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12017-12-04 10:52:15 UTCmsevilla00 Some name=* tags are incorrect and should be substitute with access=* have a look to:
22017-12-04 10:55:13 UTCmsevilla00 I guess it could be access=hgv
32017-12-04 10:58:41 UTCmsevilla00 No! I was wrong, above is for restriction to trucks. If you want to specify only truck road you should use this: hgv=designated more info:
12016-08-04 22:16:33 UTCwoodpeck What do you mean with "change road rev for Rand McNally maps" - you are not copying data from Rand McNally are you?
12016-02-17 04:33:20 UTCjorge_o Hola MexicanRoad414:
Desde mi punto de vista no hace sentido agregar a los nombres "autopista de peaje" Ya que tiene Highway = motorway --> autopista y toll=Yes --> peaje
12016-02-01 14:30:45 UTCjorge_o Eso no es MEX 15
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