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12018-07-14 04:20:25 UTClcmortensen The roundabout was replaced with traffic lights on 19 May 2018 - see
22018-07-14 04:22:40 UTClcmortensen Also, Montgomerie Road intersection closed in September 2017 - see
32018-07-16 15:29:05 UTCIronman324 Hello lcmortensen,

Thank you for bringing this to our notice. I looked over the changeset and saw that you already reverted the changes. Sorry about this, I will be more careful in the future when making changes to the existing data. Please feel free to review other changes and provide feedback o...
12018-05-02 12:25:04 UTClcmortensen reverted in changeset 57100148 - identified as vandalism (road is not due to open until 2020, see
12018-05-02 12:11:10 UTClcmortensen edits identified as vandalism - reverted in changeset 58613134
12018-03-20 05:45:03 UTClcmortensen Road opening date fix
12018-03-20 05:44:46 UTClcmortensen School opening date fix
12018-03-20 05:44:17 UTClcmortensen Pyes Pa West School opening date fix
12018-03-20 05:43:08 UTClcmortensen Reverted by changeset 57339094 - Road does not exist.
22018-03-20 23:44:46 UTCralley Have you reported this user to the DWG? They seem to be consistently adding changes Id'd as vandalism under useless commit messages and don't respond to communication.
12018-03-20 05:42:42 UTClcmortensen Reverted by changeset 57339094 - Transmission Gully will not open for at least another two years, and Terrace Tunnel is not a bridge!
12018-03-20 05:42:04 UTClcmortensen Reverted by changeset 57339094 - Road will not open for at least another two years.
12018-03-14 08:17:48 UTClcmortensen Vandalism - reverted in changeset 57100148
12018-03-14 08:17:27 UTClcmortensen Vandalism - reverted in changeset 57100148
12018-02-09 10:16:30 UTClcmortensen Edit identified as vandalism - reverted in changeset 56212106
12017-12-06 17:56:14 UTCsdoerr I don't think speed limits should be put into the name tag of railway lines - was this a typo?
22017-12-06 19:33:18 UTClcmortensen Probably is - sorry.
12017-03-02 09:04:31 UTCnigelramsay I understand that the Kapiti Expressway is not technically classified as a motorway. It appears that OSM Wiki suggests that highway=trunk could be a more appropriate tag.

22017-03-03 05:48:38 UTClcmortensen While not technically a motorway in name, it is a motorway-standard road and therefore is eligible to use the highway=motorway tag. This is also matches usage in wider NZ and Australia.
12016-11-17 14:36:17 UTCCloCkWeRX Its a bit hard to make sense of - improve-osm suggests one set of GPS traces, strava heatmap another; neither are quite how its traced at the moment.

22016-11-19 00:32:32 UTClcmortensen The road here was realigned in 2015 with the replacement of the Dashwood Pass rail overbridge (see The current route is a best guess awaiting an accurate GPS trace.
12016-10-23 03:01:37 UTClcmortensen Reverted in changeset 43092600 .Waikato Expressway is not a motorway south of Bombay, as signed on the actual road. Expressways are tagged as trunk roads.
12016-09-02 09:33:21 UTCDerick Rethans Could you please add comments to your changesets?
22016-09-04 08:05:08 UTClcmortensen Sorry, forgot.
12016-07-09 10:00:26 UTCtrigpoint Are these tracks really named Track 1, Track 2, Track 3. What evidence is there of these names being displayed in a verifiable place?
22016-07-09 21:56:17 UTClcmortensen I just added a node to the existing ways for the stop position - I didn't name the ways.
12016-07-06 13:43:37 UTCSomeoneElse is actually in the wrong place. There are about 4 or 5 of these for use with different train lengths. None of them are this far south. The most northerly one is not far from the end of the platform.
22016-07-07 00:27:54 UTClcmortensen Sorry, I didn't know the exact position so I just put it opposite the station building. I'll move it north.
32016-07-07 09:31:49 UTCSomeoneElse Do you need to put the other 4 or so stop positions in as well (and of course a similar number southbound on platform 2, and also on platform 3 - which may be marked with both north and southbound stop positions, I'm not sure)?
42016-07-08 23:27:36 UTClcmortensen I think it's one stop position per platform - or at least one stop position per route relation.
12016-03-01 05:59:44 UTClcmortensen Route 72 is not a state highway - and hasn't been since 1992.
12015-12-31 12:03:42 UTClcmortensen This is not a State Highway and hasn't been for years - it had it's status revoked in 1992 and now is simply Route 72.
22016-02-08 21:48:11 UTCthibdrev Hi,
Oups, I thought this was already corrected and just saw it wasn't.
I've reverted back the ways with ref="SH 72" to ref="72" and added a wikipedia link of the "Inland Scenic Road" to the route relation.
Sorry for the mistake and delay.
32016-02-08 22:53:05 UTClcmortensen Thanks. We all make mistakes. :-)
12016-01-29 01:12:28 UTClcmortensen Reverted by changeset 36871176 - road is a trunk road expressway, not a motorway.
12016-01-29 01:12:26 UTClcmortensen Reverted by changeset 36871176 - road is a trunk road expressway, not a motorway.
12016-01-28 02:11:59 UTClcmortensen reverted by changeset 36849232 - the Waikato Expressway is not a designated motorway.
12015-12-24 18:45:10 UTCSomeoneElse Hi, just wondered what the source of the ref on e.g. was? I'd imagine that it'd have a bridge ref, but that doesn't look like any bridge ref that I've ever seen.
22015-12-25 03:28:35 UTClcmortensen The ref is the Network Rail engineers line reference (ELR) which refers to the rail line, not the bridge. Bridge references are formed of the ELR and an ordinal number (e.g. ECM1/204), and these are indicated by signs on the bridge.
32016-01-04 20:36:30 UTCSomeoneElse What's the source that this particular line is ECM1 though?
12015-12-20 15:10:13 UTCtrigpoint Please can you explain what you have done in this changeset?

You appear to have added more garbage and tag clutter to the database in the form of ref=GSM3 for example. What are these. are they of any use to me as a rail passenger, and what is the source of this information?
22015-12-20 23:25:17 UTClcmortensen The ref is Network Rail's Engineers Line Reference (ELR) for the line. These can be found on signs on bridges along the route e.g. "This is bridge GSM3 2 - High Street, Syston". Not exactly helpful for a rail passenger, but extremely helpful if you're a lorry driver who has just been invol...
12015-12-19 07:03:13 UTClcmortensen Edits reverted by changeset 36040444 - the Waikato Expressway is not a designated motorway.
12015-11-26 21:14:37 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
You've added "passenger_lines=2" to at
What exactly is it supposed to indicate?
22015-11-26 21:36:17 UTClcmortensen passenger_lines indicates the number of tracks a line has, e.g. passenger_lines=2 indicates a double track line. It replaces the deprecated tracks key. See
32015-11-26 21:41:33 UTCSomeoneElse But at there are 4 (of 5) lines that could be considered "main lines", not 2.

What is the point of tagging something that can be obtained simply by looking at other nearby data? I wouldn't map a house, and then add a ...
42015-11-26 22:03:16 UTClcmortensen There are only two parallel lines at that point (the third appears to be a loop). Once the Midland Main Line and Erewash Valley Line physically join closer to Grassmoor, it goes up to passenger_lines=4.
OSM can't detect multiple parallel tracks and when you're looking at zoom 12 or lower, you can't...
52015-11-27 11:52:32 UTCSomeoneElse No, there really are 4 parallel main lines at . Have a look from the bridge at the south end of Ankerbold Road (the side of the bridge isn't too high to see over the top of).

I'm not sure what you mean by "OSM can't detect...
62015-11-28 00:41:48 UTClcmortensen There are four parallel tracks geographically, but two sets of two parallel tracks topographically until you reach the junction north of Bridge Street/Hagg Hill. Another example would be the Underground District and Piccadilly lines between Acton Town and Earls Court - they run parallel geographical...
72015-12-01 15:34:18 UTCSomeoneElse Sorry, but that's rubbish. At there are no joins between the four parallel tracks. In what way is that "two sets of two parallel tracks topographically"?

Adding "nonsense" tags makes OSM data harder for dat...
82015-12-01 15:57:41 UTCchillly What does the wiki have to do with sensible, logical tagging?
92015-12-01 18:11:04 UTClcmortensen So if a two-lane road merges with another two-lane road to form a four-lane road, I should stat tagging them lanes=4 as soon as they are parallel, not when they merge?
Standing on the Station Road bridge looking south you can see the two sets of lines diverging while looking north you can see ther...
102015-12-01 19:23:00 UTCSomeoneElse Re "How do you know that the track gauge is 1435mm" I've seen trains with that track gauge go down it and they haven't fallen off :)
112015-12-01 19:28:40 UTCSomeoneElse The "two-lane road" analogy isn't a good one because there's no "passenger_lanes=8" tag/value on e.g. - there's "lanes=4", and also "lanes=4" on the other carriageway . In my ...
122015-12-01 19:48:47 UTClcmortensen Here is the rendering of passenger_lines:
132015-12-01 19:58:56 UTCchillly Ah, so you're tagging for the renderer!
142015-12-01 20:01:54 UTClcmortensen One closer to home (for me) are and are labeled passenger_lines=2 despite there being four parallel tracks because the two central tracks belong to a separate rail route and are super-elevated relative to th...
152015-12-01 20:10:23 UTClcmortensen "Ah, so you're tagging for the renderer!"
You did read the section entitled "clarification"? You're allowed to enter tags for a specific renderer to understand, as long as they're not completely misleading (e.g. tagging flowerbeds as industrial areas).
162015-12-01 20:27:52 UTCchillly And doubling the number of tracks for no reason is not misleading?

I've heard enough. Life is too short to argue about this.
172015-12-01 21:53:07 UTClcmortensen You have to tag at least one way passenger_lines=2 for the renderer. Tagging the other way is just for redundancy (and I'm a bit OCD on ways matching).
182015-12-01 23:58:58 UTCSomeoneElse Perhaps a bit of background about the layout here will help. Historically, there were 4 tracks down towards Nottingham, not 2. at Someone's added a pair of abandoned railways, and they did used to join the MML at about that location. Handily, wikipedi...
192015-12-02 00:50:46 UTClcmortensen I stand corrected - it should be passenger_lines=4 as far south as the old Clay Cross South Junction. I've even double checked against the sectional appendix and there appears to be a break in mileage and a change in engineers line reference at that point too. I'll correct it shortly.
12015-11-26 21:20:52 UTCSomeoneElse I'm puzzled by the name "Midland Main Line" for . About a fortnight ago I added details based on the signage at Mill Lane bridge in - have you surveyed since this date and has the signage c...
22015-11-26 21:33:03 UTClcmortensen Sorry - tagging error on my part. It has been reverted to Erewash Valley Line
12015-09-21 21:51:12 UTClcmortensen Ways deleted or shortened partially due to carelessness of reverter (list is incomplete)
way 3469285
way 292150815
way 367741232
way 367742752
way 367742755
way 367742820
way 367747455
way 367747458
way 367786116
way 367786117
way 367786118
way 367786120
way 367792699
way 36...
22015-09-22 22:15:17 UTCwoodpeck Changeset 34193524 makes an attempt to fix the broken geometries that this revert left behind.
12015-09-18 19:12:42 UTClcmortensen This edit over-reverted and ended up removing a number of railway lines rather than just reverting speed limits to mph.
22015-09-19 09:55:17 UTCSomeoneElse @lcmortensen To be fair, if you'd discussed the mechanical edit beforehand and separated it from other work, that wouldn't have happened.
32015-09-20 05:20:58 UTClcmortensen @SomeoneElse It wouldn't have happened if the reverter wasn't lazy.
42015-09-20 08:04:29 UTCwoodpeck @lcmortensen, would it constitue an undue burden on you to share the ID of one of the number of railway lines that this revert has removed?
52015-09-20 21:26:36 UTClcmortensen Here are 26 of them:
way 367741232
way 367742752
way 367742755
way 367742820
way 367786116
way 367786117
way 367786118
way 367786120
way 367792699
way 367790099
way 367790100
way 367790101
way 367790102
way 367790103
way 367790104
way 367790105
way 367790106
way 367790107
way 3677...
62015-09-20 21:27:39 UTClcmortensen Sorry, those were from changeset 33890248.
72015-09-20 21:41:55 UTClcmortensen Also:
way 3469285
way 292150815
way 367747455
way 367747458
12014-11-25 00:06:06 UTCSomeoneElse I'm not convinced that e.g. is actually called "Cross Country Route"? Where's the evidence for the name?
22014-11-25 00:23:19 UTClcmortensen Based on Wikipedia article "Cross Country Route", but can also be called "Crewe to Derby Line" as far west as North Stafford Junction (near Willington)
32014-11-25 00:26:16 UTCSomeoneElse It's part of both of those routes, but none of the bits of track between Derby and Willington are _named_ either of those things. Trust me - I've caught trains along there many times.
42014-11-25 15:42:23 UTCSomeoneElse One other thing - wikipedia is an incompatible licence. It is licensed CC-BY-SA and OSM data is licensed ODBL. The "official" description and links are here:

Essentially (and please bear in mind that I'm in no way a legal person!) ODBL is slight...
52014-12-05 23:53:16 UTCSomeoneElse See
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