-02-18 18:56:23 UTCVigilante Open thread about it in the forum, and it will be discussed.
52018-02-18 20:08:07 UTCSomeoneElse Which forum do you mean?

Here is a perfectly reasonable place to ask questions.
62018-02-18 20:19:44 UTCVigilante Yap, but, there is no notification. I should search edit after edit. Personal message is ok?
72018-02-18 20:22:31 UTCSomeoneElse You should get an email notification for every message here - not sure why that's not working. Maybe go to and check the addtess there?
82018-02-18 20:29:40 UTCVigilante Empty mailbox... Nothing.
I will change with other mail tommorow.
This is my sugestion about it.
92018-02-20 20:41:23 UTCMarc Konjuhi Google is not OSM, and in addition to that, in the territory of Kosovo, Serbian is used in latin form, also in new laws, street signs etc. OSM works with the reality on the ground, and the reality on the ground is that there´s the rRepublic of Kosovo with the administration in Prishtina, and t...
12017-12-13 22:04:39 UTCMarc Konjuhi Could you maybe stop those "updates" in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo and stop to add street names which are actually not located there anymore and also your "facts and arguments" will not be able to prove them so just stop or I will report you because of vandalism. Tha...
22017-12-13 22:10:28 UTCdaledale There is no such thing as "Republic of Kosovo". That is vandalism. You can report me, but UN are on my side. Best regards
32017-12-13 22:15:04 UTCMarc Konjuhi I totally don’t care about your opinion on this topic, but OSM is based on the principle that wants to show “the situation how it is on the ground” and the situation is the following:
The country is controlled by the government in Prishtina with a democratic elected leadership, th...
42017-12-13 22:21:40 UTCdaledale As you know, "Republic of Kosovo" is based on genocide on Serbian people. Majority of countries maybe is for "Kosovo" but Majority of People in the world is against "Republic of Kosovo" and in favor of Serbian Kosovo and Metohija. Only three countries in that are agains...
52017-12-13 22:24:53 UTCMarc Konjuhi Still you do not act like the facts on the ground are, that’s why I reported you now. Regards
62017-12-13 22:26:11 UTCdaledale Two way street. ;)
12017-05-20 21:31:19 UTCMarc Konjuhi I dont think that "Sheshi Edith Durham" is English, the English term is "Edith Durham Square". Why do you change right things and make them wrong?
12017-05-17 19:54:07 UTCMarc Konjuhi I tell you again, put the name of the place NOT at name:en, put it just into the normal name box!!!! This would save me time for other things because I always have to fix your edits:(
12017-05-15 19:33:27 UTCMarc Konjuhi hello, thamnks for editing the maps in the Republic of Kosovo! When you add places like restaurants or more, please also give them names, not just at name:en, but put this name also at "name" because if you dont put it to "name", the place doesnt have a name. Thanks!
12017-05-11 16:07:30 UTCsamely Hello! First of all thanks for contributing to OSM. I just was checking this area and I found you edited many places `name=*`, I'm wondering if you know about multi-language tagging, looks like you are trying to combine all names in just the `name=*` tag, can you check this url: http://wiki.openstre...
22017-05-11 16:42:27 UTCMarc Konjuhi Hey, the problem is that Kosovo is a country with 2 national languages, therefore there has to be Albanian and Serbian names. when you look at e.g. Podujevë / Besianë, both names are in use, therefore none of them is an alternative one
32017-05-11 16:44:05 UTCMarc Konjuhi maybe there can be a discussion about this somewhere?
42017-05-11 17:00:00 UTCMarc Konjuhi or do you think that the name should be everywhere in Albanian? (like it is in Belarus in Russian)?
52017-05-11 17:12:02 UTCsamely Oh yup! There is no consensus about the names in Kosovo yet. But I think you should add the name for each language specifically --> `name:*=*` tag, so everybody have the chance to show the map in the language of their preference. i.e Istog / Burim - Istok.
12017-05-01 13:12:52 UTCMarc Konjuhi Can you tell me your source of the borders?
22017-05-01 23:01:02 UTCOpaky Hi Marcks

The source of my borders is from various sources, depending on what municipality I am working on, from images that I find from google searches to municipality official websites. Also I would use to validate those borders.
Btw, all of the borders are approximat...
12017-04-26 19:17:21 UTCMarc Konjuhi please add Albanian primarly, Serbian secondary!
22017-04-26 19:19:03 UTCMarc Konjuhi please stop updating duplicates!
12017-04-18 21:17:49 UTCMarc Konjuhi are you sure that theres a camp site on the main road? can you please fix it?
12017-04-11 20:17:03 UTCMarc Konjuhi do you maybe know the Albanian name of this peak?
22017-04-11 20:47:53 UTCValdrinGashi No
12017-01-16 10:16:07 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Wetitpig0,
Re the "Kosovo to disputed territory" part of the changeset comment, did you discuss that change with any of the mappers in the region?
Administrative boundaries is an incredibly sensitive topic within OSM. In this particular area, there have been "edit wars" ...
22017-01-18 15:27:52 UTCMarc Konjuhi Hello,
I dont agree with "desputed". Kosovo is a sovereign state and Serbia has no controle of it anymore. Anyone in Kosovo (especially the mappers)a are FOR administrative, doesnt matter if they are Serbian or Albanian (also Serbs accepted Kosovo already) so it should stad administrative...
32017-10-16 11:45:12 UTCWetitpig0 Ok. But anyway not all countries have recognised Kosovo.
12017-01-01 15:57:34 UTCMarc Konjuhi what did you update here?
22017-01-01 16:35:47 UTCValdrinGashi Speed
12016-12-30 23:15:41 UTCMarc Konjuhi the motorway is open?
22016-12-31 13:53:41 UTCValdrinGashi Yes, since 31.12.2016
12016-07-11 18:41:24 UTCGero You are sure way 430222429 is a cliff and not a Mountain ridge?
22016-07-11 18:44:42 UTCMarc Konjuhi yes you are right, what can I name it instead?
32016-07-11 20:17:50 UTCGero
42016-07-11 20:26:26 UTCMarc Konjuhi thanks a lot! i will change it now
12016-05-11 19:12:40 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I did ask (on the changeset that changed it ) why the name had been changed from "Republika␣e␣Kosovës" to "Kosovo,␣Косово".

Personally I've been suggesting for some time that places like http://www.openstree...
22016-05-11 19:20:46 UTCMarc Konjuhi It was Kosovo, Kocobo

I changed it to Republika e Kosovës because this is the official name

And the other meaning is Serbian

And I agree with you totally but I think e.g. Prishtinë/"Serbian meaning" is not a good idea because it doesn't look well

32016-05-11 19:23:44 UTCSomeoneElse No - look at the "name" tag on - it's currently set to "Republika e Kosovës, Republika Kosovo". I'm guessing that perhaps you wanted to set "name:hr" to "Republika Kosovo"?
42016-05-11 19:28:43 UTCMarc Konjuhi no I didnt want to, i wanted to have serbian and albanian in the name because im already seeing the serbs saying " why not in serbian?"
52016-05-11 19:51:20 UTCSomeoneElse Ah, OK. Not everywhere that's "officially bilingual has "multiple names in the name tag" (e.g. Ireland, Finland) but some do (eg. "Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Svizra").

If the majority of mappers in Kosovo are happy with "Republika e Kosovës, Republika Kosovo&qu...
62016-05-11 19:54:59 UTCMarc Konjuhi Yes I see your point, but there should be "Republika e Kosovës " and if this is too long, it should be "Kosova" so please decide how you want I don't care but one of these should be taken
72016-05-11 20:03:40 UTCVigilante I will open a thread in the OSM forum about this issue. Good?
82016-05-11 20:07:24 UTCMarc Konjuhi Do, if you tell me how to get there haha
92016-05-11 20:14:40 UTCVigilante Firstly i will send request, because there is no subforum for Kosovo, and i guess you dont want to be opened thread is serbian subforum, right, so i will propose freezing of namings of Kosovo, till that is discussed in the thread. Deal?
Link to the forum:
We will di...
102016-05-11 20:24:43 UTCMarc Konjuhi Of course we can discuss, I'm open for that. But what do you mean with freeze?
112016-05-11 21:31:09 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I've suggested to the forum owner that it would be great if he could create a community sub-forum for Kosovo:
I know he's extremely busy at the moment, so please don't expect anything immediately, but hopefully he will get chance...
122016-05-12 08:07:33 UTCVigilante Freezing with changing of the namings until we find solution at OSM forum. That place will be like guide for mapping of Kosovo, like rules, sugestion, help for new mappers.
132016-05-12 12:24:30 UTCMarc Konjuhi Hey,
How can you freeze it? Can you also freeze the border? Because many times the border gets "deleted" and when will you make what you wanted?

12016-05-11 19:21:37 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Any reason why you changed the "name" tag here from the "name:sr" value to the "name:sq" one? My understanding was that the majority community in this part of Kosovo was Serbian-speaking (based on ) - do you think that ...
22016-05-11 19:27:18 UTCMarc Konjuhi You also can say Leposaviq in Serbian to it because it almostz doesnt matter if you use the c or the q and in this case it is better to use the q because it is also the albanian meaning
32016-05-11 20:02:01 UTCSomeoneElse Ah - OK. If it's possible to find a "compromise name" that all communities actually use then that's great.
42016-05-11 21:09:32 UTCMarc Konjuhi lets take "Kosova" because Serbs use it and also albanians and others too
52016-05-11 21:10:13 UTCMarc Konjuhi sorry i was wrong lets take Leposaviq
12016-03-29 22:57:54 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
You've changed the tags on the Dren train station building to remove the name:sr and name:sr-Latn tags, as well as adding name:sq and changing name to the Albanian name.

As this document describes:

22016-03-29 23:04:59 UTCMarc Konjuhi Hey­
You're right­
I might have made a mistake ­
The Cities and other names should mainl­y be Albanian (because of the Albanian r­ep of Kosovo) and then the tag name:Sr c­an be added. But the first name should b­e Albanian

I'm sorry that I made a mistake­
32016-03-29 23:31:33 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I'd expect the name in most places to be in Albanian, but in municipalities where there's a Serbian majority, such as here, I'd expect it to be in Serbian.
However, I may be wrong - if the station building is actually mostly called "Stacioni i trenit Dren" regardless of the most-used...
42016-03-30 12:08:05 UTCMarc Konjuhi I agree
But it should not be on Cyrillic because then Albanians and other people wouldn't understand it

52016-04-01 07:05:12 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - that's a good point.
The tag "name:sr-Latn" seems to be used for Serbian-written-with-latin-characters locally, like on the station itself .
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