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12018-08-28 13:03:33 UTCTiks Wrong message.I deleted the name French international school; this school has moved away 2 years ago.
12018-08-23 22:39:08 UTCTiks The correct English name of this place seems to be Donggang Museum of Photography.
22018-08-24 14:16:27 UTCIan Wagner Hello @Tiks,

You're welcome to make the relevant updates. Unfortunately I'm not really sure what node you're referring to. This changeset is part of a mass edit to clean up romaised names. The English names are an entirely different tag altogether and shouldn't have been touched by this edit.

12017-11-07 07:32:26 UTCTiks In, I can only choose supermarket as type, not marketplace, as should be here.
22017-11-08 08:10:17 UTCmbethke Thanks for the note, I just transferred the tags to the existing building and deleted the node
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