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12018-02-24 02:17:33 UTCgrouper Hi Remax, thanks for your updates in the Stuart area. I think you are over-using service=parking_aisle. For example, the service road loop around the mall is not a parking_aisle.
22018-04-11 02:57:25 UTCRexma423 Thanks, I understand now.
32018-04-11 02:59:28 UTCRexma423 Thanks a lot, grupero.
42018-04-11 13:46:49 UTCgrouper I see what you you did with that, that's funny. I guess my dexlexia was kickin in.
12017-09-14 19:56:16 UTCgrouper Hey - welcome to OSM! I've got a hunch that meadow was for pokemon. Am I right? - please only map real stuff - if it matches up for pokemon fine, otherwise keep it out of OSM.
22017-09-14 20:04:16 UTCJpw03 It am using it for that, but the area really does have a ton of small flowers, is that not a meadow? I could just be mistaken on what is considered a meadow. Either way sorry if I marked it incorrectly, wasn't my intention at all!
32017-09-14 20:19:42 UTCgrouper OK, no problem - thanks for responding so quickly. There's a lot of fake pokemon mapping going on in OSM these days, so some of us old timers are a little sensitive about it and most people don't respond back. So thanks for being conscientious. Here's a link to the meadow tag - http://wiki.openstree...
42017-09-14 20:45:54 UTCJpw03 Ahh I can totally understand the confusion! I definitely wouldn't add something I didn't think was the real deal. After looking at the wiki page it does appear it would be a meadow, it has many small white flowers that arent really visible with the overhead view. Thanks so much for letting me know a...
52017-09-14 22:02:54 UTCgrouper Sounds good. Your welcome!
12017-09-10 17:33:49 UTCgrouper This is a barely visible track and it doesn't connect to anything. I changed it from unclassified to highway=track. Please finish connecting this to something or it needs to be deleted. Did you map with a GPS?
12017-09-10 14:05:29 UTCgrouper I reverted your fake data changeset. You have been warned in the past about vandalism and the DWG is now aware your activities.
12017-06-06 16:44:52 UTCgrouper Hello, if you want add your business, add it as a point in the correct location. Add a physical address, proper business classification and other contact info, but don't make it spammy or it will be deleted.
12017-02-22 20:47:56 UTCgrouper Hello, the details you've been adding look great overall. Just a couple things on this changeset. Draw a polygon around the whole retail plaza and tag as landuse=retail. Name it if you know it. Buildings are tagged as building=yes or can be building=retail. The service streets inside the plaza shoul...
12017-02-20 04:38:30 UTCgrouper Thanks for your detailed edits. A suggestion is to not glue features to each other unless they really should be. For example, landuse=retail should be its own standalone polygon and represent the area of a retail plaza, basically the parcel boundary and not be tied to service ways. And parking shou...
12017-02-03 21:24:36 UTCgrouper Reverted - too many fake sutures added
12017-02-03 21:20:36 UTCgrouper Reverted - too many fake features added
12017-01-31 18:57:28 UTCgrouper Welcome to OSM! You added a farmyard and I don't see a farmyard on the aerial photo. Can you confirm there is a farm there? I noticed other edits where you are naming sidewalks. Are there signs showing the names of these sidewalks?
12017-01-27 04:17:38 UTCgrouper Please double check the aerials and potential reality. This edit appears to be blindly following a false reality.
12017-01-27 03:32:06 UTCgrouper Is this really a park?
22017-01-27 12:52:01 UTCraviloga Yes, street arts being exhibited here.
12017-01-27 03:28:44 UTCgrouper Does this patch of grass really have the name Capistrano?
12017-01-27 03:25:23 UTCgrouper On this edit, you are close to reality. Suggestions: Edit the baseball fields so they look like baseball fields instead of basketball courts. Edit the soccer field so its not an odd trapezoid shape. And its not a meadow, its a soccer field.
12017-01-27 03:22:54 UTCgrouper Welcome to OSM! This edit looks suspiciously like an edit to influence PokemonGo. Am I right? Edits are welcome by anyone as long as it reflects reality. This is not a meadow. On the aerial, I see three t-ball fields and some small structures.
12017-01-23 17:41:28 UTCgrouper Welcome to OSM! I see you added a park, which is great. However, the aerials show houses there. Were these houses recently demolished to make a park?
12016-12-24 03:38:12 UTCDavidKewley Hi dmx4, thanks for working to improve OSM! While improving the park, you also accidentally removed a power line -- see the red north-south line at Think you could try re-adding it, or ask for help if you need it? Thanks, David
22016-12-24 03:40:09 UTCDavidKewley Oh, and you deleted all the details in the parking lot, which is definitely not an improvement to the park, unless those details were wrong. Let us know your thinking here. If we don't hear from you, we will probably need to undo your changes. -David
32017-01-15 17:36:38 UTCgrouper You also changed the classification of a major road to a footway. I fixed it. Were these changes for Pokemon Go?
42017-01-15 17:43:51 UTCgrouper Not only did dmx4 change the road class, but changed the road location, stripped the name and other important tags from the way, etc. A bus route was also broken. This changeset should be reverted. David, dmx4 made 13 changesets over a two day period and did not attempt to repair the problems. All o...
52017-01-17 04:54:21 UTCDavidKewley Thanks grouper. If you can handle the appropriate reverts, would you? If you're not comfortable reverting yourself (which is fine!), then could you reach out to the DWG at That's what I would do at this point. -David
62017-01-23 02:37:55 UTCgrouper David, I reverted the changeset. Doing some additional cleanup to double-check and make a few additional fixes.
12017-01-17 00:23:24 UTCgrouper Welcome OSM! I reverted your changeset due to the nonsense you added. Please only add real-world features to OSM. For example, there's plenty of real footways to add.
12017-01-16 14:40:21 UTCgrouper Hello, can you explain why you did a massive number of highway classification upgrades and downgrades in the Miami area? If you look at the history of many of these ways, they have been edited many times and the classification has been steady for years until you changed them. In almost all cases, In...
12017-01-04 21:10:46 UTCgrouper Welcome to OSM! I'm curious - why would hunting stands be located on road centerlines?
22017-01-31 06:24:18 UTCnammala Hi Steven Santiago,

Based on the above comment made by grouper, the hunting_stands doesn't seems appropriate in the centre of the road. I am going ahead and deleting all of these.

12017-01-04 21:03:20 UTCgrouper Welcome to OSM! Some of these paths appear to be going through buildings. Are you able to survey these paths on the ground to verify them? Another option is walking or biking using Mapillary to capture on the ground imagery and paths that can be used to verify / update the paths.
12016-12-27 01:12:08 UTCgrouper Welcome to OSM. Changing highway=residential to highway=footway on a residential street does not match the real word. Please make updates that reflect the real world.
12016-12-27 00:06:44 UTCgrouper Welcome to OSM. Please don't add bogus features like a giant pier area over a residential area to support pokemon go. Real world improvements to the map are welcome!
12016-12-27 00:00:22 UTCgrouper Welcome to OSM. Changing highway=residential to highway=footway does not improve accuracy. Neither does adding highway=footway to a golf course boundary. Please add highway=footway that matches the real world to help improve the map.
12016-12-26 23:50:42 UTCgrouper Welcome to OSM. Please do not add bogus highway=footway ways or change highway=residential, etc to highway=footpath unless it matches reality.
12016-12-26 23:23:06 UTCgrouper Welcome to OSM. Please do not change a highway=service (or any other higher level highway class to highway=footpath to support pokemon go. Please add real highway=footway where none currently exist or improve existing highway=footway.
12016-04-14 23:32:20 UTCgrouper Welcome to OSM! FYI: you cannot use Google Maps to verify or source edits in OSM. It is a violation of Google's copyright and its incompatible with OSM's license.
12016-03-06 21:17:06 UTCgrouper Hello. Welcome to OSM. Its great that you have done some editing, but its not so great that the edits you made don't have any bearing to reality. If you want to play with the editing tools that is fine, just don't save the changes. Can you please fix your edits?
12015-12-11 18:53:44 UTCgrouper As long as you can verify without Google that the road name is correct, that is fine. You cannot use Google Maps as a source for OpenStreetMap. Google Maps license is not compatible with OpenStreetMap.
12015-10-19 14:29:06 UTCgrouper Hello. It is not correct to treat a road as a point of interest (POI). I created a POI for you using your address information and copied the relevant info to it. I fixed the street info to what it was before as well. Your POI is located at the address you specified. The fixes are in changeset #34733...
12015-10-18 23:01:47 UTCgrouper Hello. Just noticed you turned Newberry Road and University Avenue into a "braided road". This is not the right way to model dual carraigeways. Dual carraigeways are supposed to maintain separated ways through intersections.
22015-10-24 02:21:38 UTCpete404 This changeset uploaded while conflicting itself, duplicating most nodes and ways in the edited area. Some ways have been fixed, but some remain in the area.
The duplicate ways and braids on Newberry Road will be fixed in a future changeset.
12015-09-28 13:04:42 UTCgrouper The changeset comment is pretty spammy. The bigger problem is changing a road name to your company name and adding company info to the road. I fixed that and separated the point of interest (POI) info from the road and created a POI for you. You may want to move the point to the exact location, but ...
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