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12018-07-09 13:55:42 UTCSanniu look strange with path and motor_vehicle=designated, I know that the changeset is ancient, but may be you can solve that?
12018-01-20 12:01:15 UTCzstadler Hi,
. does not have any tags. Is it a track, path, or something else?
12017-12-04 21:23:27 UTCSanniu is very close but not connected, creating big island, can you check?
12017-11-04 22:20:25 UTCSafwatHalaby You've stuffed the construction status with the operator tag, but there are dedicated tags for this.
12017-11-04 15:42:27 UTCSanniu - it's look like coming back in straight line - very unnatural, can you check?
12017-10-01 19:21:41 UTCtdctdctdc Hi,

I noticed that this changeset copied name:en (Gishron Cliffs) to name:he and name (destroying the original hebrew name - צוקי גשרון).

I assume this was part of an automated process. Perhaps other nodes were affected as well.
12017-09-17 14:07:08 UTCzstadler Hi,
There is a conflict between defining a water source as a spring and as a water well.
From a recent update of the description, it looks like a man-made well.
12017-07-21 08:36:28 UTCzstadler Hi,
Please try to set the role of every member in a multipolygon. Leaving an empty role is deprecated, and an "outer" role is expected instead.
I've set the role of all members of to "outer".
12017-07-18 06:55:33 UTCSafwatHalaby What's the point of a 1-member multipolygon?
12017-06-29 07:52:59 UTCSafwatHalaby You added two conflicting oneways tags for this way:
12017-06-29 07:14:34 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
12017-06-19 08:02:42 UTCSanniu looks very strange...
12017-06-18 09:59:06 UTCSanniu - Is it Gal'ed or Even Yitshaq as primary name? There is mix in Hebrew names here.
12017-06-13 10:39:38 UTCSafwatHalaby Just curious: Why was "Karni Ramon" removed? Duplicate?
22017-06-13 10:40:33 UTCSafwatHalaby Nevermind. You added it back as a ridge.
12017-05-22 19:19:51 UTCSafwatHalaby This village name can cause confusion, The village known as פקיעין in Hebrew is known as אל בק'יעה in Arabic.
22017-05-22 19:21:16 UTCSafwatHalaby Also, are you sure it's the proper name? Such duplication is a bit odd.
12017-04-27 09:17:31 UTCSanniu have strange geometry, can you check?
22017-05-02 11:19:03 UTCSafwatHalaby Definitely an error in an attempt to mark scrubs/forests via Bing. Fixed in
12017-04-24 11:24:38 UTCSanniu Hi. You marked way as oneway, but it first node not connected to anything, can you look there?
12017-04-18 17:04:58 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi. Would you mind explaining the deletion of 226615133. It doesn't seem right, though I'm not sure. Did you remove the forest?
22017-04-18 17:07:27 UTCSafwatHalaby On further inspection: It appears you removed a big forest (which I know is there by local knowledge) and replaced it with several chunks of smaller forests. Could you explain?
32017-04-18 17:39:16 UTCvalleyofdawn The big forest was very crude. It covers forested and bare land. The smaller ones were hiding beneath it. These were imported from kkl data. It's time now to
complete the missing forest patches individually.
12017-04-16 09:44:19 UTCSafwatHalaby Why is Nof Hakarmel's highway marked "memorial"? Is this an error?
12017-04-04 13:44:57 UTCSanniu שביל הבשור looks really strange - self-intersections, staright line through the fields, etc. Can you check it?
12017-03-27 10:12:40 UTCzstadler Way
has no tags. What is it?
12017-03-27 10:12:05 UTCzstadler Way
has no tags. What is it?
12017-03-27 10:10:28 UTCzstadler Way
has no tags. What is it?
12017-01-24 10:53:38 UTCSanniu Way: 453049615 have no tags
22017-03-27 10:09:14 UTCzstadler Way
has no tags. What is it?
12017-02-22 12:14:04 UTCSanniu Look like this changeset adds many duplicate tracks, osmose is jumping at many tracks added here. E.g. Way: 474173611
12017-01-19 11:26:57 UTCSanniu Way: 100132812 - Missing tag or role on way - should be path?
12017-01-16 10:41:29 UTCSanniu Is there roundabout on road 384 on entrance to Ramat Beit-Shemeh? It's now glued from pieces and not marked as one-way nor roundabout, but look such from it geometry.
12017-01-12 08:40:31 UTCSanniu Look like you added some areas without other tags (e.g. Way: 250927015), should them be removed or you can add tags to them?
12015-11-10 19:51:55 UTCGerdP please review: the tag
is invalid.
22015-11-14 13:23:13 UTCGerdP I've changed it to highway=path
12015-10-12 13:46:19 UTCGerdP please review:
I assume the relation should get the tag
colour=red instead of many highways in this area?
Also, way 78188590
has now the invalid tag
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