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12017-03-17 22:21:29 UTCWarin61 Errors on relationship Lake Cakora;Cakora Lagoon (7017874, v1).

Multiple names ... the name tag should only carry one name. If there are other names .. then use alt_name,

Next .. the ways of this relationship intersect. It looks to me like you ...
22017-03-17 22:25:43 UTCWarin61 Humm looking at the history .. I would remove the relationship. The northern way I would tag as the lake, and I'd reapply the southern way as the lagoon.
12017-03-17 05:48:33 UTCWarin61 2 relationships .. contain no information.
3rd relation has both buildings as roofs and shop convenience.
All relationships deleted.
One way is now tagged as the roof. The other way is tagged as building retail with sop convenience. Added node - amenity=fuel, operator Woolworths.
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