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12018-05-10 09:19:59 UTCff5722 Title should be: PNJ (Phú Nhuận Jewelry) shops imported
12018-04-18 15:31:24 UTCff5722 你要选择道路种类完成绘图后:
12018-04-18 15:21:37 UTCff5722 应该用building=yes、这样大楼会将是可见的
12018-04-10 11:05:51 UTCff5722 你应该不添加个人信息
12018-04-10 11:01:17 UTCff5722 Why did you delete all these boundaries?
12018-04-06 15:02:15 UTCff5722 Hello,

Why did you delete all these objects? Are the closed or demolished?
12018-03-21 21:36:16 UTCff5722 Landuse=residential 会更好因为是小区像的地区,不是一栋大楼。然后可以添加个别大楼。
12018-02-10 08:00:00 UTCkatpatuka Hi ff5722,
Can you tell me which imagery you've used to trace way 489820175 and other ways around Qian River? Digital Globe and even ESRI World Imagery is quite good there around... I'd also appreciate if you could add the infamous source tag to ways... ;)
22018-02-10 10:19:40 UTCff5722 This is from 10 months ago, no Digital Globe and Esri available back then (only since May 2017, less than 10 months ago). It must be from Sentinel-2 then, maybe i mistook a natural feature for a road. I will correct it now.
32018-02-10 10:28:18 UTCkatpatuka ok, never mind. ;)
42018-02-10 10:41:12 UTCff5722 You can see it looks different on new imagery (this is from 25-12-2017):

The road along the riverbank seems to be under construction, and the under construction road does exist.
52018-02-10 11:00:44 UTCkatpatuka If the Sentinel imagery is not further zoomable I would not use it because you couldn't tell if it's actually a road, railway or pipeline which is being built - I'd rather wait some more months till "normal" imagery gets updated.
62018-02-10 11:02:12 UTCff5722 For motorways it can be cross checked with Chinese news reports, and sometimes it's obvious that it connects to existing roads (like a ring road around a town)
12018-02-03 11:40:40 UTCff5722 Hello,

Just curious, but how did you know this tunnel is curved?
22018-02-03 15:31:11 UTCbadenk
32018-02-03 16:09:58 UTCff5722 Thanks a lot, interesting read
42018-02-03 17:28:43 UTCbadenk Here is another good paper:
12018-01-28 11:44:40 UTCff5722 It seems that the nodes you deleted were the location of a road although not tagged correctly, this is still valid map data.
22018-01-28 12:08:00 UTCmueschel Hi,
that's also what I wrote to ntlong1974 - the information might be useful, but needs proper tagging. Most of the nodes were placed along existing roads, only few pieces contain new roads.
A fair amount of them were off by several 100 meters from the actual road as far as I can tell from existin...
32018-01-28 12:09:12 UTCff5722 Ok thank you, then i understand why you deleted all of them.
12018-01-17 15:24:22 UTCff5722 This way

and this way

seem to be errors, is that right? if not, they should connect to existing ways.
22018-01-20 00:41:24 UTCTuanIfan Hi ff5722, thanks for letting me know about the mistakes. I don't remember when and how I created them, but it looks very incorrect for sure. I already deleted them.

12017-12-23 15:30:42 UTCff5722 Hi, I have some comments about this import.

You added address nodes with several keys that don't belong on addresses:

- boundary; this is for the ward (phường) is is in? Probably should be changed to 'addr:subdistrict'
- building: should be addr:housenumber
- landuse? I don't understand ...
12017-11-24 09:21:59 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check highway=traffic_signals on
Did you mean track?
22017-11-24 09:25:11 UTCGerdP Same here:
But that doesn't look like a hw=track.
32017-11-24 18:47:11 UTCff5722 Fixed, probably happened because of this issue
42017-11-24 19:08:57 UTCGerdP OK. The 2nd one is not yet fixed.
12017-11-19 09:36:52 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway=yrt
I guess you meant highway=tertiary?
22017-11-19 09:38:07 UTCff5722 yes, thanks, it was fixed :)
12017-11-04 21:51:54 UTCff5722 Do you know if the road on the Chinese side is open as well?
22017-11-04 22:07:46 UTCTuanIfan Hi ff5722, according to the following photo by Bao Quang Ninh, the highway on the Chinese side was open as well.
32017-11-04 22:08:53 UTCff5722 Ok thanks, I'll remove the construction tags there too
12017-10-31 10:37:54 UTCff5722 请不要删除现有的数据。你可以寻找帮助如果有些不清楚的事。
12017-10-31 10:28:29 UTCff5722 下次你可以求人帮你回滚旧版。🙂

12017-10-31 10:18:06 UTCff5722 You deleted subway lines, but why?
12017-10-15 10:22:25 UTCmllr I don't think this is correct. There are several ways changed in an incorrect manner.
22017-10-31 09:53:46 UTCff5722 Should have been corrected now
12017-10-30 19:54:37 UTCff5722 Next time, please do it for each province in a separate changeset so any possible mistakes could be reverted more easily.
12017-10-16 09:17:17 UTCff5722 I think it's better to avoid placeholder names like "村". Adding a node place=village without a name is sufficient, or draw a landuse=residential to render unnamed villages.
It could even be a nuisance later, if people use search tools to find places with missing names, the placeholder n...
22017-10-16 09:36:18 UTCkatpatuka One can also easily search for name=村 in an area. The point is it gets rendered and someone local might get curious or annoyed and might start to add the missing name (some day). GNS data for villages is VERY bad for Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces - In some regions there are no Chinese names given b...
32017-10-16 09:50:26 UTCff5722 That's right. There's not that much harm, it just looks a little silly. (with overpass you can also search for place=village without a name tag:
It's actually a problem of the renderer, a village with no name should be rendered with a dot for example.

Almost alway...
12017-09-28 16:29:35 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello partytax. You have introduced the new key `taxation`. What is it for? #newkey
22017-10-01 15:25:36 UTCff5722 @Harald
reverted it
obviously vandalism
12017-09-29 15:35:36 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello ff5722. At you have tagged `ay=1` instead of `layer=1`, right? #typo
22017-09-29 15:52:29 UTCff5722 correct, i just fixed it, thanks for notifying me
12017-09-23 09:06:23 UTCff5722
12017-09-07 13:38:50 UTCkatpatuka Hi ff5722,
Can you supply information about the source of ? The roads you added around 马庄 ( are somehow different from roads viewable on imagery...
22017-09-07 15:11:34 UTCff5722 It's from Sentinel-2 imagery like it says. Although the resolution is not high enough to be 100% sure, i suspect that around the village you mention the road was straightened recently, Sentinel-2 is usually up to half a year old for the most recent usable imagery.
32017-09-07 16:39:36 UTCkatpatuka Is there a Sentinel layer available for use with josm (and other editors) ?
42017-09-08 03:33:06 UTCff5722 Use these 2 guides, it can be done in a few minutes once you have done it a few times before. I'm on holiday now otherwise I'd gladly do it for you.
52017-09-08 03:35:35 UTCff5722 I think this is the geoTIFF file i used for here, so you can start from the second guide right away
62017-09-08 04:42:18 UTCkatpatuka Hm - that doesn't look like an easy way for beginners - download this and that... The pan baidu link shows a 404 not found btw

But thanks anyway ;)
72017-09-08 23:38:25 UTCff5722 The link should work, try to refresh it once.
You can view it directly as an image too if you want to verify my edits.
82017-09-09 04:57:20 UTCkatpatuka No - whatever I try I only get a 404. Anyway: imagery of Tianditu (see wikiproject China) is better for reservoir mapping.
12017-08-25 19:39:59 UTCSeandebasti and how do you know its G209 ? at way
22017-08-25 19:46:00 UTCff5722 I think I just searched Wikipedia or Baidu results for which major road passes through that area. Some of it was already traced roughly by others
32017-08-25 19:48:07 UTCff5722 I think in this particular case it follows from the route continuity that it must be G209 but if there is an explicit source that would be better
12017-08-25 19:38:52 UTCSeandebasti hey how d you get the copernicus data for tracing?
22017-08-25 19:44:22 UTCff5722
12017-06-28 20:21:20 UTCff5722 source should be DigitalGlobe Premium
12017-06-24 06:24:44 UTCbdiscoe Could you please explain what these edits are? I truly hope it is not the "USGS treecover 2010" which is derived from low-resolution LandSat which is entirely inappropriate for mass-import into OSM. Or did you get this import discussed and approved?
22017-06-24 06:26:16 UTCbdiscoe I spot-checked these imported forests and they bear no similarity to what is actually on the ground.
32017-06-24 06:59:54 UTCff5722 They are derived from usgs data, I added everything in manually checked chunks with background imagery enabled. Some places need more refinement, but 'no resemblance at all' seems exaggerated.

It was discussed in talk-cn.
42017-06-24 07:12:38 UTCff5722 See my documentation here:

I would say it is more comparable to using Scanaerial.

Admittedly the data from this area is not that good, but as i trace around this area manually often, I also expected to refine it soon by hand.
52017-06-24 07:47:44 UTCbdiscoe OK, it's possible that the places i checked were worse than average, but consider the fine-grained nature of these features, like at When the nodes are as close as 2.4m but the source data (Landsat) is 28m (!) then there is s...
62017-06-24 09:54:32 UTCff5722 I have simplified the ways in JOSM with a 15 m threshold, and merged or deleted all ways with less than 17 nodes. Some abberations redrawn from Bing. It should be a lot better now. Later i'll refine it from imagery more.
72017-06-24 18:06:07 UTCbdiscoe OK, thanks! I am much reassured that quality is being cared for and you aren't just making work for me to clean up later :)
12017-06-08 21:42:35 UTCalphensebezorger Hallo ff5722,
Ik vond dit adrespunt: De postcode lijkt mij niet zo bedoeld. Kan die weer in de gebruikelijke opmaak (zonder spatie) weergegeven worden? Bedankt.
22017-06-09 12:35:22 UTCff5722 gefixt
12017-05-30 20:35:25 UTCff5722 I accidentally reverted changeset #48561075 in the same layer, the rest of it is all around 武强县.
12017-05-15 18:26:23 UTCff5722 has the tag 'abbatoir=cat'

except for the fact that the key abbatoir is only used here, I don't think this business is really a slaughterhouse for cats.
22017-05-15 18:39:45 UTCSomeoneElse Strange as it may seem, as far as I could tell from the signage, really did appear to be an abbatoir specialising in cats.
32017-05-15 18:42:53 UTCff5722 Well there's a first for everything...

I have to believe you on this :)
42017-05-15 18:44:05 UTCSomeoneElse I was pretty surprised too :)
12017-03-31 16:26:31 UTCff5722 请不用简称象‘BLVD’
22017-03-31 16:32:58 UTCff5722 我已经修了😇
12017-03-28 10:19:48 UTCff5722 Hi, it's better to connect the bride to the road, so it can be used for pedestrian routing.

12017-03-25 20:25:08 UTCff5722 Why have you added this bridge as completed and accessible if it is nowhere close to completion even one year later? It will confuse people trying to use OSM data for routing.
22017-03-25 20:25:13 UTCff5722
12017-03-19 08:10:28 UTCff5722 道路真的只叫‘南’?
12017-02-27 11:52:16 UTCmueschel Hi,
what is the meaning of the tag "hiter=ter" you put on several ways here?

22017-02-27 12:44:47 UTCff5722 That should be highway=tertiary
I sometimes make typos and JOSM keeps suggesting those until restart. I will correct it asap.
12017-02-21 21:04:44 UTCff5722 What is the meaning behind points like these that you have uploaded?
22017-02-22 02:23:40 UTCSunng @ff5722 你好,这个有什么问题吗?
32017-02-22 19:08:37 UTCff5722 我的意思是名字例如'name=TP000045'
42017-02-23 02:41:38 UTCSunng 嗯,这很可能是当时编辑器导入 GPS 轨迹时自动引入了名字。Feel free to correct it.
52017-02-23 18:08:19 UTCff5722 嗯 可以,我会清它
12017-02-14 16:50:48 UTCff5722 source should be Mapbox
12017-02-04 19:08:19 UTCff5722 这是什么特征?
12017-01-31 13:15:54 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi, why you added a new unique key "g"= ? kr, Alex
22017-01-31 15:47:44 UTCff5722 sorry, this was probably a typo from 'generator:source' but I pressed TAB too soon or something. Thanks for noticing and fixing it
12017-01-30 13:21:42 UTCff5722 Could you not add codes as river names any more? Use 'ref=' to add references codes. And are the codes really relevant for the map?
12017-01-30 13:17:48 UTCff5722 Don't add generic names to objects with unknown names. The lack of a name already implies that it needs to be improved. To make villages without a name visible on the map, you can draw a landuse=residential area.
12017-01-22 14:52:10 UTCff5722 Hi,

For highways under construction you can use the tags highway=construction; construction=motorway

see here for an example:

This will prevent navigation software from using these roads.
22017-01-25 04:37:12 UTCdaxigua ah, thanks for your heads up. I have been marking them as cars=no in order to prevent navigation software routing onto them. I will change in order to tag properly. thanks
32017-01-25 04:41:44 UTCdaxigua a further note to request your editing in this location;
I travelled there a while back and many roads were a real mess, making routing a real issue. I have tidied much up, but it could do with some other eyes!
42017-01-25 07:55:36 UTCff5722 No problem, if you have any more questions you can also search the wiki:

I will take a look at the area :)
12017-01-24 17:44:38 UTCff5722 我假定这是误差,但是你除了’南阳市‘的node。我会回加。
12017-01-12 12:37:20 UTCff5722 I will change this to a hostel, as a camp site seems unlikely
12017-01-11 16:21:24 UTCff5722 I am not 100% sure about this, but I think the ferry has to be connected to a road, because piers are not routeable for most routing engines. Maybe it suffices to add a highway=service tag to the pier.
22017-01-11 17:52:29 UTC5R-MFT You are right. I already connected the Service road to the ferry line. at both Pier.
12017-01-09 19:26:03 UTCff5722 Is het oostelijke deel van de Buitenweg in Nieuwehorne recent veranderd?

Zoals ik het voor het laatst heb gezien is de Buitenweg berijdbaar voor autoverkeer, en is 'track', zoals het er eerst stond, dus correct.
Een 'path' in OSM, is gecla...
12017-01-08 10:18:06 UTCff5722 ‘服务中心’这是什么行政区划?
22017-01-08 10:18:28 UTCff5722 *请
12017-01-02 07:59:36 UTCff5722 Hi, you added 'name=assam' to a way, but this way is only part of an object, so it won't be visible on the map.
What does it refer to?
If it refers to the large forest area, you should put the name on
Oh, and use Capital Letters :)
12016-12-28 14:41:21 UTCff5722 Hello,

Please keep the Chinese name as main name. Maps for non-Chinese speakers can automatically display the english name if available.
22016-12-28 14:43:55 UTCff5722 Also, don't translate a name literally, unless it is done in media and other publications.

新城 remains Xincheng, not New City.,_Xi%27an

I will correct these occurences, but please be careful next time.
12016-12-27 09:52:56 UTCff5722 你好,你知道如果这个信息对不对?
12016-12-15 19:50:00 UTCff5722 Some village locations mayb be incorrect due to rough GNS data. I've moved them all manually to the most likely position. Also, in some cases, the Hanzi name is missing, this will have to fixed from survey or local knowledge.
12016-12-15 15:37:00 UTCSupaplex Is there a GPS trace for the ferry line?
22016-12-15 15:44:12 UTCff5722 No, you can add fixme=estimate or something similar, but I think it's obvious that it needs detailing
12016-12-12 09:48:09 UTCff5722 你添加了这个东西,可是没有足够信息。
12016-12-12 09:46:36 UTCff5722 你添加了这个东西,可是没有足够信息。
12016-12-12 09:26:11 UTCff5722 "Наша Хата"

Is this the name of a real business or is it literally your house?
12016-12-09 20:17:38 UTCff5722 Forgot to deselect, that's why the area is so large, sorry
12016-12-09 11:21:08 UTCff5722 Hi why did you add a housenumber to the place

Should it be on the townhall?

12016-12-08 11:05:32 UTCff5722 Can you explain what is the point of adding the date to a driveway every month?
Is the name change legit?
22016-12-09 05:22:44 UTCjuhanjuku How did you noticed such small detail :)
But yes, this is driveway to my backyard and I'm using it as timestamp to my changes.
12016-12-07 19:39:07 UTCff5722 Is dit geen vergissing, of is hier echt een flinke heuvel?
12016-12-07 16:27:55 UTCff5722 Hi, can you explain this relation?

Seems to me like the reason for this road is exactly to allow U-turns
12016-12-05 21:23:07 UTCff5722 Hi, can you also at least add the power=plant tag? makes it easier to find them to add more info later.
I will add them to existing ones myself.
22016-12-06 04:31:21 UTCkatpatuka Ok, sounds logical ;)
12016-12-05 15:48:36 UTCff5722 Hallo,

Dit punt heeft een onduidelijke functie. Is dit een fout, of kan er nog meer informatie worden toegevoegd?
12016-12-05 15:39:38 UTCff5722 Het is niet de conventie om een beschrijving als naam van het pad toe te voegen (het veld naam is enkel voor bijvoorbeeld officiële straatnamen). Als de route bekend is kan deze als relatie worden toegevoegd. Mocht je hierbij hulp nodig hebben dan kan dat op het forum:

12016-12-05 08:32:01 UTCff5722 如果興趣點不是单大厦,你应该不使用building=yes。

我也想提倡,看到'all tags' , 这样你能懂系统更好。然后如果你不知道用什么标签,你可以找到在wiki http://wiki.openstreetmap....
12016-12-01 11:46:52 UTCff5722 Je hebt de tunnel=yes tags weggehaald, zou je dit zelf weer kunnen herstellen?
22016-12-01 14:56:19 UTCDutchMapper Zal ik meteen doen :)
12016-11-30 13:26:39 UTCff5722 You connected a motorway to a tertiary road as level crossing. This only makes matters worse, please pay attention to the road types before connecting them.
22016-12-01 22:55:56 UTCridixcr Hi ff5722,

Thank you for notifying me about this. This was an oversight on my part. Hope this change hasn't done much damage to the map. I will henceforth be very careful about what I am editing on the map.

Thanks for your feedback
12016-11-30 09:50:28 UTCff5722 嗨,你加的桥是不对的,应该分开现有的道路,然后加bridge=yes在新的部分。
22016-11-30 09:55:45 UTCff5722 还有在交叉口 应该加一个连接点
12016-11-28 14:29:43 UTCff5722 Correction: not by
12016-11-28 10:35:45 UTCff5722 你添加名字‘步行街’,可是不是highway=pedestrian
12016-11-24 09:34:43 UTCff5722 Hello, thanks for helping to make the map in China more accessible for non Chinese speakers.
I just want to make you aware that the accepted tag for the Pinyin transcription is "name:zh_pinyin" (not "name:Pinyin"). Also, the Pinyin should be technically be written with tone mark...
22016-11-24 09:35:29 UTCff5722 Forgot to add the link. It is explained here:
32016-11-25 10:51:44 UTCBernhard Schoof Hi, thanks for the remarks. I just wrote it, as I found it on the street sign. I'm not familiar with the tone marks. So better I leave it off.
12016-11-23 16:49:24 UTCff5722 可能你没注意了,但是你给一个超市place=city tag
12016-11-23 13:02:15 UTCff5722 This POI was already present
12016-11-22 19:03:41 UTCff5722 Next time, could you comment on the original changeset that you reverted it? That would make it immediately clear that it was resolved already.
22016-11-23 09:00:11 UTCSomeoneElse @glglgl Thanks for fixing!

@ff5722 I'd suggest that sometimes there are reasons for not doing that such as when (as here) the "original mapper" seems to be an attention-seeking vandal.
12016-11-19 16:41:36 UTCff5722 Hi, thanks for taking the effort to trace so many roads! However I noticed some are very rough (e.g.
I would recommend you to try JOSM and the FastDraw plugin, it's more convenient and faster to draw roads using this.
12016-11-18 11:21:46 UTCff5722 This area is undergoing reconstruction. Be careful that you are not wasting time on drawing buildings that have already been demolished.

You can compare with more recent Google Maps imagery (do not trace, only compare!) to see if parts are demolished.,...
12016-11-01 13:49:25 UTCmuramototomoya Would you show your source for this edit? It seems no road here.
22016-11-07 12:07:11 UTCff5722 His other changeset also seems to be based on fantasy:
32016-11-07 12:37:08 UTCmuramototomoya I will revert this changeset in several days if no information is provided.
42016-11-12 09:18:57 UTCmuramototomoya Reverted.
12016-11-05 18:41:23 UTCff5722 Het lijkt me niet nuttig om een website aan een grasveld toe te voegen. Misschien beter om dit aan de adresnode van de kantine toe te voegen of maak bijv. een node aan met
12016-11-03 18:50:11 UTCff5722 You accidentally used ford=yes

I have corrected it
12016-11-02 16:17:15 UTCff5722 Hi, you removed the tags from this relation:

I have added them back, so it should be okay now. Please be careful about this next time. thanks!
12016-10-28 10:36:01 UTCff5722 Er mag wel gefietst worden over de Kluyverweg, ook al heeft deze het karakter van voetgangersstraat. Voor de routering zou dus bicycle=yes toegevoegd moeten worden.
12016-10-16 19:43:53 UTCff5722 Hi, you added the bus route names to the stop. Thanks for helping to improve the map, but in this case the information is redundant, as the line information is already present in the corresponding relation.
Unfortunately doesn't support this y...
12016-10-13 12:00:46 UTCff5722 Is there any more info/source on this service? I can't find any, and it seems quite out of place here. Could it be that it was moved accidentally?
12016-09-14 16:57:00 UTCff5722 Is this correct?

Maybe there is a more detailed source to smoothen these bends.
22017-09-23 16:25:59 UTCFreedSky 什么玩意- -
12016-09-14 16:52:28 UTCff5722 (some parts) are still under construction, so it should be tagged as

otherwise navigation software will aready route people over here
12016-09-06 06:57:41 UTCff5722 Hier is iets misgegaan lijkt het:
22016-09-06 09:19:43 UTCJJJWegdam Beste ff5722,

nadat ik de sporen in Flevoland heb vervangen hebben er verbouwingen plaatsgevonden rond Almere Centrum. Dit is gebeurd in:
Op het moment ben ik zelf een beetje druk met het begin van het academisch jaar. Graag verwijs ik u/je door n...
12016-08-24 16:40:10 UTCNiels Elgaard Larsen Be carefull with the access tag.
Today I was driving a car and was routed through the footway

The access=permissive overrides the default access for footways.
22016-08-24 17:27:32 UTCff5722 Thanks, I wasn't aware, should I add motor_vehicle=no then? Or just remove the general permissive tag and add foot=permissive?
32016-08-24 17:42:33 UTCNiels Elgaard Larsen Yeah, I had to look at it a few times before I realized what the problem was.

remove the general permissive tag and add foot=permissive to also keep horses and bikes off the footway
12016-08-17 18:13:06 UTCMarc-sch Hoi,

Onlangs heb je het gebouw Grotius College VMBO aangepast. Helaas is hierbij de door mij geimporteerde bouwkundige tekening verloren gegaan. Hierdoor kloppen zowel de contouren als de locatie van het gebouw niet meer. Daarnaast betreft het niet het Grotius, maar SC Delfland. Graag enkel aanpa...
22016-08-17 19:29:55 UTCff5722 Ik heb alleen de naam toegevoegd zoals je kunt zien
12016-08-05 16:26:52 UTCff5722 Hi, could you confirm whether the ferry you added leaves for this terminal on the other side?

Thanks in advance!
22016-08-05 16:33:32 UTCff5722 And also if it is for cars or just for foot/bike traffic.
12016-08-03 11:11:50 UTCff5722 Hallo,
Je hebt het voetpad nu getagd als access=yes, maar voor bijna alle transportmodes als 'no'. Als het een privé pad is, dan is access=private of access=no voldoende.
12016-07-26 15:34:46 UTCff5722 你好,
例如: ‘添加了房子’
22016-07-27 03:34:29 UTCtonybuaa 知道了,后面会注意的。
12016-07-24 07:02:46 UTCrazor74 Thats because didnt extract data from server before edit. It only uploads data. In fact users edit "in blind" and they didn't see what it is in the database...
22016-07-24 09:30:23 UTCff5722 downloaded maps are up to a 2 months or so behind OSM data, that is, if the users keeps his/her downloaded maps up to date from

Users can't add any POIs that are not rendered by
12016-07-23 06:50:35 UTCff5722 Kun je aangeven waarop je dit gebaseerd hebt? De weg is in verkeersintensiteit en buiten de dorpen ook in belijning en breedte gelijk aan andere N wegen in de omgeving. Bovendien is het een belangrijke doorgaande weg tussen de A32 en de N381.
22016-07-25 20:56:54 UTCMartien Sch Beste ff5722,

Ik vind de weg zelf 'minder' dan de N351 die een paar kilometer zuidelijker parallel ligt. De weg is smaller, vooral in de dorpen. Druk is de route ook niet echt. De N351 is voor het meeste langereafstandsverkeer de logischere keus.

Maar ik geef je gelijk, de N392 en N353 zijn ni...
12016-07-13 20:34:47 UTCff5722 What type of object should this be?
12016-07-07 18:12:45 UTCff5722 Have you checked 'Raw GPS data' at the top of the JOSM download dialog? It will fetch GPS traces from OSM (if available), so that you can see possible offset.
12016-05-20 14:45:45 UTCff5722 Har du tagget det her 'farmyard' med vilje?
Det er en brolagt gården:

(Og bygningen omkring den er en uddannelse bygning.)
22016-05-20 20:12:00 UTCHjart Ja, det er mig. Jeg syntes ikke det er helt ved siden af. Den type plads er ret tæt på hvad en "farmyard" egentlig er og efter min opfattelse omtrent lige så passende som "highway=footway;area=yes" og lignende. Bemærk at det er første gang jeg fors&...
12016-05-18 15:51:28 UTCdvdhoven Ik heb de Brink bij de Hoofdbrug weer doorgeknipt. Het fietsknooppuntennetwerk had er last van en kon niet meer afslaan.
Mijn aanbeveling: kijk heel goed uit met doorverbinden van wegen. Wegen zijn vaak door geknipt omdat er relaties op liggen. Als je dan gaat doorverbinden gaan de relaties kapot. ...
22016-05-18 16:34:49 UTCff5722 Sorry, ik gebruik meestal JOSM en daar is het iets duidelijker als je een relatie wijzigt. Bedankt voor het repareren!
12016-05-14 18:46:34 UTCff5722 JOSM told me the last changeset was uploaded already...
12016-05-10 08:11:58 UTCHjart Is the shop=second_hand you created here really a ?
22016-05-10 09:18:10 UTCff5722 Det siger 'Genbrug' på facaden. Men jeg har ikke var inden i butiken.

Jeg var ikke sikker om den var 'charity' eller for profit. Det siger her den er en butik af Nødhjælp, så butiken skal være 'charity'.
32016-05-10 09:31:49 UTCHjart Tak. Der er åbenbart endnu ikke nok af dem i OSM til at de har deres egen ikon, men ihvertfald i Danmark er sådanne genbrugsbutikker blevet ret almindelige og personligt kan jeg godt lide at handle i dem, så jeg ser gerne at der bliver kortlagt flere ;-)
12016-04-03 10:27:45 UTCHjart Keeping highway=* and landuse separate is usually a very good idea
22016-04-03 11:28:35 UTCff5722 thanks, you fixed it already as far as I can see
32016-04-03 11:34:43 UTCHjart Hah, yeah. I spotted a bunch of stuff needing updates :-)
12016-03-29 16:26:54 UTCHjart What do you mean by "zoning"?
22016-03-29 16:27:58 UTCff5722 landuse=grass, so technically not zoning maybe
32016-03-29 16:33:40 UTCHjart Ah, thank you. Just didn't see anyone else use that term :-)
12016-03-19 19:13:21 UTCHjart Rør venligst ikke ved adressenoder. Reglerne siger de skal være indenfor et vist antal meter fra indgangsdøren.
22016-03-19 19:18:29 UTCff5722 Undskyld, godt at vide nu.
12016-03-16 20:52:31 UTCHjart Er du sikker på at stenen har sin egen officielle webside?
22016-03-16 21:00:01 UTCff5722 Der skal være 'description' så?
32016-03-16 21:06:45 UTCHjart Jeg tror "url" vil være mere passende for et link der bare indeholder lidt info om emnet. Men en uddybende "description" er i mange tilfælde også godt.
42016-03-16 21:07:32 UTCHjart Det er jo også ret begrænset hvad der er at læse om ham på den side :-)
52016-03-16 21:13:54 UTCff5722 Som du kan se fra billede på website er den mindesten selv også ikke enormt informativ...
62016-03-16 21:23:01 UTCHjart Ok. jeg søgte på og fandt kun et navn. Den side du har angivet er selvfølgelig meget bedre. Undskyld.
12016-03-15 18:12:45 UTCHjart For toiletter i større bygninger kan det være en god ide at tilføje en beskrivelse i stil med
22016-03-15 18:15:05 UTCHjart Jeg sidder iøvrigt og følger med på :-)
32016-03-15 18:31:48 UTCff5722 Jeg kender ikke hvordan jeg kunne sige det i dette tilfælde, fordi hovedingangen er ikke altid i brug. Og den er meget nemt for at finde. Så, måske kunne en anden beskrive den. Jeg tilføjer en beskrive i fremtidige redigeringer.

Og jeg forstår ikke hvad du mener med...
42016-03-15 18:42:44 UTCHjart *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
12016-03-13 09:28:56 UTCHjart De nyere billeder fra Geodatastyrelsen viser et lidt ændret forløb, så jeg tillader mig lige at revertere dette rettesæt.
22016-03-13 09:55:52 UTCff5722 They added a new cycle path and shifted the road a bit.
This is approximately the same place, totally different road lay-out.
32016-03-13 10:04:00 UTCHjart When?

Please note that use of Google products when editing OSM is not allowed (copyright)
42016-03-13 10:11:26 UTCHjart Please note that the new layout is visible in Geodatastyrelsen imagery. You basically shifted the road back to its older layout.
52016-03-13 10:11:32 UTCff5722 I am aware of that, it was just to show the old situation to you. And I don't know when it was changed, I haven't been in the area for that long.

62016-03-13 10:29:41 UTCHjart Btw. Appears we have some pretty fresh imagery here (which we're allowed to use):
72016-03-13 10:41:10 UTCff5722 I have to be in that direction today, so I might do a GPS trace as well
82016-03-13 10:47:07 UTCHjart Thank you. All the existing gps-traces (in OSM's repository) along Vasevej follows the older layout. Strava cycling heatmaps ( follows the new though :-)
12016-03-12 21:49:02 UTCHjart Der mangler et stykke af Skovbrynet ved overgangen over banen nu. Er det korrekt?
22016-03-12 22:02:57 UTCff5722 Nej, undskyld :)
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