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12018-05-26 17:10:39 UTCmbranco2 hi ian727,
I don't understand the meaning of the way
532190183, what is it?
22018-05-26 17:47:46 UTCian727 Hi mbranco2,

I am very surprised that this line is suddenly assigned to my changeset. I have not added this line, however I 'touched' it multiple times during editing. As far as I could see someone put it to mark areas which do not have sattelite imagery coverage. However, this has changed some m...
12017-03-19 18:34:14 UTCrab Hi,
you are adding on problem after another.
Please see
Stop using ID
Never connect areas with roads
22017-03-19 19:00:44 UTCian727 I'm aware of the problem being shown in your link and I am not using this method anymore in my recent edits. The whole area will be re-mapped since I consider my old edits to be un-accurate - and, like you pointed out, mapped in a wrong way.

I do not see what you mean by "Never connect areas...
32017-03-19 21:36:25 UTCrab Sorry, I was a bit in a bad mood, after I was been pointed to your Edits several times in a row.
What I meant, are polygons like this.
This Landuse - Road glueing, will make future edits extremely unconvenient. You should also avoid to draw areas of th...
42017-03-19 21:41:59 UTCian727 No problem, I see what mistakes I did. However, those areas were mapped by me almost one year ago and I can assure you that my "mapping style" has changed, especially now that I was made aware of the complications. I'm currently reworking all the super-huge areas starting from the south of...
12016-06-01 08:04:42 UTCian727 Please do not classify residential dirt tracks as "tertiary highway". That's confusing and wrong, please check the OSM wiki for further information on how to classify roads/tracks.

Thank you.
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