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12017-12-07 06:10:41 UTCPaul Johnson Not sure if you're interested or not in this project that seems somewhat related to this edit.
22017-12-07 21:42:21 UTCDirtbagMadron Oh yeah I can definitely help with that in my area I've noticed most medians aren't marked.
32017-12-07 22:09:00 UTCPaul Johnson I discovered that the project above was too big for the tasker to handle in small enough chunks that the API would let you download, much less reasonable; trying it county by county this time around, in order of population.
12017-06-24 15:20:47 UTCPaul Johnson Names are not refs. And in some cases it appears that you have actually replaced a valid name with a ref on US 56, even though the name is cited. We should probably revert this...
22017-06-24 16:08:34 UTCPaul Johnson OK, left the geometry you provided, did reset the names
32017-07-02 19:46:20 UTCDirtbagMadron My apologies and thanks for reverting it
12016-01-24 04:05:21 UTCPaul Johnson Welcome to OSM! I see this is a large changeset with a short description, curious if you could tell me more about what changed.
22016-01-24 23:44:06 UTCDirtbagMadron Some road we're a bit off, I fixed some of those in the area. I also removed some Residential Roads that we're actually just driveways to houses. I may add those back as a different type of road a bit later on. Other than that, I just fixed a few errors around the area. I really didn't expect any re...
32016-01-25 00:16:14 UTCPaul Johnson A better strategy on driveways would be to change them to highway=service, service=driveway, access=private, especially in these boonies where driveways may lead to a residence a very long distance from a road. This map is often the first resource for humanitarian resources.
42016-01-25 00:24:57 UTCDirtbagMadron Ok, thanks for the tip. I'll work on the area that I removed them from. Didn't realise I could change a road from the side bar.
52016-01-25 00:37:10 UTCPaul Johnson If you're interested in looking into long-term and more than trivial editing, you might want to look into JOSM as an editor. id is excellent for small work, though JOSM is better for handling large scale or more precise work.
62016-01-25 00:43:36 UTCDirtbagMadron Ok, I'll look into it. Thanks a lot.
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