Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12017-04-25 22:12:30 UTCGinaroZ I have changed to natural=wood as it clearly not a park
12017-04-25 22:06:41 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for your edits. Just wondering why you changed to highway=unclassified? I think you were correct the first time when you had it tagged as a driveway.
12017-04-24 19:01:17 UTCGinaroZ Hi welcome to OSM and thanks for you edit. Regarding these roads: and - these are more likely to be unclassified or probably service roads.
12017-04-24 11:30:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you've marked some of these roads as access=no?
12017-04-22 07:43:54 UTCChris Fleming Hi I just want to check what your sources for these changes are. There are lots of changes happening to the road over here and I *think* that the layout as mapped was correct?
22017-04-22 21:24:44 UTCChris Fleming Just to be clear - I believe that you have now routed the road over a bridge that was demolished ignoring the old bridge. I'm rolling this change back before I forget to do so. See
32017-04-23 15:37:51 UTCGinaroZ There's actually fairly recent Mapillary imagery so I've updated this section, including fixing the unconnected cycleways and adding a bridge
42017-04-24 13:10:09 UTCyurasi Hi Chris Fleming and GinaroZ,
I had made these changes according to the Bing imagery, but since Mapillary is more recent, thank you for updating the roads according to Mapillary. I will make sure to check all the sources to confirm before editing. Thanks again. :)
12017-04-23 10:43:23 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for the edit - I've added back the highway tag which you removed, and set it to =motorway
22017-04-23 10:52:30 UTCparahandy Apologies!
12017-04-17 16:41:15 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, I notice you have created a new relation for the Nene Way, however, there is an existing Nene Way relation at . Can you move the ways you have added to your relation to the existing one and delete the new relation?

22017-04-17 17:36:54 UTCnbcaldon That is my plan, but I cannot see a way to do it yet, which is why I added a note to the map asking for help. Once I complete a bit more of the route between the section I have done and the existing section, it will be reasonably easy to change the relations, but until then I am stuck. I am sure th...
32017-04-17 17:48:36 UTCMike Baggaley I have moved way for you. You should now be able to see the main relation in that area and be able to add it to the other ways.

42017-04-17 18:18:20 UTCnbcaldon I wish I knew how you had done that! It's a good job I made the new relation a 'Hiking Route' and not a 'Foot Route' or I wouldn't know which was which when selecting the relation in ID editor. Thanks, David
52017-04-17 19:13:04 UTCMike Baggaley I don't use ID - couldn't get on with some of its way of working, so have gone back to Potlatch 2. In that, you click the Load Relation button in the Select Relation window, then type the id number of the relation (you do have to know that, but you can find it from If you have...
62017-04-17 19:59:41 UTCnbcaldon That is so simple. I think it's impossible in ID, and JOSM is just too confusing that I don't know whether it's possible or not. All done now until our next walk. Thanks. David
72017-04-17 23:05:00 UTCGinaroZ In iD when editing a feature, if you expand "All relations" at the bottom you can click the big plus sign and then select a nearby relation.
82017-04-18 05:27:31 UTCnbcaldon That would have been OK, but this part of the route is too far from the next part. I don't think ID can handle this. Potlatch2, suggested by Mike Baggaley, is the answer as you can select any relation, not just nearby ones.
12017-04-16 12:13:26 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. Just wondering, is this medical centre actually a hospital or would it be better described as a doctor's surgery? If so it would probably be better tagged as amenity=doctors
12017-04-15 19:26:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, any chance you could try to limit your edits in each changeset to a smaller area? That way there isn't a large changeset covering most of the country when viewing the history for a particular area. Thanks!
12017-04-13 19:18:55 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the detail

Are there really two parks there, or is there just one?
22017-04-13 19:59:02 UTCSJH87 Just one! I'm getting used to using it lol
32017-04-13 21:34:20 UTCGinaroZ Clearly they're not parks, but gardens instead - so I've removed them.
12017-04-13 19:30:09 UTCGinaroZ Hi Andy welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. If this place has closed down the amenity=cafe tag needs to be removed as well, so probably best just to delete the node :)
12017-04-12 12:10:07 UTCGinaroZ I've split the road and added a pedestrian street in the middle
12017-04-11 19:52:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, not sure if you're aware but there are a number of notes in Glasgow city centre which could do with a survey, if you're able:
12017-04-11 16:57:07 UTCGinaroZ Any reason why you added a golf course in the middle of some buildings?
12017-04-07 11:42:21 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for adding these. If you manage to get a close look at the postboxes, maybe you could add their reference to the ref= tag as well?
22017-04-07 14:28:44 UTCTraddles Hi Ginaro. Will do. I'm quite new to this and was simply copying previously added local postboxes. Having looked at others in Glasgow and Edinburgh, I see, for example, ref G31 23 and ref G31 311. I get that the 'G31' is the first part of the post code, but do the '2' and '311' refer to unique refer...
32017-04-07 14:29:47 UTCTraddles Sorry, that should have read, "but do the '23' and '311' refer to unique reference numbers which I will find on the post boxes?"
42017-04-07 16:53:45 UTCGinaroZ No worries, your edits look good :)
There should be an FK7 xxx reference number at the bottom of the post boxes.
Here's an example of a fully tagged post box - click on the tags on the left to go the Wiki page for more info on them.
Also, this site ...
12017-04-05 15:35:46 UTCGinaroZ You've added an area but haven't tagged it with anything. From the bing imagery it looks like a caravan park or similar?
12017-04-04 21:09:45 UTCGinaroZ I've reverted this edit because the historical railway was wrongly replaced by highway=track. and Harefield Lane was wrongly tagged - changed it to a footpath instead.
12017-04-03 22:45:53 UTCGinaroZ Surely should be soccer?
22017-04-04 06:30:33 UTCFrenchyF Probably, yes. Thanks.
12017-04-03 09:48:51 UTCGinaroZ Can I suggest that you use the option in iD to turn off certain map features, so that you don't connect old railway lines to current landuse etc, thanks.
22017-04-03 10:25:35 UTCGlucosamine Appreciating that plotting old railways is not without controversy, I have tried (mostly) to gap them where there is current development, but avoiding connection does seem a good idea. But you'll need to tell me more - I'm not clear what you mean by 'option in iD'.
32017-04-03 10:49:56 UTCGinaroZ In the editor you are using (which is called iD) on the right hand side there is a "Map Data" option. In there is a dropdown for "Map Features" where you can deselect different types of features, allowing you to draw over them without connecting to anything else.
42017-04-03 19:23:26 UTCGlucosamine OK - thankyou - I can see how to turn off features. But I had thought you were suggesting a way to turn off the possibility of connection. Is this not possible? If I simply turn off the features, then it would seem more difficult to see where I should be plotting and where I should not be plotting t...
52017-04-03 21:18:26 UTCGinaroZ Not sure if the possibility of connections can be turned off, though you can use the shortcut W to enable the wireframe view and make the lines smaller.
Surely the route you are plotting depends on the background imagery - either Bing or an old OS map?
62017-04-04 06:21:27 UTCGlucosamine Yes, I use wireframe at times. Issue is that plotting route needs both the old OS map (to confirm that the wrong possible feature on the aerial / from survey visit is not being followed in complex areas) and an indication of where modern development has encroached and erased evidence of the route. I...
12017-04-03 21:17:07 UTCGinaroZ If this is an active hotel then you should add tourism=hotel to the building tag :)
12017-04-03 19:58:04 UTCGinaroZ Did you notice if this section was signed as NCN 1? Because apparently it's an "alternate" route according to the relation role.
12017-03-30 17:10:25 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit.
These parks are fairly small - maybe they would be better tagged as playgrounds?
Also, there's some roads marked on the map as being under construction - do you know if these are now complete?
12017-03-30 11:50:20 UTCGinaroZ Hi and welcome to OSM. If it's a shared use path then usually it is marked as highway=cycleway to show that cyclists can use it (foot usage is assumed).
22017-03-30 11:53:16 UTCblabla_blair Hi, thanks for the feedback! Good to know
12017-03-17 21:17:14 UTCGinaroZ The problem with deleting these suburb nodes is currently the standard layer doesn't render areas with locality=*
22017-03-19 10:23:33 UTCcrossmyloof yes, I've noticed that now. Is there a way to undelete?
32017-03-19 22:44:49 UTCGinaroZ If you use JOSM with the reverter plugin you can enter the changeset ID and it will revert the changes. Or list the changesets here and I'll do it for you.
42017-03-28 20:35:45 UTCGinaroZ I've added them back
12017-03-28 15:27:52 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM. Just wondering what exactly is "Bike Bothy"? Is it bike parking or something?
12017-03-20 23:45:03 UTCGinaroZ Did you remove the highway tag from by mistake?
22017-03-21 07:31:18 UTCtms13 Yes - good catch. Now fixed.
12017-03-20 13:08:30 UTCGinaroZ Warum hast du alle diese Gebäude dupliziert?
12017-03-19 22:48:00 UTCGinaroZ Shouldn't this road be highway=service instead? It seems to primarily serve houses
22017-03-22 10:21:04 UTCmountainmonkey Thanks for comment - I've checked and I think you're right. Have fixed this one and some others nearby.
12017-03-19 20:09:17 UTCGinaroZ thanks for resolving the notes :)
12017-03-19 19:00:22 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just to let you know that with roundabouts like, you need to add the junction=roundabout tag instead of oneway=yes
22017-03-19 19:11:42 UTCJamesKingdom Hi,
Thanks for this info, I have been doing all my roundabouts with one way tag.
I will do it this way from now on.
I have changed this roundabout to the correct format.
12017-03-17 21:02:35 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM.
You seem to have added a single node with only a name - which is a duplication of this building:
What were you intending to do?
12017-03-17 20:58:21 UTCGinaroZ How exactly do you tag an alien abduction site in OSM? :)
12017-03-16 15:27:10 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for the edit. Just a suggestion - when you're not editing in Peru, you should add a different changeset comment :)
12017-03-10 22:48:12 UTCGinaroZ Doubt it - tracks for agricultural use etc. so it's more likely an unpaved service road. Did you survey it?
22017-03-11 10:11:33 UTCNorthBeric Only on Streetview. It looks more like a footpath, but I changed it to a track as Google were able to drive down it, so perhaps it is a service road. Feel free to change it, this is an open system.
32017-03-13 15:26:13 UTCGinaroZ Problem is you shouldn't be using Street View as Google Maps is a copyrighted source...
12017-03-11 20:25:26 UTCGinaroZ That's a weird iD version and host...
22017-03-11 20:26:11 UTCJamesKingdom its a new test version
32017-03-11 23:42:55 UTCGinaroZ Oh ok, just seemed a bit unusual :)

But about the changes - just wondering why you made this road primary?
12017-03-09 17:08:02 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM. Just wondering why you have changed these from gardens to parks?
22017-03-09 17:41:21 UTCElfangorax These two locations -- particularly Gardner's Crescent -- could equally be considered gardens and parks. I changed them to parks because I believe Pokémon Go uses named parks to assign nests in the game. I'm not sure whether it's possible to classify them as both, but would be happy to do so ...
32017-03-09 23:02:22 UTCGinaroZ They can only be tagged as one or the other. Parks are usually larger, and "Exchange Park" was tagged as a private garden - so hardly a park!
Finally, you should not be changing OSM data just so it creates nests in Pokemon Go.
42017-03-10 11:54:44 UTCSomeoneElse I was there only the other week, and what is now called "Exchange Park" didn't look anything like a park to me :(
52017-03-10 22:57:34 UTCGinaroZ I've reverted these back to gardens
12017-03-06 12:09:48 UTCGinaroZ If it's primarily for access to the cottage then it should probably be a service road instead (maybe with service=driveway). Also the gate at should be moved onto the way and access info added.
12017-03-06 12:05:30 UTCGinaroZ Why are you changing all of these trees into landuse=forest?
מדוע אתה משנה את כל העצים האלה לתוך landuse = יער?
12017-03-02 12:48:41 UTCGinaroZ If you are changing the bit under the railway into a tunnel then you need to remove the bridge from the railway. You shouldn't have both bridge and tunnel crossing, it's either one or the other :)
22017-03-02 19:46:58 UTCStephan Matthiesen Thanks, good point. Are there any criteria what counts as tunnel and as bridge? It is about 2m wide but 8m long, so I'd call it tunnel or underpass rather than bridge.
12017-02-25 20:58:56 UTCGinaroZ Why have you marked this as a roundabout?
22017-02-25 21:12:20 UTClaw_skynet Because it looks like one. See sat images. If it isn't one feel free to remove the tag.
32017-02-25 21:25:31 UTCGinaroZ Just because it is a circular road doesn't mean it is a roundabout. This is called a turning loop - a roundabout needs another road connecting to it.
Only making you aware so you don't add unnecessary tags :)
42017-02-25 21:38:29 UTClaw_skynet I am aware of that... there is another path connected to the road. Just saying 😉
12017-02-24 16:09:08 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM.
Is there actually a separate street here, or did you mean to extend the one to the east?
It's just I can only see one street on the Mapillary image:
22017-02-24 17:41:27 UTCKrishna M Hi there,

Yes, Primrose View will be extended to East.

12017-02-24 11:59:01 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just to let you know that the cycleway=shared isn't required as highway=cycleway is assumed to be shared.
12017-02-21 11:57:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you have changes these indoor footpaths into pedestrian streets?
22017-02-21 12:43:01 UTCZugführer I believed pedestrian streets represented these shopping center streets better. Footpaths are typically smaller (that's why I changed the roof paths above St Nicholas Centre into footpaths instead of pedestrian streets). But feel free to change it back if you believe the old situation was better.
32017-02-24 11:07:03 UTCGinaroZ highway=pedestrian is normally for outdoor streets where vehicle use had been restricted
All of the shopping centres I've seen elsewhere in OSM are using paths, so I'll change these back.
P.S. there's quite a few OSM Notes in Aberdeen, so if you're able to survey and resolve any of them that'd be ...
42017-02-24 12:54:55 UTCZugführer That's fine! I've only been in Aberdeen for a few days, so I don't know if I can help a lot, but I might take a look soon.
12017-02-20 12:43:28 UTCGinaroZ Why have you added combined house numbers to the building when they are already on the outside of the building individually?
22017-02-21 02:58:53 UTCmustermannxx removed the numbers, recognised to late that the points do give the address
32017-02-27 19:52:17 UTCeric_ Thanks. I also removed the tags addr:city and addr:street for these buildings.
12017-02-15 23:29:30 UTCGinaroZ Looks good to me - thanks for the edit and welcome to OSM :)
12017-02-12 17:36:32 UTCGinaroZ Why did you turn this way in the middle of a river into a stream?
12017-02-08 23:57:32 UTCGinaroZ Do you have a source for this paths you added?
It looks suspiciously like you've just copied the Fife Council core paths map...
12017-02-07 20:02:08 UTCGinaroZ While it's good you've removed the unnecessary name from the school, would it not be better to improve the map by adding the actual name?
You could have a look at for the name
22017-02-07 20:29:06 UTCMike Baggaley HI, yes you are quite right. I had not seen the list you mention before.

However, I am going through a process of removing a few hundred of these throughout the UK (not just schools) and looking every one up would be too time consuming, as I don't necessarily know the postcode areas. Also, the w...
32017-02-08 17:40:04 UTCGinaroZ Well in this case I googled the village name + primary school and visited the website to confirm the name/location.
There's also the website (not working at the moment) which uses OS open data to add the polygon and name data.
Not sure I'd rely on people noticing there'...
42017-02-09 08:26:37 UTCMike Baggaley The error checking website flags schools with no name as errors, so they should get noticed. Thanks for the info on post offices.

12017-02-07 20:44:24 UTCGinaroZ Are you actually able to walk along this path? If so, what happens when you reach the A823 bridge?
22017-02-13 08:49:06 UTCBrianBru Its an only railway line now a footpath so you can walk under the bridge.
12017-02-06 21:12:13 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for editing the map.
Might be worth taking a look at: for suggested ways to tag the golf course features.
For example:
bunkers - golf=bunker and natural=sand
greens - landuse=grass, golf=green, name=
12017-02-06 14:59:31 UTCGinaroZ Hi, you should probably add the actual name of the bowling club instead of just the generic name.
And also add historic=memorial to the war memorial node
12017-02-06 14:26:59 UTCGinaroZ Hi, saw you added layer=-1 to the cycle path and railway below the A801. Just to let you know that only one of the layers should be a bridge or tunnel - not both.
I've removed the tunnel from the cycle path and railway.
12017-02-04 20:10:22 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering if you carried out a survey of this area?
22017-02-04 22:30:15 UTCYorvik Prestigitator Hi, just using sattelite imagery and some old photos of the area, do you know if there is still a post office in the village or has it now closed down?
32017-02-04 22:53:27 UTCGinaroZ No idea sorry. I'd also mapped here from bing recently so just thought you might be able to help with speed limits/details if you'd surveyed :)
12017-02-03 23:57:58 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit.
I have removed the residential area you created in Dundee as it is not correct.
If that area has concrete plans for houses then it should be landuse=brownfield.
Let me know if you need any help.
12017-02-03 21:29:12 UTCGinaroZ Hi, any idea what is supposed to be?
12017-02-03 20:27:30 UTCGinaroZ You have changed these woods to parks for no good reason - these will be reverted.
12017-02-03 10:13:03 UTCkreuzschnabel Thanks for mapping the footpath on Wild Boar Fell! I tried my best to continue it according to Bing, maybe you can have a look if I got it right? Have you been up there and taken a GPS track maybe?

22017-02-03 10:32:10 UTCJohn-O I'm aware it's good to try to join ways onto the rest of the map. I'd only added the bit I walked along when I was there recently. I'd say that the line of a path seen on the satelitte imagery is probably correct - and therefore what you have drawn is probably correct. Unfortunately I don't have a G...
32017-02-03 11:24:34 UTCkreuzschnabel I am planning to walk a bit around the western parts of the Dales on my summer holiday so I was hoping for a path on WBF and found you added one just a few days ago :-) May I ask which way you got up there, if the path you mapped is the only bit you’ve been walking along?
42017-02-03 13:59:32 UTCGinaroZ Not sure if you've seen it before, but Strava has heatmap data which might help you identify and draw paths:,,,
12017-02-02 23:33:56 UTCGinaroZ Hi welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. I've removed the unconnected footpaths that you added.
For sidewalks that are attached to the road, you are probably better tagging them as sidewalk=left/right/both on the roads.
Also, if you do add paths in the future, make sure they are connected at one...
12017-02-02 14:18:11 UTCGinaroZ Just wondering why you added the name "common" to these places you changed to parks? And also why you added amenity=public_building to a closed clinic?
12017-02-01 23:57:20 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for adding this. Don't know if it was you who opened it, but can we now close this note?
22017-02-18 09:00:17 UTCturner150990 The street is added ok. I think it was a neiughbour who added it. I've commented on that post about the parking facilities and houses and car parking spaces yet to be added to the map. I only mention it as the houses aren't on the side of the road that was added. There's 2 layers of spaces in betwee...
12017-01-31 22:45:20 UTCGinaroZ Sorry but why are you adding an "illegal dump" to the map as amenity=recycling?
12017-01-30 19:04:53 UTCGinaroZ Hi, please do not vandalise the map by changing a school into a park. This edit will be reverted.
12017-01-29 19:47:48 UTCGinaroZ No doubt this changeset will be reverted. Please read what was said in this changeset:
22017-02-02 07:56:27 UTCeric_ Thanks GinaroZ. It has been corrected by another contributor here:
Then I improved because Whitehouse Terrace is for North Side and Grange Loan is for both side, even if there is no number in the North part.
For info, matt76x, "name:South side&q...
12017-01-27 19:35:59 UTCGinaroZ Sorry, didn't notice you were an experienced mapper when I commented on the note :P
22017-01-28 11:03:49 UTCSuborbitalPigeon No worries, I actually forgot about the note, so thanks for reminding me!
32017-01-28 20:53:11 UTCGinaroZ There's also this nearby note - has this area been sorted since you created it?
42017-01-29 11:08:46 UTCSuborbitalPigeon It looks like it, the aerial imagery was too old, but it would appear someone updated the layout to the current one
12017-01-27 20:24:48 UTClostmike But why did you remove landuse = recreation_ground ?
22017-01-27 22:52:36 UTCGinaroZ Well if bicycles are allowed, that's why it was tagged as a cycleway. Therefore, I've reverted your edit.
12017-01-27 17:26:07 UTCGinaroZ If it's a playground it should be tagged as leisure=playground.
12017-01-27 15:36:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM.
Just wondering why you changed a hedge into a footpath, and adjusted the tags on the bridge at the jewel?
Also, you seem to have removed the steps from the bridge over the railway.
22017-01-27 15:36:47 UTCGinaroZ Sorry that should say *moved the steps
32017-01-28 08:48:43 UTCChris Fleming Hi - I was wondering the same thing!
12017-01-27 14:41:22 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM. I've made a couple of changes to tidy up your edits.
This path wasn't connected at either end, so I've fixed it:
There was a park named "woods", which I've changed to natural=wood.
If you need any help let me know :)
12017-01-27 13:33:44 UTCGinaroZ Please don't add features to OSM which are not there on the ground.
12017-01-27 13:22:25 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM.
Thanks for the edit, but unfortunately it looks like you adjusted the geometry of the hospital by accident, and also changed the tags.
I have therefore reverted your changes back to how it was before.
If you need any help with further changes let me know.
12017-01-27 13:18:01 UTCGinaroZ Is that area really a park? And is the fire station really named "Dundee Fire Station" given there was already a fire station there with the name "Blackness"?
12017-01-27 00:32:17 UTCGinaroZ Looks like a house to me?
22017-01-27 10:03:41 UTCblackadder I've reverted this and the earlier edit
12017-01-27 00:24:06 UTCGinaroZ Please don't add fake parks
12017-01-26 21:54:36 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM.
Can I ask why you have deleted wood area and added a park instead?
22017-01-26 21:58:49 UTCPokemonAyr Hi.
Due to the university, and its ever increasing expansion, I would now consider this a park. There's a small percentage of trees left in comparison to when I moved to the local area years ago. A shame really
32017-01-26 23:05:00 UTCGinaroZ That's quite a lot of trees that have disappeared.
Obviously I'm sceptical of the addition of two parks given the recent influx of Pokemon related edits - are there any recent photos of this area which shows the change?
42017-01-27 01:42:36 UTCPokemonAyr I could get some photos but if you visit the area you'll see this very clearly. Pokemon can be found in woodland areas anyway so that would be irrelevant would it not?
12017-01-26 20:44:29 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

The park you have drawn is a bit crude, it strays over the gardens of Kinnell Road.

Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.
22017-01-26 20:56:59 UTCDuroode There are no houses on that part of Kinneil Road, on the place i have Selected, is part of the park , with Pigeon huts.
32017-01-26 20:58:39 UTCchillly Ok, Thanks for confirming.

If you have questions about OSM, please feel free to ask.
42017-01-26 20:59:39 UTCDuroode Will do, Thanks for the Support.
52017-01-26 21:34:12 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I've fixed the paths that you added beside Lyon Court - I've connected them to the road so that routing software can direct users along them.
I also added a couple of bowling greens that I saw - perhaps you could add the pavilion building and club name if you know it?
12017-01-26 17:20:34 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for your edit. I've changed the garage to shop=car_repair since I think it is a more suitable tag.
12017-01-26 17:18:58 UTCGinaroZ Hi,
If is a private road then an access tag should be added instead of "restriction". Also, highway=road is for unknown roads, so this should be changed back to highway=service
12017-01-26 12:43:30 UTCGinaroZ Never heard of this being referred to as Bennochy Park (if it even is a park)?
12017-01-25 23:09:59 UTCGinaroZ Hi, why did you create a park on top of a house?
12017-01-25 22:59:19 UTCGinaroZ Hi,
Don't know if you've noticed but there are a few notes in this area - if you are local maybe you could survey those areas to resolve them?
12017-01-24 23:19:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi thanks for helping to improve the map. Just wondering, what do you mean "Tagging pokemon for review"?
22017-01-25 07:55:39 UTCcjljohnson People are searching pokemon as a keyword to make sure people aren't fucking up the map. I added that to the description so it shows up.
32017-01-25 16:57:44 UTCGinaroZ Yes I've seen a few people adding fake parks, but your edit looks good :)
Just a tip - if you do add another park try not to connect it to a road like you've done in this edit.
12017-01-24 23:39:14 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you've added duplicate train stations and buildings?
22017-01-25 00:18:56 UTCCharkyem I saved in the middle of editing, I planned to finish it later; I was replacing the mess of buildings, tags and labels with single, actual train stations which better represent the space they take up.
32017-01-25 00:37:16 UTCGinaroZ Ok, I appreciate what you're doing.
But the problem is you've now deleted some tags and information has been lost (network/operator etc).
And you've added "Metro Station" to each station name, which shouldn't be there.
There's also building=yes tags on each of the stations,
42017-01-25 01:15:27 UTCCharkyem I see, I think I've fixed that now.

I left the building=yes on the stations because they do all have a building of sorts to hold the ticket machines. I can't find any documentation on what counts for building=yes.
12017-01-24 23:11:19 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I've removed the two parks you added to the map, and I've added a building and bowling green instead.
If the building is a community centre then the appropriate name/tags can be re-added.
12017-01-24 20:47:38 UTCGinaroZ So it's not related to Pokemon Go?
22017-01-31 22:33:59 UTCIVIorgz Well I do play it but I have also grown an interest in OSM, keen to make edits and corrections where I felt necessary. In this instance I decided that parks were a better feature to use rather than recreation ground, largely because the latter has lately become an obsolete term. I would only use the...
12017-01-24 19:16:05 UTCGinaroZ Why have you added a bunch of parks?
Are you looking for some Pokemon?
12017-01-24 19:11:15 UTCGinaroZ Why would add a park in the Meadows when it's already a park?
12017-01-24 18:17:25 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for helping to improve the map.
I've fixed your edit by connecting the "footpath to ind est" to the path and road at either end, and also connected the path to Tarvit Green.
12016-12-23 22:39:00 UTCGinaroZ Hi,
Did you mean to move the post box to the east of the town?
22017-01-24 17:47:45 UTCnitrostealth yes
32017-01-24 18:00:28 UTCGinaroZ So there's an actual Royal Mail post box in someone's driveway?
12017-01-19 15:45:18 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for the edit.
Since you are a resident, perhaps you could help improve the map further in Kingsbarns?
For example, speed limits are missing - both in and out of the village. There's probably paths that could be added, as well as buildings. There is also what looks like a graveyard besid...
12017-01-15 23:37:13 UTCGinaroZ Does Sandy Road actually connect to the B9157? Don't remember seeing a proper entrance, but I haven't been past there in a while.
12017-01-14 22:07:06 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just made a small correction to your edits - there were a couple of shops with a space at the start of the shop=* tag which I've removed.
12017-01-13 14:51:58 UTCSomeoneElse Personally, I wouldn't add "place=isolated_dwelling" for things such as . If a house is visible on the Bing imagery I'd add that as a house, and if the name's visible on OS OpenData I might be tempted to add that as a house name, but house and ...
22017-01-13 21:36:50 UTCkreuzschnabel Why wouldn’t you, too close to Thirsk? While I use addr:housename for residential houses within larger dwellings (e.g. villages), my idea on remote places is that users should easily find them in the map, therefore I enter their names as a place on its own (provided it has a name, of course). ...
32017-01-13 22:42:01 UTCSomeoneElse There's a fair amount of overuse of "isolated_dwelling" in the UK (possibly because the standard style renders it, and used to render it more prominently than it did now). I've always thought of "isolated_dwelling" as being for places that really are places - not just houses on ...
42017-01-14 07:26:39 UTCkreuzschnabel Possibly because there are so many scattered dwellings in the British countryside :-) As I said, in my idea on OSM usability, someone may tell me, "I live in Melrose, near Thirsk", I’ll reply, after a quick search, "yep, got it in my map, dont need further description". If ...
52017-01-14 20:51:35 UTCSK53 Strongly agree with @SomeoneElse. The place=isolated_dwelling tag is almost always a mistake in Britain. For large distinctive isolated buildings (country houses for instance) adding name to the building is fine, for smaller residences this information belongs in addr:housename. Where an isolated dw...
62017-01-14 21:46:18 UTCGinaroZ place=locality is for an unpopulated place though
72017-01-14 22:20:35 UTCkreuzschnabel Right Ginaro – locality is for named hillsides, pastures etcetera. (Hillsides are often tagged natural=peak which is wrong unless there really is a visible peak.)
82017-01-15 14:17:01 UTCSK53 Don't be too wedded to wiki definitions. Often the locality name covers a broader area than just the buildings which have the same name. Sometimes the locality came first, sometimes the buildings. Unless one has detailed research/local knowledge it's not easy to decide & EPNS researchers spend y...
12017-01-13 23:27:51 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for adding these buildings. One thing I noticed was this track you added:
Tracks are for mostly agricultural use, so I've changed it to highway=service and service=driveway.
I've also connected it to the residential road. If it is unpaved th...
12017-01-13 21:55:21 UTCGinaroZ Looks like the path is sorted, but just to let you I've removed the access tags you added to Roseburn Maltings
22017-01-16 11:04:39 UTCChris Fleming Look great - I was going query the access tags.
32017-01-18 18:59:30 UTCmunkiepus cool thanks, sorry didnt realise i'd updated the maltings too
12017-01-12 19:26:16 UTCGinaroZ Is this path actually a cycle path, i.e. a designated shared use path or is it just a pavement?
22017-01-13 10:52:45 UTCmunkiepus it is designated shared use cycle path
32017-01-13 10:55:56 UTCmunkiepus annoyingly it doesn't extend all the way to the end of Russell road and abruptly stops where i have ended it, cyclists have to then use the road, It's a double width pavement with a median marker, it's designated mixed use. The council is currently discussign plans to exend it
42017-01-13 12:57:23 UTCGinaroZ Ok. What you will need to do though is connect it to the roads. At the north end, just extend the path at right angles. And where it crosses Roseburn Maltings, double click on the path so it creates a node, then move that node to join onto Roseburn Maltings.

With the tags, you need to remove acce...
52017-01-13 13:53:07 UTCmunkiepus cool i have updated as you suggested, i dont have the width measurement just now but can go out and get it soon
12017-01-12 22:15:51 UTCGinaroZ If it's not a pub then set it to disused:amenity=pub or remove it altogether ;)
12017-01-12 19:20:17 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just to let you know that gates need to actually be part of a road or path for them to work properly.
If you move the gate node slightly it should highlight a node on the road, allowing you to drop it onto that node.
22017-01-13 10:53:25 UTCmunkiepus cool thanks, i have move the gates onto the road properly, cheers
12017-01-11 12:09:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for helping to improve the map.
If this is an area of construction, then the landuse=meadow should be replaced by by landuse=construction :)
12017-01-10 14:25:18 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you removed the name from a section of the city bypass?
22017-01-10 19:22:45 UTCangus w Sorry, I'm new to using this and still getting to grips with it. I think that should be it back to normal now.
32017-01-10 19:23:48 UTCangus w Also i didn't know it affected other users since i was on my own account.
42017-01-10 20:45:09 UTCGinaroZ No problem, I've added the name back.

Just be aware if you save your changes to the map, they get published for everyone else to see and use.

Have a look at the help pages and you've any questions just ask :)
12017-01-05 13:19:32 UTCGinaroZ what exactly are these highway problems that you are fixing?
22017-01-15 09:51:37 UTCdmgroom_ct mainly highways which do not connect to other highways, for a number of reasons , including:
a) the 1st highway has been connected to a landarea which shares the same position as the 2nd highway.

b) the 1st highway has been connected to a landarea which is very close to the position of the 2nd ...
12017-01-03 17:49:22 UTCGinaroZ Hi,
Do you know if this path connects to the track you added?
12016-12-29 20:22:00 UTCGinaroZ Hi, never got round to adding the cliff so thanks for doing that.
In case you're unaware, it seems like the Bing imagery tile covering this area is out of alignment. The OS Streetview data however aligns with GPS traces.
So if you've moved the parking/water to match with Bing, it's probably not c...
22016-12-30 07:51:34 UTCFraserKp Hi there - thanks for the heads up. I did tweak the parking slightly based on bing but it looked pretty much aligned to the imagery already - but will check the OSSV data for sure to make sure. The main thing I didn't get resolved was the building geometry - Deep Sea World itself obviously mostly si...
12016-12-24 17:15:52 UTCGinaroZ Hi, couple of issues with the changes around St Bernard's Bridge.
- Since the road is already a bridge, the paths below don't need to be set as tunnels - it's either one or the other.
- The road is already tagged with cycleway=opposite_lane, so the extra cycleway isn't needed.
Keep up the good w...
22016-12-24 17:28:14 UTCFrenchyF Thanks! I didn't think to check for the opposite_lane tag, and got confused by the steps.
12016-12-21 23:07:04 UTCGinaroZ Hi, noticed you added a number of duplicate POIs in this changeset. I've removed some of them, please make sure you check buildings/nodes already present before adding duplicates next time :)
22016-12-22 00:26:11 UTCtrigpoint A miners welfare is normally tagged as amenity=social_club, it is unlikely to be a traditional pub.
12016-12-21 22:32:52 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you added "Gardynebourg" to the map in Carnoustie: - can't find it on any recent map?
12016-12-14 22:34:57 UTCGinaroZ Hi, if the pharmacy is closed you should remove the amenity=pharmacy tag as well as the name :)
22016-12-15 12:45:07 UTCmunkiepus cool, i've removed it now, cheers
12016-12-11 19:49:22 UTCGinaroZ from their website/social media it seems like the name should be lowercase?
22016-12-11 19:58:55 UTCtrigpoint Oh, sorry. Just saw it and had to correct it. users not bothering with case because they are using a phone has made me much more parricular about grammar in OSM names.
12016-12-11 15:48:14 UTCGinaroZ Just to let you know, you added a duplicate bar (the refinery) which I've removed
12016-12-11 15:48:09 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just to make you aware that the opening_hours field has a specific format. See

In this case it would be: Mo-Su 17:00-03:00, so I've fixed it for you :)
12016-12-07 22:52:40 UTCGinaroZ Hi, don't know if you have seen it but there's a note here in case you managed to survey the health centre:
12016-12-07 00:42:26 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for editing the map. Noticed you added a line between the A71 and Harburn Lane - did you mean to tag this as a footpath?
12016-12-06 17:28:56 UTCGinaroZ Hi thanks for adding this path map.

I'm assuming there a bridge over Breich Water on the path?
12016-12-06 17:21:47 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for editing the map.

I notice you have drawn the outline of what looks like a farmyard, however you have not added any tags. Is this a farmyard, and does it have a name?
12016-11-30 22:17:51 UTCGinaroZ You should probably remove the construction and access tags from the bridge if it is open! What about the paths on the other side, are they open yet?
12016-11-30 00:22:05 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I noticed is tagged as shop=off_licence. If this is just a shop selling alcohol it should really be tagged with shop=alcohol instead :)
12016-11-24 19:44:44 UTCGinaroZ What do you mean "We changed it using google street view."?
12016-11-18 22:58:32 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I notice walls like this have a name and place tag on them - surely some mistake?
22016-11-25 12:05:52 UTCrob_michel Hi, thank you for spotting this and letting me know. I must have picked up the tagging info from one of the area polygons! Had a quick scout around to find any others and think I picked them all up. I have made the amendments with some improvements I am currently working on in the area.
All the bes...
12016-11-14 22:46:42 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM - thanks for your edit. Going by the aerial imagery, I've added the allotments as an area :)
12016-11-09 20:14:46 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering if you meant to adjust the geometry of Warriston Road?
12016-11-09 19:48:23 UTCGinaroZ Christian, this is the second time I've seen you add schools that are not present in the real world.

Please can you google the name before you add a missing school? If you did that you have found that the school has moved to a new campus nearby:

12016-10-26 11:29:15 UTCGinaroZ Shouldn't this address node be Abercorn Court?
22016-10-26 11:33:11 UTCsophiemccallum Good spot - will correct that just now!
12016-10-25 11:01:50 UTCGinaroZ Hi, what do you mean the path has gone blue, in what software?
12016-10-24 22:44:27 UTCGinaroZ Hi, the building at is marked shop=Oxo. Is that meant to be the name?
12016-10-21 22:52:11 UTCGinaroZ Hi, a note has been left near a hamlet you added:
12016-10-21 13:59:49 UTCGinaroZ The Bridgend node is marked as place=locality, but it has a population so it shouldn't be used. If Bridgend is in Ceres then the named residential area should be sufficient?
22016-10-23 08:19:35 UTCRed Kobold My bad. Had changed it from Hamlet but it should be Neighbourhood as the resi area is still Ceres. Prefer point markers for population centres instead of named residential areas.
12016-10-18 21:21:47 UTCGinaroZ It's more than 5 minutes so I've deleted it ;)
12016-10-18 00:14:18 UTCGinaroZ Are you sure that's the correct postcode, because according to Royal Mail it doesn't exist.
22016-10-18 08:29:10 UTCLegBritSlav Mount Melville is the name of the country house which is now incorporated into Duke's Golf Course. The postcode is for the golf course as a whole. The house itself was derelict for many years so was presumably removed as a postal address. It's now being renovated. It's worth adding as an item in its...
32016-10-18 21:20:16 UTCGinaroZ No problem adding the building, but the Duke's Golf Course postcode is KY16 8NX, according to their website and Royal Mail.

The reason I mentioned it is because the postcode came up on this page of errors, posted on the talk-gb mailing list:
42016-10-19 08:59:42 UTCLegBritSlav Thanks Ginaro, I've corrected the postcode.
12016-10-16 23:36:24 UTCGinaroZ thanks - has construction finished in this area?
22016-10-20 15:23:38 UTCHobgoblin No, there is still a lot of building still going on. Needs a revisit next year.
12016-10-16 18:45:58 UTCGinaroZ Perhaps it would be better to add a single node in the middle of this hotel with full info (address, website etc) instead of having three separate buildings tagged as the same hotel?
22016-10-16 19:23:40 UTCmathieuS Yes, it is definitely better. The best would be to create a relation over the three buildings, but I am not sure if it is something any usual for that type of information.
32016-10-16 19:24:32 UTCmathieuS See change set
12016-10-16 14:00:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi. Can I ask why you changed this to a one way street?
Guten Tag. Warum hast du das auf eine Einbahnstraße umgestellt?
12016-10-14 22:25:37 UTCGinaroZ Please can you be more specific in your changeset comment about what you've changed. Just a simple "surface=gound -> ground" would make it obvious what you've done. Thanks.
22016-10-14 23:01:54 UTCgeow @maggot27
Was this an automated/mechanical edit?Did you follow the guidelines in ?
12016-09-29 15:19:19 UTCNakaner Dear GinaroZ,

I hope you are aware that the Automated Edits Code of Conduct also applies to edits like this?

An edit is "automated" in the terms of this guideline even if it is done manually using JOSM or Level0. An ...
22016-10-10 23:21:03 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I was aware of it but didn't think I'd need to make a big deal of it on the mailing list as it was clearly detailed in the changeset comment what I had carried out.
Although it was technically automated I did check each one in the editor, and it was clear there was a mistake when each POI was ...
32016-10-10 23:33:56 UTCNakaner Hi GinaroZ,

an edit has to be discussed if you do not look at each object you edit. If you take the time to look at all of them, it's ok. The problem of such edits like this is that they are hiding the real problems (e.g. bad imports using strange tags). See
12016-10-10 15:50:19 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I notice this way has motor_vehicle=yes. Footways are for non-motorised traffic, so if cars are allowed then it should not be a footway.
22016-10-11 12:33:13 UTCDaniel-Jack Williamson Oops I'll get that changed - thanks!
12016-10-06 18:04:59 UTCGinaroZ I've removed this as it is no longer in use as a school. Buckhaven and Kirkland High Schools are now together as Levenmouth Academy.
22016-10-06 18:09:20 UTCChristian Ledermann Cool, thanks :-)
12016-10-05 15:47:32 UTCGinaroZ Is really named Strathairly? OS Street View says Keirs.
22016-10-05 17:42:18 UTCRed Kobold Well spotted. OS 6" had Strathairly - presumably it originally belonged to Strathairly House. But current OS and Royal Mail have Keirs although no sign is visible.
12016-09-29 21:38:15 UTCGinaroZ I agree that Dermal Clinic shouldn't be amenity=clinic (which in OSM is a medical centre between a doctors and hospital).
It's some sort of beauty/treatments place, right?
22016-09-30 10:02:47 UTCsaintam1 It is, though it's not just about make-up, some of the procedures are surgical. Website says "We are famous for our treatments of botox in Edinburgh".

I don't know what's best to be honest.
12016-09-29 11:25:33 UTCGinaroZ Hi, what exactly is "shop=For Fran & Edie"?
22016-09-29 11:29:40 UTCwill_p Hi, it's a mistake. I'll check my photos/notes this evening and correct it. Thanks for pointing it out.
12016-09-28 00:18:27 UTCGinaroZ Hi, is supposed to connect to GA 20 trunk road?
22016-09-28 02:20:05 UTCJack the Ripper Hi Ginaro, I was having a hard time determining for certain, since my eyes were bouncing around between the road, the other cars, OsmAnd on my phone, and the general scenery. When I was working on the edits, I didn't think that it connected, but now that I've had time to review my Mapillary sequenc...
32016-09-28 02:22:37 UTCJack the Ripper Actually, I should qualify that to say that I'm not sure if the road I see connecting is that one, or an undrawn service road into a business located there. Upon reflection, I'm going to hold off making a change until I get through the area again. (Just speaking from experience with rerouted roads...
42016-09-28 16:28:14 UTCGinaroZ Hi Jack, it was flagged up via - didn't want to make any changes as the aerial imagery is out of date, so thought I'd get in touch.
Since you're in the area I'll leave you to take care of it :)
12016-09-22 22:18:01 UTCGinaroZ Is the park and ride still connected to the roundabout? Saw on this video that it's not:
22016-09-23 14:14:57 UTCtms13 No, it's not - I disconnected that a while ago when I surveyed the new access from B981 under the railway viaduct.
32016-09-23 18:42:11 UTCGinaroZ Whoosp sorry, I didn't zoom in far enough to see the gap! #numpty
12016-09-22 13:27:56 UTCGinaroZ Hi, noticed you added as shop=bistro - should this not be amenity=restaurant instead?
22016-09-22 14:46:23 UTCEdLoach Quite possibly. One of my earlier attempts at editing using Vespucci and it looks like I amended from shop=alcohol to shop=bistro to worry about later (then forgot). I've changed it to a restaurant until I'm next out that way to check whether café might be more suitable.
12016-09-17 10:48:18 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you are using amenity=notice_board rather than the already established board_type=notice, information=board and tourism=information?
22016-09-19 11:59:35 UTCwill_p The board_type key is quite confusing. It is used both to describe types of information board (history, wildlife, geology etc.) and notice boards (local notices, times of church services or parish meetings, etc.). These seem two separate things and I don't understand why they are in the same key. Th...
32016-09-21 20:45:39 UTCGinaroZ Sorry, I don't see how it is confusing - notice boards are a type of information board, therefore board_type=notice is perfectly usable.
How does creating a new tag make things less confusing? Especially as it doesn't provide any new information about the type of board or indicate it is a church n...
12016-09-21 18:55:24 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just to let you know I've corrected the tagging of "vape" shops you added, to shop=e-cigarette.
12016-09-18 18:10:19 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for adding these roads - seems like I can close this note?
22016-09-19 07:09:47 UTCNorthBeric Hi, yes I think so, thanks.
12016-09-15 13:14:33 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for adding to the map. I have corrected the tagging for The Mossy Well, so that it uses amenity=pub.
12016-09-14 21:26:23 UTCGinaroZ Surely this should be the name of the airfield (Strathallan Airfield) instead?
12016-09-13 14:11:59 UTCGinaroZ Hi, according to OS Locator this street should be "Mackintosh Road" - - which is correct?
12016-09-07 20:59:41 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for adding these - is this complete or should I leave the note open?
22016-09-09 07:48:08 UTCHobgoblin I have added the streets that I could drive along, but there is still a lot of construction along Ninian Road and North-West of Serf Avenue. Also, it might need a check to make sure I got the change right between Serf Avenue and Ninian Road. The signs weren't too clear in that area.
12016-09-03 13:35:43 UTCGinaroZ Hi, can I ask why you've created some nodes with just a name and no actual tags?
12016-08-31 22:22:34 UTCGinaroZ Hi, noticed you removed the ref=A199 from the roundabout - what's the reason for doing that? And are you planning on doing it for all the other roundabouts as well?
22016-08-31 23:20:11 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, the main change was to separate roads so that each road joins at a separate node, which I am aiming to do on a lot of roundabouts. Roundabouts are junctions between different roads and are not strictly part of any of the adjoining roads, and hence shouldn't have the ref of an adjoining road (the...
12016-08-26 22:31:31 UTCGinaroZ Hi, if you click on the node in the editor you should get a context menu popup - there is a delete (waste basket) icon on there:
12016-08-26 14:16:00 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I noticed you added a duplicate of Latchmere Road, which wasn't connected to anything in a few places. Do you remember why that was?
22016-08-30 20:53:24 UTCLeighG Hi there. That may have been an error on my part. I've just started using OSM. It looked like routes weren't joined up out of Ham Gate to Latchmere Lane.
12016-08-23 11:41:34 UTCGinaroZ Hi, there is already a pub at this location named "The Crossed Peels", not sure why you added another. I've removed it.
22016-08-23 14:50:58 UTCNeudrino Why shouldn't there be a pub in the other street as well. I have not seen "Crossed Peels" but I have certainly been eating in some pub with label "Whetherspoon" a week ago!
So please leave it in, if you haven't been there personally.
32016-08-23 15:33:24 UTCGinaroZ I went past there last month, and originally added the pub :) There is an entrance on both sides, but there is only one pub. I placed it in the middle of the building according to the Bing imagery.

The operator "Whetherspoon" is a chain of pubs - each one has its own name. You can see t...
42016-08-24 06:13:49 UTCNeudrino Ok than. Didn't notice the other entrance on spittal street, but missed the pub in king street. Only remebered the name witherspoon, probably on the menu or so. Maybe you could place the POI in the middle and add two entrances?
12016-08-18 17:27:06 UTCGinaroZ There's also amenity=animal_shelter if you want to add it to the dog & cat home
22016-08-18 17:28:08 UTCGinaroZ Oh bugger, I didn't see you had added another way for the whole area, ignore me! :X
12016-08-11 12:23:32 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for the edit!

Just to let you know, I've made a couple of changes to tidy up your edit. With (cycle)paths you need to make sure these are connected to something at both ends, so software can provide routing directions. You can see what I've changed here:
12016-08-08 11:53:14 UTCGinaroZ Hi Steve, just wondering why you removed the landuse=meadow tag and also changed the fish farm to landuse=agriculture?
22016-08-08 12:10:04 UTCSteve Mclean Hi, sorry meant to change it to AQUAculture. Which meadow tag did I remove?
32016-08-08 13:08:00 UTCGinaroZ This one:
42016-08-08 13:23:24 UTCSteve Mclean Sorted it .. still learning
12016-08-04 21:40:42 UTCGinaroZ Hi, noticed "Scott's in the Park" is tagged as shop=cafe: - this was changed from amenity=cafe a few years ago. Since shop=cafe is very rare and you were the last to edit it, which is correct?
12016-08-03 12:22:28 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for your edits and helping to improve OSM. :)

Just wondering, is the amenity=telephone you added a public telephone? If not, it shouldn't be added. If it is a telephone exchange, it's probably better added as a building.
12016-08-02 19:09:21 UTCGinaroZ Hi. Since it seems like you're local, just wondering if know whether the railway line branching off the Fife Circle to the power station is disused?
12016-07-10 22:45:22 UTCGinaroZ Did you mean to remove the shop tag from this node?
22016-07-10 23:35:41 UTCsairfeet No I didn't ! Will double check my other recent updates and will fix any other bugs at the same time. Thanks for spotting this.
12016-07-07 21:07:43 UTCGinaroZ Hi, there's a fixme on this way - I assume this has been sorted?
22016-07-08 08:13:48 UTCRed Kobold Hi, The fixme is unclear about what needs fixed so I left it. I only changed the speed limit.
32016-07-08 14:55:28 UTCGinaroZ It was added in this changeset, seems to have been a conversion from a node to a way
42016-07-08 17:51:07 UTCRed Kobold If he means that the existence of the street needs to be confirmed, then yes it exists. It is also in the right place with the correct tags and node links.
52016-07-11 18:03:43 UTCRed Kobold Confirmed by survey today!
12016-07-07 22:35:33 UTCGinaroZ Are you sure that's the correct location? There's already another museum of childrood nearby...
22016-07-08 08:23:36 UTCtrigpoint The museum of childhhood is where previously mapped at #42. I visited it last year.
This edit is a duplicate, in the wrong place and should be removed.
12016-07-02 17:50:46 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for contributing to the map but there is no need add to markers which simply give directions.
12016-06-30 15:19:20 UTCGinaroZ There's no name for this restaurant?
22016-06-30 15:40:29 UTCE-F-S Yes. Blame it on a novice user and poor cell service.
12016-06-28 22:17:44 UTCGinaroZ wrong changeset comment - should be "add car_repair" tag
12016-06-26 23:07:38 UTCGinaroZ Why have you changed these roads from service to unclassified?
22016-06-27 08:17:04 UTCNorthBeric Because they look like industrial distributer roads, and to match OS Open Street View...
12016-06-22 18:20:53 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Could you explain what "MINOR: FIX SOURCES" means? This is a changeset with a large area, and it'd be nice to know what had changed without having to refer to third-party tools.
Best Regards,
22016-06-23 00:10:19 UTCGinaroZ Had a look at the history of some nodes/ways and it seems like this changeset has removed "source=nearmap" from them
32016-06-24 01:41:40 UTCTheSwavu Yeap this is one of many bulk edits this user has done where they have deleted source=nearmap for no apparent reason.
42016-06-25 03:25:01 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274965 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-17 18:30:47 UTCGinaroZ According to the wiki, amenity=shop is deprecated
22016-06-23 20:23:06 UTCeric_ Agree with GinaroZ so I removed amenity=shop.
The tagging shop=recycling doesn't exist but makes sense here.
32016-06-28 23:01:36 UTCChris Fleming Thanks!
12016-06-08 12:23:48 UTCGinaroZ wrong changeset comment - should be "add road from ITO Analysis"
12016-06-08 11:03:06 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for adding to the map. Just to let you know that amenity=shop is deprecated - shop=* should be used instead. Probably shop=clothes for a kilt shop
12016-06-07 12:31:26 UTCGinaroZ Hi, what is JMCD?
12016-06-04 23:59:20 UTCGinaroZ If the name of this place is Bound*ary then it should really be reflected in OSM
22016-06-05 18:04:52 UTCfiske_d

12016-06-02 14:20:47 UTCGinaroZ barrier=annoying a-frame here should be replaced by a better barrier tag - e.g. barrier=motorcycle_barrier
12016-05-29 22:09:05 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I'd edited this before to add the name and noticed there was a fixme on Sunnyside Plantation - if you have surveyed it could you remove the fixme? Thanks
12016-05-27 23:59:55 UTCGinaroZ I doubt this garden is actually named "Accommodations edinburgh" in Polish...
12016-05-26 22:19:36 UTCGinaroZ Hi, why have you added this node?

12016-05-24 13:06:12 UTCGinaroZ Hi, osmose flagged up a couple of things. I think Cheque Centre should be shop=money_lender (missing underscore) and Cash Brokers (spelled incorrectly) might be a pawnbrokers instead?
22016-06-01 16:52:46 UTCeric_ Hi, thanks to let us know about it. These POIs have just been updated.
12016-05-22 11:13:09 UTCGinaroZ Hi Paul, curious as to what your changeset comment means? What problem were you trying to solve?
12016-05-20 13:34:13 UTCGinaroZ Not sure if you are aware, but the maxheight tag uses the format x'y" for feet/inches
22016-08-26 10:25:18 UTCtms13 Thanks for the update; I've changed my tag templates over to the new format.
12016-05-19 11:26:13 UTCGinaroZ Hi, isn't there a bridge over Drummond Burn as part of the cylcepath?
22016-05-19 11:38:18 UTCGwmngilfen That's true, I forgot to add it. I'll see if can sort it tonight.
12016-05-10 21:38:07 UTCGinaroZ Hi, why did you change some of these roads from primary to secondary and vice-versa?
22016-05-10 21:40:18 UTCedspeth I corrected incorrect classifications.

The visual effect of incorrect classifications made a mess of the roads in Hexham.
32016-05-12 23:01:12 UTCGinaroZ Which roads had incorrect classifications? A roads should be primary (or trunk) and B roads should be secondary.
You shouldn't change roads just so they look better on the map - that is "tagging for the renderer":
12016-05-11 18:30:36 UTCGinaroZ Curious why you deleted the footpath in Buchanan Galleries?
22016-05-11 19:26:37 UTCcrossmyloof lokking at the definition of footpath in the wiki the description of a footpath is something that is external to a building. There seems to have been some discussion on defining a corridor but it doesn't seem to have progressed to being an option under highways yet. Also, a footpath suggests some so...
32016-05-11 21:33:15 UTCGinaroZ Can't see where it says highway=footway must be external in the wiki.

A footpath without any access tag suggest public access, but in this case the way had access=permissive. If you're worried about opening times then might be an idea to add them to the Buchanan Galleries building?

Plenty of o...
12016-05-10 20:05:22 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for adding the maxheight - though it should be in the form of 10'9" rather than ft and in - I've sorted it :)
12016-05-10 16:23:49 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for adding the car dealer to the map - however I don't think you need the shop=car on the buildings as it's already on the surrounding area :)
22016-05-10 20:19:09 UTCmarkbegbie Fixed. Thanks for the pointer.
12016-05-10 10:29:18 UTCGinaroZ Hi, thanks for the edit. Just to let you know I've changed the access road at Redwell Primary School to be highway=service rather than residential :)
12016-05-09 21:38:14 UTCGinaroZ Hi, is there really a break in the B9080 at this location ?
22016-05-10 14:29:30 UTCtms13 No, there's not supposed to be a gap - looks like the section under the bridge (with reduced lane count and possibly height limit) got deleted. I'll fix it as soon as I get back to my editing workstation (tonight, I hope).
12016-05-03 19:36:33 UTCGinaroZ Has the name of this pub really changed to northface?
22016-05-04 13:15:36 UTCeric_ No (I just asked them directly). So I changed the name as it was previously
12016-04-24 21:07:16 UTCGinaroZ "WH" isn't a good changeset comment - what exactly did you change?
12016-04-22 11:54:00 UTCGinaroZ Hi, notice you've made some changes to opening hours. Can I suggest you take a look at the wiki to understand how to correctly format the opening_hours tag? hours#Examples
22016-04-22 12:29:08 UTCpavo_ Thanks for the link. To be honest the current state of the opening hours tag is just a total pain to me. Half the time I'm tempted not to bother as it's the most time consuming aspect of fixing/adding a pin. We really need to copy the Google Map Maker system for the hours tag!
32016-04-22 13:21:37 UTCSomeoneElse For info, the relevant iD enhancement request is . It appears that the reason why it wasn't supported almost from day 1 was that the schema is too complicated :)
(FWIW I'm also guilty of typing the opening hours in in English and letting someone who c...
12016-04-20 12:06:11 UTCGinaroZ Hi, what is #arupnewcastle?
12016-04-18 14:38:45 UTCSomeoneElse Just checking - is (a) still there and (b) in the right place? Looking at it now I suspect that Brighthouse extends a bit further to the west.
22016-04-18 15:36:38 UTCGinaroZ This changeset is simply to correct the shop= tag - the nodes have not been surveyed.
32016-04-18 16:03:36 UTCSomeoneElse Ah, OK - I'll have to check myself. By the way, it can be problematical "correcting" tags - when betting vs bookmaking was discussed on the talk-gb list at least one person sought to make a distinction between a bookmaker who sets his own odds and "runs his own book" and a shop ...
12016-04-14 17:44:02 UTCtrigpoint Hi, thank you for your edit however are you sure they are all bookmakers? Did you visit them to check?
Ladbrookes operate casinos as well as bookmakers, therefore edits such as this require an on the ground survey.
Cheers Phil
22016-04-14 21:47:50 UTCGinaroZ Nope, haven't visited them, however Coral and Betfred are tag fixes (bookmakers).
12016-04-11 07:41:15 UTCpoornibadrinath @meadowgreen
You should not be using Google/yahoo as a source of information for addition of any data on OSM. Look in here for more information -
Also there is some excellent documentation about ...
22016-04-14 13:21:56 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just fyi Coral should be shop=bookmaker :)
12016-04-07 22:01:34 UTCGinaroZ what?
22016-04-08 07:39:17 UTCSomeoneElse @Ginaroz the comment before yours looks like spam - I'll hide it.
12016-03-23 11:32:20 UTCGinaroZ Why did you change this from a path to a footway?
22016-03-23 11:39:09 UTCMike Baggaley because it has footway=sidewalk. The help on Tag:footway=sidewalk says, "Use footway=sidewalk along with highway=footway to tag sidewalks". Is there some reason you think it should not be a footpath?
12016-03-17 12:46:07 UTCSomeoneElse Would it be possible to explain what the change here actually was? "Solve coastline error lines" doesn't really describe it. the last two changesets affecting are "Fixing boundary..." and "Solve coastline...", so I su...
22016-03-17 12:54:17 UTCSK53 Yes more detailed comments would be appreciated. We only realised 2 days ago that the Western Isles are a complete mess: there are likely to be coastline & boundary problems as we work to get islands to actually fit in the boundary. For reference when I started working on this again this morning...
32016-03-17 12:58:09 UTCGinaroZ Doesn't help the confusion when the changeset has coastline changes in the Western Isles and also Italy!
42016-03-17 18:11:28 UTCjptolosa87 In this changeset I put source "OSM Inspector". Then you can know that I solve errors in coastline lines (like intersections with itself):,coastline_error_li...
12016-02-29 15:40:51 UTCGinaroZ Hi John, noticed you had tried to change the name of this road. Problem is instead of changing the name, you added duplicate roads - next time just change the name and don't add another road!

You can also split roads so that different sections have different names.

I've fixed the problem here ...
22016-02-29 15:43:32 UTCJohn Findlay Thanks. I've since learnt how to split roads without duplicating them.
12016-02-14 00:12:32 UTCGinaroZ thanks for adding Mitchelston Ind Est and the Dunfermline suburbs, beat me to it :)
12016-02-12 14:26:23 UTCGinaroZ Hi Dave, just to let you know you added a few duplicate towns/villages/hamlets near Rothesay in this changeset. I've deleted them :)
22016-02-13 09:23:11 UTCmidlandsdave Thanks, & thanks for letting me know. Can't workout where I screwed up. Did I duplicate existing nodes, or add additional labels to existing features?
32016-02-13 23:45:34 UTCGinaroZ I noticed three places that were duplicated - Port Bannatyne, Ardbeg and Rothesay - it was a big changeset so didn't check further.
12016-02-04 12:37:29 UTCGinaroZ Hi, noticed you added these zebra crossings. Having travelled along this road I can tell you they should be pelican crossings, so I have changed them :)
12016-02-02 20:20:28 UTCSomeoneElse Er - do you really think that there is still an active "phones4u" shop in the Strand? It seems unlikely - see .

Although as the above article points out a fair few of them were on l...
22016-02-02 20:39:41 UTCGinaroZ These edits were to bring all of the mobile phone shops into line using shop=mobile_phone. In this case phones4u was using cell_phone, many other were using phone(s), electronics, telecomms, etc.

As you say without a survey is required (although street view shows it's now an EE shop). But at leas...
32016-02-02 20:53:41 UTCSomeoneElse Well we can't use Google Streetview; obviously :)

The danger with updating data without checking it for validity is that it'll look more recently updated than it actually is. I would be very surprised if anyone would object to a mechanical edit of cell_phone to mobile_phone, but it's just common...
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