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12018-05-08 19:06:31 UTCnyuriks Hi, thanks for adding default_language, but the value "nl;pap;en" is not usable for it. See multilingual section in . Thanks!
22018-05-08 23:43:00 UTCPolyglot If the tag is not set, nl is 'inherited' from the Netherlands (as it's an overseas' territory). But Papiamento is definitely spoken there, alongside a version of Dutch. Only putting pap in the tag is not correct either.
This seems like an unsolvable puzzle. Is there a flaw in the logic?
32018-05-09 00:14:55 UTCnyuriks Polyglot, you are right about inheritance. The question though is not about what is spoken, but only what language is used in the "name" tag in that territory. So if name tag only has one name, default_language should say what language it is. There are places that have two languages in th...
42018-05-09 05:57:23 UTCPolyglot I'm afraid that for some regions in the world, it is useless to try to do that. Anyway, all street names in Aruba that end in straat/weg are in Dutch. Some are in Spanish. Names for amenities are mixed. I guess it's best to drop the tag for Aruba and 'suppose' that everything is officially in Dutch ...
12018-05-07 23:12:47 UTCnyuriks Hi, why should osmrel:2528269 and osmrel:2531450 have the same default_language, if it's the same? I think it would be hard to maintain multiple ones, especially if you start adding it to small cities :)
22018-05-08 07:09:44 UTCJanjko Well, BiH is kind of complicated. There are three languages, Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian. They are all so similar they could be called the same, but you can't just choose one because the other two nations will be angry.

Anyway, those two regions have Bosnian default language, inside Republika S...
32018-05-08 07:19:34 UTCnyuriks Nah, I think it's ok if there is a reason to keep all those values, thanks for explaining!
12018-04-24 18:55:13 UTCnyuriks JyriK, there are now two name_int and int_name tags on way 135498596 -- I am keeping the int_name=Leonidou Rodiou Sqr. but feel free to change it. There shouldn't be a name_int. Thx!
22018-04-24 18:55:25 UTCnyuriks Original -- name_int=Platia Leon Rodiou
12018-04-24 18:49:08 UTCnyuriks Hi, I removed name_int -- that's not a correct tag -- it should be int_name. The value is almost the same, and I suspect "ulitsa" is not really needed there
12018-04-18 05:09:55 UTCnyuriks Hi, please use name:ja-Latn, not name:ja_Latn to be consistent with all other labels. Thanks! (I will fix it)
12018-02-02 05:33:35 UTCuser_5359 Hello! If a lind is part of a relation, you should not repeat the attributes of the relation to this line.
22018-02-02 05:35:48 UTCnyuriks @user_5359 thanks for the info. I was following the JOSM's warning about it - should JOSM rule be disabled?
32018-02-02 05:44:26 UTCuser_5359 @nyuriks: I think you got aline without any tags. And I got a boundary on a not closed way. I assumed: You a working on a relation in different steps, so don't stop before the work is finished.
And no, never disable a warning rule. The rule doesn't know, that you only store between. These messages...
42018-02-02 09:07:08 UTCnyuriks Hi, I am very sorry, I don't understand. I think Google translate is creating a very bad translation.
52018-02-02 19:24:46 UTCuser_5359 Unfortunately no Google, I will write a mail.
12018-02-01 20:45:02 UTCnyuriks Hi, I think the relation is severely broken - it was already partially reverted a few months back, but I will revert the rest of it - it describes just one Walker county (matches what Wikipedia says), not the Walker;Grimes;Madison;Walker;Walker
12018-02-01 19:34:04 UTCnyuriks Hi, I think you made a mistake here, I'm reverting it.
12018-01-07 15:43:04 UTCSK53 I'm reverting the wikidata tag on this element You have attached a generic descriptor to a particular item. The wikipedia article link is reasonable because the bridge is described in the article, i.e., it provides a link for information which could be u...
22018-01-07 21:00:00 UTCnyuriks @SK53 I see you removed all tags - was that the desired action?
12017-11-08 10:23:01 UTCSomeoneElse What actually is ? The tags on there don't seem to make a lot of sense. Maybe one of them was added by mistake (7 years ago!) - normally what I'd do with those is try and contact the original mapper to find out what it actually is.
Best Regards,
22017-12-23 22:36:02 UTCSomeoneElse Any news on the best tagging for Crumhenge?
32017-12-23 22:43:36 UTCnyuriks -- hasn't responded.
12017-12-08 05:08:39 UTCnyuriks Hi, I don't think you meant to add a road to relation 2692022, i'm removing it, but let me know if it should be kept.
22017-12-08 16:47:48 UTCSeandebasti Yeah youre right I didnt mean to add. thx
12017-12-08 04:54:33 UTCnyuriks Hi, what is this?

Why is it part of ?
12017-11-20 23:29:18 UTCnyuriks Hi, I changed wikipedia->subject:wikipedia on -- the article is about the subject of the statue, not the statue itself. Let me know if it should be changed in some other way. Thx!
12017-11-20 23:27:11 UTCnyuriks Hi, the wikipedia article is about the subject of the statue, not the statue itself. I will change it, but please let me know if you think it should be kept.
12017-11-20 21:53:35 UTCnyuriks I changed "wikipedia" tag to Don Quijote (personaje), and changed it to subject:wikipedia. I hope its ok with you.
12017-11-19 09:21:30 UTCSomeoneElse The wikidata entry for looks wrong to me. The link is to the wikidata entry for the character, not to the statue itself.
22017-11-20 20:59:17 UTCnyuriks Agree. This is part of the wp/wd -> subject:wp/wd, or artist:*, or several other ones. Specifically for the fictional characters, most likely its a subject. I have made a task for this - please click "save" on it if you agree.
32017-11-20 22:56:01 UTCSomeoneElse Er - I've no idea why you're saying 'please click "save" on it if you agree'. If you've added a wikidata tag in error (as appears to be the case here) just remove it. There is no need to have "made a task for this".
12017-11-19 02:42:37 UTCnyuriks hi, did mean to use "yes" and "no" instead of "true" and "false"?
12017-11-19 02:27:53 UTCnyuriks I think you meant oneway=yes - I will fix it, let me know if its a mistake. -
12017-11-19 02:25:33 UTCnyuriks Hi, I'm guessing you meant oneway=yes on -- i fixed it, hope its ok.
12017-11-08 20:04:31 UTCnyuriks Hi, is a marsh or a monument? It's strange to see both.
12017-11-08 03:36:48 UTCLOLAFOX I think the place of Tsar Bomba is wrong: Wikipedia says 73° 48′ 26″ N, 54° 58′ 54″ E (= 73.807222 N - 54.981667 E) but you have located at 73.84993 N - 54.50037 E.
It is out of zone.

I added area correctly here : if yo...
22017-11-08 03:54:41 UTCnyuriks @lolafox hi, thx, but I didn't add the location - I only added the Wikidata tag to it. BTW, I wonder if should be deleted, and all of its tags moved to your new way?
12017-10-15 02:29:42 UTCnyuriks Доброго времени, я удалю - relation не надо использовать как категорию (представьте все mcDonalds в одном rel). Я поставлю name:etymology:wikidata/wikipedia на все об...
12017-09-27 23:23:05 UTCnyuriks Hi, please add wikidata tags when adding wikipedia. JOSM can do it automatically using "Fetch IDs" in Wikipedia plugin. Also, please help with if you can. Thanks!

22017-10-14 10:09:18 UTCpitort I'm unable to use wikipedia plugin because JOSM is unable to load the class org.wikipedia.WikipediaPlugin. The pugin and JOSM are updated ... any help may be appreciated. I use Ubuntu Mate and Java 1.8.
32017-10-14 10:18:34 UTCnyuriks Hi, which versions of JOSM and plugin do you have? Mine: JOSM=12921 and Plugin=33696. I am running Ubuntu, have no issues.
42017-10-20 14:58:25 UTCpitort Hi, I managed to fixed my problem. Apparently it was caused by the use of a preferences file pointing to a different folder than the one of the JOSM jar file. Tnx for your intestest.
12017-10-14 01:40:45 UTCSomeoneElse Unfortunately, wikidata generally speaking isn't a valid source for OSM - it's mostly just copied from wikipedia which has an licence that is incompatible with OSM.
It's unclear how wikidata was used here, however, since there's no wiki* tag on this node.
Regardless of that, any "tagfiddling&...
22017-10-14 01:43:17 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, I think you are fixated. What is this has to do with Wikidata? I lived in St. Petersburg
32017-10-14 01:53:08 UTCSomeoneElse "created_by=OSM+Wikidata 0.1"
42017-10-14 02:08:59 UTCnyuriks and? That's the tool name.
52017-10-14 08:30:24 UTCSomeoneElse You've added no source for the data and used a "created_by" tag that looks like it might be a source. That's why I said "It's unclear how wikidata was used here" (please do actually read the comments that people make).
It may be that you live locally and believe that the curren...
12017-10-07 08:04:41 UTCnyuriks Edward, please double check - you added a disambig wikidat to - I found it via (disambig section)
22017-10-07 10:34:52 UTCEdward This is brilliant. Thanks Yuri. I added the Wikidata tag based on the name and categories for the Wikidata item in English Wikipedia (enwiki). It turns out the enwiki article was attached to the wrong Wikidata item. I've created a new item to represent the church and moved the enwiki link and update...
32017-10-07 10:46:16 UTCnyuriks awesome, thanks!!! If you have any spare time, would love your help with the other disambig cleanups - there are only about 500 left in the world :)
12017-09-26 15:32:28 UTCSomeoneElse Here you added to (which is correct). Are you now going to remove it from which you did in error in which ...
22017-09-26 16:17:25 UTCnyuriks Andy, are you saying that neither Q2407197 nor en:Tibshelf should be attached to rel 957593 ? It the WD item is correct for both - it is both the city and the parish.
32017-09-26 23:37:03 UTCSomeoneElse (re Tibshelf) as of 12 days ago it does now claim to be both a village and a civil parish; only 10 months after you added the wikidata entry to the relation.
Can you guarantee that all similar errors in wikidata have been similarly corrected?
42017-09-27 00:31:05 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, I cannot guarantee anything. Ever. I can only attempt to find existing errors in the data and expose them. So far, thanks to my efforts, thousands of major errors have been corrected. As I numerously stated, and you chose to ignore -- wikidata ID is simply a more permanent wikipedia ...
52017-09-27 00:38:23 UTCSomeoneElse > , thanks to my efforts, thousands of major errors have been corrected
You keep saying this. Can you provide a list? I've seen very few fixes to OSM data in these changes.

Also, if wikidata and wikipedia IDs both identify the same object why add both? Just leave the human-readable one in ...
62017-09-27 00:47:22 UTCnyuriks -- every revision had entries that community fixed. There are many other places, but this is the easiest to show. Lately, people fixed it directly from my service. When first ...
72017-10-02 09:55:12 UTCSomeoneElse Re "every revision had entries that community fixed." I've not sure what that table shows, presumably a "disambig" is a wikipedia thing that we are supposed to know about in OSM? Do you mean wikipedia disambiguation pages where one word can have multiple meanings? My problem wi...
82017-10-03 05:21:01 UTCnyuriks You misunderstood. I used MediaWiki & Commons to store errors that I found in OSM. There were several people who went there to fix uncovered issues. Also, realize that there are plenty of people who gave up arguing - see last discussion Anothe...
92017-10-04 13:39:36 UTCSomeoneElse > There were several people who
> went there to fix uncovered issues. ...
Based on the people who've edited that that'd be 2 people? Also comments there include "I would really advice to stop pushing for worldwide mechanical...
12017-10-02 17:51:15 UTCtrigpoint I have removed the wikidata tags from the statue of Charles Darwin and the bust of Mary Webb.
I had linked to wikipedia sections on commemerations, not to articles about the person. The wikdata refers to the person, which is not correct in this case.
Cheers Phil
22017-10-02 18:16:52 UTCnyuriks Thanks! I think it would be better to use "subject:wikidata" for both of them. As for the wikipedia link - its a link to part of the page - which means the wiki page is not "about the feature" - so perhaps we should use something like "related:wikipedia" ?
12017-10-01 08:45:22 UTCnyuriks Hi, many Deutsche Post have "brand:wikidata", but others use "operator:brand". Should they use the same?
22017-10-01 12:52:05 UTCReclus Hello!

Taginfo doesn't find any "operator:brand".

This article in the OSM wiki suggests using both brand and operator keys.

For every operator and brand key I put in an additional :wikidata key, so there will be mor...
32017-10-01 17:23:03 UTCnyuriks OOOPS, sorry, I meant brand:wikidata and operator:wikidata :) There are currently many objects like - it has wikipedia/wikidata instead of brand:wikidata and operator:wikidata. Can you fix them too? Thanks!
42017-10-01 17:30:14 UTCnyuriks P.S. I meant these objects:
52017-10-01 18:51:34 UTCReclus These objects are street cabinets operated by Deutsche Post for internal use by Deutsche Post. It doesn't make sense to put brand/brand:wikidata on them IMHO.

Your tool should be fixed instead.
62017-10-01 18:54:07 UTCnyuriks My tool simply shows a search result, just like OverpassTurbo, so hard to fix that :). I agree that it probably doesn't make sense to tag these objects with the brand. Does it make sense to mark them with wikipedia tag?
72017-10-01 19:07:01 UTCReclus No. Please see:

"only provide links to articles which are 'about the feature'. A link from St Paul's Cathedral in London to an article about St Paul's Cathedral on Wikipedia is fine. A link from a bus depot to the company that operates it ...
82017-10-01 19:51:52 UTCnyuriks Reclus, I agree with you 100% ! That's what I meant. We should rename "wikipedia" tag into something else, like "operator:wikipedia" or "brand:wikipedia", etc. And we should add corresponding "operator:wikidata". All these objects need to be fixed: http:/...
92017-10-01 19:52:48 UTCnyuriks And yes, I am not sure if we need wikipedia tags there at all, but other community members keep saying they need them :(
102017-10-01 20:15:06 UTCReclus No, the wikipedia tag (1st level) is well defined and should not be renamed. Please see:

For every wikipedia tag there should be a wikidata tag added. And there are people doing this right now. In the future the wikipedia tags might be removed....
112017-10-01 22:35:42 UTCnyuriks I agree with everything about operator:wikidata & brand:wikidata.

The first portion about key:wikipedia -- from the osm wiki: "only provide links to articles which are 'about the feature'. A link from St Paul's Cathedral in London to an article about St Paul's Cathedral on Wikipedia is ...
122017-10-01 22:54:27 UTCReclus Yes, that's right. But also brand and operator. (It should have brand, brand:wikidata, operator and operator:wikidata.)
132017-10-01 22:57:29 UTCnyuriks Cool, will you be able to fix it? There is a lot of backlash currently for me to edit in DE, I'm waiting for things to settle a bit. Thx!
142017-10-01 23:09:06 UTCReclus No, but there is for example MapRoulette which could help finding people to do it.
152017-10-02 03:45:45 UTCnyuriks I hope to use it, but it does not work with OSM object IDs. You cannot give it a set of OSM objects, and say that these tags are wrong, and should probably be another set - please confirm. You can give it a few broken polygons and tell people to fix it.
12017-10-01 17:34:13 UTCNakaner Hi nyuriks,

could you please revert your additions of a wikidata=* tag on all objects where the wikipedia article is a list (at least if the list is based on a spatial correlation) and does not describe a certain feature?

For example, it is not necessary to add the wikidata=* tag pointing to t...
22017-10-01 18:06:34 UTCnyuriks Hi Michael, it would be fairly easy to find such objects with - it shows 3900 objects in the world. The problem is that once wikidata ID is removed, it won't be possible to find them anymore. Would it make sense to use a different tag from "wikipedia" for these...
32017-10-01 18:10:05 UTCnyuriks The problem is that anyone using iD editor who adds "de:Liste der Stolpersteine in Ludwigsburg" wikipedia link would automatically also add the "wikidata" link. I don't think either wikipedia or wikidata link should be added, because that page is not about that node.
42017-10-01 19:32:46 UTCNakaner Please either revert at least the "wrong" parts of your changeset or start a new thread on the Talk mailing list.

This discussion is relevant enough to be discussed on the Talk mailing list where it will get enough attention.
52017-10-02 03:10:37 UTCnyuriks I reverted all items tagged as lists in wikidata. There were a lot of them, and added a fixme note. The wikipedia tag description in the osm wiki says that we should only use it if the article is about the place. A list is a collection of such places. We should start a discussion on a talk... I'm n...
12017-10-01 19:07:39 UTCwoodpeck nyuriks, you have in the past made edits claimed to be "as per discussion on talk list" when the discussion on the talk list certainly not meant you had an all clear for the edit. Now you claim to make edits "per community discussion in telegram chat", which third parties cannot ...
22017-10-01 19:27:32 UTCnyuriks fair point (and no, I come from Wikipedia background and really don't like sockpuppets). Take a look at the #osm-ru IRC channel - the channel topic says: " >> жизнь переехала в телеграм" (there are ~250 people there). Also, IRC cha...
12017-09-28 12:14:32 UTCSomeoneElse nyuriks,
You appear to be continuing with this mechanical edit despite being told to stop, and while discussion on the list and at e.g. is still going on. You appear determined to force your views on the OSM community despite the fact that dis...
22017-09-28 19:34:00 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, this is becoming a harassing behavior. Where do you see a mechanical edit? This was a single node manual edit.
32017-09-28 20:01:26 UTCSomeoneElse It was submitted 10 seconds after the previous changeset and 20 seconds before the next. That's unfortunately a common behaviour where people want to be seen to be doing "single" edits but in fact are just mechanically changing object after object without doing any sort of checks on what...
42017-09-28 20:16:04 UTCnyuriks Yes. In a group of 10 nodes. Each of which were checked by hand. I know the rules, and despite your accusations, I haven't broken any of them. I specifically studied the mechanical edits policy.
52017-09-28 20:17:02 UTCnyuriks The group was checked, individually. Afterwards, they were uploaded one by one because they appeared in different places of the world.
62017-09-28 21:02:54 UTCSomeoneElse What about previous changes, such as ? Was that a mechanical edit?
72017-09-28 21:05:26 UTCnyuriks Yes they were. They were clearly marked as mechanical (with the word auto). And they followed the rules.
82017-09-28 21:34:34 UTCSomeoneElse > And they followed the rules.

Are you sure? What you're supposed to do is laid out in some detail at , including a "Document_and_discuss_your_plans" section. Can you explain how you followed that? As far as I can ...
92017-09-29 01:38:39 UTCnyuriks Which portion of it did I fail to address? Global note, discussion, proceeded. Not a mixed response - every concern was answered on the email channel (except for one email that was not raising any reasonable objection as I later noted), and did not receive any further comment until restarted. If yo...
102017-09-30 11:32:05 UTCSomeoneElse > Which portion of it did I fail to address?
Firstly and most importantly, you were mechanically adding while the discussion was going on, if not before.
In additon to that:
o You did not place your documentation on the wiki.
o You did not " work with [dissenters] to understand their rea...
112017-09-30 11:42:01 UTCSomeoneElse Sorry to have to spell this out in quite such detail above but your comment "Which portion of it did I fail to address" suggests one of two things:
1) A complete failure to understand what other mappers, and OSM documentation, are saying to you.
2) You're just being mendacious. Perhap...
122017-10-01 02:19:21 UTCnyuriks * The discussion was quiet for 4 days
* Every raised point was addressed, as was mentioned in the talk. Several people meticulously answered all of the objections. One objection was un-answerable because it basically claimed something without backing it up. Regardless, I worked very attentively wi...
132017-10-01 11:48:39 UTCSomeoneElse Thank you for finally admitting that yes, you did perform a mechanical edit and that no, you did not follow the documented procedure.
Which were the 4 days on which you claim there was no discussion on "talk" about this?
142017-10-01 17:33:39 UTCnyuriks Serious? The automated edits were marked with the word "auto", and I kept saying I was doing them mechanically after the discussion! You correctly pointed out that I forgot to add the auto/username wiki page, which has already been rectified. This is something you could have told me a ve...
152017-10-01 17:51:08 UTCSomeoneElse > This is something you could have told me a very long time ago, instead of wasting many hours and aggravation.
Lest we forget, a member of the OSM community told you about 12 days ago on
162017-10-01 19:01:47 UTCnyuriks Andy, that article is very long, and only mentions "Automated edits/username" once in middle. Noone has mentioned that specific piece of information until you did yesterday, and I immediately complied. Until I saw it, I was fully convinced I followed all other rules outlined there. It wou...
172017-10-04 13:51:28 UTCSomeoneElse > Andy, that article is very long

I'n sorry, but the text on that page is 10457 bytes in total. Reader mode in FF estimates "10-12 minutes". If you can't be bothered to read that in full then words fail me.
182017-10-04 14:20:39 UTCSomeoneElse Also re "about 4 days" - was at "Sat Sep 23 03:15:13 UTC 2017" and the first "auto" changeset seems to be , created at "2017-09-24T17:03:28Z&...
12017-10-01 17:26:46 UTCnyuriks Доброго, а что за relation ? Очень напоминает collection, а в ОСМ по правилам их лучше не делать. Подумываю удалить если это так. Спасибо!
12017-10-01 08:38:39 UTCnyuriks Hi, I think this supermarcet should use brand:wikidata instead of operator:wikidata. Please let me know if it is also operated by aldi. Thanks!
22017-10-13 10:18:05 UTCL'imaginaire Thanks for this correction. I'm not sure about the actual operator, so we can leave it as it is now.
12017-10-01 07:21:58 UTCnyuriks Dobrogo vremeni, a chto s node 3584458664 ? Stranny kakoito - ego udalit'?
22017-10-01 10:05:22 UTCikost Вы про магазин Магнит? Он закрылся.
12017-10-01 07:09:54 UTCnyuriks hi, is the subway cafe is just a brand, or is it actually operated by the Subway corp? Usually it is better to use brand:wikidata/brand:wikipedia
12017-10-01 07:03:30 UTCnyuriks Hi, do you knowif starbucks here is just the brand, or is actually operated by starbucks? Usually it is better to mark things as brand:wikipedia/brand:wikidata. Thanks!
12017-09-29 11:17:27 UTCdaganzdaanda Hi Nyuriks,
in this case, I think "artist:wikipedia" would probably be better than "subjectct:wikipedia". I can change that, but could you check if you had some other artworks in your changesets where artist and subject got confused?
22017-10-01 05:50:57 UTCnyuriks Hi, here's the map of all objects, whose subject:wikidata points to a sculptor, or a subclass of a sculptor: (there are 9 of them). You do raise a good point that it might be the artist and not the subject. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
32017-10-02 13:18:48 UTCdaganzdaanda That query is an interesting way to check this! I just noticed the "artist_name" tag on this node and would have tried to look for other objects with artist_names.
42017-10-02 13:29:02 UTCdaganzdaanda OK, the other nodes seem to be correct as far as I can tell by the context of each. Only one is tagged as "monument", which might be wrong.

At this location here, there's also a tree called "Linde" which just shows that where there is one error, there are often more. I'll chan...
12017-10-01 04:34:20 UTCnyuriks Hi, please don't add wikipedia/wikidata tags to stores like this - they are already tagged with "brand:wikipedia" and "brand:wikidata". Use wikipedia only for 1:1 descriptions. Thanks!
22017-10-02 08:32:59 UTCFelis Pimeja Странно. Посмотрел историю. Wiki теги добавлялись 2 раза из редактора MapsME. Причём такое ощущение, что автоматом. Там нет возможности задать их вручную.
12017-09-30 03:29:37 UTCnyuriks Dobrogo vremeni. Davaite peredvinem "wikipedia" & "wikidata" tags v "subject:wikipedia & "subject:wikidata". Spasibo!

More information:
12017-09-30 03:27:51 UTCnyuriks Hi, could you add Wikidata IDs too please - using wikipedia plugin in JOSM, data menu, fetch IDs. Thanks!
See -
12017-09-30 03:25:28 UTCnyuriks Hi, do you mind also adding Wikidata IDs? In JOSM, using wikipedia plugin, simply click "Fetch IDs" in the data menu. Thx!
22017-09-30 03:25:45 UTCnyuriks P.S. this is part of
32017-10-06 15:08:43 UTCaftertea Thanks for the heads up, that looks useful. JOSM is telling me the wikidata plugin requires JOSM v12900; which is currently still in dev. When its the stable version I'll go through matching the locations.
42017-10-06 15:10:21 UTCaftertea The new JOSM version came out three days ago, so I take that back, I can do it now
12017-09-30 03:21:32 UTCnyuriks hi, if ok, please add wikidata IDs when adding Wikipedia tags. In JOSM, use "wikipedia plugin" -- data menu, "fetch IDs". Thanks!
12017-09-30 03:19:36 UTCnyuriks Hi, you removed wikidata tag from node 2179195588, is there an error with it?
22017-09-30 04:01:15 UTCAustin Zhu Sorry, I'll refill it!
12017-09-15 06:21:34 UTCnyuriks Hi, if possible, please run JOSM's "wikidata" plugin - it can add the corresponding wikidata tags with just one command. Thanks!
22017-09-15 11:45:29 UTCkatpatuka Oh sure! I'd love to be able to use the wikidata plugin - the only problem is that I'm living in Turkey and sites are blocked/hijacked for more than four months from inside TR so the "Fetch Wikidata IDs" gives an error. Only "Fetch coordinates in current view" still...
32017-09-15 11:47:36 UTCkatpatuka (See )
42017-09-15 18:59:27 UTCnyuriks Thanks and sorry to hear that :( I have filed a bug
52017-09-16 04:38:10 UTCkatpatuka Thank you ;)
62017-09-19 04:19:33 UTCnyuriks Hi, this is very strange. Both Fetch Wikidata IDs, Fetch Wikidata coordinates, and Fetch Wikipedia coordinates use exactly the same server. Are you sure both work?
72017-09-19 05:30:14 UTCkatpatuka See output of actions:

Note that this happens on old XP with old josm ver. 8800 and wikipedia plugin version 31853.
82017-09-19 05:34:37 UTCnyuriks Ah, that makes sense - you are using - that's the tool labs, a user-controlled server farm under WMF control, but different IPs, and different capabilities. Apparently, its not blocked. One way to work around the ban would be to use my new service - I just added it to the latest w...
92017-09-30 03:16:02 UTCnyuriks Hi, I am still looking into how we can work around the block. Its a pain for sure :(
In the mean time, could you take a look at -- I would love some help with them :)
I will add wikidata to your edits in the mean time.
102017-09-30 05:01:01 UTCkatpatuka I had a look and the page really lists all major issues one could experience with wikipedia/wikidata tags. But it's not a priority task for me now because I'm busy adding missing _Towns_ to China (currently still in Guangxi). Using Overpass to fix missing tags could be done easily anyway - maybe on...
12017-09-28 12:25:50 UTCSomeoneElse How can I verify the tag "wikidata=Q4929299" on ? Strictly speaking, the OSM node isn't the cave itself but the entrance to it (to be fair the cave itself isn't that far away).
Also, geographically this is a huge changeset covering a very lar...
22017-09-28 19:36:21 UTCnyuriks Should 26421469 node have a wikipedia tag? If not, both should be deleted, but it appeared legit enough to stay.
32017-09-28 19:58:28 UTCSomeoneElse It depends how lax you want to be about data linkage. The WP article is about the thing the OSM node links to, so it's useful in that sense, but it's not about the OSM node itself. I don't think that it makes sense to remove the WP link since it's useful information here. If you want to do it p...
12017-09-28 15:14:35 UTCfkv Merging ref=* into name=* and copying a misspelling from Wikipedia to OSM are both very bad ideas. Example: v75 of relation 941197. The common name is "Höllentalstraße", and that's what belongs into the name=* tag. The "B 27" is not part of the name, it's the ref=*, an...
22017-09-28 16:36:46 UTCnyuriks @fkv, I think you have made a mistake - v75 only adds wikidata ID. It does not change name or ref. name was changed in v74 -
32017-09-28 19:53:16 UTCfkv Oh, you are right. Sorry for bothering you.
12017-09-27 23:24:41 UTCnyuriks Hi, please add wikidata tags when adding wikipedia. JOSM can do it automatically using "Fetch IDs" in Wikipedia plugin. Also, please help with if you can. Thanks!

22017-09-28 11:18:48 UTCMarco_T Hi nyuriks, thanks for the useful informations. I'll do it surely in the future!
12017-09-27 23:22:17 UTCnyuriks Hi, please add wikidata tags when adding wikipedia. JOSM can do it automatically using "Fetch IDs" in Wikipedia plugin. Also, please help with if you can. Thanks!

12017-09-27 23:20:11 UTCnyuriks Hi, please add wikidata tags when adding wikipedia. JOSM can do it automatically using "Fetch IDs" in Wikipedia plugin. Also, please help with if you can. Thanks!

12017-09-27 23:15:09 UTCnyuriks Hi, thanks for fixing the link! Please add wikidata tags when adding wikipedia. JOSM can do it automatically using "Fetch IDs" in Wikipedia plugin. Also, please help with if you can. Thanks!
22017-09-28 11:19:52 UTC下り専門 Thank you for a notice. I installed Wikipedia plugin and I will try it next time.
12017-09-27 23:12:56 UTCnyuriks Hi, please add wikidata tags when adding wikipedia. JOSM can do it automatically using "Fetch IDs" in Wikipedia plugin. Also, please help with if you can. Thanks!
12017-09-25 07:47:20 UTCSpiegel0 Hi!

I've quickly browsed trough some of your changes and most of the Wikidata references seem to match perfectly with the Wikipedia article. However, anchors in wikipedia sites (en:foo#bar) do not seem to be handled correctly. See [1] or [2] for instance. The Wikipedia link points to the correct ...
22017-09-25 17:57:00 UTCnyuriks Hi Spiegel0, yes, anchor-links should be handled separately. The problem is that wikipedia tag is used in multiple ways:
* this object has a wikipedia page (1:1)
* this object is mentioned on a wikipedia page
* this object's "type" (brand/concept) has a wikipedia page

As mentioned i...
32017-09-27 15:58:21 UTCSpiegel0 Hi nyuriks,
thank you for the reply and taking action. Currently, I'm not sure at which point these issues should be tackled. Maybe it is also an option to create new Wikidata entities for those list items and items which are only described in sub-pages. This may simplify data evaluation and may al...
42017-09-27 16:28:26 UTCnyuriks I seriously doubt Wikidata in itself would benefit from OSM, but OSM data consumers already heavily use Wikidata. Please take a look at the latest brand:wikidata discussion on the talk mailing list - it could really use some fresh opinions. Also, I started a cleanup project: https://wiki.openstree...
12017-09-27 03:09:08 UTCnyuriks Hi, i'm removing duplicate wikipedia tags on the ways, because they are already set on the relation
22017-09-27 06:04:56 UTCNakaner Don't do it without discussing it. Otherwise I will ask the DWG to block your account!
12017-09-27 03:01:11 UTCnyuriks Hi, i'm moving dup wikipedia/wikidata info to parent relation, as described in thx!
12017-09-27 00:58:25 UTCSomeoneElse The wikipedia and wikidata entries on look like the apply to the whole route (as far as Santiago de Compostela) not just this section of it near Mulhouse.
22017-09-27 01:02:08 UTCnyuriks I agree, and this will be part of the overall cleanup as described at - lets discuss it there on the talk page, because discussions on changesets are harder to track and consolidate.
12017-09-27 00:12:28 UTCSomeoneElse If you want to perform a mechanical edit on OSM data then, as pointed out previously, you need to follow . You are not doing this.
22017-09-27 00:15:08 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, I think you are not being fair or impartial. I have reviewed every single change in this edit - they are done manually, one by one, not mechanically. This is very different from massive wikidata tag upload.
32017-09-27 00:33:42 UTCSomeoneElse I'd spend a few more characters spent in the comment explaining what you're doing would be helpful, not just "found with tinyurl" (link does not load for me; presumably it needs Javascript).
Explain what the problem is - for example in the case of
42017-09-27 00:38:14 UTCnyuriks Thanks, this is a valid feedback. I should make my comments more detailed.
12017-09-26 21:41:21 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
The wikidata entry that you added to seems to be for the brand, not for this particular object in OSM?
Best Regards,
22017-09-26 21:44:19 UTCSomeoneElse Also, the bus stop has had a wikidata link added to the network operator. Did you not do any basic sanity checking on the data your changing here (how many _bus stops_ have their own wikipedia page, seriously?)
32017-09-26 22:02:25 UTCnyuriks 1) correct - when doing semi-automated changes, it is not a good practice to change multiple things at once, because in case of a mistake, the partially-automated and partially-manual changes are hard to undo (wastes a lot of effort). So step one is to add matching wikidata item, just as described ...
42017-09-26 22:04:36 UTCnyuriks 2) same logic - bus stops should have neither wikipedia nor wikidata tags, but use network:wiki* tags instead. Same thing - now that these objects are trackable, they can be converted to network as well. Performing just one task is much safer for the stability of the data. I can move all bus stops f...
52017-09-26 23:31:16 UTCSomeoneElse Do please ensure that you read and follow before any future mechanical edits. Don't just have a bit of a chat on the talk@ list, ignore all criticism, and do it anyway.
62017-09-27 00:13:31 UTCnyuriks Please be consistent. I plan to fix it as requested in the original comment. The fix is semi-mechanical - I will find all objects that fit criteria, review them and edit them. You are welcome to re-read the talk and participate in the discussion. Also all concerns were answered, with the possible ...
12017-09-25 08:12:33 UTCRom1 Hi, i don't agree with some of these modifications. Example : where you added a wikidata tag althought already exists the tag brand:wikidata (
Thanks for the corre...
22017-09-25 17:41:33 UTCnyuriks Rom1, I agree - wikidata should not be set for a place of business that is a chain - e.g. Mc Donalds. As discussed in the @talk, this is just the first step that allows rapid search for all such places. The next step is to move all wikipedia and wikidata tags to brand:* for the chains, as well as ot...
32017-09-25 21:12:37 UTCSomeoneElse @nyuriks whereabouts was this mechanical edit discussed?
42017-09-25 21:40:01 UTCnyuriks
52017-09-26 00:28:17 UTCSomeoneElse That doesn't say "I'm going to add lots of links that I know are wrong", which is what is being complained about here.

In particular, it doesn't address concerns raised in that thread e.g. at (incidentally similar...
62017-09-26 05:35:58 UTCnyuriks I have reverted all of the relations and nodes that contained "#" in their "wikipedia" tag. I put together some thoughts on how wikipedia/wikidata should be validated and improved -
72017-09-26 23:22:46 UTCSomeoneElse You haven't addressed the places where you've added wikidata entries in error; the very first issue raised on this changeset discussion.
82017-09-26 23:34:56 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, I posted about it to the @talk about an hour ago, please take a look. Once community agrees that this is ok, I will fix them all. Without it, it would be a partial fix for just a few instances.
12017-09-26 23:25:33 UTCnyuriks Hi, you added as a website to tourism=information objects node 4252910796 and node 4252878004. Could you double check what they should be?
12017-09-26 21:22:45 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
On you've moved "operator:wikipedia" to "brand:wikipedia". You've said in the changeset comment that "McDonalds is a brand"; but McDonalds runs a mixed franchise model and is the operator of a significant numbe...
22017-09-26 22:07:02 UTCnyuriks I do not, and this might have been a mistake. I will contact the original authors to find out.
12017-09-26 14:16:17 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello nyuriks. At you have tagged `au (携帯電話)` instead of `website`, right?` #newkey #typo
I hope it isn't a problem of your auto-matching workflow!
22017-09-26 16:26:06 UTCnyuriks Harald, this was just a trailing space tag name correction of the existing tag (something JOSM was complaining about). I wouldn't want to touch the meaning of that tag without JA community involvement. It does look like a website, but this is beyond my competence. In retrospect, I probably shouldn...
12017-09-24 09:16:04 UTCint_ua Печерська кудись далеко переміщена
22017-09-24 16:43:48 UTCnyuriks I think you have the wrong changeset. This changset did not move any objects. I see you already fixed Pechers'ka.
12017-09-10 21:14:46 UTCNakaner Hi nyuriks,

this changeset and the preceeding and following changesets look very much like a mechanical edit. When was this edit discussed on the Talk mailing list or the Talk-de mailing list/the German OSM Forum? Where can I find the documentation?
22017-09-10 22:08:42 UTCnyuriks Hi Michael, my apologies if it appeared mechanical - I have reviewed every replacement value. I was simply converting "124m" -> "124" per wiki description of the "ele" field and JOSM's autofix suggestion.
I also reviewed the number of ele tags as pure numbers vs t...
32017-09-10 22:19:11 UTCnyuriks P.S. btw, "ele" was a short departure from my main activity at the moment - fixing all the Wikipedia & Wikidata tags. I am using a mechanical approach with that (I posted and written about it a while ago), after which I use the SPARQL service to find any incorrectly labeled objects. ...
42017-09-19 20:54:11 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 52192970 where the changeset comment is: Revert mechanical edit which of ele=* tags. See for the rules.
52017-09-19 21:43:57 UTCNakaner Hi nyuriks,

no part of Bavaria is lower than 10 m above sea level. If you review objects you are modifying systematically, please review them properly and check if people used ele=* instead of height=*. Unfortunately, you did not so as this changeset proves.

Best regards

62017-09-19 21:56:33 UTCnyuriks @Nakaner, this is a very valid point - there is clearly a mistake in this edit - basically propagating previous mistake. But this does not warrant undoing significant manual time I spent validating it. Now that the value is cleaned up, it would be significantly easier for queries to spot these cas...
72017-09-20 15:10:43 UTCNakaner The broken rules were linked in one of the previous comments. To say it short: lack of discussion.
12017-09-19 20:53:44 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 52192970 where the changeset comment is: Revert mechanical edit which of ele=* tags. See for the rules.
22017-09-19 21:03:55 UTCnyuriks @nakaner, all of these "123 m" -> "123" were inspected by me. These are not automatic.
32017-09-19 21:33:33 UTCNakaner If you have a look at the changeset IDs and the timestamps, it is difficult to understand that you reviewed all changes but uploaded multiple changesets per minute!
42017-09-19 21:35:40 UTCnyuriks @nakaner, that's because I had them all in the same JOSM session - I reviewed them, did several auto and manual checks, visually inspected them, and then uploaded them one area at a time. I was told by other OSM members that this way its easier for them to check my changes rather than when they see ...
12017-09-19 20:41:20 UTCNakaner Hi nyuriks,

this changeset is part of a mechanical edit (I think it is one). When was this changeset discussed on the mailing list(s) which are required for discussion by the Automated Edits Code of Conduct? You can find the full text of the guideline at
22017-09-19 21:01:07 UTCnyuriks Michael, this was not a mechanical edit. I was cleaning up roads, and reviewing them individually by hand. Most of the time in OSM, various roads, boundaries, and waterways are incompletely tagged with wikipedia/wikidata in both the relation, and *some* of the ways, which makes it for a bad data. C...
32017-09-19 21:06:55 UTCnyuriks P.S. the only "mechanical" part was finding these cases using the Wikidata+OSM service. Fixing was not.
42017-09-19 21:36:33 UTCNakaner "Mechanical" does not necessarily mean that the edit has to be performed by a script or any other form of a computer programme. Mass changes might be mechanical, too. You should keep in mind that mass changes should be always discussed beforehand if you do not want to mess up with the loca...
52017-10-08 09:09:10 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 52724341 where the changeset comment is: Revert undiscussed mechanical edit by nyuriks: Removal of wikidata=* and wikipedia=* from ways if a relation had the keys, too. See discusission of changeset 51798382 for more information.
12016-11-18 02:10:50 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
I think that something has gone wrong here. You've set the wikidata ID of both and to .
They're different entities on the ground. Can you explain how you actually ...
22016-11-18 02:13:05 UTCSomeoneElse Likewise and have been assigned the same wikidata ID. In this case should they perhaps share one relation that has the same wikidata ID?
32016-11-18 03:06:28 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, thanks, good catch. I'm trying to get the Wikipedia and Wikidata tags in sync. Seems that the Wikipedia tag have been set to an identical value on both. I will investigate - maybe only one of them should have it?
42016-11-18 03:15:11 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, I fixed the first one - it should have had a different Wikidata ID, as well as a different (more prescise) Wikipedia link. I cannot figure out why the second pair have identical WP and WD links, without being identical. The WP article doesn'...
52016-11-18 14:08:27 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - the Administrative Derbyshire's wikidata link looks OK (the sv:wikipedia page looks a bit rubbish, but we'll gloss over that - a wikipedia problem, not an OSM issue).
As things currently stand I don't think and
62016-11-18 19:14:01 UTCnyuriks Hi, thanks for looking into it!
The first issue is really about Wikipedia vs Wikidata linking -- sometimes WP article covers both the village and civil parish, while WD item claims it is both, but it is really about just one meaning. Do we really want to link to both is an open question - IMO only ...
72016-11-18 21:45:31 UTCSomeoneElse Re "Do we really want to link to both is an open question" it would probably make sense not to link to either if the thing that you're linking from in OSM is something else entirely. To be honest, I'm still struggling understand what I asked at the top - "what you're actually trying ...
82016-11-18 23:15:23 UTCnyuriks I posted a long reply to but it is pending moderator approval. I tried to explain both my method and reasoning. I simply locked the volatile Wikipedia link as a Wikidata ID - I have not touched the objects that did not have a Wikipedia tag alrea...
92016-11-19 00:29:34 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - I'm sure that the post will be approved shortly.
102016-11-19 01:00:36 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse -
112016-11-20 07:03:06 UTCnyuriks fixed two more dups - - the rest (957519,957520 - Barnby Moor CP, and 1976182,4077796,1976184 European walking route E2 - seems legit. We don't need to have a perfect 1:1 between wikidata and osm - just like WP links, multiple objects in OSM can point...
122016-12-12 00:24:29 UTCSomeoneElse It's been over 3 weeks now - are you going to fix the errors in this changeset? Some examples noted above, but there are many others.
132016-12-12 10:02:07 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, yes, I am working on it. You can always reach me on IRC - "yurik".
142017-05-19 09:37:22 UTCSomeoneElse Well, It's been over 5 months now - are you going to fix the errors in this changeset? The Dunham-on-Trent example is still wrong, but there are many others.
152017-09-16 09:06:28 UTCSomeoneElse Actually, looks like someone's changed something in wikidata back in April - wikidata now says "village and civil parish". Barnby Moor still in 2 pieces though (wigh pre-exists this changeset).
162017-09-16 19:49:17 UTCnyuriks @SomeoneElse, I think it should be fixed differently - we should remove all tags except name, note, source, and type, and create a relation that has all the original tags with those two ways.
12017-09-14 04:42:14 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello, thank you for taking your time and editing the map. I have some questions.

Wiki states: "You *may* tag secondary attributes of the feature by preceding the wikipedia key with the name of the attribute". This is clearly optional, and I chose to avoid it for simplicity because ...
22017-09-14 04:44:37 UTCSafwatHalaby I apologize, the forum thread relevant for brand vs operator is actually
32017-09-15 05:16:18 UTCnyuriks @SwiftFast, thanks for the thorough message! I will be happy to fix those objects, and I agree that it should have been brand, not operator, as was suggested to me via another channel. Also, thanks for the great forum discussion. I hope we can move forward on some proposals to standardize wd/wp ta...
42017-09-15 06:18:26 UTCnyuriks P.S. A few days ago I started a list of all Wikidata IDs that should always be used as brand:wikidata. Should we have this as a github repo for some script?
52017-09-16 07:30:01 UTCSafwatHalaby Specifically for israel: There's no need for an ID table or manually reversing your edits. Swiftfast_Bot maintains those chains, and all you have to do is edit the following templates.

Here are the templates:

So you'd ...
62017-09-16 07:37:38 UTCSafwatHalaby " I believe that I have made a mistake with that edit - they should have been tagged as brands, not operators." - Note that this actually depends on the regional conventions (if they exist at all). In Israel, chains have the same "brand" but this is not necessarily true everywher...
72017-09-16 19:44:37 UTCnyuriks This is awesome!!! I think we should adapt your bot to other places, e.g. US and Russia (the two places I know a bit better than others). Could you make your bot also track any entries that have the same wikidata ID as ones listed in the template, and update those places accordingly?
82017-09-17 06:06:46 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks! I also think this should be adopted globally, but I still need to polish/simplify the code a bit first. The bot makes assumptions that are agreed upon only in Israel and there's special treatment for some tags like name/operator. Making it global requires a bit more work.

Most people ...
92017-09-19 06:38:59 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
12017-09-06 17:32:01 UTCnaoliv Was it necessary to remove the wikipedia tag?
Some consumers use it.
22017-09-06 19:10:23 UTCnyuriks Hi @naoliv, I renamed it to subject:wikipedia because the wikipedia article is not about this specific OSM object, but instead describes a concept - e.g. an article about McDonalds, should not be used on a specific McDonalds, but instead be set as the subject per
32017-09-10 19:51:52 UTCnaoliv Makes sense.
12017-09-06 06:28:35 UTCnyuriks hi, thanks for contributing, but the wikipedia link is broken. Please find a wikipedia article and link to it. Thanks!
12017-09-05 01:33:09 UTCnyuriks Hi, you imported wikipedia tags incorrectly. Please fix - they should not have url encoding. Instead, they should appear exactly as shown in Wikipedia with the language: prefix.
12017-09-05 00:51:19 UTCnyuriks Hi, it seems like the data for is a duplicate and incomplete. Similar one is
I'm deleting it.
12017-08-30 21:59:03 UTCnyuriks The wikipedia article is about a place in Antarctica. I will remove the WP/WD entry, as it seems to be misplaced. Let me know if it should be adjusted. Thx!
12017-08-22 22:50:22 UTCnyuriks Доброго времени. Я переименовал wikipedia & wikidata -> operator:wikipedia & operator:wikidata, согласно описанию в вики. По описанию, wikipedia/wikidata лучше подходят для ссылок по поводу конкр...
22017-08-25 08:44:21 UTCStalker61 Если честно, то что касается wikipedia & wikidata лично для меня не представляет никакого интереса. Посему переименовывайте как считаете нужным. не интересен факт присутс...
32017-08-25 08:45:19 UTCStalker61 Сорри, очепятолся. Мне интересен факт...
12017-08-22 08:51:59 UTCnyuriks Hi, I found a number of duplicate items (mostly stores). I have been deleting them, but you might want to check your script - seems like it creates dups. Also, I am moving wikidata -> operator:wikidata (per wiki). It makes tags much easier to process later. Thanks!
12017-08-21 22:08:59 UTCnyuriks The wikipedia link was pointing to ru:Хребет Черского -- a disambiguation page. I removed it. Are you sure the location is correct? Please fix. Thanks!
22017-08-22 06:45:32 UTCradek-drlicka Oh, Thank you. Location is correct. I add correct wikipedia and wikidata item;
32017-08-22 07:36:43 UTCnyuriks Are you sure the point is correct? Wikipedia point is 150km away from osm's.
42017-08-23 12:20:54 UTCradek-drlicka Yes, I am sure. Point is 4 km far from Pobeda, the highest peak of range.
12017-08-22 00:14:01 UTCnyuriks I'm assuming the McDonald's operator should be McDonalds, no?
12017-06-12 16:01:40 UTCPaul Johnson Village boundary? I don't follow what's going on here...
22017-06-12 19:17:27 UTCnyuriks @paul, I simply added wikidata tag for the corresponding wikipedia tag. Are there any problems with the data?
32017-06-20 11:45:40 UTCPaul Johnson Does OSU count as it's own village?
12017-05-31 21:38:47 UTCsamely Hi! Thanks for your contribution. I found you added wiki id, however those don't match with any wiki entry. Can you confirm your source?
22017-06-01 02:41:47 UTCnyuriks @samely, hi, specifically which object are you referring to?
32017-06-01 19:53:50 UTCsamely Hey! see this:
42017-06-02 19:23:49 UTCnyuriks Hi, i have been trying to open that history link, but it keeps giving me timeout errors. Looking at the way object itself, the wikidata item seems to be set correctly, and that's the only thing I was doing.
12017-04-12 11:07:35 UTCSK53 I very much doubt the buildings with name=Beaconsfield Street are actually called that. I imagine the tag should be addr:street. Please do check when tweaking tags that they actually make sense!
22017-04-17 20:22:16 UTCnyuriks thanks, silly mistake, i looked at them but my mind didn't register the weirdness. Thanks for catching it!
12017-04-03 02:41:02 UTCnyuriks hi, thanks for adding wikipedia tags! Please use the Wikipedia plugin to also fetch the corresponding Wikidata tags - makes it very useful for many quality and usecases. Thanks!
22017-04-03 16:18:50 UTCsebastic I only moved the tags from the outer ways to the relation.
12017-04-03 02:36:33 UTCnyuriks Spasibo za wikipedia links. Please use Wikipedia plugin to fetch corresponding wikidata tags too - very useful in many ways.
12017-03-24 18:46:05 UTCmuralito Hi, nyuriks.

There are two elements that models a river, one relation for all ways that are waterways, and another relation to drwa the water body. See for example and

What do you think? The wikipedia...
22017-03-24 18:57:10 UTCnyuriks That's a good question. While my database side tells me to normalize data, and never have any dups (e.g. have a "river master relation" that includes the river names in every language, wikipedia, wikidata, and any other shared tags that apply to the whole river), I understand there are pro...
12017-03-23 04:52:29 UTCnyuriks Hi, thanks for adding wikipedia tags. When you add them, do you use "tags" or "fields"? Because if you add "wikipedia" __field__ (from the dropdown), it will automatically add wikidata as well. Thanks!
22017-03-23 04:54:49 UTCwolfgang8741 Yes, I'm using the dropdown wikipedia field to get the wikidata association as well.
32017-03-23 06:00:03 UTCnyuriks Strange, this edit only added wikipedia tag:
42017-03-23 18:03:00 UTCwolfgang8741 Ah, I think I know what the issue is. I've noticed if the wikipedia field was present for an item without selecting the dropdown and you edit the wikidata field is not queried and added. Actually there is a broader issue with this issue too, at least there was from what I observed in my last wikiped...
52017-03-23 20:58:58 UTCnyuriks hmm, sounds like a bug for the iD devs :) Can you file it with the above explanation?
62017-03-24 22:10:11 UTCwolfgang8741 Added as issue
12017-03-23 05:03:49 UTCnyuriks Hi, thanks for adding wikipedia tag. Please install "wikipedia" plugin, and use "fetch wikidata IDs" too - it will add both wikipedia and wikidata tags for you. Thanks!
22017-03-23 07:13:21 UTCsebastic I only moved the tags from the outer ways to the relations. The wikipedia tag was already present on the outer way.
12017-03-23 05:02:40 UTCnyuriks Hi, please use "add field" when adding wikipedia tag (from dropdown). This way it will automatically add wikidata tag too. Thanks!
12017-03-23 05:01:20 UTCnyuriks Hi, please use "add field" when adding wikipedia tag (from dropdown). This way it will automatically add wikidata tag too. Thanks!
12017-03-23 04:59:26 UTCnyuriks Hi, thanks for adding wikipedia tag. Please use "add field" (dropdown) instead of adding tags directly. It will automatically add wikidata tag too. Thanks!
12017-03-22 07:34:26 UTCnyuriks Please check the fixme in
12017-03-20 06:03:41 UTCnyuriks Hi, I deleted Monocacy Creek Area - that way is clearly broken, and I don't see it on satelight.
Please restore and fix if possible:
12017-03-20 06:03:36 UTCnyuriks Hi, I deleted Monocacy Creek Area - that way is clearly broken, and I don't see it on satelight.
Please restore and fix if possible:
12017-03-16 02:13:26 UTCnyuriks Church tags look highly messed up
22017-04-26 17:58:06 UTCbergaufsee Hi Joshua, does mean a building=garage :) ?
12017-03-10 07:45:25 UTCnyuriks Hi, please clarify what this is, and if you have a web site / wikipedia article about it?
12017-03-07 09:23:15 UTCmueschel Please don't change the established wikipedia tag to things like
and so on. Such changes have to be discussed first.

22017-03-07 14:20:17 UTCnyuriks Hi, you are right that they need to be more organized. I made a proposal for it

Also, thanks to wikidata, we can clean up wikipedia tags now (almost 2,000 already done):
12017-03-06 03:03:53 UTCarchie Why are you deleting the swedish link to wikipedia?
22017-03-06 03:17:22 UTCnyuriks Deleting??? Please look carefully, the link was broken -- it used incorrect language code, so I picked the first related article I could found instead of simply deleting it. So no, it is not "abuse from a user", please check carefully before saying things like that.
32017-03-06 03:36:41 UTCarchie Well, the languagecod was se insted of sv. But why didn't you simply correct it from se to sv. Insted you changed the wp-link to a complete other language? I call this nearly abuse. This island is in Sweden. So why not change to local language?
42017-03-06 03:42:10 UTCarchie I commented my changeset with: "Altering what looks like abuse from user ". You choose to shorten to "abuse from a user".
52017-03-06 03:54:04 UTCnyuriks "se" here is not a languagecode, but a code for one of the Wikipedias projects (which are tied to the language code). "se:Hamburgö" is meaningless, because no system will ever show you a wiki article. It doesn't matter if the language code is wrong, or the typo in the name. ...
62017-03-06 04:25:44 UTCarchie You could have fixed this from changing the e in se to v in sv. You were editing on an object in Sweden. A carefull editor - as you are - would immediately have noticed that this was a case of misspelling (on my part, actually!). Insted you made things worse. Your editing can't be called carefull, c...
12017-03-06 03:18:49 UTCnyuriks Replied in, please double check before claiming abuse --
12017-03-04 03:21:12 UTCnyuriks How is it possible for the water outline to also be a road? Isn't there usually some space between them?
12017-03-03 20:26:36 UTCJo Cassel Hallo,
ich bin überrascht über die Änderung
wikipedia:xx=* --> wikipedia=xx:*
Denn unter
Wird für Sammelartikel (wie Listen) genau die von mir gewählte Variante angemahnt???
22017-03-03 21:16:14 UTCnyuriks Hi Jo, thanks for the comment! I am working on cleaning up all lists and disambiguation pages in wikipedia tags. For example, My scripts generate a list of all wikipedia tags that point to disambiguation list - we have already cleaned up almost...
32017-03-03 22:11:00 UTCnyuriks I just updated my auto-generated page with lists: -- these are only wikipedia articles with their wikidata's "instance of" = Q13406463 and Q15623926, but I could obviously add more. Let me know!
42017-03-03 23:22:36 UTCnyuriks See
12017-03-03 16:17:11 UTCAlexey87 Я вернул бы island для (и под вопросом насчёт Чёткое разграничение island/islet имеет смысл для крупных водоёмов, где большо...
22017-03-03 21:40:17 UTCnyuriks Alexey87, спасибо что посмотрели. Я прочитал на вики про islet (там несколько страниц в en & de), но там в основном обсуждается размер, а не то что это является ориентиром. Я в...
32017-03-03 22:22:39 UTCnyuriks Вот ещё нашёл - -- "...ignores islets, regardless of inhabitation status" -- то есть для islet не важно если там кто-то живёт.
12017-03-02 20:18:51 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please can you explain this change, as far as I know wikipedia tags are not case sensitive. Who decided they must start with a capital letter?
22017-03-02 20:25:05 UTCnyuriks Hi @trigpoint, the Wikipedia title has a "normalized" form (actually the rules for it are very complex, such as each portion of the title has to be capital first, such as namespace, after namespace, and after each "/" if subpages are enabled). Plus some url decoding, spaces inste...
32017-03-03 22:09:55 UTCnyuriks I just updated my auto-generated page with lists: -- these are only wikipedia articles with their wikidata's "instance of" = Q13406463 and Q15623926, but I could obviously add more. Let me know
42017-03-03 22:10:23 UTCnyuriks oops, wrong changeset, sorry.
12017-03-02 07:32:10 UTCnyuriks Hi, i corrected some tags from this patch, especially n3276552767,n3276552770,n3276552771 -- but there is still a minor problem -- these are the only wikimedia_commons tags that use a search url instead of a proper Commons title like category:* or file:*. Could you change wikimedia_commons tag on th...
12017-02-09 10:17:13 UTCineiev The data tags pointed to village data; now they point to municipal unit (сельское поселение) this village is the centre of. I'd expect the new tags on the relation of the municipal unit rather than on the village.
22017-02-09 10:37:59 UTCnyuriks Sorry, my mistake, fixed. Thanks for catching it! Please take a look at -- see if we can come up with some overall guidelines for wp/wd tags. And see if you can help with - there...
32017-02-09 15:17:09 UTCineiev Gorgeous! I will volunteer for your work if you find people to proofread my Russian translations :)
42017-03-02 04:01:10 UTCnyuriks heh, i'm not it for sure - i haven't written in it for 20+years :)
12017-03-02 01:13:26 UTCnyuriks hi, you had invalid wikidata in way 197316406 - i changed it to fixme, please fix. thx!
22017-03-02 04:50:44 UTCescada I fixed the wikidata reference, thanks for checking
12017-03-01 05:15:51 UTCnyuriks Hi, do you mind if I convert media:commons -> wikimedia_commons? There are significantly more of those, and they are well documented in the wiki. Thx!
22017-03-01 21:37:06 UTCzimba Strange, somehow I thought that "media:commons" is the "official" tag to link to wikimedia commons, seems like I was wrong all the time. No, I don't have any objections against the change, and thanks for notifying me about "wikimedia_commons".
32017-03-01 22:49:36 UTCnyuriks hehe, i don't think there is anything "official" in OSM ever :) But yes, trying to normalize it a bit, hence asked :) Thanks for the reply!
12017-03-01 05:17:20 UTCnyuriks Hi, do you mind if I convert media:commons -> wikimedia_commons? There are significantly more of those, and they are well documented in the wiki. Thx!
12017-02-28 22:45:40 UTCnyuriks Hi, I renamed landuse=residential,zopadpatti to landuse=residential;slum, hope its ok
12017-02-27 08:15:18 UTCnyuriks Hi, what is "Vivasaya pannai" ? is it one of these, or something different?
12017-02-27 00:58:34 UTCnyuriks oops, wrong description, simply added wd tag
12017-02-26 20:37:42 UTCnyuriks Доброго времени, я добавлю wikidata таг для всех этих relations. Только не уверен - это admin boundaries или landuse?
12017-02-26 19:00:25 UTCnyuriks Hi, thanks for adding "wikipedia" tags! I am adding corresponding 'wikidata' tags to all of them in Belarus now. Next time, please run "fetch wikidata" in JOSM (wikipedia plugin). Also, do you know if these should be landuse=residential, or if these are admin boundaries?
22017-02-27 08:32:49 UTCwmyrda Hi,
I must say that wikipedia tags where not of my primary concern an I kinda added them kinda "on the run" while adding polish names to the places in question. The source for polish names I had then was wikipedia hence why I added wiki links there too. I pretty much added all those I c...
32017-02-27 08:40:01 UTCwmyrda As far as landuse vs boundries I must say I worked only on place names from overpass and never looked at any Bing or any other source to have an opinion on that to know which is more appropriate.I left that one to the local community.
12017-02-26 17:52:55 UTCnyuriks Hi, thanks for adding wikipedia tags to relations. Could you also do the "fetch wikidata" action on them in JOSM in the future? It will add wikidata tags. This action is part of the wikipedia plugin. Thank you!
12017-02-26 08:08:53 UTCnyuriks Hi, thanks for fixing the wrong wp tag on relation 4016623. When you change wikipedia tags, could you run the "fetch wikidata" from JSOM? (its part of the wikipedia plugin). I will try to fix them, but sometimes i miss it, and besides, it is better to have just one edit :) Thanks!
12017-02-26 07:18:27 UTCnyuriks Hi, thanks for adding wikipedia tag. When you add it, please use the "add field" instead of the "add tag" command in iD - this way it will automatically add corresponding wikidata tag as well. Thanks!
12017-02-06 11:32:57 UTCwambacher please do not remove any boundary tags. otherwise the boundary is "gone".
22017-02-26 07:14:43 UTCnyuriks please do not remove the wikidata tag - they are critical for data validation and cross-referencing with external data for wikipedia
12017-02-26 06:42:11 UTCnyuriks When you replaced religion=unknown with religion=*, is this a special tag? i don't think =* has any meaning
12016-01-16 00:07:02 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset reverts some or all edits made in changesets 36418715, 36600208, 36600720, 36602638, 36574125, 36602990, 36577065, 36600869, 36602797, 36599646, 36603043, 36469452, 36599097, 36487719, 36601976, 36601804, 36600628, 36599129, 36602600, 36602805, 36601029, 36599728, 36578919, 36602294, ...
22016-02-28 19:38:10 UTCNakaner It looks like user عقبة بن نافع is not able/willed to discuss mechanical edits in advance. He did a multi-changeset (only very small changesets) mechanical denomination edit over the whole world today.

This is an example: (I currently hav...
32017-02-25 22:55:28 UTCnyuriks This edit changed way 332308716 - religion= christian to "Zuluetismo." -- seems wrong - was that a revert bug?
42017-04-10 07:55:30 UTCSafwatHalaby Worth noting Druze are not a branch of Islam, Just as Christianity isn't a sub-branch of Judaism.
12017-02-25 22:47:50 UTCnyuriks Is this a fake?
12017-02-25 09:25:31 UTCnyuriks Hi, please check way 469214745 -- it is not valid, it only has two nodes.
12017-02-06 19:58:57 UTCnyuriks Hi, I am not sure what this edit means. Please elaborate, or I will delete it as an error.
22017-02-08 14:50:00 UTCtoka_09 it's my home and pls you'll send my purchases here
12017-02-04 11:31:36 UTCtrial Please switch subject:wikipedia back to wikipedia.
22017-02-04 19:55:36 UTCnyuriks @trial, thanks for checking. There are two different ways with the same wikipedia tag: 64658252 and 42862082 (in Paris and in Nancy), but the WP article points only to Paris location. Also, there is a relation 907555 that uni...
32017-02-04 21:18:18 UTCtrial Good point, I suggest to replace the tag by this one:
is better than subject:wi...
12017-02-04 18:52:23 UTCnyuriks Seriously? A region that is a movie? Deleting it. If it's actually about the Indian reservation, please revert.
12017-02-04 01:49:15 UTCnyuriks Hi, I removed the invalid wikidata tag. Wikidata tag is a number that begins with a letter Q from
22017-02-04 22:08:23 UTCescada Was a copy past error. I added the correct one now.
12017-02-04 00:46:16 UTCVerdy_p nyuriks says "there is no boundary tag - seems like the community is still deciding on how to clasify these objects)". This is known: these had boundary tags that were converted to "disused:" but kept in OSM due to the number of open data sets depending on them for their visualis...
22017-02-04 00:48:09 UTCVerdy_p Note: all this is discussed on the French OSM mailing list and summarized on the OSM wiki ! So how to classify these is already "decided" since long.
32017-02-04 01:10:04 UTCnyuriks @verdy_p, thanks for a thorough answer! I was simply referring to the JOSM complaining that there is no boundary tag for the type=boundary relation. We should either change the validation rules and update wiki, or add some boundary=... tag, or change type= tag to something else.
42017-02-04 14:06:57 UTCVerdy_p JOSM does not complain, you just don't have the correct sect of presets loaded; and the default presets aren't enough to conclude, JOSM just sends a warning about what it currently does not know with its default basic preset.
See also the other tags and in doubt look at history of objects
12017-02-03 07:18:26 UTCjc86035 Hi, you might want to check for redirects / page moves when doing this. zh:藍田站 was a disambiguation page (turned into a redirect) and the Wikidata item wasn't updated (I merged it)
22017-02-03 22:32:38 UTCnyuriks Thanks! Sorry for the mistake.
12017-02-03 14:29:36 UTCnyuriks Seems like this change totally broke relation 1193987
12017-01-31 07:20:37 UTCnyuriks Hi, in 4 subsequent changes, you removed all of the ways from the relation 182152. Is it needed, or should it be deleted?
22017-01-31 09:35:08 UTCnickvet419 Looks like a new relation was created for the base and attached to a fence feature.
12017-01-30 20:57:47 UTCnyuriks Hi, the ways you created here: 366312844
and 366312840, do not seem to be correct. They look like part of waterways of sorts. I'm removing their boundary tags, but please correct if you know what they are, or delete them. Thanks!
12017-01-28 02:26:55 UTCnyuriks Hi, I reverted this changeset because I suspect it was an accident - clearly this is not a bridge. Let me know if it should be fixed further, thanks!
22017-02-07 03:47:53 UTCridixcr Hi nyuriks!
Thank you for pointing this out and fixing it, it was one of my first edits, so it's probably a beginner mistake.
12017-01-25 05:50:57 UTCnyuriks Hi, the border you created - seems to be incomplete, and it has incorrect admin_level. Are you planning on finishing it, or should it be deleted? Thanks!
12016-12-08 05:54:36 UTCCarnildo Some of these tags don't seem to be appropriate. For example, "Hillside" ( and "Walker's Point" ( both have the Wikidata tag "Q6988108", which is "Neighborhoods of Milwau...
22017-01-04 22:35:06 UTCnyuriks Carnildo, thanks, totally forgot about this issue - I have easily found all affected items using relation["wikipedia"~"#"]["wikidata"]["admin_level"];
query. That said, these are not incorrect Wikidata IDs, they are simply less then accurate, and should be...
32017-01-05 11:16:31 UTCnyuriks Ok, done - all Milwaukee neighborhoods (wikidata=Q6988108) have been fixed - i created wd items for them
42017-01-05 21:11:40 UTCCarnildo Thanks -- that seems like the best solution.
12017-01-04 16:45:49 UTCescada Please do not set the same wikipedia & wikidata tag to admin_level 8 & 9 instances. E.g. refers to Ieper (gemeente/stad) including "deelgemeente", so clearly admin_level 8
22017-01-05 11:09:09 UTCnyuriks Escada, unless there is a more specific Wikidata item, why can't multiple objects reference the same Wikidata item? I would like to avoid that, but it is still better to have a link that allows cross-db analysis, than to not have anything. I looked through OSM wiki about wikidata tag, and nothing th...
32017-01-05 11:21:48 UTCescada The items with level 8 & 9 represent different objects. Why would they get the same wikipedia/wikidata values ? It's clear that the wikidata item refers to the admin_level 8, so why bother adding one to admin_level 9 ?

This is the same as saying " there is no wikidata ID for a town, let'...
12017-01-04 17:47:36 UTCdatendelphin Please use a dedicate user account for such mechanical edits
Link to the wiki page describing your edit from the changeset (description=)
I map in Switzerland, I think you should announce the edit on the local mailing list.
22017-01-05 10:59:30 UTCnyuriks My apologies, I have simply added the corresponding wikidata tag to the admin areas that have wikipedia tags. The iD does it automatically whenever you set Wikipedia tag. We should probably at some point automate this for all nodes, but this is a separate and long discussion ahead :)
12017-01-02 22:16:33 UTCnyuriks oops, uploaded all instead of just poland ( which is the majority of these) :( Sorry about that.
22017-01-02 22:46:37 UTCButterflyOfFire_ :) Thanks !
12016-12-06 12:37:00 UTCSK53 At least one of these assignments is incorrect Newton data does not apply to the OSM element Newton CP
22016-12-06 12:45:41 UTCSK53 Actually data looks OK, but the wikipedia article link is wrong & the wikipedia article looks to be out-of-date.
32016-12-07 06:58:31 UTCnyuriks @SK53, sorry not sure what you mean. I looked at Newton - - seems to be in order and matching the Wikipedia article. I couldn't find Netwon CP, only Newton Valence - if you think there is an error, let me kno...
12016-12-06 13:45:12 UTCnyuriks Sorry about this one, I meant to break it into smaller ones. All these are admin_level=6 relations with Wikipedia links being redirects.
22016-12-07 08:02:57 UTCSrihari Thalla Yeah, you could have broken into smaller changesets. Maybe next time :)
I've monitoring changes in my town and your changeset appears in history!
12016-12-01 18:00:57 UTCSomeoneElse This is another huge changeset - please try and restrict the geographical area of them so that local users can easily see locally affected data.
22016-12-01 18:47:23 UTCnyuriks @SomeoneElse, thanks, makes sense. I am trying to finish admin-level=6, whose leftovers are scattered around the globe. Do you know an easy way to select an area in JOSM, and from it select all participating relations? This way I can upload one area at a time.
32016-12-01 22:49:13 UTCSomeoneElse I'm probably not the best person to ask, but maybe download what you want (using Overpass if necessary because of the area), then just select what you want with the mouse? If you're working through a list, maybe the JOSM "todo" plugin would help (assuming it's still called that, and still...
12016-11-23 15:07:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I've noticed that has a property "OpenStreetMap Relation ID=158392".
Is that (a) a good idea, given that OSM IDs may change and (b) ODBL compliant (see
Obviously this isn't directly related to the chang...
22016-11-23 17:20:10 UTCnyuriks LOL :) - i repeatedly said that property should be deleted, but some insist that it is needed because it is hard to do database joins (causing data duplication and ambiguity and mistakes inst...
32016-11-23 21:00:39 UTCnyuriks Btw, please comment there with your opinion. I am not personally too sure the legal argument has merit (referencing something by its ID vs copying a significant portion of the database - I suspect only later has the database legal protection in some jurisdictions, but IANAL), but the stability argum...
42016-11-24 00:59:09 UTCnyuriks My colleague helped me with this nice query - gets all of the admin/sub-admin/sub-sub... regions for any country. We could add some other fun things like geo coordinates for validation, or just compare with the names.
12016-11-18 21:03:28 UTCwoodpeck You seem to be using an automated process to match Wikidata tags to exisitng OSM entries. This is a mechanical edit that requires prior discussion and agreement in the community. See
22016-11-18 21:28:46 UTCnyuriks @woodpeck, thanks for the heads up! I was using the JOSM's Wikipedia plugin - "Fetch Wikidata IDs" command to lookup IDs for rels and ways which had Wikipedia tag already. In the process I also uncovered a number of plugin bugs, some of which are now fixed. The process was not automated -...
32016-11-18 21:49:50 UTCwoodpeck Yeah, it is ok (even desirable) to add wikidata plugins to an individual object that you are looking at and that you have knowledge about, but it is not ok to simply mark everything and have the plugin slap on wikidata tags wholesale - that would then count as a mechanical edit.
42016-11-18 22:11:22 UTCnyuriks Understood, I will mostly work on high level objects (admin level <= 6) - those are easy to check, and provide the most interest to me.
52016-11-19 01:01:20 UTCnyuriks P.S. posted my thoughts at
62016-11-23 15:21:11 UTCwoodpeck I have read your forum entry, and what you are doing there (automatically adding Wikidata IDs with a JOSM plugin) is clearly a mechanical edit. You should not be doing that kind of editing across the globe without involving the local community and discussing your approach on a suitable mailing list,...
72016-11-23 17:17:14 UTCnyuriks Woodpeck, I have already stopped changing any objects except the admin levels regions 1-6, and even those I have greatly slowed down, and began reviewing most of the auto-resolved wikidata IDs. I will cease further automodifications, and instead concentrate on getting wikidata tags quality review fo...
12016-11-23 01:34:46 UTCSomeoneElse You've got the link on at least Nottingham wrong here. The city is, the admin area is . should link ot the latter, the ...
22016-11-23 04:55:19 UTCnyuriks Thanks, fixed. I will review all admin levels vs wikidata very soon - there is a lot more cleanup work to do, esp because there are some WD entries that represent multiple things.
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