Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12018-10-19 22:25:11 UTCGinaroZ I think would be better tagged as a breakwater?
12018-10-17 22:12:27 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for adding the cycle path, saw construction photos on fb. I've marked it as lcn=yes to complete the route to Kilrenny. Did you notice if there was a path alongside the road here?
12018-10-16 19:23:47 UTCGinaroZ Hi, notice you added a few B&Bs e.g. - these are normally tagged as tourism=guest_house instead.
12018-10-15 22:20:22 UTCGinaroZ Hi, you seem to have moved this node by mistake: - please be more careful when editing in the future.
22018-10-16 16:19:38 UTCbahnpirat Thanks for correcting my "wrong move".
12018-10-15 19:13:15 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edits. Might be worth adding a way tagged as landuse=retail around this retail park?
12018-10-12 18:53:54 UTCGinaroZ Hi, not sure if you mean to connect a pole to farmland. In case you don't know, you can press Alt when moving a node or drawing a way in iD to prevent snapping to another feature.
22018-10-16 16:24:39 UTCbahnpirat Thanks for the hint. I didn't know this feature. In this special case I meant to connect it ot the farmland border.
12018-10-12 14:15:00 UTCGinaroZ Hi, you've tagged a node as place=Inninmore - is this supposed to be the name of the nearby building?
12018-10-11 21:42:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, is the County Hotel a proper hotel? And did you mean to delete some of the building?
12018-10-11 00:52:36 UTCWarin61 Hi,
On Way: 410778807 you have tagged landuse=scrub.
I have not changed it, but I think it should be tagged natural=scrub.
22018-10-11 10:25:29 UTCGinaroZ thanks - fixed. I didn't create it originally but obviously didn't notice it when editing the shape
32018-10-11 10:57:00 UTCWarin61 Arr, sorry may not have tracked who made the tag originally?

Was told once that I was the last person to touch something so I was responsible for it.. ummm not certain that is totally correct.
12018-10-10 21:25:45 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I've fixed a duplicate as you had both a node and a building for the fitness_centre
12018-10-10 12:11:10 UTCGinaroZ I know wikipedia calls it a village but with 5k population it should be a town in OSM, plenty of smaller places mapped as towns in OSM.
12018-10-09 18:48:43 UTCGinaroZ Hi welcome to OSM and thanks for the edits. Just to let you know I've removed the descriptive names for the path - that information should go in the surface tag instead.
12018-10-05 21:29:42 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I've had a look at the website - is there any buildings, paths or trails that could be mapped as well?
22018-10-08 12:38:02 UTCDave Craig There are some buildings and trails - though they aren't on any satellite imagery I've seen yet (on OSM at least). I'm going to have a cycle round the trails at some point, so I'll upload the GPS track then.
32018-10-09 17:28:11 UTCGinaroZ Yeah nothing on Bing, or ESRI (2015). Maybe have a walk around the buildings so a rough outline can be added as well :)
12018-10-08 18:58:53 UTCGinaroZ Have you surveyed this area recently?
22018-10-08 19:58:40 UTCRobert Hunter III I was at McDiarmid Park so saw what is and is not open
32018-10-18 12:03:10 UTCtms13 This link is definitely open - re-surveyed 2014-10-14
42018-10-18 12:06:53 UTCtms13 This link *is* open northbound (and the bridge is not yet open to traffic). I surveyed on Sunday and have now fixed this.
12018-10-08 14:22:26 UTCGinaroZ Trying to work out what you changed here?
22018-10-08 14:45:45 UTCBCNorwich Hi, it was actually removing a self intersection of Way: Waverley Bridge (377738788) and Way: Edinburgh Waverley (5208866), the self intersection lain on top of each other.
I reverted the first changeset to see what was done then removed the intersections again.

Regards Bernard
12018-09-06 11:11:31 UTCGinaroZ Is this definitely a path, given it leads to some buildings and there's no other way of getting there on the map?
22018-10-01 19:52:11 UTCtms13 It didn't appear to be a public road, and I don't remember seeing vehicular access from B9124. Perhaps the access is from A9 Falkirk Road via the other "path"? It's certainly possible that I made a mistake, because this was a drive-by survey.
32018-10-01 22:33:33 UTCGinaroZ It's an old photo but seems to indicate a track?
12018-09-29 16:43:25 UTClakedistrict I only just "fixed" the tagging on this a few weeks ago. Is it really a tower? I'd probably describe it as a mast, based on the wiki descriptions. :)
22018-09-30 21:26:44 UTCGinaroZ The wiki isn't very clear on the whole mast v tower situation. From the mb21 images it looks like a self-supporting structure or lattice tower, a smaller version of towers like Crystal Palace?
32018-10-01 21:59:37 UTClakedistrict I read somewhere that towers had platforms and staircases whilst masts only had ladders. However there's a lot of crossover between the two tags so either tag is probably suitable for this transmitter.
12018-09-27 17:03:26 UTCGinaroZ That's a lot of dry cleaning shops...
22018-09-28 07:42:43 UTCAlexander-II Based on edits in Moscow, Russia it seems like poor data undiscussed import. Going to revert the whole changeset.
12018-09-25 13:12:21 UTCGinaroZ Please make sure you use the square function as I doubt these buildings are this wonky in real life! :)
12018-09-24 16:01:27 UTCGinaroZ Is this Taste of Scotland or the Uni shop?
22018-09-24 16:05:16 UTC8XYoMARA2WKR3tPa I has been Taste Of Scotland, an alcohol store for the last two years, it was Uni shop up to
late 2015
32018-09-24 16:32:50 UTCGinaroZ Ok, it's just that your edit changed its name to St Andrews Uni shop yesterday, so I've fixed it.
12018-09-21 10:26:29 UTCGinaroZ Hi, shouldn't this be farmland instead? Given there's what looks like sheep in the fields.
22018-09-21 16:53:19 UTCelgon Hi, I know, there are pastures, so I tagged these lands as meadow. I use farmland tag for cropland only.
12018-09-20 21:49:12 UTCGinaroZ Hi, and welcome to OSM. Thanks for adding these :)
12018-09-19 22:15:21 UTCGinaroZ Just to let you know that the correct tag is place=island/islet for and
12018-09-12 14:06:13 UTCMike Baggaley Please do not make up names so that they appear on the standard rendered map. Please either find out its proper name, or leave it blank if it has no name or you cannot find it.

22018-09-12 15:25:31 UTCandrum99 Apologies - I spotted that someone had added 'sandpit' as a name on something at nearby Auchmuty High School and assumed it was therefore OK to do it that way. I will be more careful in future. I've also added 'tennis courts' as the name of the school's tennis courts - do you want me to remove that?...
32018-09-15 20:04:18 UTCGinaroZ The convention seems to be to add the name to the bowling green (see examples in Edinburgh)
12018-09-14 14:09:54 UTCGinaroZ Why have you removed the address information from this node (and others in previous changesets)?
12018-09-13 12:15:50 UTCGinaroZ There's a craft sculptor in the water?
22018-10-14 12:16:20 UTCmllr It's a sculpture and I fixed the tag. The sculpture is indeed in the water.
12018-09-07 21:51:55 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I've changed to the more appropriate tag leisure=fitness_centre
12018-09-06 21:36:57 UTCGinaroZ sollte sein highway=footway?
22018-09-10 12:03:46 UTCGerold Oh ja, peinlich dass mir das nicht bei der QS aufgefallen ist.
12018-09-06 21:33:51 UTCGinaroZ Hi, do you mind explaining why you use the tag highway=virtual eg
12018-09-01 20:39:15 UTCGinaroZ Can I ask why you have changed all of the subway stations to railway=stop?
22018-09-01 21:35:32 UTCcrossmyloof Hi. I didn’t. I changed railway stations to subway stops.
32018-09-06 20:46:46 UTCGinaroZ Subway stations in OSM are still represented by railway=station (see the definition on the wiki page, and look at how the London Underground is mapped). You need to add them all back.
12018-08-06 15:07:11 UTCGinaroZ Why have you removed the buildings and other information from the stadium?
22018-08-26 14:37:34 UTCstadiaarcadia Only two stands were included, the stadium has four stands.
32018-09-06 19:37:49 UTCGinaroZ Sorry but that explanation doesn't make sense. I have reverted your changes as they removed two buildings and the additional information on the stadium way.
42018-09-06 19:43:09 UTCstadiaarcadia That's okay, you're right about this.
52018-09-06 19:44:18 UTCstadiaarcadia I can add the two missing stands with a building tag I guess?
62018-09-06 20:33:29 UTCGinaroZ The other two "stands" are open standing terraces - don't think these should be added as buildings unless they have a roof...
12018-09-06 13:16:09 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit.
I've changed the path to a service road at one end and connected it to the B road at the other. Also updated the bridge geometry over the railway from ESRI imagery.
22018-09-06 16:42:40 UTCPaul Rimmer Thank you for doing that GinaroZ. I'm new to OSM and haven't established how to do much apart from very basic editing.
32018-09-06 19:04:42 UTCGinaroZ No problems, happy to help or answer any questions.
Best thing to do is just have a look around the map and see if you can add anything that you have local knowledge of.
12018-09-05 19:51:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi, is there a reason why you've added access=no to this way?
If it is open as a cycleway then you don't need to add the access/motor vehicle=no tags.
22018-09-07 22:16:29 UTCtinnishill Hallo, I am using the drop down menu on the ID editor. It reads "access all=no" I struggled to find the way to to turn it back to "yes" (it was clicking and back tabbing). This probably isn't the only cycle path I have treated like this. I will hunt through what I have done rece...
12018-06-27 17:53:33 UTCYorvik Prestigitator Are there really now three bicycle repair stations in York Railway Station?

There is the one you have just added on Platform 1

The one I surveyed last year next to all the bicycle parking on the platform no longer used for trains
22018-06-27 19:39:10 UTCSomeoneElse I reckon that the one I added was actually yours. It didn't obviously look broken.
32018-09-04 23:23:37 UTCGinaroZ Would not be better tagged as tourism=guest_house?
12018-09-04 22:29:08 UTCGinaroZ Hi, the correct tag is amenity=bicycle_repair_station (have fixed it for you)
12018-09-04 21:49:59 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just to let you know that you added a few untagged lines and also this way which I assume should be highway=footway?
12018-09-02 21:55:13 UTCGinaroZ There's already a Tollcross mapped to the south as a suburb - - perhaps best just to remove the Egypt one?
12018-08-30 22:42:34 UTCGinaroZ Assume is is meant to be an unclassified or residential road?
22018-08-31 06:52:56 UTCNorthBeric Aye, you are right. I was going for unclassified, due to the industrial / residential mix. Feel free to change it if you wish.
12018-08-30 16:04:14 UTCGinaroZ Is that the actual name of the street?
22018-08-30 16:20:52 UTCmoollac Yes, and it’s not a street.
32018-08-30 16:22:45 UTCmoollac Reach out to Falkirk council, Bonnybridge for confirmation.
42018-08-30 16:55:58 UTCGinaroZ When did the name change? Is there a new street sign?
Just seems a bit unlikely to be Callum Crescent given Royal Mail don't have that address in their postcode finder.
52018-08-30 17:13:21 UTCmoollac Changed late 2017. There is a new street sign, come round and have a look.
62018-08-31 11:13:44 UTCChris Fleming Hi Moollac - welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for taking the time to sign up and make and edit.

And appologies for all the questions, we like to try and confirm edits for new users especially for things like road name changes. Especially in this case, where it seems odd that if this change ha...
12018-08-30 14:26:15 UTCGinaroZ Hi, please be careful when editing as you managed to drag Errochty Grove across the map: :)
12018-08-29 21:44:28 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for you edit. I've merged the node you edited onto the building way. Do you know how many levels this building has? And what about the one next to it, is it still there?
22018-08-29 21:49:12 UTCGBWD Hi,

The building has four levels. The building next to it was demolished but the developers are currently constructing a new building in its place that will be home to more apartments. The completion of this building will be sometime at the end of this year.
12018-08-28 22:16:37 UTCGinaroZ I'm guessing is not meant to be a path? As it looks like the only access to some houses.
22018-08-29 08:10:08 UTCmichael_a77 Changed the designation of the north western section to a track although I'll have a look next time I'm passing to see if it could be classed as a service road.
12018-08-28 11:56:53 UTCGinaroZ Are you making these changes with local knowledge of the area?
22018-08-28 12:00:09 UTCekkakkas I work for Amazon Logistics. At Amazon Logistics, we’ve been utilizing OSM in some cases related to our delivery programs. In connection with those delivery programs, we have collected information that we think is valuable to the OSM community such as names and info about new roads that are no...
32018-08-28 13:07:13 UTCtrigpoint Please answer the question here, changeset discussion should be open and visible to all.
It is not acceptable to ask mappers to send changeset discussions to a non-osm email address.

Cheers Phil
42018-08-28 13:16:35 UTCekkakkas I have corrected the highway Tag since our Delivery Associate have visited the area and also I could find evidence of vehicles and the road width is sufficentily wide enough for vehicles to move around as per areial imagery Mapbox Satellite and Esri World Imagery If you have more questions, please...
12018-08-22 22:36:47 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for your edits. If you are local there's a few notes in the St Andrews area that could do with a survey to fix them:
12018-08-22 10:10:07 UTCGinaroZ It's still set as access=no, if it's fully open then that should be removed.
12018-08-20 22:34:41 UTCChris Fleming Agree, sounds to me like this road can now be deleted.

22018-08-20 22:38:19 UTCGinaroZ Yes if it's no longer there I'd suggest deleting it.
12018-08-17 13:56:20 UTCGinaroZ Thanks :)
12018-08-16 21:56:20 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for adding the new path - I'd read about it on facebook but didn't know exactly where it was.
However, is there actually a gate on the cycle path or is it just off it?
22018-08-16 22:02:39 UTCandrum99 My mistake - fixed in
32018-08-16 22:30:20 UTCandrum99 I accidentally deleted a node of the cyclepath - fixed by reverting using Potlatch 1 editor (after some digging). Sorry.
12018-08-13 21:48:58 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for changing Doune Churchyard from a park to a cemetery. However be aware that there is a difference in the tagging between Churchyard and Cemetery - if there is a place of worship then it should be tagged as
12018-08-12 23:25:33 UTCGinaroZ No idea why you added these proposed residential areas, they have been houses for a few years!
22018-08-13 08:03:11 UTCDalkeith Thanks Ginaroz yes they are however in the local development plan a demonstration of how outdate the local government processes are. Thank you for your feedback
12018-08-10 11:28:14 UTCGinaroZ Might be worth checking out the discussion on talk-gb about the changes made by DaveF to the ref tag:
22018-08-20 19:34:52 UTCtms13 Thanks - now joining the list to find out what's going on and how it can be fixed.
12018-08-05 22:51:50 UTCGinaroZ Hi, can I ask why you have added power=plant to
12018-08-05 15:01:59 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove "Glamis Court" in this edit? It broke a match against the OS Locator dataset:
22018-08-05 16:25:11 UTCGinaroZ Hi, yes I did. The road was added in 2008 but in all of the aerial imagery available it's not visible. In the latest Bing imagery from May 2017 it looks like it's part of a new school.
12018-07-30 15:13:01 UTCGinaroZ You seem to have tagged as a roundabout when it is not a roundabout...
22018-07-30 17:17:08 UTCRotilom I have undone this roundabout. Thanks for raising!

Tagging roundabouts (which really are!) ensures that directions are right etc., so worth doing where possible.

Sorry again!
32018-08-08 00:18:52 UTCMike Baggaley You also seem to have retagged way 475685456 as a roundabout. I do not believe this is a roundabout. Please review.

42018-08-08 00:40:01 UTCMike Baggaley Also way 24373989 was correctly tagged as junction=circular and has been set to junction=roundabout.
52018-08-09 07:56:35 UTCRotilom I have undone these two tags. Sorry about that.

It can be fulfilling catching a significant number of roundabouts that are reversed, but it looks like I got a bit carried away. Sorry again.
12018-02-17 22:55:01 UTCGinaroZ Pretty sure that is a motorway link - and not sure it should be called A92(M) either...
22018-02-18 10:13:51 UTCGreyseal18 Well if you go onto view source you can see it’s a current motorway and if you go onto a website called Pathetic Motorways it also uses the A92(M)
32018-07-22 21:58:15 UTCSomeoneElse As discussed on the Sabre wiki isn't an appropriate source for OSM.
42018-07-22 22:03:46 UTCGreyseal18 Yes it is as I use it and all the information is true and if there was false info on the website your account will get banned. Also most of the info is on Transport for Scotland and Highways England.
It is the information on OMS that can be false. This is not 1 of them it is true.
52018-07-22 22:04:29 UTCGreyseal18 Also if you think it’s false then I’m removing the A14(M) from the A1(M) J14 to the A14 Spur
62018-07-22 22:56:30 UTCSomeoneElse @Greyseal18 To be clear, just because a source is "likely to be correct" does not mean that we will be able to use it in OpenStreetMap. It has to be licensed appropriately so that it's OK for OSM to use it and also for downstream data consumers to use it as well. This applies to data from...
72018-07-23 19:05:45 UTCGinaroZ @Greyseal18 - The Sabre page I linked to literally says the A92(M) is a possible number, and the existence of the number is disputed. So probably best to leave the ref= blank!

However the other issue is why it was changed to a motorway, as it seems like a motorway_link to me?
12018-07-14 23:12:36 UTCGinaroZ The sidings were removed by a local mapper 2 months ago here:
22018-07-15 16:30:47 UTCdrnoble My mistake. I have now removed the sidings I added. Obviously the DigitalGlobe Imagery is not so up to date here as it is in Edinburgh. I mistakenly assumed it was.
32018-07-18 17:45:51 UTCGinaroZ No worries - not sure about JOSM but you can check the age of aerial imagery in iD by pressing Ctrl+shift+B. The sidings were Mar 2015, though just off to the east is June 2016. Central Edinburgh seems to be September 2015 for DG/ESRI.
12018-07-17 22:19:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I changed a number of these chalets that you've added in Dunbar into house names. For example:
12018-07-17 18:33:37 UTCGinaroZ Hi, these are not B-roads therefore they should not be secondary - I've re-tagged them as tertiary. You can see the changes here:
12018-07-17 13:01:13 UTCGinaroZ Why have you changed to a path, as it is clearly a cycleway (part of NCN 7)?

And are you planning on changing every cycleway to path?
22018-07-17 19:32:27 UTCAlwynWellington GinaroZ, greetings

I have walked much of NCR 7 from Lochwinnoch to Ayr. And encountered many other walkers and a handful of cyclists over that four days.

I did so at the suggestion of the promoters of The Whithorn Way from Saint Mungos to Whithorn.

It was and continues to be my understandin...
32018-07-17 19:38:23 UTCAlwynWellington PS: I also changed not a few sections where the description was "Footpath" and also had an NCR 7 relationship to "Path".

In other words the desire was to achieve consistency in first appearance for all readers / users.
12018-07-02 00:49:46 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering if you meant to remove the railway=station tag from here: ?
22018-07-05 17:57:07 UTCeldegales Apologies for not answering sooner; I must have removed it in error.
32018-07-06 22:46:00 UTCGinaroZ Ok, I've re-added it.
12018-07-04 20:40:51 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering if there is a reason for you changing natural=wood into landuse=forest?
22018-07-23 13:58:57 UTCDjyn Hi. Sorry about that. I was a bit Gung-Ho when i started. I've since reverted the changes I've made to other peoples work. With exceptions of things that were out of date or inaccurate. Apologies.
12018-07-01 23:33:43 UTCGinaroZ Hi Mike,
You've moved Main Street to the north slightly to match your Mapbox imagery, however it now out of alignment with Bing, OS OpenData StreetView and the GPS traces for the area.
Just to let you know - the coastline in OSM should be set at the Mean High Water Spring, which is indicated by...
22018-07-03 20:49:06 UTCMike Parfitt Hi Ginaro,

On a much earlier edit where I moved multipolygonGB points off the clifftop grass and onto the beach I got feedback to the effect that I should have moved them into the water, as legal jurisdictions went out to the mean LOW water (spring) - and frequently further in the case of estuar...
12018-06-29 14:41:05 UTCGinaroZ Highly doubt this area is a park given it is mapped as being inside the railway boundary fence:
12018-06-29 13:29:03 UTCGinaroZ Why have you changed this to landuse=forest?
12018-06-29 11:48:49 UTCGinaroZ No idea why you've added this - there's already a perfectly good node mapped here:
12018-06-27 17:40:53 UTCGinaroZ Hi, can I ask what the purpose of this edit was? As you seem to have broken the national park relation here:
12018-06-26 23:08:04 UTCGinaroZ Don't know if something has gone wrong, but there's a few untagged lines left from this changeset:
12018-06-19 13:05:02 UTCGinaroZ Are these actually holiday cottages, or are you trying to add addresses?
22018-06-19 13:37:00 UTCCzsxs Hi they are addresses, it doesnt give the option to add a building so chalet is the closest thing I could see, sorry for any confusion
12018-06-07 14:07:10 UTCGinaroZ What, halfway across a football pitch?
12018-05-31 14:52:15 UTCGinaroZ Who says they are trunk roads? They are not listed on Transport Scotland's list of trunk roads, so what make them trunk?
12018-05-30 20:56:09 UTCGinaroZ The "Waterskiing track" you added is clearly not an outdoor shop...
12018-05-25 11:31:27 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. You seem to have connected the footbridge to the stream - it needs to be connected to the other path if it is to cross the stream. :)
12018-05-16 11:13:25 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. Did you mean to change some of the trees into a park or memorial? Also why did you change two of the gardens into parks?
22018-05-16 17:06:55 UTCMonikita Hi.
I change garden to park because everybody can visit and I change the tree, because is really an old tree (maybe the name I choose wasn't the correct).
Thanks :)
12018-05-15 14:21:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I notice you've added a few railway junction names recently using place=locality. As you can see from the wiki page the tag is supposed to be used for things which don't have a proper tag.
In this case railway=junction should be used instea...
22018-05-21 15:59:42 UTCCamLewWri Hi, thanks for the comment. There are a number of railway junctions around Central Scotland that are marked both with place=locality and railway=junction on separate points. The railway=junction is typically marked as one of the points actually on the railway line whereas place=locality is often a p...
12018-05-14 17:16:41 UTCGinaroZ Hi, the correct tag is landuse=construction - you should be able to find it in the iD editor preset list if you begin typing in construction.
12018-05-12 03:19:47 UTCOssian Lore The name is properly Glasgow Gurdwara, subtitled Guru Granth Sahib Sikh Sabha. I contacted the Gurdwara to clarify this when I added it on Google Maps
22018-05-12 21:38:46 UTCGinaroZ The Gurdwara was already there but the geometry was all wrong, I copy/pasted to untangle it from connecting to other objects - that's why it's version 1.
Feel free to change the name :)
32018-05-13 17:07:29 UTCOssian Lore I would... if I knew how to subtitle a name haha
12018-05-11 21:43:56 UTCGinaroZ I've removed the building tag from here: - but is it actually a bus station or just a depot?
22018-05-12 03:15:41 UTCOssian Lore it's a bus depot, but it isn't clear from the wiki article how to tag it as such, so i chose station as the best fit
32018-05-12 21:37:12 UTCGinaroZ I think if it doesn't have bus stops as mentioned in the wiki then it's not really a bus station. Better tagged as industrial landuse?
42018-05-13 17:04:21 UTCOssian Lore fair point, sounds good to me
12018-05-12 20:56:57 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for surveying it :)
12018-05-11 15:30:24 UTCGinaroZ Looks like the sidewalks are shared use paths, and therefore should be mapped as separate cycleways - going by Mapillary.
12018-05-10 18:39:18 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I've fixed some of your edits - e.g. White Cottage was turned into a circle, and I've reverted Kirkton Burn back to waterway=stream. The landuse at Binn House isn't really needed and the rock fall barriers on the Binn are better tagged as fences.
You can see my changes at https://overpass-api.d...
12018-04-20 14:40:33 UTCGinaroZ Hi Paul, I saw some comments on another changeset.
Just to let you know, there is a background layer in the editor named "OS OpenData StreetView" - this can be used freely and it shows there is some sort of road at this location. There's also other aerial imagery to help you.
12018-04-20 12:10:13 UTCGinaroZ Just to let you know it seems like railway=razed is the preferred tag for the dismantled railway you added at the golf course. - used 6x more and rendered by OpenRailwayMap
12018-04-18 21:51:37 UTCGinaroZ Are you planning on adding ref= to all of the motorway links in the UK?
22018-04-19 07:14:12 UTCPaul Berry Yes, where they are missing, since slip roads take the parent motorway's number, and signage on the ground confirms this.

An exception is direct motorway-to-motorway links where it's ambiguous.
32018-04-19 09:26:03 UTCPaul Berry Having said that... check the changeset comments here:
12018-04-17 21:42:33 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome back and thanks for the edit. I've made some changes to this, as you hadn't connected the path to anything else on the map :)
22018-04-18 16:20:02 UTCcurrystomper Hi thanks for the fix, I thought this addition was useful but haven't done much editing!
12018-04-17 13:40:21 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just to let you know that normally the details for the school are placed on the grounds rather than the building, i.e.
12018-04-11 22:41:53 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit.
I've fixed some of your changes - tagged the caravan park properly and adjusted the roads.
If you need any help mapping let me know, cheers :)
12018-04-03 20:31:24 UTCGinaroZ Hi, Morrisons was already mapped with a node here: (although it wasn't named)
If you are going to tag the entire building as shop=supermarket, please remove the node and transfer its tags to the building.
You can do this in the editor by selecting bot...
12018-04-03 16:16:51 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edits.
Just to make you aware that when adding a footpath which connects two roads, you need to join to them at both ends.
For example this one here: - I've fixed it to connect with Glasgow Road.
If you need any he...
12018-04-03 14:34:33 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just be aware that the Bing imagery tile containing Carlingnose point and Deep Sea World seems to be out of alignment with both GPS traces and OS StreetView :)
22018-04-03 14:47:31 UTCatrctr Thanks - I have noticed there is a lot of that going on in North Queensferry as I was trying to reconcile buildings on East Bay. Have you worked out a reasonable offset to work with?
32018-04-03 16:11:01 UTCGinaroZ I'd say aligning Bing to OS StreetView is the best option. The GPS traces background layer seems to match OS for East Bay, Forth Bridge, and Carlingnose (my trace). The OSM coastline is supposed to be aligned to the MHWS, so I've aligned it to the OS MHWS and it looks fine along the Fife coast.
12018-03-29 19:40:34 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I've removed this as it is a duplicate of one I added a few weeks ago :)
12018-03-29 12:10:30 UTCGinaroZ Hi, if you want to see buildings in this area feel free to edit the map and them yourself :)
12018-03-27 17:08:08 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edits.
I've added the car park area here and also remove a duplicate ALDI shop node.
Let me know if you need any help, cheers.
12018-03-24 21:19:21 UTCGinaroZ Hi, is this path lit=yes/no?
22018-03-26 06:44:06 UTCFrenchyF It is not, now tagged.
12018-03-22 13:54:45 UTCGinaroZ Think this is just a turning circle and not a roundabout
22018-03-22 20:46:00 UTCRotilom Hello. I've removed the tags, which is probably best.
(It's probably one way, but that is probably also confirmed with local knowledge)
12018-03-19 23:21:32 UTCGinaroZ Probably best mapping the B&B as a node, separate to the farmyard: -and it should be tourism=guest_house instead :)
Also, do you know the surface for ?
12018-03-15 16:31:09 UTCGinaroZ I don't think the entire path is a ford...
12018-03-14 21:42:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi, does this path connect to the road at the northwest end?
12018-03-13 00:21:58 UTCGinaroZ Hi - I've added a construction area around the new school/stadium and removed amenity=school as it's not an active school yet.
Also, I've simplified the parking areas - I think individual parking spots is a bit overkill :)
12018-03-12 14:56:46 UTCGinaroZ Hi. If is closed then it is best to remove the node from the map
12018-03-11 23:35:30 UTCGinaroZ Hi, if is just a crossing controlled by lights then it should probably be highway=crossing
12018-03-06 16:29:37 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for adding these businesses. However you didn't tag them with shop=e-cigarette - I've added that tag so they show as shops on the map :)
12018-02-21 12:33:15 UTCGinaroZ Do you know the surface for this path?
22018-02-21 13:11:09 UTCFrenchyF Yes, now added!
12018-02-20 20:16:51 UTCGinaroZ Hi, what's your source for the voltage for these power lines?
22018-02-20 20:43:32 UTCRuss The short answer is it's an educated guess. Once you have an eye for it, it's relatively easy to pick out from aerial imagery the main distribution lines which run between substations. In most of Britain (including all of Scotland), these are 33kV.

I've written some more detail on how to spot thi...
32018-02-20 23:10:19 UTCGinaroZ Thanks
12018-02-20 22:23:57 UTCGinaroZ Hi, you seem to have deleted this building and added a new one which does not appear on any aerial imagery. Is this the correct situation on the ground?
22018-02-20 22:28:09 UTCRoss Nicol Hi, yes the aerial imagery is out of date. The two buildings currently marked B&M & Lidl have been demolished and a new building is on site which is Lidl. Google maps have the correct aerial imagery at,-3.9292951,212m/data=!3m1!1e...
12018-02-19 22:16:28 UTCGinaroZ - maybe better as amenity=post_depot?
22018-02-19 22:33:53 UTCmurble yep fixed up thanks
12018-02-19 14:42:07 UTCGinaroZ Hi, you don't seem to have actually mapped anything here?
12018-02-18 15:15:50 UTCGinaroZ Please do not add fictional roads and bridges - I have removed these from the map.
12018-02-18 15:13:44 UTCGinaroZ Reverted back to trunk as the A9 is not a motorway
12018-02-17 22:29:31 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit.
I don't think this is best described as a proper cafe - I've edited it and tagged it as shop=kiosk instead.
If you need any help feel to let me know, cheers.
12018-02-16 17:18:57 UTCGinaroZ Seems a bit strange to have a single 30mph road in amongst roads which are 20, is this correct?
22018-03-07 14:24:54 UTCdrssharp sorry for delay in replying GinaroZ. Strange but true, in this case. The limits I marked are according to the Traffic Order for 20mph limits which only applies to the sections of road between the A7 and the primary school. This may be because the roads round here aren't finished and haven't been a...
12018-02-14 22:10:32 UTCGinaroZ Presumably the ncn76 paths alongside the roads are surface=asphalt? e.g. and
22018-02-15 22:05:44 UTCtms13 Yes, and the linking section is on its way to being surfaced.
12018-02-14 20:35:09 UTCGinaroZ Hi, if you press B in the editor you can choose the "Esri World Imagery" layer, which is normally more up to date. (check the date by pressing ctrl+shift+B)
I've added the garden area here:
12018-02-14 20:26:55 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you removed the details from certain bus route relations, eg: ?
12018-02-09 12:43:42 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edits. I there actually a hospital in Comrie as I cannot find any information about it online? You've also added an amenity=doctors so I think the hospital can be removed?
12018-02-09 12:24:38 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit.
Is this whole building the medical centre or just part of it? If the latter it would be better to add the info to an separate node.
Either way, you'll need to add the amenity=doctors tags to it so it is recognised as a medical centre.
22018-02-09 14:30:02 UTCMo Pamplin Hi Ginaro
Thanks for your feedback, it is useful. I really want to get into OSM properly so it is helpful to have someone review my edit and give feedback.
12018-02-02 23:29:08 UTCGinaroZ This should really be tagged as junction=roundabout instead of oneway=yes
12018-02-01 21:51:48 UTCGinaroZ If is closed then the node should be removed or a lifecycle prefix added, as currently it's still tagged as an active nursery
12018-01-31 13:23:43 UTCGinaroZ Can't work out what you changed here?
22018-01-31 13:39:54 UTCMike Baggaley I split closed way 123192913 in two to clarify it is not an area. Must have missed the comment.
12018-01-30 21:00:37 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you have tagged this as oneway=reversible?
12018-01-29 23:59:09 UTCGinaroZ Did you manage to survey this path? I have my doubts whether a walkable "path" exists either side of the A823 bridge.
22018-02-01 22:12:17 UTCtms13 I didn't survey - but the path was on the exact alignment of the railway, so merged the ways. It's not far from work (Rosyth), so I might be able to make a trip to actually look when the weather gets drier.
12018-01-24 16:40:14 UTCGinaroZ Hi Rick, thanks for the edit. As it is closed, I've removed the bank from the map.
12018-01-20 23:43:07 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edits. I've improved this edit by adding the emergency=defibrillator tag, and also changed the village shop to a convenience store instead of supermarket. Any questions feel free to ask :)
12018-01-20 20:36:52 UTCGinaroZ Just wondering what the source is for this section of burn?
22018-01-20 23:00:27 UTCOssian Lore apologies, i should have added than when i was uploading. source is Local Knowledge and a hand-drawn map from 1963 created by a local historian that was given to me by his widow. The outfall of the burn can just be discerned on the Bing imagery and can be seen quite easily when viewed from the Clyde...
12018-01-17 20:39:56 UTCGinaroZ How does a car access this road and the house next to it, if the roads connected to it are paths?
22018-01-17 20:46:23 UTCHobgoblin I have just added a note to remind me to check this. Murieston Trail is a wide track where it joins Murieston South District Road, so it needs a resurvey.
12018-01-15 11:10:21 UTCGinaroZ Yes it is:
Please don't add parks just because you want to see them appear in Pokemon Go ;)
22018-01-15 11:14:56 UTCru7hl355 but it is a park...
32018-01-15 11:15:45 UTCru7hl355 ah weird, it didnt say it was for me earlier...
12018-01-10 19:33:57 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for tagging it as a doctors - I've also added a building=yes tag :)
12018-01-07 20:26:32 UTCGinaroZ Hi, did you mean to change to waterway and tunnel=yes?
12018-01-05 23:33:48 UTCGinaroZ Hi :)
Not sure if you're aware - lines marked as railway=abandoned are specifically for railways which do not have tracks in place but the route is still visible in some way, see
22018-01-08 04:26:04 UTCDavid Stein There is no visible path today, nor has there been for over 20 years. Not in this area boxed on the map.
32018-09-16 18:11:23 UTCNatfoot Please set lines in future to railway=razed if no longer visible. Thanks for more information see
12018-01-05 15:14:22 UTCGinaroZ Did you notice if the canal path was now tarmac as per this note?
12018-01-03 14:52:01 UTCGinaroZ is not a building
22018-01-03 16:37:57 UTCmeadowgreen Thanks, have fixed that.
12018-01-02 20:57:08 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I've removed the duplicate railway line you added heading to DM Beith, as it is disused:
12017-12-29 23:55:24 UTCGinaroZ I don't think these places should be marked as towns just because they were royal burghs.

St Monans and Pittenweem are normally referred to as villages, and that is consistent with other similar sized places on the map.
12017-12-28 23:27:53 UTCGinaroZ Hi, the three banks were already marked as individual nodes, so I've removed the duplicate tags that you added to the buildings.
Also worth seeing whether the RBS branch closes in the new year as mentioned here:
12017-12-24 16:59:16 UTCGinaroZ Hi, why have you changed this to a motorway?
22017-12-24 17:25:09 UTCtrigpoint I have reverted this, but still hope the mapper responds.
What does Dfdi mean?
12017-12-24 00:53:05 UTCGinaroZ Hi David,
Can I ask why you have added the tags name="path continues" and tourism=attraction to almost 200 nodes?
For example here:
12017-12-23 22:25:58 UTCGinaroZ Hi, there's two Co-ops mapped here, as both supermarket and convenience - which one is correct?
22017-12-24 16:42:42 UTCtrigpoint Size suggests it should be a convienience store.
12017-12-19 19:39:30 UTCGinaroZ Hi, not sure if you're aware but the correct tag for a "football" pitch is sport=soccer, I've fixed this one:
12017-12-15 16:17:04 UTCGinaroZ If it's not open then I'd suggest using landuse=construction and construction:amenity=school instead, so it doesn't appear on the map as an active school.
Also saw this - do you know what it is and if it's open yet?
22017-12-18 08:11:47 UTCOssian Lore thanks for the tip with construction status, was unsure how to categorise!

as for the 'green gym', i actually just modified its shape slightly so that i could align the paths in the park properly. i wasnt 100% sure if its categorised correctly so i made no other changes. but in answer to your que...
32017-12-18 23:07:18 UTCGinaroZ I've improved the school tagging by adding "construction:" :)

The green gym is tagged as a sports_centre but I doubt that's appropriate - probably a fitness_station or playground instead?
42017-12-19 17:38:04 UTCOssian Lore i did what your suggested with the new school outline but it kept reverting back from construction area to school upon saving. i see now that its removed the school tag completely from it. thats cool though, i'll update it when the school gets a name and opens :)

a for the green gym, i resisted c...
12017-12-18 16:33:26 UTCGinaroZ Just to let you know that I've changed this line and others around it to the more used man_made=cutline
12017-12-17 16:17:55 UTCGinaroZ Presumably this section should be a part of the E/W relation?
22017-12-17 16:21:48 UTCjgower Yes, my mistake. Just added
32017-12-17 16:22:09 UTCjgower
12017-12-16 22:59:18 UTCGinaroZ Hi, did you survey the Clyde Arc before you made the change to oneway=yes? Because the previous changeset said it was two parallel two way roads:
22017-12-17 17:44:39 UTCSuborbitalPigeon Oh crap, no I didn't. Will fix now
32017-12-17 17:46:44 UTCSuborbitalPigeon
12017-12-15 13:00:55 UTCGinaroZ Hi, does the harbour have a gate at its entrance and is it tidal?
22017-12-15 18:40:27 UTCBruce Bonus No gate at present, and it is tidal. Would that mean it should be left as coastline rather than designated as a harbour?
32017-12-15 21:04:55 UTCGinaroZ Yeah, if it's not a dock then the coastline should continue into the harbour. I've left the landuse=harbour area where it is, but also added the coastline around it.
12017-12-14 00:53:50 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. Just wondering if you meant to change this from a path to coastline - as it definitely looks like a path to me.
22017-12-14 09:21:33 UTCTotalControl123 I did not, my mistake thanks for the note.
12017-12-11 19:39:19 UTCGinaroZ Hi, does this path connect to the road?
22017-12-11 20:41:51 UTCashh87 Yes it does, I'll connect it up.
12017-12-08 00:30:45 UTCChris Fleming Please stop. This isn't a park.
22017-12-08 00:39:30 UTCandrewmci I must just be misunderstanding. Is there a size requirement that something must be in order to qualify as a park? I don't mean to cause frustration, I just can't understand why this isn't a park. Granted it is small but I'm not sure what the threshold is.
32017-12-08 00:52:00 UTCChris Fleming In this case because it's a private garden.

I would expect some kind on public access.

They would normally be maintained for recreational purposes.

Does this make sense?
42017-12-08 12:02:33 UTCChris Fleming I would add that a park is somewhere you would make a trip to visit. And that this would differentiate if from other green spaces.

A further factor - in this case is that many mappers have mapped thousands of Tenement Gardens in Edinburgh and consistently tagged them as gardens.

Are you happ...
52017-12-08 12:39:36 UTCGinaroZ Andrew,
Even if this was a park (which it isn't) then the question is why have you just changed this one garden to a park? Are the gardens either side not also parks or is there something special about this one?
Also, is the public bookcas...
12017-12-08 12:37:07 UTCGinaroZ Hi, for roundabouts like this: you should tag them with junction=roundabout instead of oneway=yes :)
22017-12-08 14:00:30 UTCOssian Lore Hi Ginaro, many thanks for the pointer! Will make sure I do this for any roundabout from here on (still learning) :)
12017-12-05 00:44:13 UTCGinaroZ Hi, this doesn't seem like a park to me...
22017-12-06 17:48:03 UTCGinaroZ Removed
12017-12-06 17:47:12 UTCGinaroZ Hi, these parks you've added seem like someone's front garden to me - and are there really two lakes there on the ground?
22017-12-11 13:46:42 UTCChris Fleming Hi - and welcome to OpenStreetMap. Just wondering if you had seen the message above. Normally these look like gardens to me rather than Parks?
12017-12-06 16:56:20 UTCGinaroZ Please explain why you have deleted this building? It is visible on DigitalGlobe and Esri imagery.
22017-12-06 17:02:41 UTCcolortitian Others complaining about additions without express permission/open data licenses, happy for you to reinstate if those are approved sources - I'm removing my additions as I appear to be causing more trouble than helping!
32017-12-06 17:21:30 UTCGinaroZ The problem with this edit is that you removed the entire building and shop data which I had added :)

I've just seen the other comments - I would say that if you are adding a website there is no licence issue.

However if you want to add building data but there is nothing visible on Bing, you c...
42017-12-06 17:23:06 UTCcolortitian Apologies and thank you.
12017-12-05 15:57:22 UTCGinaroZ One thing I noticed in Stirling: - assume that's meant to be an outdoor shop, don't know if you've seen it on your travels!
12017-12-04 14:47:39 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. Just wondering why you've changed one section of Colinton Road to highway=primary?
22017-12-04 16:08:52 UTCandrewmci Apologies this was an error on my part, I have amended now and will try to be more careful in future.
32017-12-04 17:05:30 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for changing it back.
However I see you've added a number of parks as well - are these open to the public or are they private gardens?
Also, does this bit of water really exist?
42017-12-04 19:35:11 UTCandrewmci No problem. They are accessible and yes the water is there behind the lions gate, position may be slightly off but I tried my best to be accurate.
52017-12-04 22:43:28 UTCGinaroZ Ok, but I don't think this can be classed as a park - it looks like someone's front garden:
And why change this building to landuse=retail?
62017-12-04 23:05:24 UTCandrewmci Fair enough although I'm not really sure why it would be an issue. Certainly it says "park" on each of the gates, and they are known locally as parks. Granted they are a bit small but not a front garden. Perhaps I can speak to a few of the local residents and see whether they would conside...
72017-12-05 14:52:38 UTCChris Fleming I'm sure that the building shown as "Domestic Clean Cleaner" is residential flats? Also whyt can't I find any trace of a company called "Domestic Clean Clean" in edinburgh?
82017-12-05 15:00:22 UTCChris Fleming Also the grass area in front of number 35 Colington road is definitly a garden as far a I remember - This image shows a wall and nothing to indicate a "public" park
92017-12-05 16:41:35 UTCandrewmci There are flats in the building but I can assure you that a cleaning company that I have used and been into is located there. Have you ever been into the building? Anyway I have changed this back to residential with a point for the cleaning company inside.
102017-12-05 16:44:44 UTCChris Fleming Great that's perfect. We often try and add other information such as website etc?
112017-12-07 23:56:31 UTCChris Fleming I stopped here on my way home. Will link to video shortly

1. I checked through the fire exit at Napier. No lake not even a pond.

2. In Fairacre Court: None of the buzzers indicated any businesses. All looked residential.

3. Gate from the road is locked. This is a private area. Grass is not ...
122017-12-08 00:22:56 UTCChris Fleming

132017-12-08 00:31:48 UTCandrewmci The second video appears to be unavailable. The first I would say is inconclusive as the side gate is locked after hours. The Buddha shrine is also slightly further round towards the far end of the park, quite small though so easy to miss.
142017-12-08 00:34:36 UTCChris Fleming It's uploading and I went all the way around. There really isn't anything there.
152017-12-08 00:47:51 UTCChris Fleming Second video is up.

Also where is the lake?
12017-12-03 19:53:17 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. Just a bit of advice for your next edit - you can press S to square the buildings - I've done that with these ones you've added :)
12017-12-03 19:52:04 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit.
Notice you have requested a review - this looks good to me, as do your other changes in the construction area :)
12017-12-03 19:42:38 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit.
The new part of Milnwood Crescent you added - does this share the same name?
Also, a tip for next time you add a building - press S to "square" the shape :)
12017-12-03 18:54:38 UTCGinaroZ Hi. I've updated your edit by merging the building and node data.
If you add any more websites in future, I'd suggest adding them to the node or building which also has the shop=supermarket tag :)
12017-12-01 23:36:01 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edits.
Just to let you know that the oneway=no tag you added here: is usually unnecessary - perhaps you could tag the missing speed limits in Killearn?
This is a map of speed limits in that area: http://product.itowo...
12017-11-29 22:59:36 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. Just wondering why you added the motor_vehicle=no tag to just this section of road?
22017-11-30 08:23:43 UTCConnor Browning Hi Ginaro,
I added the tag as no Private Hire are allowed through this street, therefore I updated so our map system would not take the drivers through this route
32017-12-02 08:31:46 UTCChris Fleming Hi Connor and welcome to OpenStreetMap - just want to check what your evidence for this is? This side of Princes Street is Open to all vehicles up until Waverley Bridge or certinly was when I was last there 2 weeks ago?
42017-12-04 13:32:35 UTCConnor Browning Hi Chris, see site closure below. Taxi refers to Black Cabs, therefore no vehicle is allowed along the route.;jsessionid=66FF6FDBEC431648A3EE0A7B74A6EAB5?lat=55.953172091099205&lng=-3.189064740358076&disruptionFilter.selectedTypes=ROADWORK
52017-12-04 13:45:48 UTCChris Fleming Thanks Connor - good spot. If I'm looking
at the correct restriction:

Location \tCity Centre
At Princes Street

Traffic management measures associated with Leith Street closure.
No left turn into Princes Street except for buses, taxis and cycles.

Running up to 31...
62017-12-04 14:32:52 UTCConnor Browning Looking at the link, it seems that only Taxi and bus are allowed to use the route. They have prohibited Private hire and standard vehicles from using the route
12017-11-29 11:44:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. I saw you added both an untagged area and named node for the park - I've combined these together.
12017-11-28 21:31:27 UTCGinaroZ Noticed there was a fixme here - is this a cave entrance as well?
22017-11-30 19:50:04 UTCmountainmonkey Didn't spot that when I was there because OsmAnd doesn't render natural=cave. I don't think there is a cave there, it's up a steep wooded bank, but I can't be sure.
12017-11-19 22:52:08 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. However you seem to have changed the Water of Leith into an underground river, and added a duplicate and address.
Therefore, I have reverted the changes - let me know if you have questions. Cheers
12017-11-19 19:48:35 UTCGinaroZ The third track should really be tagged like the other two if the electrification method is the same - as electrified=rail specifically means a third rail system not overhead wires.
22017-11-19 20:16:15 UTCCamLewWri Well spotted. Now fixed.
12017-11-17 13:31:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, don't think you need footway=sidewalk on this path as it's not beside a road.
22017-11-17 13:38:50 UTCrobertkupis Thanks, corrected.
( It's all about nuance in translation. I'm from Poland. )
12017-11-13 22:50:05 UTCGinaroZ Bonjour. est un bâtiment démoli, donc ne devrait pas avoir une étiquette de construction.
12017-11-08 11:20:11 UTCchillly THis is a mechanical edit, and against the mechanical edit rules. This MUST be discussed BEFORE you make these edits. I recommend this is reverted, then discussed and only if agreement is reached, make an edit like this.
22017-11-08 13:38:49 UTCHb- Hi chillly,
thanks for your comment. Replacing "substance=sewer" etc. with "substance=sewage" did not seem appropriate for a longer discussion. Please recommend a place (URL) to discuss edits like this in the future.
32017-11-08 13:53:28 UTCchillly The fact you don't think the edit was important enough to discuss just shows how opinions differ. Mechanical edits upset mappers. Mappers are our most precious resource. See the rules here:

You can start discussions on IRC or mai...
42017-11-08 14:20:05 UTCHb- Thanks for the hint to the Wiki. I hope to find time to translate it to German.

The beef is in the second sentence: "… to make other systematic edits … without consideration of each change." Be assured that I invoked every way, checked it and it's surrounding and ONLY whe...
52017-11-09 01:25:41 UTCGinaroZ I have no problem with the changes - my suggestion would be to provide a better changeset comment.
If you had said "Changing substance=sewer -> sewage in pipelines to properly describe the substance carried" it would have been more obvious what you changed :)
12017-11-07 21:15:56 UTCGinaroZ Just to let you know I've changed to waterway=riverbank, and improved some of the outline to match OS StreetView data.
12017-11-04 12:17:50 UTCGinaroZ Hi, why have you added this as a hospital when it is clearly not?
12017-10-20 19:41:39 UTCGinaroZ Hi, noticed you've added some numbers and street names to buildings, e.g.
If this name refers to the address, then the details should be added as addr:housenumber and addr:street
Also, what is your source for the height of the building?
22017-10-27 12:31:09 UTCGuidus Hi, I found the height of these and other buildings in Glasgow here:
Concerning the names of the buildings in Townhead, I found them here:
in section "Location". Probably they are named after their addresses.
32017-10-29 23:06:25 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for the reply, just looked a bit strange. :) I've added the house numbers as well.
12017-10-25 14:49:11 UTCtms13 Thanks for adding these roads - have you had chance to survey "on the ground"? It would be nice to include speed limits, lanes and lighting attributes.
22017-10-25 23:11:49 UTCGinaroZ No sorry, saw the names flagged on OS Locator so added the roads from the new imagery.
12017-10-24 17:19:30 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for updating the map - I've removed the duplicate church.
12017-10-23 23:26:21 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering if you surveyed these poles?
Because although they are visible on Bing, they aren't on the newer ESRI imagery.
12017-10-19 21:16:35 UTCGinaroZ Nice work in Melrose! :)
22017-10-20 19:55:56 UTCsaintam1 Thanks! It’s a lot of fun.
12017-10-13 16:30:43 UTCGinaroZ Is there a reason why the lane has access=no?
22017-10-13 17:30:36 UTCCamLewWri That's odd. It shouldn't need that tag. Will go ahead and remove.
12017-10-11 15:20:36 UTCGinaroZ Hi, notice you deleted a number of benches and other objects - did you mean to do this?
22017-10-12 12:19:15 UTCChris Fleming Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

In case deleting these was as accident (very easy to do), I've restored there objects. Let me know if this is wrong, and let me know uif you have any questions.

12017-10-11 13:59:06 UTCGinaroZ Thanks, knew there was issues with the bridge but didn't know that entrance was closed. I can see it now on ESRI imagery.
12017-10-08 23:01:21 UTCGinaroZ Might want to delete the duplicate node :)
12017-10-06 20:13:56 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for the edit and welcome to OSM. I notice you have requested a review, so I have a couple of comments:
It looks like this should be tagged as a residential building, instead of residential landuse:
In the editor, after drawing a building - pre...
12017-10-05 11:10:51 UTCGinaroZ These roads were marked as either construction or abandoned. Are they now open to the public?
22017-10-05 16:35:11 UTCGinaroZ Just to let you know I have reverted this changeset. Not sure why made the edits in the first, as clearly some of the roads are no longer in use and the FRB is not open.
32017-10-05 22:58:44 UTCClarkstonCorrect Cool. I thought the road was still open but good to know it isn't. The New bridge is much better lol. Just thought as it is A9000 that would make more sense. Lol
12017-10-05 13:38:21 UTCavalancha Hi, I can't see the whole "Glen Ora Housing Site", the nice curvy bumps of the Haddington road west of the law, or any of the buildings that are supposed to be in the very southwest of North Berwick according to this on Google Maps, Bing Maps, Bing or Google Sat, Streetview or any other se...
22017-10-05 13:52:14 UTCGinaroZ Hi, my edit in that area was to fix a typo - see for my edits.
It seems the changes were made in this changeset: in case you want to contact the mapper.
If you google the site name you can find out m...
32017-10-05 13:56:01 UTCavalancha oh man, sorry about that, total newbie here, thanks for your guidance!
12017-10-04 12:24:12 UTCGinaroZ Hi, as far as I know the A91 is a primary road - how did you determine it needed to be changed to a trunk road?
22017-10-04 14:23:13 UTCClarkstonCorrect The a91 is a trunk road I thought but if it isn't then that's good to know :)
32017-10-04 20:22:22 UTCGinaroZ Did you not think to try and verify whether your thoughts were correct? ;)
Trunk roads in OSM are those with green route signage.The A91 has white signage which means it's primary. See the UK section of
You also changed Bow of F...
42017-10-04 20:48:07 UTCClarkstonCorrect Sorry - my mistake - the A91 loses its trunk status at the M90. For some reason i used to think it continued to St Andrews but clearly it doesn't. I'm not 100% sure how to revert but from the M90 to St Andrews but as seen on green signs along the road from M9 to M90 it is trunk.
12017-10-03 22:38:10 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM - noticed you had requested a review.
It seems like you have drawn a road on top of another one, and not added any tags to say what it is.
Perhaps you'd like to delete one of them and add highway=service tags to the other?
12017-10-02 22:30:28 UTCGinaroZ Hi, not sure if you're aware but you've added a duplicate Starbucks - just one is needed, either on the building or node.
12017-09-30 18:57:57 UTCGinaroZ Agreed, saw this before and thought it was a bit strange
22017-10-01 17:30:48 UTCdrnoble I discussed this in the pub with Eric from MESH quite a while ago, and he agreed it maybe wasn't the best way to do it, but it's never been changed so I decided just to do so
12017-09-29 21:13:13 UTCGinaroZ Not sure what the point in the change was, you just seem to have deleted a single node?
12017-09-29 13:04:46 UTCGinaroZ Saw a picture on twitter with the bollards preventing car access so I've changed this to a cycleway
22017-09-29 22:06:03 UTCChris Fleming thanks that's perfect. My source was on a cycling group on Facebook,
12017-09-28 21:40:55 UTCGinaroZ Hi, not sure if you're aware but in the normal iD editor on there is updated DG aerial imagery - which I've used to trace the running track you added.
12017-09-28 20:13:27 UTCGinaroZ Why did you delete ?
12017-09-27 18:39:35 UTCGinaroZ Hi, can I ask what is the reason for this change?
22017-09-27 19:41:04 UTCCycleStreets Hi - a user gave us details that there was a pedestrian crossing not shown, so I added that and showed the layout more accurately, based on the aerial imagery. Do feel free to adjust if anything is wrong.
12017-09-26 13:38:09 UTCGinaroZ Hi, this section is already part of the John Muir Way relation and therefore does not need a name
22017-09-26 14:57:14 UTCSomeoneElse Just for info - a couple of ways of seeing long distance paths like this:!55.9982!-2.6546 and .
12017-09-22 19:25:51 UTCGinaroZ Hi welcome to OSM and thanks for the edits. I see you've tagged as an "unknown road" - looks like it should be highway=track instead?
22017-09-22 20:06:06 UTCScottDavidCraig Thanks Ginaro. Sure, if you think so. I wasn't sure what category it fell under, so marked it as unknown.
12017-09-21 22:55:26 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just in case you're unaware the tag for an asl seems to be cycleway=asl
12017-09-20 15:35:02 UTCGinaroZ Hi, not sure if you are aware but this area has some newer DG Imagery if you want to add the proper building and car park area.
22017-09-20 15:39:54 UTCStonemill1 Nope, not aware. I am now....
12017-09-19 20:41:30 UTCGinaroZ Hi, you were correct the first time with landuse=allotments on - I've fixed it for you :)
12017-09-19 13:29:57 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just to let you know that should be landuse=allotments :)
22017-09-19 13:59:17 UTCjpennycook Hello GinaroZ

Thanks for the message, and thanks for fixing it too!

12017-09-19 13:25:48 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just to let you know the correct tag for is landuse=allotments :)
12017-09-19 12:46:37 UTCGinaroZ Why have you added a path which goes through a building and doesn't connect to the street which is crosses?
12017-09-17 21:27:09 UTCGinaroZ Hi, regarding - I don't think you need to split the road around the crossing island
22017-09-17 21:30:25 UTCDaniel-Jack Williamson oh sorry lol also i got your message from 10 october 2016 just now and replied. not been on here in ages
12017-09-14 22:07:37 UTCGinaroZ Is this really a meadow? Looks like farmland to me...

Ist das wirklich eine wiese Sieht aus wie Ackerland zu mir ...
22017-09-15 19:04:37 UTCkintetsu Thougt, I have seen some sheep at bing sattelite picture of the area. If that's right, it's a meadow.
12017-09-11 21:42:11 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for the edit and welcome to OSM. I've moved the "Core Path" name to the designation tag, as I assume that's not the actual name of the path?
22017-09-20 15:04:14 UTCfaifley community council its part of paths that run through west dunbarton
12017-09-11 14:25:00 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you have added maxheight tags without a specific value and used "(below_)default" instead?
22017-09-11 14:44:10 UTCgurglypipe See The absence of a maxheight tag means that the maximum height is unknown; the presence of maxheight=default means that the maximum height is not specified, but has been checked to be enough for all normal traffic (i.e. lorrie...
12017-09-06 21:33:15 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for the edit. Saw that you requested some feedback - the changes look good to me, although it perhaps some more info could be added.
For example, if the building is a GP/doctors surgery, the amenity=doctors tag could be added (or search in the editor's prese...
12017-09-06 20:03:34 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for the edit. I've changed the tags to railway=construction instead of rail as it is not completed yet, and so it doesn't render on the map.
12017-09-06 12:04:28 UTCGinaroZ You seen to have deleted part of the B935 by mistake
22017-09-06 12:04:36 UTCGinaroZ *seem
32017-09-06 12:30:32 UTCACM Arrgh. Sorry about that. I've just put it back.

Thanks for letting me know.
12017-08-31 15:13:58 UTCChris Fleming So we had left this as a Trunk Road rather than as a Motorway as it won't be running under motorway restrictions until October?
22017-08-31 21:19:45 UTCGinaroZ Agreed this should be changed back to trunk as I don't think it's officially a motorway on the ground, despite what the source website says?
32017-09-05 13:28:24 UTCChris Fleming I have set this back to Trunk.
12017-08-31 20:53:10 UTCGinaroZ Stray node: don't know if it's meant to be something?
22017-09-03 20:17:22 UTCtms13 Fixed - thanks for picking this up!
12017-08-31 13:40:38 UTCGinaroZ Did you delete the road continuing north by accident or has it really been removed?
12017-08-30 12:36:03 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I've changed the rest of the C21 to tertiary as you had left some of it as unclassified from here
12017-08-28 21:24:03 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. I've added the shop=jewelry tag so it appears on the map as a jewellers.
12017-08-26 18:43:34 UTCGinaroZ Why did you remove amenity=school from ?
12017-08-22 22:51:24 UTCGinaroZ Hi. Not sure why you added these contour lines, will you be removing them shortly?
22017-08-23 10:28:19 UTCPedroSR Yes I will remove them. I just use them for a piece of software I have that can read openstreet map, and I needed a rough terrain height contour levels.
12017-08-22 12:45:47 UTCGinaroZ Hi Gordon, you'll need to connect this path to both of the roads as just now it's an unconnected island :)
12017-08-21 23:24:04 UTCGinaroZ You've managed to delete a section of coastline east of Dundee. It'll need to be added back or this changeset will require reverting. Also, normally the MHWS is marked using the blue line in OS StreetView OpenData background layer.
22017-10-07 11:14:22 UTCChrissW-R1 This changeset removed all tags of the Great Britain island!
32017-10-07 22:34:05 UTCChrissW-R1 Partial reverted in
12017-08-21 14:36:06 UTCGinaroZ Isn't better tagged as shop=opticians?
22017-08-21 14:57:37 UTCSomeoneElse By a margin of 31k to 60, yes :)
12017-08-20 09:43:51 UTChycart This has not had the desired effect - apart from in JOSM. Will have to consider an alternative approach.
22017-08-20 22:38:30 UTCGinaroZ What effect were you looking to achieve?
32017-08-21 08:42:00 UTChycart I wand the name of the wooded areas to appear on the map (Lochend Woods), either in one or multiple places. This only happens with the Humanitarian variant of the map. What is shown in JOSM editing mode would also be fine. This must be a common situation, I can see names for landuse/forest being ...
42017-08-28 14:00:41 UTChycart I see the name has appeared now, perhaps you have to wait some time for the lower-resolution tiles that have these. I really wish there was VM setup to accept updates and perform localised tile rendering exactly as the OSM site does that people could use in order to check this sort of thing.
52017-08-29 08:29:40 UTCSomeoneElse If you're familiar with installing a VM yourself you could try .

To add "test stuff" to a local rendering you'd need to save a .osc and apply that as a "change".
12017-08-17 21:17:43 UTCGinaroZ Perhaps it should also be tagged as tourism=guest_house if it is indeed a guest house/b&b?
12017-08-16 16:52:14 UTCGinaroZ How does cross the railway line? Via a level crossing or a bridge/tunnel?
12017-08-16 15:34:47 UTCGinaroZ Did you not notice this area was marked as brownfield? The building no longer exists and new housing is being built in this area. I know it looks obvious from Bing imagery but please check the area to see why no buildings are mapped! :)
22017-08-16 23:10:10 UTCyurasi Oh I'm sorry. I didn't notice of construction land use. Thanks for let know me.
12017-08-14 00:01:00 UTCGinaroZ Hi, can I ask why you've removed the suburb node? And just wondering if you plan on removing the others from Edinburgh as well?
22017-08-14 12:38:41 UTCyurasi Hi GinaroZ
I only used "Replace geometry" plugin of JOSM . Where I selected the node with the place area and made click in this plugin, this way the tags into the node were added to place area. I made this because on the map was rendered two names, one of the node and other of the place a...
32017-08-15 13:03:22 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for the reply. The problem now is that the name is not rendered on the standard map! :)
All of the suburbs in Edinburgh are mapped with a node and area. I agree that a solution needs to be found with place areas and a label node.
I will revert this changeset to put the node back.
12017-08-11 14:33:12 UTCGinaroZ Looks like you've added a duplicate footway - I assume the cyclepath is shared use?
22017-08-11 17:36:59 UTCPawcio No, it is segrageted
32017-08-11 20:13:14 UTCGinaroZ Segregated with a white line down the middle (if so should be one path and segregated=yes) or actually two separate paths?
42017-08-12 10:33:09 UTCPawcio One side black the other red. I checked the Wiki and I've corrected it
12017-08-07 16:30:31 UTCGinaroZ Hi, not sure it's correct to tag the whole of the bay at Burntisland as a beach. I was planning on tagging it as a tidalflat/mud but hadn't got round to it. :)
22017-08-08 08:41:50 UTCjamesks Not clear to me - though if I go there to visit, i see a huge beach - great for kite flying etc. Beach is usually tagged down to the spring low water mark.
32017-08-08 08:42:06 UTCjamesks Not clear to me - though if I go there to visit, i see a huge beach - great for kite flying etc. Beach is usually tagged down to the spring low water mark.
42017-08-11 14:26:50 UTCGinaroZ Well that depends on the time of day you go there - it's only a full "beach" for at most half a day. :)

It's the bit down from the caravan park which is last to fill with water that the sand is dry, the rest of it wet and not what you'd call a beach - more like mud/tidalfat IMO.

The ...
12017-08-10 13:31:55 UTCGinaroZ Hi, shouldn't be secondary, as that's the main through road? See the wiki for more info
12017-08-08 23:25:30 UTCGinaroZ Is not better tagged as shop=e-cigarette?
22017-08-09 17:15:10 UTCsairfeet Good point. Just updated the name. Didn't check the other tags. Thanks.
32017-08-09 19:22:36 UTCGinaroZ Saw something that needed editing so just fixed it myself.
12017-08-09 16:47:30 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you changed this route to state=proposed?
22017-08-10 13:38:22 UTCPawcio Hi. Because it is not signed - it doesn't exist in the field.
32017-10-26 15:03:55 UTCRostranimin Just noticed this change (to proposed). Just to say that I approve. The fact that this has been mapped as a route has been bugging me for months. In the longer term I'm enthusiastic about us beginning to use some system for indicating what is and is not signed. I wrote some comments on the wiki here...
12017-08-08 17:54:39 UTCGinaroZ Hi just wondering what's the reasoning behind changing the unclassified road to a track?
22017-08-09 08:18:05 UTCMike Parfitt The section to the noth has extended areas of potholing where the tarmac surface has completely disintegrated. The southern section is grass and blocked by what looked like concrete obstructions, apart from the last 20 metres where it joins onto the road to the south of the railway line.
12017-08-04 16:50:24 UTCGinaroZ I think mot is correct, as it offers an MOT service?
22017-08-04 17:40:28 UTCmueschel Shouldn't it be amenity=vehicle_inspection or service:vehicle:inspection=yes then? The first is documented and used 800 times, the latter is used 30 times.
32017-08-05 13:14:28 UTCSomeoneElse Something involving MOT would make perfect sense to me - see and for where it's been used before. "inspection" is hardly used for MOTs; see
42017-08-05 13:49:16 UTCmueschel I'm not from the UK, so I didn't hear the term MOT before.
But as far as I see, these tags involving the term MOT are used maybe 50 times in the UK, while all the rest of Europe has the tag amenity=vehicle_inspection used 1300 times. This tag is supported in JOSM and shown e.g. in Osmand as well.
12017-07-29 21:33:53 UTCGinaroZ Hi Mark, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edits. To mark this medical centre as a doctors, type doctors into the editor's preset list or add the tag amenity=doctors. Cheers
12017-07-28 21:03:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering if you could explain why you've changed many hamlets to villages? For example I don't think place is a village according the OSM definition or normal usage.
12017-07-28 14:32:31 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edits.
Noticed you've added some footpaths, however some of these don't connect to other features. For example: - this needs to be connected to the road so that users can be routed to along the path.
Also, when ad...
12017-07-27 11:57:57 UTCGinaroZ Hi. You should probably add the important tags onto the hospital grounds. And then just leave building=hospital on this relation, so that there is not a duplicated hospital.
22017-07-27 12:23:42 UTCmsevilla00 Yes, you're right. I hesitated when did it. I'll solve it. Thanks
32017-07-27 15:05:24 UTCmsevilla00 I guess I did it correctly:
12017-07-26 10:12:33 UTCGinaroZ Hi, is that the route mention in this story?
22017-07-26 10:45:25 UTCcrdbushby Yes that is correct.
12017-07-23 23:22:48 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for your edits. Just to let you know that football pitches are tagged as leisure=pitch and sport=soccer. They also do not usually have a name.

You can also "square" the corners off an area you've drawn by pressing S in the editor.

Let me know if you need...
12017-07-21 15:46:22 UTCGinaroZ I assume you meant to change the pub to a convenience shop, so I've done that for you.
12017-06-21 15:28:16 UTCGinaroZ Is really a tunnel?
22017-06-21 15:48:46 UTContheotherhand Yes, it preserved the view from the big house, keeping the little people out of sight. Maintenance is an ongoing issue. Think there was (is?) a private path over the tunnel roof. Lots of detail to be added.
32017-06-21 16:32:18 UTCRichard Wow, that's wonderful. Love that sort of little detail.
42017-06-21 19:22:52 UTCGinaroZ Thanks, was just strange to see a tunnel here, especially with nothing on top of it. Seems like this is it:
52017-06-21 21:55:37 UTContheotherhand The whole thing is a bit odd but Whitinghame house was the home of odd people at the time, PM Arthur Balfour:
"Nothing matters very much and few things matter at all"
The roads around the village were moved away from the house as well.
I'll go back...
62017-06-21 22:42:45 UTCGinaroZ I've moved the "tunnel" and improved the road going by OS street view/old OS maps - don't think you'll have much joy with GPS there except in winter.
If there's still a path or road going across it might be better as a bridge.
72017-07-14 21:59:00 UTContheotherhand The move looks good, I've just visited and got GPS on top centre of tunnel where the tree cover is least: 55.95511, -2.62999
On top foliage is so dense you can cross tunnel without realising it, no obvious path remains on top. I followed the path down the NE hillside however where it is little chan...
82017-07-20 22:07:47 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for surveying. Can you actually continue walking on that path and go across the road? If so I'm thinking it's probably better as a bridge.
Need to add the maxheight as well.
12017-07-07 15:28:40 UTCGinaroZ I have removed this data
12017-07-07 12:36:58 UTCGinaroZ Shouldn't be a service road rather than a track (as it's not for agricultural use)?
22017-07-09 09:59:33 UTCdrnoble I suspect this was a very rough route, difficult to get a car down, which was why I mapped as a track. I don't think all tracks need be for agricultural use. But feel free to change if you have more recent information, it was 5 years ago I mapped this.
12017-07-06 13:44:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM. As far as I know we do not map contour lines - probably because it would be a very time consuming and not verifiable.
The ele= tag can be added to peaks or points where the elevation is known though.
12017-07-04 05:05:05 UTCsaikabhi Hi,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
In this changeset, you have changed the layout of the roads, deleted a service road and the layout does not seem to match satellite imagery. Any particular reason for doing that? Do you have local knowledge of this area?

22017-07-04 09:13:27 UTCPHOEBU5 Yes, I live in the neighbouring estate. There was previously a large factory on this site but a new housing estate has been in development there for the past couple of years. This is nearing completion with just the roads to be tarmacked. Google maps shows more recent imagery:
32017-07-05 15:21:16 UTCCebderby It's important to OSM for copyright reasons not to copy from Google maps. However the DigitalGlobe imagery is more recent than the Bing imagery at present in this area and shows some of the housing, and the OS Locator boxes can help with street names and alignments.
42017-07-06 11:09:07 UTCGinaroZ *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
12017-07-04 18:39:57 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for your edits.
For this road here: - looks like it would be a service road instead of pedestrian?
22017-07-07 16:42:38 UTCNeon111 Thanks for the help, I'll remember this for next time.
12017-07-04 12:34:32 UTCGinaroZ Did you notice the speed limits either side of Newton of Falkland?
22017-07-04 13:54:58 UTCRed Kobold Good point! This is a 20mph area now. I'll update OSM.
12017-07-03 18:29:33 UTCGinaroZ If there is an industrial estate here, might be better adding an area tagged as landuse=industrial instead.
22017-07-08 07:22:19 UTCshortcolin I noticed that some places give it as an address, so thought perhaps the road could be added. However I will survey later to find the exact area and will tag as suggested.
12017-07-02 12:43:52 UTCGinaroZ Where are the paths on either side to get to the bridge?
Wo sind die Wege auf beiden Seiten auf die Brücke zu kommen?
12017-06-30 23:52:12 UTCGinaroZ Why did you remove junction=roundabout from this roundabout?
12017-06-28 11:37:48 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you moved all of these POIs? Same with the other two edits you made to Edinburgh recently.
22017-06-28 11:41:29 UTCBramble Hi, to see some road names better. I hope it didn't cause a problem?
32017-06-28 13:34:05 UTCGinaroZ But you moved them towards the road, so how does help see the road names better? Unless you mean the footway - but these shops are below Victoria Terrace so were correctly placed.
42017-06-28 13:45:17 UTCBramble OK, I've moved them back..
52017-06-28 15:25:47 UTCChris Fleming Thanks, I'm guessing that you were trying to clear the view of Victoria Terrace which runs above these shops. FYI the normal convention we have in Edinburgh is for most POI's we put the POI nodes internal to the buildings with an address node inline with the building outline, and the actual entrace/...
12017-06-27 19:09:07 UTCGinaroZ Hi, please do not add features which are already mapped, thanks.
12017-06-24 19:32:19 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for improving the tagging, just a shame the names aren't rendered on the standard layer :(
22017-06-26 15:11:03 UTCSomeoneElse Other maps will still show them - .
12017-06-15 21:33:19 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I've removed this area. Please use the share option and include a marker if you wish to link to or share an area.
12017-06-01 14:50:54 UTCGinaroZ Why have you added this building?
22017-06-07 12:29:28 UTCyurasi Hi GinaroZ, this building was added after we received feedback from a map user of a missing building in Auchmuty High School. There was an untraced building visible in imagery and assumed it was the missing building. As you are a local mapper with many edits in the area, I should have opened a note...
32017-06-12 15:22:51 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for the reply. Just a bit strange as you added it on top of sport pitches :)
I've passed by on the main roads but due to the trees and hedges you can't see much except the main building. Could be a small building but without updated aerial imagery or a survey we'll never know.
12017-06-01 21:41:56 UTCmountainmonkey I don't think the Pentland Hills Regional Park is a leisure=nature_reserve, as it is not managed primarily for conservation. I think boundary=protected_area and protection_class=7 is enough.
22017-06-01 23:11:01 UTCGinaroZ It seems like all 3 of Scotland's regional parks have been tagged as nature reserves - perhaps as the boundary=protected_area tag on its own doesn't render on the standard layer?
Don't know if boundary=national_park would be appropriate or only for use on Cairngorms/Loch Lomond?
32017-06-06 10:28:24 UTCmountainmonkey Yes that probably is the reason it's been tagged as a nature reserve. So the follow on question is does the boundary of a Regional Park need to appear on a general purpose map? Other landscape designations e.g. national scenic areas, forest parks don't seem to appear (and/or have not been mapped).
42017-06-12 15:12:31 UTCGinaroZ I'd probably say yes - given they cover a decent area (108, 35 and 25 sq mi) and are fairly important as a step below national parks. Plus there's only 3 of them.

While we wait for regional_park to be rendered, the other option is to change them to national park instead of nature reserve, as they...
52017-06-17 15:42:03 UTCSK53 At least one NSA (Small Isles) has been mapped as a National Park (I did it & for a long time it featured on worstofosm): it was the only NSA where it was feasible to define the boundaries at the time. I think in general both NPs & AONBs get the national_park tag in E&W. I agree that it'...
12017-06-12 13:19:33 UTCGinaroZ wrong changeset comment - should be: "fix junctions"
12017-06-11 21:18:50 UTCChris Fleming Good to see you mapping David. Hopefuly sophie won't add this back in, but if so then it might be worth keeping the node, setting it as felled tree (or similar) and making a node that the tree is felled.

22017-06-11 21:22:44 UTCDavid Fiddes Thanks for the tip Chris. Bing is both a blessing and a curse!
32017-06-12 13:12:31 UTCGinaroZ Might be worth leaving a comment on the changeset or sending a message to let her know :)
12017-06-06 21:59:34 UTCGinaroZ Should really be primary_link? Can't remember seeing a _link used for an at-grade roundabout before
22017-06-06 22:25:15 UTCCebderby Yes - was thinking of high priority road terminating at lower, this is the other way around - will go with primary, thanks.
12017-06-05 23:10:21 UTCGinaroZ Hi, from what I can see the A77 has been highway=primary ever since it was added to the map. So I'm wondering what makes you think it should be a trunk road?
12017-06-05 14:36:50 UTCGinaroZ Did you meant to delete this path?
22017-06-05 19:46:10 UTCpafs Hi, it was a split rather than deletion. Now fixed so that the split segments have the correct relations with the hiking/cycling routes.
32017-06-05 20:06:03 UTCGinaroZ Oops, saw it deleted on but should've checked by editing the map :)
12017-06-03 22:01:46 UTCGinaroZ Hi, noticed you added a note saying this bus stop is present and has been verified: - if so you should probably remove the naptan:verified tag. Same goes for other stops.
22017-06-04 06:55:43 UTCsaintam1 Yeah, I've been wondering about that. I usually check the stop's name and location (and its existence), but I don't check any of the several other tags from the NaPTAN import. Does that still count as the stop being naptan:verified? I couldn't find a definition anywhere of what the criteria are for ...
32017-06-04 23:06:10 UTCGinaroZ Honestly I'm not too sure either - nothing much on any mailing lists, and the only real place it's mentioned in the wiki is

Looking at imported stops in Edinburgh without the verified tag, seems like they were re...
42017-06-09 20:31:22 UTCsaintam1 That makes sense. I think I'll start removing it from stops that I've surveyed. Thanks.
12017-06-04 20:03:39 UTCGinaroZ Hi,
Any particular reason why you deleted lit=no from a number of paths and roads?
22017-06-04 20:36:52 UTCmichael63 no idea how that happened accidentally, I just restored that tag (although I assume that lit=no is the default anyways)
12017-06-04 19:54:30 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edits. Just a few comments on your changes: - if this doesn't have A&E then it should be tagged with emergency=no
School buildings, when enclosed in school grounds shouldn't have a name: https://www.openstreetmap...
22017-06-07 17:50:52 UTCfoolinjection Hi, thanks for the heads up, will bear this in mind for future edits.
Have changed as per your advice.
12017-06-01 18:56:36 UTCGinaroZ Hi,
The Old Mill Inn could probably be combined with a relation so there's not a duplicate, and building tags added as well. Or draw a way around the grounds and tag it as a pub?
I assume this should be ref=B9077, and a bridge over the stream?
12017-05-31 21:24:31 UTCGinaroZ I assume is a duplicate of the health centre/doctors?
12017-05-31 12:08:34 UTCGinaroZ A hunting stand named "Simon" and parking named "house boot airb&b" - really?
12017-05-30 18:53:46 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM.
Just to make you aware you don't need to add the WHW name to each path as they are part of a larger WHW route relation.
Also you've changed some tracks to path - why is that? Are they definitely not big enough for farm vehicles?
22017-05-30 21:42:12 UTCCreakyOstrich Hey, Been a member since 2012 but haven't done much in a while. While it was fresh in my head i couldn't see WHW visible and assumed that was a preferred option, is that not the case? If memory serves me right the areas i edit to path were not accessible unless you were on foot or via motorbike / qu...
32017-05-30 22:23:52 UTCGinaroZ Nice to have you back :)
Walking/cycle routes are mapped using relations, here's the WHW Looking at other routes, the individual paths don't have the route name, just the relation.
Rule of thumb for path versus track seems to be if it's wide enough for a...
12017-05-30 19:19:15 UTCGinaroZ You might have made it neater but you've removed some of the information from the map by deleting the old road and not adding the info to the new road, see:
Also, why have you changed it to highway=secondary?
22017-05-30 19:25:28 UTCClarkstonCorrect Moor Road is a B-Road so Secondary Road is correct.
32017-05-30 19:41:28 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for the reply. If you look at the link and scroll down you'll see it was changed to tertiary (i.e. declassified) 3 years ago. This matches what OS shows and what's described in

So I'm just wondering what's changed since then or is th...
42017-05-30 19:45:48 UTCClarkstonCorrect I think it must have been wrong. This road is definitely a B-road so I think it should be secondary (but it admittedly looks like an unclassified road :P). I was over here not too long ago and all the signs say that the road is the B764.
12017-05-23 19:39:41 UTCGinaroZ You might want to remove these nodes: and maybe add the ref to your nodes?
Also, did you check the offset for the DG imagery? Might not matter too much for power towers but usually it's a bit off compared to Bing.
22017-05-24 06:47:17 UTCnimapper I have now removed some 132 kV lines that have definitely been demolished according to imagery (actually retagged them as historic:power=line). I don't have any numbers on the new towers thus I can't add refs. Maybe you know some numbers (a few will do and the rest by counting). Regarding offsets th...
32017-05-24 14:42:04 UTCGinaroZ Here's one marked under construction with a ref: - use the overpass-turbo link and click "run" to find more.
12017-05-08 22:23:40 UTCgurglypipe Shouldn’t the narrow roads be tagged with width=3m (or so) rather than lanes=1?
22017-05-15 12:57:13 UTCtms13 I didn't measure any of the roads, but a good number of them are less than the 2.75m you'd expect for a new-build. If you have the information, then feel free to add 'width' tags. Some of the roads tagged in this change are wider, like narrow two-way roads as mentioned in your link; they would als...
32017-05-24 14:30:34 UTCGinaroZ I'd seen lanes=1 used for narrow roads before, so it was a surprise when I read the wiki page saying the lanes tag was for marked lanes.

Unless you get your tape measure out and measure the width, lanes=1 or 1.5 judged by car widths are surely a better estimate?
42017-05-24 16:27:18 UTCgurglypipe Probably best to move discussion about the tagging scheme to the wiki. width can be used irrespective of vehicle type, whereas lanes=1 or lanes=1.5 is ambiguous wrt whether two trucks could pass, for example; or whether cars can pass by slowing down and pulling in to the side a little, or whether on...
12017-05-22 14:21:56 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for extending NCN 6. However you've created a new relation, so I've merged it with the existing NCN relation.
12017-05-18 18:38:22 UTCGinaroZ If these are actually disused (ie rails still in place) they should probably be tagged railway=disused instead:
12017-05-18 18:24:10 UTCGinaroZ The abandoned/disused=yes is a discouraged method of tagging old features - they will still be rendered as railway=rail.
Either needs to be railway=abandoned or use the lifecycle prefix, abandoned:railway=rail.
So I've retagged them all as railway=abandoned :)
12017-05-18 10:21:06 UTCGinaroZ You've added and tagged it as disused=yes, but if it's not active it shouldn't be tagged as railway=rail. Looking at bing it should really be railway=abandoned instead
22017-05-18 12:53:00 UTCGlucosamine Mea culpa - now made change. Normally do use abandoned - not sure where this came from. Thankyou.
12017-05-18 10:03:38 UTCGinaroZ Any reason why you removed highway=tertiary in this way?
22017-05-18 10:13:12 UTCNikola K Sorry, it must have been a mistake, I did not mean to delete it. Could you please revert the changes?
32017-05-18 11:01:41 UTCChris Fleming I've fixed up the road. I appreciate the idea of George IV Bridge as an attraction. I'm just not really sure it needs an attraction tag? Wondering what the logic of adding this is?

12017-05-17 16:10:43 UTCGinaroZ Is this section meant to be access=no?
22017-05-17 16:56:44 UTCSteve Bonner Yes It was closed for 4 months open now
32017-05-17 19:18:23 UTCGinaroZ Ok - if it's all open now you should remove the access=no from the entire road
12017-05-15 23:23:29 UTCGinaroZ Doesn't seem to be a pond or park visible on the aerial imagery, are you just adding fake data to the map?
12017-05-15 23:05:53 UTCGinaroZ Hi Susan, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. It looks like this is a holiday cottage, is that correct? If so it could probably be tagged as tourism=chalet? See
22017-05-17 20:36:30 UTCSusan McNaughton Definitely not a chalet! Stone built property dating back to the 1790's
32017-05-17 20:40:28 UTCSusan McNaughton In the UK, a chalet tends to be on a holiday park and is like a caravan, but made of wood. So I don't think that the definition is appropriate. It's not how the word is used in the UK.
42017-05-24 14:23:30 UTCSK53 Hi Susan, Unfortunately someone decided that tourism=chalet should mean holiday cottages too (probably by some daft extrapolation from the Swiss Alps, where chalets are often large buildings with several separate apartments). Often tags are invented by non-native English speakers or by people who do...
52017-05-24 15:10:37 UTCSusan McNaughton Ok, but I don't know how to add a tag?
62017-05-24 15:29:27 UTCSK53 In the ID editor you can either scroll down until you see a box labelled add field. This will autocomplete with widely used values (such as tourism) and then give you a pick list. For unusual values (e.g., chalet=holiday_cottage) you have to scroll even further down to an area labelled "All tag...
12017-05-15 21:18:31 UTCGinaroZ Hi Alex, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. Perhaps the lane is better tagged as highway=service instead, in-keeping with the other lanes nearby? Cheers
12017-05-14 21:04:53 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM. This looks like a private garden to me, not a park. Just wondering why you've changed it?
22017-05-20 07:01:47 UTCeric_ Hi. As mapsperhaps didn't answer, I'm going to modify these features using their original tag, i.e. garden. I'll do the same as well for the changeset 48683784 as it's exactly the same case. Thanks Ginaro.
12017-05-13 18:36:50 UTCGinaroZ Don't think East Fortune is used by the RAF anymore?
12017-05-12 21:47:03 UTCGinaroZ Hi, you've named tennis courts as Victoria Park - just wondering if that refers to the larger beside them?
22017-05-12 23:54:19 UTCAshenskyy That area was all named Victoria Park. Changed and correct now.
32017-05-13 15:23:42 UTCGinaroZ Thanks. I've also added the tennis courts as an area.
12017-05-12 21:49:31 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for your edit. These places were already on the map but I've added some more detail to them.
12017-05-11 21:18:37 UTCGinaroZ why have you added (residential only) to these areas?
22017-05-26 18:26:23 UTCClarkstonCorrect It was because not the whole area was covered by residential.
12017-05-10 17:25:53 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. I've made a few adjustments based on newer DigitalGlobe imagery and Mapillary. Have a look and see if it looks ok - feel free to fix any street names if you know them :)
12017-05-10 13:19:58 UTCchillly HI,
Tidy after an import? Where was this import discussed? Are you aware of the guidelines?
22017-05-10 16:28:04 UTCGinaroZ Looks like the school grounds are from OS OpenMap Local according to the source
32017-07-19 13:31:35 UTCSomeoneElse My personal experience of the various bits of OS OpenData (trees, water, buildings) is that "trees" were basically rubbish (there are probably some trees in the area, but you can get a much better idea of exactly where from Bing+survey), "water" was pretty good, if a few years ou...
12017-05-09 11:46:43 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for your edits. If you know the surface of these paths you could that as well :)
12017-05-09 11:22:19 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM. Thanks for the edit however you've only added a named node but without any tags. If there are two bus stops you should add two nodes tagged with highway=bus_stop on either side of the road.
12017-05-09 10:48:31 UTCGinaroZ This is clearly not a park, and therefore it has been removed. Please do not add features which are not present on the ground.
12017-05-08 11:04:41 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I assume you will connect these footpaths to the roads/other paths in the future? Because at the moment they are just an island
22017-05-08 11:22:18 UTCABZ_OSM Yes I will.
I am always wary about joining nodes of different type.
12017-05-05 16:54:53 UTCGinaroZ Just wondering if is actually a track? I was there a year ago and from memory it was a vehicle-free path.
22017-05-05 18:38:59 UTCRed Kobold Hi. There's a sign at the car park at the north end of this track which allows disabled drivers to drive on to it. They require a permit to do so.
32017-05-05 21:11:45 UTCGinaroZ Really should be a service road then, with surface tag if you know it (asphalt?), and any gates. Can cars drive all the way past the playground?
12017-05-03 17:53:11 UTCGinaroZ This is clearly not a meadow given there is a road through the middle, and houses are visible on newer Mapbox imagery.
22017-05-03 21:49:46 UTCNikos Andreas Gls pfff I am still struggling with these grass patches! Trying to find the correct name for them. I have been there and it seemed like a meadow. Ah well! I ll try putting grass! Myabe or residential garden.
12017-05-03 10:11:18 UTCGinaroZ whoops, thanks for fixing :)
12017-05-01 19:16:02 UTCGinaroZ Does this stream actually exist in real life or are you just adding pokemon go related spam?
12017-05-01 19:11:32 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering what your source is for this edit as I can't see any water on the aerial imagery or OS data?
12017-04-30 22:18:12 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for the edit - however I've removed the unnecessary "M8" name as it's already in the ref tag.
22017-04-30 23:10:53 UTClotrjw OK no worries
12017-04-29 22:50:23 UTCGinaroZ I doubt there's an alpine hut here, looks more like a layby...
12017-04-27 23:45:22 UTCGinaroZ Hi welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. Just wondering, what exactly is "St Gregory's"? Because it doesn't look like a park.
22017-05-01 20:46:50 UTCKori151 It is not a play park with swings & such but it is a natural green area with trees that children play on, people walk their dogs, bonfires are held here and dirt bikes are ridden. It is an area where Birds, foxes and endangered water voles call home.
12017-04-25 22:12:30 UTCGinaroZ I have changed to natural=wood as it clearly not a park
12017-04-25 22:06:41 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for your edits. Just wondering why you changed to highway=unclassified? I think you were correct the first time when you had it tagged as a driveway.
12017-04-24 19:01:17 UTCGinaroZ Hi welcome to OSM and thanks for you edit. Regarding these roads: and - these are more likely to be unclassified or probably service roads.
12017-04-24 11:30:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you've marked some of these roads as access=no?
12017-04-22 07:43:54 UTCChris Fleming Hi I just want to check what your sources for these changes are. There are lots of changes happening to the road over here and I *think* that the layout as mapped was correct?
22017-04-22 21:24:44 UTCChris Fleming Just to be clear - I believe that you have now routed the road over a bridge that was demolished ignoring the old bridge. I'm rolling this change back before I forget to do so. See
32017-04-23 15:37:51 UTCGinaroZ There's actually fairly recent Mapillary imagery so I've updated this section, including fixing the unconnected cycleways and adding a bridge
42017-04-24 13:10:09 UTCyurasi Hi Chris Fleming and GinaroZ,
I had made these changes according to the Bing imagery, but since Mapillary is more recent, thank you for updating the roads according to Mapillary. I will make sure to check all the sources to confirm before editing. Thanks again. :)
12017-04-23 10:43:23 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for the edit - I've added back the highway tag which you removed, and set it to =motorway
22017-04-23 10:52:30 UTCparahandy Apologies!
12017-04-17 16:41:15 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, I notice you have created a new relation for the Nene Way, however, there is an existing Nene Way relation at . Can you move the ways you have added to your relation to the existing one and delete the new relation?

22017-04-17 17:36:54 UTCnbcaldon That is my plan, but I cannot see a way to do it yet, which is why I added a note to the map asking for help. Once I complete a bit more of the route between the section I have done and the existing section, it will be reasonably easy to change the relations, but until then I am stuck. I am sure th...
32017-04-17 17:48:36 UTCMike Baggaley I have moved way for you. You should now be able to see the main relation in that area and be able to add it to the other ways.

42017-04-17 18:18:20 UTCnbcaldon I wish I knew how you had done that! It's a good job I made the new relation a 'Hiking Route' and not a 'Foot Route' or I wouldn't know which was which when selecting the relation in ID editor. Thanks, David
52017-04-17 19:13:04 UTCMike Baggaley I don't use ID - couldn't get on with some of its way of working, so have gone back to Potlatch 2. In that, you click the Load Relation button in the Select Relation window, then type the id number of the relation (you do have to know that, but you can find it from If you have...
62017-04-17 19:59:41 UTCnbcaldon That is so simple. I think it's impossible in ID, and JOSM is just too confusing that I don't know whether it's possible or not. All done now until our next walk. Thanks. David
72017-04-17 23:05:00 UTCGinaroZ In iD when editing a feature, if you expand "All relations" at the bottom you can click the big plus sign and then select a nearby relation.
82017-04-18 05:27:31 UTCnbcaldon That would have been OK, but this part of the route is too far from the next part. I don't think ID can handle this. Potlatch2, suggested by Mike Baggaley, is the answer as you can select any relation, not just nearby ones.
12017-04-16 12:13:26 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. Just wondering, is this medical centre actually a hospital or would it be better described as a doctor's surgery? If so it would probably be better tagged as amenity=doctors
12017-04-15 19:26:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, any chance you could try to limit your edits in each changeset to a smaller area? That way there isn't a large changeset covering most of the country when viewing the history for a particular area. Thanks!
12017-04-13 19:18:55 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the detail

Are there really two parks there, or is there just one?
22017-04-13 19:59:02 UTCSJH87 Just one! I'm getting used to using it lol
32017-04-13 21:34:20 UTCGinaroZ Clearly they're not parks, but gardens instead - so I've removed them.
12017-04-13 19:30:09 UTCGinaroZ Hi Andy welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. If this place has closed down the amenity=cafe tag needs to be removed as well, so probably best just to delete the node :)
12017-04-12 12:10:07 UTCGinaroZ I've split the road and added a pedestrian street in the middle
12017-04-11 19:52:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, not sure if you're aware but there are a number of notes in Glasgow city centre which could do with a survey, if you're able:
12017-04-11 16:57:07 UTCGinaroZ Any reason why you added a golf course in the middle of some buildings?
12017-04-07 11:42:21 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for adding these. If you manage to get a close look at the postboxes, maybe you could add their reference to the ref= tag as well?
22017-04-07 14:28:44 UTCTraddles Hi Ginaro. Will do. I'm quite new to this and was simply copying previously added local postboxes. Having looked at others in Glasgow and Edinburgh, I see, for example, ref G31 23 and ref G31 311. I get that the 'G31' is the first part of the post code, but do the '2' and '311' refer to unique refer...
32017-04-07 14:29:47 UTCTraddles Sorry, that should have read, "but do the '23' and '311' refer to unique reference numbers which I will find on the post boxes?"
42017-04-07 16:53:45 UTCGinaroZ No worries, your edits look good :)
There should be an FK7 xxx reference number at the bottom of the post boxes.
Here's an example of a fully tagged post box - click on the tags on the left to go the Wiki page for more info on them.
Also, this site ...
12017-04-05 15:35:46 UTCGinaroZ You've added an area but haven't tagged it with anything. From the bing imagery it looks like a caravan park or similar?
12017-04-04 21:09:45 UTCGinaroZ I've reverted this edit because the historical railway was wrongly replaced by highway=track. and Harefield Lane was wrongly tagged - changed it to a footpath instead.
12017-04-03 22:45:53 UTCGinaroZ Surely should be soccer?
22017-04-04 06:30:33 UTCFrenchyF Probably, yes. Thanks.
12017-04-03 09:48:51 UTCGinaroZ Can I suggest that you use the option in iD to turn off certain map features, so that you don't connect old railway lines to current landuse etc, thanks.
22017-04-03 10:25:35 UTCGlucosamine Appreciating that plotting old railways is not without controversy, I have tried (mostly) to gap them where there is current development, but avoiding connection does seem a good idea. But you'll need to tell me more - I'm not clear what you mean by 'option in iD'.
32017-04-03 10:49:56 UTCGinaroZ In the editor you are using (which is called iD) on the right hand side there is a "Map Data" option. In there is a dropdown for "Map Features" where you can deselect different types of features, allowing you to draw over them without connecting to anything else.
42017-04-03 19:23:26 UTCGlucosamine OK - thankyou - I can see how to turn off features. But I had thought you were suggesting a way to turn off the possibility of connection. Is this not possible? If I simply turn off the features, then it would seem more difficult to see where I should be plotting and where I should not be plotting t...
52017-04-03 21:18:26 UTCGinaroZ Not sure if the possibility of connections can be turned off, though you can use the shortcut W to enable the wireframe view and make the lines smaller.
Surely the route you are plotting depends on the background imagery - either Bing or an old OS map?
62017-04-04 06:21:27 UTCGlucosamine Yes, I use wireframe at times. Issue is that plotting route needs both the old OS map (to confirm that the wrong possible feature on the aerial / from survey visit is not being followed in complex areas) and an indication of where modern development has encroached and erased evidence of the route. I...
12017-04-03 21:17:07 UTCGinaroZ If this is an active hotel then you should add tourism=hotel to the building tag :)
12017-04-03 19:58:04 UTCGinaroZ Did you notice if this section was signed as NCN 1? Because apparently it's an "alternate" route according to the relation role.
12017-03-30 17:10:25 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit.
These parks are fairly small - maybe they would be better tagged as playgrounds?
Also, there's some roads marked on the map as being under construction - do you know if these are now complete?
12017-03-30 11:50:20 UTCGinaroZ Hi and welcome to OSM. If it's a shared use path then usually it is marked as highway=cycleway to show that cyclists can use it (foot usage is assumed).
22017-03-30 11:53:16 UTCblabla_blair Hi, thanks for the feedback! Good to know
12017-03-17 21:17:14 UTCGinaroZ The problem with deleting these suburb nodes is currently the standard layer doesn't render areas with locality=*
22017-03-19 10:23:33 UTCcrossmyloof yes, I've noticed that now. Is there a way to undelete?
32017-03-19 22:44:49 UTCGinaroZ If you use JOSM with the reverter plugin you can enter the changeset ID and it will revert the changes. Or list the changesets here and I'll do it for you.
42017-03-28 20:35:45 UTCGinaroZ I've added them back
12017-03-28 15:27:52 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM. Just wondering what exactly is "Bike Bothy"? Is it bike parking or something?
12017-03-20 23:45:03 UTCGinaroZ Did you remove the highway tag from by mistake?
22017-03-21 07:31:18 UTCtms13 Yes - good catch. Now fixed.
12017-03-20 13:08:30 UTCGinaroZ Warum hast du alle diese Gebäude dupliziert?
12017-03-19 22:48:00 UTCGinaroZ Shouldn't this road be highway=service instead? It seems to primarily serve houses
22017-03-22 10:21:04 UTCmountainmonkey Thanks for comment - I've checked and I think you're right. Have fixed this one and some others nearby.
12017-03-19 20:09:17 UTCGinaroZ thanks for resolving the notes :)
12017-03-19 19:00:22 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just to let you know that with roundabouts like, you need to add the junction=roundabout tag instead of oneway=yes
22017-03-19 19:11:42 UTCJamesKingdom Hi,
Thanks for this info, I have been doing all my roundabouts with one way tag.
I will do it this way from now on.
I have changed this roundabout to the correct format.
12017-03-17 21:02:35 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM.
You seem to have added a single node with only a name - which is a duplication of this building:
What were you intending to do?
12017-03-17 20:58:21 UTCGinaroZ How exactly do you tag an alien abduction site in OSM? :)
12017-03-16 15:27:10 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for the edit. Just a suggestion - when you're not editing in Peru, you should add a different changeset comment :)
12017-03-10 22:48:12 UTCGinaroZ Doubt it - tracks for agricultural use etc. so it's more likely an unpaved service road. Did you survey it?
22017-03-11 10:11:33 UTCNorthBeric Only on Streetview. It looks more like a footpath, but I changed it to a track as Google were able to drive down it, so perhaps it is a service road. Feel free to change it, this is an open system.
32017-03-13 15:26:13 UTCGinaroZ Problem is you shouldn't be using Street View as Google Maps is a copyrighted source...
12017-03-11 20:25:26 UTCGinaroZ That's a weird iD version and host...
22017-03-11 20:26:11 UTCJamesKingdom its a new test version
32017-03-11 23:42:55 UTCGinaroZ Oh ok, just seemed a bit unusual :)

But about the changes - just wondering why you made this road primary?
12017-03-09 17:08:02 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM. Just wondering why you have changed these from gardens to parks?
22017-03-09 17:41:21 UTCElfangorax These two locations -- particularly Gardner's Crescent -- could equally be considered gardens and parks. I changed them to parks because I believe Pokémon Go uses named parks to assign nests in the game. I'm not sure whether it's possible to classify them as both, but would be happy to do so ...
32017-03-09 23:02:22 UTCGinaroZ They can only be tagged as one or the other. Parks are usually larger, and "Exchange Park" was tagged as a private garden - so hardly a park!
Finally, you should not be changing OSM data just so it creates nests in Pokemon Go.
42017-03-10 11:54:44 UTCSomeoneElse I was there only the other week, and what is now called "Exchange Park" didn't look anything like a park to me :(
52017-03-10 22:57:34 UTCGinaroZ I've reverted these back to gardens
12017-03-06 12:09:48 UTCGinaroZ If it's primarily for access to the cottage then it should probably be a service road instead (maybe with service=driveway). Also the gate at should be moved onto the way and access info added.
12017-03-06 12:05:30 UTCGinaroZ Why are you changing all of these trees into landuse=forest?
מדוע אתה משנה את כל העצים האלה לתוך landuse = יער?
12017-03-02 12:48:41 UTCGinaroZ If you are changing the bit under the railway into a tunnel then you need to remove the bridge from the railway. You shouldn't have both bridge and tunnel crossing, it's either one or the other :)
22017-03-02 19:46:58 UTCStephan Matthiesen Thanks, good point. Are there any criteria what counts as tunnel and as bridge? It is about 2m wide but 8m long, so I'd call it tunnel or underpass rather than bridge.
12017-02-25 20:58:56 UTCGinaroZ Why have you marked this as a roundabout?
22017-02-25 21:12:20 UTClaw_skynet Because it looks like one. See sat images. If it isn't one feel free to remove the tag.
32017-02-25 21:25:31 UTCGinaroZ Just because it is a circular road doesn't mean it is a roundabout. This is called a turning loop - a roundabout needs another road connecting to it.
Only making you aware so you don't add unnecessary tags :)
42017-02-25 21:38:29 UTClaw_skynet I am aware of that... there is another path connected to the road. Just saying 😉
12017-02-24 16:09:08 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM.
Is there actually a separate street here, or did you mean to extend the one to the east?
It's just I can only see one street on the Mapillary image:
22017-02-24 17:41:27 UTCKrishna M Hi there,

Yes, Primrose View will be extended to East.

12017-02-24 11:59:01 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just to let you know that the cycleway=shared isn't required as highway=cycleway is assumed to be shared.
12017-02-21 11:57:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you have changes these indoor footpaths into pedestrian streets?
22017-02-21 12:43:01 UTCZugführer I believed pedestrian streets represented these shopping center streets better. Footpaths are typically smaller (that's why I changed the roof paths above St Nicholas Centre into footpaths instead of pedestrian streets). But feel free to change it back if you believe the old situation was better.
32017-02-24 11:07:03 UTCGinaroZ highway=pedestrian is normally for outdoor streets where vehicle use had been restricted
All of the shopping centres I've seen elsewhere in OSM are using paths, so I'll change these back.
P.S. there's quite a few OSM Notes in Aberdeen, so if you're able to survey and resolve any of them that'd be ...
42017-02-24 12:54:55 UTCZugführer That's fine! I've only been in Aberdeen for a few days, so I don't know if I can help a lot, but I might take a look soon.
12017-02-20 12:43:28 UTCGinaroZ Why have you added combined house numbers to the building when they are already on the outside of the building individually?
22017-02-21 02:58:53 UTCmustermannxx removed the numbers, recognised to late that the points do give the address
32017-02-27 19:52:17 UTCeric_ Thanks. I also removed the tags addr:city and addr:street for these buildings.
12017-02-15 23:29:30 UTCGinaroZ Looks good to me - thanks for the edit and welcome to OSM :)
12017-02-12 17:36:32 UTCGinaroZ Why did you turn this way in the middle of a river into a stream?
12017-02-08 23:57:32 UTCGinaroZ Do you have a source for this paths you added?
It looks suspiciously like you've just copied the Fife Council core paths map...
12017-02-07 20:02:08 UTCGinaroZ While it's good you've removed the unnecessary name from the school, would it not be better to improve the map by adding the actual name?
You could have a look at for the name
22017-02-07 20:29:06 UTCMike Baggaley HI, yes you are quite right. I had not seen the list you mention before.

However, I am going through a process of removing a few hundred of these throughout the UK (not just schools) and looking every one up would be too time consuming, as I don't necessarily know the postcode areas. Also, the w...
32017-02-08 17:40:04 UTCGinaroZ Well in this case I googled the village name + primary school and visited the website to confirm the name/location.
There's also the website (not working at the moment) which uses OS open data to add the polygon and name data.
Not sure I'd rely on people noticing there'...
42017-02-09 08:26:37 UTCMike Baggaley The error checking website flags schools with no name as errors, so they should get noticed. Thanks for the info on post offices.

12017-02-07 20:44:24 UTCGinaroZ Are you actually able to walk along this path? If so, what happens when you reach the A823 bridge?
22017-02-13 08:49:06 UTCBrianBru Its an only railway line now a footpath so you can walk under the bridge.
12017-02-06 21:12:13 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for editing the map.
Might be worth taking a look at: for suggested ways to tag the golf course features.
For example:
bunkers - golf=bunker and natural=sand
greens - landuse=grass, golf=green, name=
12017-02-06 14:59:31 UTCGinaroZ Hi, you should probably add the actual name of the bowling club instead of just the generic name.
And also add historic=memorial to the war memorial node
12017-02-06 14:26:59 UTCGinaroZ Hi, saw you added layer=-1 to the cycle path and railway below the A801. Just to let you know that only one of the layers should be a bridge or tunnel - not both.
I've removed the tunnel from the cycle path and railway.
12017-02-04 20:10:22 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering if you carried out a survey of this area?
22017-02-04 22:30:15 UTCYorvik Prestigitator Hi, just using sattelite imagery and some old photos of the area, do you know if there is still a post office in the village or has it now closed down?
32017-02-04 22:53:27 UTCGinaroZ No idea sorry. I'd also mapped here from bing recently so just thought you might be able to help with speed limits/details if you'd surveyed :)
12017-02-03 23:57:58 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit.
I have removed the residential area you created in Dundee as it is not correct.
If that area has concrete plans for houses then it should be landuse=brownfield.
Let me know if you need any help.
12017-02-03 21:29:12 UTCGinaroZ Hi, any idea what is supposed to be?
12017-02-03 20:27:30 UTCGinaroZ You have changed these woods to parks for no good reason - these will be reverted.
12017-02-03 10:13:03 UTCkreuzschnabel Thanks for mapping the footpath on Wild Boar Fell! I tried my best to continue it according to Bing, maybe you can have a look if I got it right? Have you been up there and taken a GPS track maybe?

22017-02-03 10:32:10 UTCJohn-O I'm aware it's good to try to join ways onto the rest of the map. I'd only added the bit I walked along when I was there recently. I'd say that the line of a path seen on the satelitte imagery is probably correct - and therefore what you have drawn is probably correct. Unfortunately I don't have a G...
32017-02-03 11:24:34 UTCkreuzschnabel I am planning to walk a bit around the western parts of the Dales on my summer holiday so I was hoping for a path on WBF and found you added one just a few days ago :-) May I ask which way you got up there, if the path you mapped is the only bit you’ve been walking along?
42017-02-03 13:59:32 UTCGinaroZ Not sure if you've seen it before, but Strava has heatmap data which might help you identify and draw paths:,,,
12017-02-02 23:33:56 UTCGinaroZ Hi welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. I've removed the unconnected footpaths that you added.
For sidewalks that are attached to the road, you are probably better tagging them as sidewalk=left/right/both on the roads.
Also, if you do add paths in the future, make sure they are connected at one...
12017-02-02 14:18:11 UTCGinaroZ Just wondering why you added the name "common" to these places you changed to parks? And also why you added amenity=public_building to a closed clinic?
12017-02-01 23:57:20 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for adding this. Don't know if it was you who opened it, but can we now close this note?
22017-02-18 09:00:17 UTCturner150990 The street is added ok. I think it was a neiughbour who added it. I've commented on that post about the parking facilities and houses and car parking spaces yet to be added to the map. I only mention it as the houses aren't on the side of the road that was added. There's 2 layers of spaces in betwee...
12017-01-31 22:45:20 UTCGinaroZ Sorry but why are you adding an "illegal dump" to the map as amenity=recycling?
12017-01-30 19:04:53 UTCGinaroZ Hi, please do not vandalise the map by changing a school into a park. This edit will be reverted.
12017-01-29 19:47:48 UTCGinaroZ No doubt this changeset will be reverted. Please read what was said in this changeset:
22017-02-02 07:56:27 UTCeric_ Thanks GinaroZ. It has been corrected by another contributor here:
Then I improved because Whitehouse Terrace is for North Side and Grange Loan is for both side, even if there is no number in the North part.
For info, matt76x, "name:South side&q...
12017-01-27 19:35:59 UTCGinaroZ Sorry, didn't notice you were an experienced mapper when I commented on the note :P
22017-01-28 11:03:49 UTCSuborbitalPigeon No worries, I actually forgot about the note, so thanks for reminding me!
32017-01-28 20:53:11 UTCGinaroZ There's also this nearby note - has this area been sorted since you created it?
42017-01-29 11:08:46 UTCSuborbitalPigeon It looks like it, the aerial imagery was too old, but it would appear someone updated the layout to the current one
12017-01-27 20:24:48 UTClostmike But why did you remove landuse = recreation_ground ?
22017-01-27 22:52:36 UTCGinaroZ Well if bicycles are allowed, that's why it was tagged as a cycleway. Therefore, I've reverted your edit.
12017-01-27 17:26:07 UTCGinaroZ If it's a playground it should be tagged as leisure=playground.
12017-01-27 15:36:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM.
Just wondering why you changed a hedge into a footpath, and adjusted the tags on the bridge at the jewel?
Also, you seem to have removed the steps from the bridge over the railway.
22017-01-27 15:36:47 UTCGinaroZ Sorry that should say *moved the steps
32017-01-28 08:48:43 UTCChris Fleming Hi - I was wondering the same thing!
12017-01-27 14:41:22 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM. I've made a couple of changes to tidy up your edits.
This path wasn't connected at either end, so I've fixed it:
There was a park named "woods", which I've changed to natural=wood.
If you need any help let me know :)
12017-01-27 13:33:44 UTCGinaroZ Please don't add features to OSM which are not there on the ground.
12017-01-27 13:22:25 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM.
Thanks for the edit, but unfortunately it looks like you adjusted the geometry of the hospital by accident, and also changed the tags.
I have therefore reverted your changes back to how it was before.
If you need any help with further changes let me know.
12017-01-27 13:18:01 UTCGinaroZ Is that area really a park? And is the fire station really named "Dundee Fire Station" given there was already a fire station there with the name "Blackness"?
12017-01-27 00:32:17 UTCGinaroZ Looks like a house to me?
22017-01-27 10:03:41 UTCblackadder I've reverted this and the earlier edit
12017-01-27 00:24:06 UTCGinaroZ Please don't add fake parks
12017-01-26 21:54:36 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM.
Can I ask why you have deleted wood area and added a park instead?
22017-01-26 21:58:49 UTCPokemonAyr Hi.
Due to the university, and its ever increasing expansion, I would now consider this a park. There's a small percentage of trees left in comparison to when I moved to the local area years ago. A shame really
32017-01-26 23:05:00 UTCGinaroZ That's quite a lot of trees that have disappeared.
Obviously I'm sceptical of the addition of two parks given the recent influx of Pokemon related edits - are there any recent photos of this area which shows the change?
42017-01-27 01:42:36 UTCPokemonAyr I could get some photos but if you visit the area you'll see this very clearly. Pokemon can be found in woodland areas anyway so that would be irrelevant would it not?
12017-01-26 20:44:29 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

The park you have drawn is a bit crude, it strays over the gardens of Kinnell Road.

Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.
22017-01-26 20:56:59 UTCDuroode There are no houses on that part of Kinneil Road, on the place i have Selected, is part of the park , with Pigeon huts.
32017-01-26 20:58:39 UTCchillly Ok, Thanks for confirming.

If you have questions about OSM, please feel free to ask.
42017-01-26 20:59:39 UTCDuroode Will do, Thanks for the Support.
52017-01-26 21:34:12 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I've fixed the paths that you added beside Lyon Court - I've connected them to the road so that routing software can direct users along them.
I also added a couple of bowling greens that I saw - perhaps you could add the pavilion building and club name if you know it?
12017-01-26 17:20:34 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for your edit. I've changed the garage to shop=car_repair since I think it is a more suitable tag.
12017-01-26 17:18:58 UTCGinaroZ Hi,
If is a private road then an access tag should be added instead of "restriction". Also, highway=road is for unknown roads, so this should be changed back to highway=service
12017-01-26 12:43:30 UTCGinaroZ Never heard of this being referred to as Bennochy Park (if it even is a park)?
12017-01-25 23:09:59 UTCGinaroZ Hi, why did you create a park on top of a house?
12017-01-25 22:59:19 UTCGinaroZ Hi,
Don't know if you've noticed but there are a few notes in this area - if you are local maybe you could survey those areas to resolve them?
12017-01-24 23:19:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi thanks for helping to improve the map. Just wondering, what do you mean "Tagging pokemon for review"?
22017-01-25 07:55:39 UTCcjljohnson People are searching pokemon as a keyword to make sure people aren't fucking up the map. I added that to the description so it shows up.
32017-01-25 16:57:44 UTCGinaroZ Yes I've seen a few people adding fake parks, but your edit looks good :)
Just a tip - if you do add another park try not to connect it to a road like you've done in this edit.
12017-01-24 23:39:14 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you've added duplicate train stations and buildings?
22017-01-25 00:18:56 UTCCharkyem I saved in the middle of editing, I planned to finish it later; I was replacing the mess of buildings, tags and labels with single, actual train stations which better represent the space they take up.
32017-01-25 00:37:16 UTCGinaroZ Ok, I appreciate what you're doing.
But the problem is you've now deleted some tags and information has been lost (network/operator etc).
And you've added "Metro Station" to each station name, which shouldn't be there.
There's also building=yes tags on each of the stations,
42017-01-25 01:15:27 UTCCharkyem I see, I think I've fixed that now.

I left the building=yes on the stations because they do all have a building of sorts to hold the ticket machines. I can't find any documentation on what counts for building=yes.
12017-01-24 23:11:19 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I've removed the two parks you added to the map, and I've added a building and bowling green instead.
If the building is a community centre then the appropriate name/tags can be re-added.
12017-01-24 20:47:38 UTCGinaroZ So it's not related to Pokemon Go?
22017-01-31 22:33:59 UTCIVIorgz Well I do play it but I have also grown an interest in OSM, keen to make edits and corrections where I felt necessary. In this instance I decided that parks were a better feature to use rather than recreation ground, largely because the latter has lately become an obsolete term. I would only use the...
12017-01-24 19:16:05 UTCGinaroZ Why have you added a bunch of parks?
Are you looking for some Pokemon?
12017-01-24 19:11:15 UTCGinaroZ Why would add a park in the Meadows when it's already a park?
12017-01-24 18:17:25 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for helping to improve the map.
I've fixed your edit by connecting the "footpath to ind est" to the path and road at either end, and also connected the path to Tarvit Green.
12016-12-23 22:39:00 UTCGinaroZ Hi,
Did you mean to move the post box to the east of the town?
22017-01-24 17:47:45 UTCnitrostealth yes
32017-01-24 18:00:28 UTCGinaroZ So there's an actual Royal Mail post box in someone's driveway?
12017-01-19 15:45:18 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for the edit.
Since you are a resident, perhaps you could help improve the map further in Kingsbarns?
For example, speed limits are missing - both in and out of the village. There's probably paths that could be added, as well as buildings. There is also what looks like a graveyard besid...
12017-01-15 23:37:13 UTCGinaroZ Does Sandy Road actually connect to the B9157? Don't remember seeing a proper entrance, but I haven't been past there in a while.
12017-01-14 22:07:06 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just made a small correction to your edits - there were a couple of shops with a space at the start of the shop=* tag which I've removed.
12017-01-13 14:51:58 UTCSomeoneElse Personally, I wouldn't add "place=isolated_dwelling" for things such as . If a house is visible on the Bing imagery I'd add that as a house, and if the name's visible on OS OpenData I might be tempted to add that as a house name, but house and ...
22017-01-13 21:36:50 UTCkreuzschnabel Why wouldn’t you, too close to Thirsk? While I use addr:housename for residential houses within larger dwellings (e.g. villages), my idea on remote places is that users should easily find them in the map, therefore I enter their names as a place on its own (provided it has a name, of course). ...
32017-01-13 22:42:01 UTCSomeoneElse There's a fair amount of overuse of "isolated_dwelling" in the UK (possibly because the standard style renders it, and used to render it more prominently than it did now). I've always thought of "isolated_dwelling" as being for places that really are places - not just houses on ...
42017-01-14 07:26:39 UTCkreuzschnabel Possibly because there are so many scattered dwellings in the British countryside :-) As I said, in my idea on OSM usability, someone may tell me, "I live in Melrose, near Thirsk", I’ll reply, after a quick search, "yep, got it in my map, dont need further description". If ...
52017-01-14 20:51:35 UTCSK53 Strongly agree with @SomeoneElse. The place=isolated_dwelling tag is almost always a mistake in Britain. For large distinctive isolated buildings (country houses for instance) adding name to the building is fine, for smaller residences this information belongs in addr:housename. Where an isolated dw...
62017-01-14 21:46:18 UTCGinaroZ place=locality is for an unpopulated place though
72017-01-14 22:20:35 UTCkreuzschnabel Right Ginaro – locality is for named hillsides, pastures etcetera. (Hillsides are often tagged natural=peak which is wrong unless there really is a visible peak.)
82017-01-15 14:17:01 UTCSK53 Don't be too wedded to wiki definitions. Often the locality name covers a broader area than just the buildings which have the same name. Sometimes the locality came first, sometimes the buildings. Unless one has detailed research/local knowledge it's not easy to decide & EPNS researchers spend y...
12017-01-13 23:27:51 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for adding these buildings. One thing I noticed was this track you added:
Tracks are for mostly agricultural use, so I've changed it to highway=service and service=driveway.
I've also connected it to the residential road. If it is unpaved th...
12017-01-13 21:55:21 UTCGinaroZ Looks like the path is sorted, but just to let you I've removed the access tags you added to Roseburn Maltings
22017-01-16 11:04:39 UTCChris Fleming Look great - I was going query the access tags.
32017-01-18 18:59:30 UTCmunkiepus cool thanks, sorry didnt realise i'd updated the maltings too
12017-01-12 19:26:16 UTCGinaroZ Is this path actually a cycle path, i.e. a designated shared use path or is it just a pavement?
22017-01-13 10:52:45 UTCmunkiepus it is designated shared use cycle path
32017-01-13 10:55:56 UTCmunkiepus annoyingly it doesn't extend all the way to the end of Russell road and abruptly stops where i have ended it, cyclists have to then use the road, It's a double width pavement with a median marker, it's designated mixed use. The council is currently discussign plans to exend it
42017-01-13 12:57:23 UTCGinaroZ Ok. What you will need to do though is connect it to the roads. At the north end, just extend the path at right angles. And where it crosses Roseburn Maltings, double click on the path so it creates a node, then move that node to join onto Roseburn Maltings.

With the tags, you need to remove acce...
52017-01-13 13:53:07 UTCmunkiepus cool i have updated as you suggested, i dont have the width measurement just now but can go out and get it soon
12017-01-12 22:15:51 UTCGinaroZ If it's not a pub then set it to disused:amenity=pub or remove it altogether ;)
12017-01-12 19:20:17 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just to let you know that gates need to actually be part of a road or path for them to work properly.
If you move the gate node slightly it should highlight a node on the road, allowing you to drop it onto that node.
22017-01-13 10:53:25 UTCmunkiepus cool thanks, i have move the gates onto the road properly, cheers
12017-01-11 12:09:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for helping to improve the map.
If this is an area of construction, then the landuse=meadow should be replaced by by landuse=construction :)
12017-01-10 14:25:18 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you removed the name from a section of the city bypass?
22017-01-10 19:22:45 UTCangus w Sorry, I'm new to using this and still getting to grips with it. I think that should be it back to normal now.
32017-01-10 19:23:48 UTCangus w Also i didn't know it affected other users since i was on my own account.
42017-01-10 20:45:09 UTCGinaroZ No problem, I've added the name back.

Just be aware if you save your changes to the map, they get published for everyone else to see and use.

Have a look at the help pages and you've any questions just ask :)
12017-01-05 13:19:32 UTCGinaroZ what exactly are these highway problems that you are fixing?
22017-01-15 09:51:37 UTCdmgroom_ct mainly highways which do not connect to other highways, for a number of reasons , including:
a) the 1st highway has been connected to a landarea which shares the same position as the 2nd highway.

b) the 1st highway has been connected to a landarea which is very close to the position of the 2nd ...
12017-01-03 17:49:22 UTCGinaroZ Hi,
Do you know if this path connects to the track you added?
12016-12-29 20:22:00 UTCGinaroZ Hi, never got round to adding the cliff so thanks for doing that.
In case you're unaware, it seems like the Bing imagery tile covering this area is out of alignment. The OS Streetview data however aligns with GPS traces.
So if you've moved the parking/water to match with Bing, it's probably not c...
22016-12-30 07:51:34 UTCFraserKp Hi there - thanks for the heads up. I did tweak the parking slightly based on bing but it looked pretty much aligned to the imagery already - but will check the OSSV data for sure to make sure. The main thing I didn't get resolved was the building geometry - Deep Sea World itself obviously mostly si...
12016-12-24 17:15:52 UTCGinaroZ Hi, couple of issues with the changes around St Bernard's Bridge.
- Since the road is already a bridge, the paths below don't need to be set as tunnels - it's either one or the other.
- The road is already tagged with cycleway=opposite_lane, so the extra cycleway isn't needed.
Keep up the good w...
22016-12-24 17:28:14 UTCFrenchyF Thanks! I didn't think to check for the opposite_lane tag, and got confused by the steps.
12016-12-21 23:07:04 UTCGinaroZ Hi, noticed you added a number of duplicate POIs in this changeset. I've removed some of them, please make sure you check buildings/nodes already present before adding duplicates next time :)
22016-12-22 00:26:11 UTCtrigpoint A miners welfare is normally tagged as amenity=social_club, it is unlikely to be a traditional pub.
12016-12-21 22:32:52 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you added "Gardynebourg" to the map in Carnoustie: - can't find it on any recent map?
12016-12-14 22:34:57 UTCGinaroZ Hi, if the pharmacy is closed you should remove the amenity=pharmacy tag as well as the name :)
22016-12-15 12:45:07 UTCmunkiepus cool, i've removed it now, cheers
12016-12-11 19:49:22 UTCGinaroZ from their website/social media it seems like the name should be lowercase?
22016-12-11 19:58:55 UTCtrigpoint Oh, sorry. Just saw it and had to correct it. users not bothering with case because they are using a phone has made me much more parricular about grammar in OSM names.
12016-12-11 15:48:14 UTCGinaroZ Just to let you know, you added a duplicate bar (the refinery) which I've removed
12016-12-11 15:48:09 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just to make you aware that the opening_hours field has a specific format. See

In this case it would be: Mo-Su 17:00-03:00, so I've fixed it for you :)
12016-12-07 22:52:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, don't know if you have seen it but there's a note here in case you managed to survey the health centre:
12016-12-07 00:42:26 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for editing the map. Noticed you added a line between the A71 and Harburn Lane - did you mean to tag this as a footpath?
12016-12-06 17:28:56 UTCGinaroZ Hi thanks for adding this path map.

I'm assuming there a bridge over Breich Water on the path?
12016-12-06 17:21:47 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for editing the map.

I notice you have drawn the outline of what looks like a farmyard, however you have not added any tags. Is this a farmyard, and does it have a name?
12016-11-30 22:17:51 UTCGinaroZ You should probably remove the construction and access tags from the bridge if it is open! What about the paths on the other side, are they open yet?
12016-11-30 00:22:05 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I noticed is tagged as shop=off_licence. If this is just a shop selling alcohol it should really be tagged with shop=alcohol instead :)
12016-11-24 19:44:44 UTCGinaroZ What do you mean "We changed it using google street view."?
12016-11-18 22:58:32 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I notice walls like this have a name and place tag on them - surely some mistake?
22016-11-25 12:05:52 UTCrob_michel Hi, thank you for spotting this and letting me know. I must have picked up the tagging info from one of the area polygons! Had a quick scout around to find any others and think I picked them all up. I have made the amendments with some improvements I am currently working on in the area.
All the bes...
12016-11-14 22:46:42 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM - thanks for your edit. Going by the aerial imagery, I've added the allotments as an area :)
12016-11-09 20:14:46 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering if you meant to adjust the geometry of Warriston Road?
12016-11-09 19:48:23 UTCGinaroZ Christian, this is the second time I've seen you add schools that are not present in the real world.

Please can you google the name before you add a missing school? If you did that you have found that the school has moved to a new campus nearby:

12016-10-26 11:29:15 UTCGinaroZ Shouldn't this address node be Abercorn Court?
22016-10-26 11:33:11 UTCsophiemccallum Good spot - will correct that just now!
12016-10-25 11:01:50 UTCGinaroZ Hi, what do you mean the path has gone blue, in what software?
12016-10-24 22:44:27 UTCGinaroZ Hi, the building at is marked shop=Oxo. Is that meant to be the name?
12016-10-21 22:52:11 UTCGinaroZ Hi, a note has been left near a hamlet you added:
12016-10-21 13:59:49 UTCGinaroZ The Bridgend node is marked as place=locality, but it has a population so it shouldn't be used. If Bridgend is in Ceres then the named residential area should be sufficient?
22016-10-23 08:19:35 UTCRed Kobold My bad. Had changed it from Hamlet but it should be Neighbourhood as the resi area is still Ceres. Prefer point markers for population centres instead of named residential areas.
12016-10-18 21:21:47 UTCGinaroZ It's more than 5 minutes so I've deleted it ;)
12016-10-18 00:14:18 UTCGinaroZ Are you sure that's the correct postcode, because according to Royal Mail it doesn't exist.
22016-10-18 08:29:10 UTCLegBritSlav Mount Melville is the name of the country house which is now incorporated into Duke's Golf Course. The postcode is for the golf course as a whole. The house itself was derelict for many years so was presumably removed as a postal address. It's now being renovated. It's worth adding as an item in its...
32016-10-18 21:20:16 UTCGinaroZ No problem adding the building, but the Duke's Golf Course postcode is KY16 8NX, according to their website and Royal Mail.

The reason I mentioned it is because the postcode came up on this page of errors, posted on the talk-gb mailing list:
42016-10-19 08:59:42 UTCLegBritSlav Thanks Ginaro, I've corrected the postcode.
12016-10-16 23:36:24 UTCGinaroZ thanks - has construction finished in this area?
22016-10-20 15:23:38 UTCHobgoblin No, there is still a lot of building still going on. Needs a revisit next year.
12016-10-16 18:45:58 UTCGinaroZ Perhaps it would be better to add a single node in the middle of this hotel with full info (address, website etc) instead of having three separate buildings tagged as the same hotel?
22016-10-16 19:23:40 UTCmathieuS Yes, it is definitely better. The best would be to create a relation over the three buildings, but I am not sure if it is something any usual for that type of information.
32016-10-16 19:24:32 UTCmathieuS See change set
12016-10-16 14:00:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi. Can I ask why you changed this to a one way street?
Guten Tag. Warum hast du das auf eine Einbahnstraße umgestellt?
12016-10-14 22:25:37 UTCGinaroZ Please can you be more specific in your changeset comment about what you've changed. Just a simple "surface=gound -> ground" would make it obvious what you've done. Thanks.
22016-10-14 23:01:54 UTCgeow @maggot27
Was this an automated/mechanical edit?Did you follow the guidelines in ?
12016-09-29 15:19:19 UTCNakaner Dear GinaroZ,

I hope you are aware that the Automated Edits Code of Conduct also applies to edits like this?

An edit is "automated" in the terms of this guideline even if it is done manually using JOSM or Level0. An ...
22016-10-10 23:21:03 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I was aware of it but didn't think I'd need to make a big deal of it on the mailing list as it was clearly detailed in the changeset comment what I had carried out.
Although it was technically automated I did check each one in the editor, and it was clear there was a mistake when each POI was ...
32016-10-10 23:33:56 UTCNakaner Hi GinaroZ,

an edit has to be discussed if you do not look at each object you edit. If you take the time to look at all of them, it's ok. The problem of such edits like this is that they are hiding the real problems (e.g. bad imports using strange tags). See
12016-10-10 15:50:19 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I notice this way has motor_vehicle=yes. Footways are for non-motorised traffic, so if cars are allowed then it should not be a footway.
22016-10-11 12:33:13 UTCDaniel-Jack Williamson Oops I'll get that changed - thanks!
12016-10-06 18:04:59 UTCGinaroZ I've removed this as it is no longer in use as a school. Buckhaven and Kirkland High Schools are now together as Levenmouth Academy.
22016-10-06 18:09:20 UTCChristian Ledermann Cool, thanks :-)
12016-10-05 15:47:32 UTCGinaroZ Is really named Strathairly? OS Street View says Keirs.
22016-10-05 17:42:18 UTCRed Kobold Well spotted. OS 6" had Strathairly - presumably it originally belonged to Strathairly House. But current OS and Royal Mail have Keirs although no sign is visible.
12016-09-29 21:38:15 UTCGinaroZ I agree that Dermal Clinic shouldn't be amenity=clinic (which in OSM is a medical centre between a doctors and hospital).
It's some sort of beauty/treatments place, right?
22016-09-30 10:02:47 UTCsaintam1 It is, though it's not just about make-up, some of the procedures are surgical. Website says "We are famous for our treatments of botox in Edinburgh".

I don't know what's best to be honest.
12016-09-29 11:25:33 UTCGinaroZ Hi, what exactly is "shop=For Fran & Edie"?
22016-09-29 11:29:40 UTCwill_p Hi, it's a mistake. I'll check my photos/notes this evening and correct it. Thanks for pointing it out.
12016-09-28 00:18:27 UTCGinaroZ Hi, is supposed to connect to GA 20 trunk road?
22016-09-28 02:20:05 UTCJack the Ripper Hi Ginaro, I was having a hard time determining for certain, since my eyes were bouncing around between the road, the other cars, OsmAnd on my phone, and the general scenery. When I was working on the edits, I didn't think that it connected, but now that I've had time to review my Mapillary sequenc...
32016-09-28 02:22:37 UTCJack the Ripper Actually, I should qualify that to say that I'm not sure if the road I see connecting is that one, or an undrawn service road into a business located there. Upon reflection, I'm going to hold off making a change until I get through the area again. (Just speaking from experience with rerouted roads...
42016-09-28 16:28:14 UTCGinaroZ Hi Jack, it was flagged up via - didn't want to make any changes as the aerial imagery is out of date, so thought I'd get in touch.
Since you're in the area I'll leave you to take care of it :)
12016-09-22 22:18:01 UTCGinaroZ Is the park and ride still connected to the roundabout? Saw on this video that it's not:
22016-09-23 14:14:57 UTCtms13 No, it's not - I disconnected that a while ago when I surveyed the new access from B981 under the railway viaduct.
32016-09-23 18:42:11 UTCGinaroZ Whoosp sorry, I didn't zoom in far enough to see the gap! #numpty
12016-09-22 13:27:56 UTCGinaroZ Hi, noticed you added as shop=bistro - should this not be amenity=restaurant instead?
22016-09-22 14:46:23 UTCEdLoach Quite possibly. One of my earlier attempts at editing using Vespucci and it looks like I amended from shop=alcohol to shop=bistro to worry about later (then forgot). I've changed it to a restaurant until I'm next out that way to check whether café might be more suitable.
12016-09-17 10:48:18 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you are using amenity=notice_board rather than the already established board_type=notice, information=board and tourism=information?
22016-09-19 11:59:35 UTCwill_p The board_type key is quite confusing. It is used both to describe types of information board (history, wildlife, geology etc.) and notice boards (local notices, times of church services or parish meetings, etc.). These seem two separate things and I don't understand why they are in the same key. Th...
32016-09-21 20:45:39 UTCGinaroZ Sorry, I don't see how it is confusing - notice boards are a type of information board, therefore board_type=notice is perfectly usable.
How does creating a new tag make things less confusing? Especially as it doesn't provide any new information about the type of board or indicate it is a church n...
12016-09-21 18:55:24 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just to let you know I've corrected the tagging of "vape" shops you added, to shop=e-cigarette.
12016-09-18 18:10:19 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for adding these roads - seems like I can close this note?
22016-09-19 07:09:47 UTCNorthBeric Hi, yes I think so, thanks.
12016-09-15 13:14:33 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for adding to the map. I have corrected the tagging for The Mossy Well, so that it uses amenity=pub.
12016-09-14 21:26:23 UTCGinaroZ Surely this should be the name of the airfield (Strathallan Airfield) instead?
12016-09-13 14:11:59 UTCGinaroZ Hi, according to OS Locator this street should be "Mackintosh Road" - - which is correct?
12016-09-07 20:59:41 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for adding these - is this complete or should I leave the note open?
22016-09-09 07:48:08 UTCHobgoblin I have added the streets that I could drive along, but there is still a lot of construction along Ninian Road and North-West of Serf Avenue. Also, it might need a check to make sure I got the change right between Serf Avenue and Ninian Road. The signs weren't too clear in that area.
12016-09-03 13:35:43 UTCGinaroZ Hi, can I ask why you've created some nodes with just a name and no actual tags?
12016-08-31 22:22:34 UTCGinaroZ Hi, noticed you removed the ref=A199 from the roundabout - what's the reason for doing that? And are you planning on doing it for all the other roundabouts as well?
22016-08-31 23:20:11 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, the main change was to separate roads so that each road joins at a separate node, which I am aiming to do on a lot of roundabouts. Roundabouts are junctions between different roads and are not strictly part of any of the adjoining roads, and hence shouldn't have the ref of an adjoining road (the...
12016-08-26 22:31:31 UTCGinaroZ Hi, if you click on the node in the editor you should get a context menu popup - there is a delete (waste basket) icon on there:
12016-08-26 14:16:00 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I noticed you added a duplicate of Latchmere Road, which wasn't connected to anything in a few places. Do you remember why that was?
22016-08-30 20:53:24 UTCLeighG Hi there. That may have been an error on my part. I've just started using OSM. It looked like routes weren't joined up out of Ham Gate to Latchmere Lane.
12016-08-23 11:41:34 UTCGinaroZ Hi, there is already a pub at this location named "The Crossed Peels", not sure why you added another. I've removed it.
22016-08-23 14:50:58 UTCNeudrino Why shouldn't there be a pub in the other street as well. I have not seen "Crossed Peels" but I have certainly been eating in some pub with label "Whetherspoon" a week ago!
So please leave it in, if you haven't been there personally.
32016-08-23 15:33:24 UTCGinaroZ I went past there last month, and originally added the pub :) There is an entrance on both sides, but there is only one pub. I placed it in the middle of the building according to the Bing imagery.

The operator "Whetherspoon" is a chain of pubs - each one has its own name. You can see t...
42016-08-24 06:13:49 UTCNeudrino Ok than. Didn't notice the other entrance on spittal street, but missed the pub in king street. Only remebered the name witherspoon, probably on the menu or so. Maybe you could place the POI in the middle and add two entrances?
12016-08-18 17:27:06 UTCGinaroZ There's also amenity=animal_shelter if you want to add it to the dog & cat home
22016-08-18 17:28:08 UTCGinaroZ Oh bugger, I didn't see you had added another way for the whole area, ignore me! :X
12016-08-11 12:23:32 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for the edit!

Just to let you know, I've made a couple of changes to tidy up your edit. With (cycle)paths you need to make sure these are connected to something at both ends, so software can provide routing directions. You can see what I've changed here:
12016-08-08 11:53:14 UTCGinaroZ Hi Steve, just wondering why you removed the landuse=meadow tag and also changed the fish farm to landuse=agriculture?
22016-08-08 12:10:04 UTCSteve Mclean Hi, sorry meant to change it to AQUAculture. Which meadow tag did I remove?
32016-08-08 13:08:00 UTCGinaroZ This one:
42016-08-08 13:23:24 UTCSteve Mclean Sorted it .. still learning
12016-08-04 21:40:42 UTCGinaroZ Hi, noticed "Scott's in the Park" is tagged as shop=cafe: - this was changed from amenity=cafe a few years ago. Since shop=cafe is very rare and you were the last to edit it, which is correct?
12016-08-03 12:22:28 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for your edits and helping to improve OSM. :)

Just wondering, is the amenity=telephone you added a public telephone? If not, it shouldn't be added. If it is a telephone exchange, it's probably better added as a building.
12016-08-02 19:09:21 UTCGinaroZ Hi. Since it seems like you're local, just wondering if know whether the railway line branching off the Fife Circle to the power station is disused?
12016-07-10 22:45:22 UTCGinaroZ Did you mean to remove the shop tag from this node?
22016-07-10 23:35:41 UTCsairfeet No I didn't ! Will double check my other recent updates and will fix any other bugs at the same time. Thanks for spotting this.
12016-07-07 21:07:43 UTCGinaroZ Hi, there's a fixme on this way - I assume this has been sorted?
22016-07-08 08:13:48 UTCRed Kobold Hi, The fixme is unclear about what needs fixed so I left it. I only changed the speed limit.
32016-07-08 14:55:28 UTCGinaroZ It was added in this changeset, seems to have been a conversion from a node to a way
42016-07-08 17:51:07 UTCRed Kobold If he means that the existence of the street needs to be confirmed, then yes it exists. It is also in the right place with the correct tags and node links.
52016-07-11 18:03:43 UTCRed Kobold Confirmed by survey today!
12016-07-07 22:35:33 UTCGinaroZ Are you sure that's the correct location? There's already another museum of childrood nearby...
22016-07-08 08:23:36 UTCtrigpoint The museum of childhhood is where previously mapped at #42. I visited it last year.
This edit is a duplicate, in the wrong place and should be removed.
12016-07-02 17:50:46 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for contributing to the map but there is no need add to markers which simply give directions.
12016-06-30 15:19:20 UTCGinaroZ There's no name for this restaurant?
22016-06-30 15:40:29 UTCE-F-S Yes. Blame it on a novice user and poor cell service.
12016-06-28 22:17:44 UTCGinaroZ wrong changeset comment - should be "add car_repair" tag
12016-06-26 23:07:38 UTCGinaroZ Why have you changed these roads from service to unclassified?
22016-06-27 08:17:04 UTCNorthBeric Because they look like industrial distributer roads, and to match OS Open Street View...
12016-06-22 18:20:53 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Could you explain what "MINOR: FIX SOURCES" means? This is a changeset with a large area, and it'd be nice to know what had changed without having to refer to third-party tools.
Best Regards,
22016-06-23 00:10:19 UTCGinaroZ Had a look at the history of some nodes/ways and it seems like this changeset has removed "source=nearmap" from them
32016-06-24 01:41:40 UTCTheSwavu Yeap this is one of many bulk edits this user has done where they have deleted source=nearmap for no apparent reason.
42016-06-25 03:25:01 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274965 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-17 18:30:47 UTCGinaroZ According to the wiki, amenity=shop is deprecated
22016-06-23 20:23:06 UTCeric_ Agree with GinaroZ so I removed amenity=shop.
The tagging shop=recycling doesn't exist but makes sense here.
32016-06-28 23:01:36 UTCChris Fleming Thanks!
12016-06-08 12:23:48 UTCGinaroZ wrong changeset comment - should be "add road from ITO Analysis"
12016-06-08 11:03:06 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for adding to the map. Just to let you know that amenity=shop is deprecated - shop=* should be used instead. Probably shop=clothes for a kilt shop
12016-06-07 12:31:26 UTCGinaroZ Hi, what is JMCD?
12016-06-04 23:59:20 UTCGinaroZ If the name of this place is Bound*ary then it should really be reflected in OSM
22016-06-05 18:04:52 UTCfiske_d

12016-06-02 14:20:47 UTCGinaroZ barrier=annoying a-frame here should be replaced by a better barrier tag - e.g. barrier=motorcycle_barrier
12016-05-29 22:09:05 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I'd edited this before to add the name and noticed there was a fixme on Sunnyside Plantation - if you have surveyed it could you remove the fixme? Thanks
12016-05-27 23:59:55 UTCGinaroZ I doubt this garden is actually named "Accommodations edinburgh" in Polish...
12016-05-26 22:19:36 UTCGinaroZ Hi, why have you added this node?

12016-05-24 13:06:12 UTCGinaroZ Hi, osmose flagged up a couple of things. I think Cheque Centre should be shop=money_lender (missing underscore) and Cash Brokers (spelled incorrectly) might be a pawnbrokers instead?
22016-06-01 16:52:46 UTCeric_ Hi, thanks to let us know about it. These POIs have just been updated.
12016-05-22 11:13:09 UTCGinaroZ Hi Paul, curious as to what your changeset comment means? What problem were you trying to solve?
12016-05-20 13:34:13 UTCGinaroZ Not sure if you are aware, but the maxheight tag uses the format x'y" for feet/inches
22016-08-26 10:25:18 UTCtms13 Thanks for the update; I've changed my tag templates over to the new format.
12016-05-19 11:26:13 UTCGinaroZ Hi, isn't there a bridge over Drummond Burn as part of the cylcepath?
22016-05-19 11:38:18 UTCGwmngilfen That's true, I forgot to add it. I'll see if can sort it tonight.
12016-05-10 21:38:07 UTCGinaroZ Hi, why did you change some of these roads from primary to secondary and vice-versa?
22016-05-10 21:40:18 UTCedspeth I corrected incorrect classifications.

The visual effect of incorrect classifications made a mess of the roads in Hexham.
32016-05-12 23:01:12 UTCGinaroZ Which roads had incorrect classifications? A roads should be primary (or trunk) and B roads should be secondary.
You shouldn't change roads just so they look better on the map - that is "tagging for the renderer":
12016-05-11 18:30:36 UTCGinaroZ Curious why you deleted the footpath in Buchanan Galleries?
22016-05-11 19:26:37 UTCcrossmyloof lokking at the definition of footpath in the wiki the description of a footpath is something that is external to a building. There seems to have been some discussion on defining a corridor but it doesn't seem to have progressed to being an option under highways yet. Also, a footpath suggests some so...
32016-05-11 21:33:15 UTCGinaroZ Can't see where it says highway=footway must be external in the wiki.

A footpath without any access tag suggest public access, but in this case the way had access=permissive. If you're worried about opening times then might be an idea to add them to the Buchanan Galleries building?

Plenty of o...
12016-05-10 20:05:22 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for adding the maxheight - though it should be in the form of 10'9" rather than ft and in - I've sorted it :)
12016-05-10 16:23:49 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for adding the car dealer to the map - however I don't think you need the shop=car on the buildings as it's already on the surrounding area :)
22016-05-10 20:19:09 UTCmarkbegbie Fixed. Thanks for the pointer.
12016-05-10 10:29:18 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for the edit. Just to let you know I've changed the access road at Redwell Primary School to be highway=service rather than residential :)
12016-05-09 21:38:14 UTCGinaroZ Hi, is there really a break in the B9080 at this location ?
22016-05-10 14:29:30 UTCtms13 No, there's not supposed to be a gap - looks like the section under the bridge (with reduced lane count and possibly height limit) got deleted. I'll fix it as soon as I get back to my editing workstation (tonight, I hope).
12016-05-03 19:36:33 UTCGinaroZ Has the name of this pub really changed to northface?
22016-05-04 13:15:36 UTCeric_ No (I just asked them directly). So I changed the name as it was previously
12016-04-24 21:07:16 UTCGinaroZ "WH" isn't a good changeset comment - what exactly did you change?
12016-04-22 11:54:00 UTCGinaroZ Hi, notice you've made some changes to opening hours. Can I suggest you take a look at the wiki to understand how to correctly format the opening_hours tag? hours#Examples
22016-04-22 12:29:08 UTCpavo_ Thanks for the link. To be honest the current state of the opening hours tag is just a total pain to me. Half the time I'm tempted not to bother as it's the most time consuming aspect of fixing/adding a pin. We really need to copy the Google Map Maker system for the hours tag!
32016-04-22 13:21:37 UTCSomeoneElse For info, the relevant iD enhancement request is . It appears that the reason why it wasn't supported almost from day 1 was that the schema is too complicated :)
(FWIW I'm also guilty of typing the opening hours in in English and letting someone who c...
12016-04-20 12:06:11 UTCGinaroZ Hi, what is #arupnewcastle?
12016-04-18 14:38:45 UTCSomeoneElse Just checking - is (a) still there and (b) in the right place? Looking at it now I suspect that Brighthouse extends a bit further to the west.
22016-04-18 15:36:38 UTCGinaroZ This changeset is simply to correct the shop= tag - the nodes have not been surveyed.
32016-04-18 16:03:36 UTCSomeoneElse Ah, OK - I'll have to check myself. By the way, it can be problematical "correcting" tags - when betting vs bookmaking was discussed on the talk-gb list at least one person sought to make a distinction between a bookmaker who sets his own odds and "runs his own book" and a shop ...
12016-04-14 17:44:02 UTCtrigpoint Hi, thank you for your edit however are you sure they are all bookmakers? Did you visit them to check?
Ladbrookes operate casinos as well as bookmakers, therefore edits such as this require an on the ground survey.
Cheers Phil
22016-04-14 21:47:50 UTCGinaroZ Nope, haven't visited them, however Coral and Betfred are tag fixes (bookmakers).
12016-04-11 07:41:15 UTCpoornibadrinath @meadowgreen
You should not be using Google/yahoo as a source of information for addition of any data on OSM. Look in here for more information -
Also there is some excellent documentation about ...
22016-04-14 13:21:56 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just fyi Coral should be shop=bookmaker :)
12016-04-07 22:01:34 UTCGinaroZ what?
22016-04-08 07:39:17 UTCSomeoneElse @Ginaroz the comment before yours looks like spam - I'll hide it.
12016-03-23 11:32:20 UTCGinaroZ Why did you change this from a path to a footway?
22016-03-23 11:39:09 UTCMike Baggaley because it has footway=sidewalk. The help on Tag:footway=sidewalk says, "Use footway=sidewalk along with highway=footway to tag sidewalks". Is there some reason you think it should not be a footpath?
12016-03-17 12:46:07 UTCSomeoneElse Would it be possible to explain what the change here actually was? "Solve coastline error lines" doesn't really describe it. the last two changesets affecting are "Fixing boundary..." and "Solve coastline...", so I su...
22016-03-17 12:54:17 UTCSK53 Yes more detailed comments would be appreciated. We only realised 2 days ago that the Western Isles are a complete mess: there are likely to be coastline & boundary problems as we work to get islands to actually fit in the boundary. For reference when I started working on this again this morning...
32016-03-17 12:58:09 UTCGinaroZ Doesn't help the confusion when the changeset has coastline changes in the Western Isles and also Italy!
42016-03-17 18:11:28 UTCjptolosa87 In this changeset I put source "OSM Inspector". Then you can know that I solve errors in coastline lines (like intersections with itself):,coastline_error_li...
12016-02-29 15:40:51 UTCGinaroZ Hi John, noticed you had tried to change the name of this road. Problem is instead of changing the name, you added duplicate roads - next time just change the name and don't add another road!

You can also split roads so that different sections have different names.

I've fixed the problem here ...
22016-02-29 15:43:32 UTCJohn Findlay Thanks. I've since learnt how to split roads without duplicating them.
12016-02-14 00:12:32 UTCGinaroZ thanks for adding Mitchelston Ind Est and the Dunfermline suburbs, beat me to it :)
12016-02-12 14:26:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi Dave, just to let you know you added a few duplicate towns/villages/hamlets near Rothesay in this changeset. I've deleted them :)
22016-02-13 09:23:11 UTCmidlandsdave Thanks, & thanks for letting me know. Can't workout where I screwed up. Did I duplicate existing nodes, or add additional labels to existing features?
32016-02-13 23:45:34 UTCGinaroZ I noticed three places that were duplicated - Port Bannatyne, Ardbeg and Rothesay - it was a big changeset so didn't check further.
12016-02-04 12:37:29 UTCGinaroZ Hi, noticed you added these zebra crossings. Having travelled along this road I can tell you they should be pelican crossings, so I have changed them :)
12016-02-02 20:20:28 UTCSomeoneElse Er - do you really think that there is still an active "phones4u" shop in the Strand? It seems unlikely - see .

Although as the above article points out a fair few of them were on l...
22016-02-02 20:39:41 UTCGinaroZ These edits were to bring all of the mobile phone shops into line using shop=mobile_phone. In this case phones4u was using cell_phone, many other were using phone(s), electronics, telecomms, etc.

As you say without a survey is required (although street view shows it's now an EE shop). But at leas...
32016-02-02 20:53:41 UTCSomeoneElse Well we can't use Google Streetview; obviously :)

The danger with updating data without checking it for validity is that it'll look more recently updated than it actually is. I would be very surprised if anyone would object to a mechanical edit of cell_phone to mobile_phone, but it's just common...
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