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12017-06-28 15:15:19 UTCrussdeffner Hi, while reviewing the project it appears maybe you had a very offset imagery set or something, looking at Bing, DG and Mapbox imagery I don't see any buildings in this area. I have gone ahead and removed the buildings but do let me know if somehow you are using more recent imagery or otherwise how...
12017-03-31 14:16:43 UTCrussdeffner Hi @cmos28 - your buildings look great, however, you added this driveway without tagging it highway=service. Fixed in

Also, please include a changeset comment describing what you intended to do so it's easier for other mappers, like me, to fix if ...
12017-03-27 19:39:14 UTCrab
Stop this please
22017-03-27 19:40:36 UTCrab
32017-03-27 23:38:11 UTCrussdeffner Hi @rab - I was/am confused; is there something wrong with my changeset? Or are you just alerting me to this other changest? I see you commented there, but is there now a river missing that you previously mapped? Do we need to revert (partially) that other changeset? Looks like a very new mapper tha...
12017-01-12 19:30:41 UTCrussdeffner Hi, it seems you traced roads from a high zoom level where roads existed traces much more accurately. I am exploring maybe reverting this changeset and others. Please make sure you are contributing high quality edits that are not in conflict with existing data.
22017-01-12 19:59:13 UTCrussdeffner Reverted in changeset 45114608.
12016-07-23 01:28:56 UTCHedaja Hi Russ,
I didn't mean to cause trouble. Basically the San Isabel National Forest Relation had the landuse=forest tag. But having this tag directly on the borders made it impossible to adjust the real forest outline. Thats why I more or less duplicated the relation segments to make a new separate r...
22016-09-16 21:17:43 UTCrussdeffner Christian, I typically think of the 'political' boundaries as a separate 'layer' versus the natural features. So it sounds like you're on the right track.
12016-07-05 23:21:24 UTCrussdeffner Just FYI - the wilderness sections of the Colorado Trail are not open to Bicycles; so not sure tagging the whole relation is correct:
22016-07-06 08:41:13 UTCRichard Hm, yes. I downgraded it from route=bicycle to route=mtb, so I'm not adding any incorrectness that wasn't there already :), but I guess it probably needs two relations (one mtb route, one walking route).
32016-07-06 13:54:36 UTCrussdeffner Ha, yes - I tried to look at the history of the relation but it failed to load on the main website. So, thanks for clarifying, probably overzealous cyclist :) But agree that if we want to show the bike version of the Colorado Trail it should be different than the hiking version. Is that something yo...
12016-07-05 23:25:38 UTCrussdeffner This is not correct, although road quality is poor, it is still a county 'maintained' "residential" road, looking to fix.
12016-06-21 14:18:56 UTCrussdeffner Hi, in order to make sure we didn't lose good mapping; I have reverted this changeset here:
12016-06-21 13:32:28 UTCrussdeffner Hi, I see roads in the imagery, just because it is private or not a thru-road doesn't mean it is not a road. btw, welcome to OSM visit for guides
22016-06-21 14:18:49 UTCrussdeffner In order to restore data (we'll fix up soon), I have reverted this changeset here:
12016-06-21 14:10:51 UTCrussdeffner I'm not sure what you tried to accomplish here, road is still there; but is the whole section now just cycleway, or where does road end/trail begin in relation to that bridge?
12016-06-21 14:03:59 UTCrussdeffner Removed name=tunnel and added layer in
12016-06-21 14:03:53 UTCrussdeffner Removed name=tunnel, changed to highway=path as appears in
12016-06-21 14:03:44 UTCrussdeffner Thanks for fixing this up, I can see the changes in most recent Mapbox imagery; tried to fix it up a bit more in
12016-06-06 14:04:05 UTCrussdeffner Hi jiyach, it seems you marked large areas with the building tag; I think you want to delineate the 'neighborhood' and that is better with the landuse key.
22016-06-06 14:24:48 UTCjjyach Yes, thank you for fixing that. I fixed a few others as well
12016-05-26 14:55:41 UTCrussdeffner This should not have been switched from a landuse polygon to flood extent. We are looking at reverting this changeset.
22016-05-26 15:06:09 UTCrussdeffner This changeset has been reverted, please contact me if you have questions.
32016-05-27 06:22:48 UTCOmar Arinze The landuse polygon clearly mapped out an area affected extensively by the recent flood that marred the country. the entire area mapped out shows the extent of the flood. Thats why i mapped it over. Sorry about that mate.
42016-05-27 14:29:52 UTCrussdeffner Understand, but it was a landuse polygon, so that's what the mapper intended it to be. Also, project 1914 as your changeset comment implies only asked for buildings, and roads if needed; so if you are doing something else, please change the comment.
12016-03-12 21:18:23 UTCrussdeffner Hi, I think in this changeset you created this railway bridge - just to note, I'm pretty sure this railway is still in operation ( - so, I'm going to 'put it back in operation'; just wanted to inform you ...
12016-03-10 15:15:59 UTCrussdeffner Hi, just a quick note - I notice this and many of your changesets don't have a comment. Please put a little description of what you did so other mappers can better understand and verify the results are what you intended. Happy Mapping!
22016-03-11 15:19:58 UTCrab "I wouldn't call them 'expert' as they still don't use changeset comments correctly after 8 years :) "

Thank you for that helpfull comment
12016-03-10 00:38:00 UTCrussdeffner Hi, I deleted everything in this changeset, maybe it was accidental, but obviously not existing map features. Feel free to reach out if you need help.
12015-11-04 02:18:38 UTCrussdeffner Thanks for this contribution and welcome to OSM! Please include a changeset comment with your edits.
12015-10-15 23:06:21 UTCrussdeffner Welcome to OSM, I made some further edits but am not sure looking at the TIGER overlay whether or not you intended to/should have changed the name as there are now two Platte River Courts in the area. Messaged you as well in more detail.
12015-08-28 13:43:44 UTCrussdeffner Hello, thanks for adding the address information to this building. I see you registered your account years ago but this is your first edit, so welcome; a great place to start learning OSM is - I just have one request and that is to put a changeset comment, so others can more quic...
22015-08-28 13:57:44 UTCSkyBSky No problem. I updated this structure with house information I happen to know about as a way of exploring the available tags in the OSM schema. It looks pretty usable for some things I'm working on, mapping specific features of U.S. campgrounds.
12015-05-17 20:01:00 UTCrussdeffner Hi James, this should not be tagged as a building; it appears to be a commercial or industrial site with several building within. I will fix it up, but refer to the wiki for tagging information (
12015-04-03 19:37:42 UTCrussdeffner Hi kboden, it appears you mistakenly deleted part of Lincoln Street as well as some other questionable edits in this changeset. I also messaged you, but if this isn't corrected soon I will begin the process of reverting these 'bad' edits. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or need help.\...
12015-01-17 19:19:01 UTCrussdeffner Hello again, thanks for the contributions!
12015-01-10 03:23:58 UTCrussdeffner Thanks for this information, however we try to avoid abbreviations in OSM, can you expand the name of this museum, or let me know and I can. Also in your changeset comment you say "Small general store", is that incorrect or does the nearby building contain both?
22015-01-10 03:26:46 UTCrussdeffner Oh, oops, not sure what I was looking at but now see this changeset contains various edits, my comment was regarding the "PPHS" museum, I now assume your changeset comment was regarding the Ponderosa Country Store, so disregard that.
12015-01-07 21:36:21 UTCrussdeffner Hello, just a small request to use the Changeset comments so us other mappers can more easily tell what changes/additions you made, thanks!
12015-01-04 00:11:27 UTCrussdeffner Hello DavidYJackson, I have a couple comments, one - please use Changeset comments (i.e. when you save) this helps collaborate and other mappers (like myself) can better understand what you intended. In this case I came across a mistake where you have "Mosquero:Harding County Courthouse" a...
12014-12-15 18:12:52 UTCrussdeffner Hello James GIS, thanks for the contribution to OSM but I think you are not updating your changeset comment as the area you edited is Breckenridge, CO but your comment begins "Lincoln, NE"; please remember to use an appropriate changeset comment so others can (more) easily follow.
22015-02-13 07:13:20 UTCJames GIS Yes, that was my previous edit. My JOSM doesn't clear out the comment section seeding it with the last comment. I noticed it, right after I'd clicked upload. Sorry about that.
12014-12-09 23:50:15 UTCrussdeffner Thank you for adding the restaurant to OpenStreetMap. However, it appears you accidentally extended Boreas Pass Road. I think I got it fixed in Changeset: 27368217. Just be careful and feel free to ask if you have any problems. Happy Mapping!
12014-12-05 16:22:24 UTCrussdeffner Hello, thanks for this contribution to OSM! However, it looks like you may have accidentally deleted South Cottonwood Court in your changeset; and maybe you were using poor imagery as many of your building outlines were not accurately reflecting the size and shape of the buildings, in my case I used...
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