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12018-10-10 09:27:36 UTCDerick Rethans Hey,

this information was already mapped on the Carlton Vale segments itself, such as the cycleway:* tags on and and — your new segregated lane isn't fully correc...
12018-09-16 13:47:29 UTCrskedgell Thanks for adding this bar. Could you confirm whether this is "Wolfpack"/Wildman Project Ltd (for which an FHRS record exists) at 53 Lonsdale Road? Could you also confirm whether "Charles Auto" at this address is still trading?
22018-09-19 10:00:36 UTCDerick Rethans There is no bar here (and certainly not in the road :-) ), but there *is* the new Wolfpack brewpub/prewery. I don't know whether the garage is gone, but will check on my lunch break and fix this POI.
32018-09-19 10:21:03 UTCrskedgell Many thanks for checking! POI node #5909864846 at number 53 is probably Wolfpack (based on FHRS data). If Charles Auto is now Wolfpack, both POIs can probably be merged with the way.
42018-09-19 10:26:47 UTCDerick Rethans Too bad they're only opening at 5pm, otherwise I woud "survey" a bit more ;-)
52018-09-19 10:28:55 UTCAntoineLH I m not a native English speaker but as the Wolfpack serves beers and cocktails I would have called it a bar. The pub is not on the road but the clients are, does that count ? :-))
62018-09-19 16:57:08 UTCDerick Rethans Fixed.
72018-09-20 08:40:06 UTCAntoineLH Thanks !
12018-07-09 08:08:06 UTCDerick Rethans Hi,

I saw that you changed — but I'm pretty sure that is a *controlled* crossing. Street side confirms that:

22018-07-09 13:52:25 UTCMacLondon Hi Derick,
You're probabaly correct. I changed this as part of 'blind tagging changes' to multiple crossings tagged as zebra crossings but not accompanied with a crossing=uncontrolled tag. Crossings mistagged as zebras would have had crossing=uncontrolled added.

This crossing had been tagged as ...
12018-05-08 09:12:03 UTCDerick Rethans Hey,

you seem to have correctly split the buildings, but not left a "building" tag on Wallis Court, nor updated the addresses. Can you clarify whether what is correct please?

22018-05-08 15:23:55 UTCBCNorwich Hi,
I separated Waites Court from being drawn atop of the larger building. Waites Court was and is correctly tagged.

The larger building was tagged by yourself with building:levels=4
It was/is not tagged as Wallis Court.

Wallis Court is an address n...
32018-05-08 15:48:20 UTCDerick Rethans I think so, but I need to re-survey the address again too anyway. So just leave it for now so I see the wrong big hole :-) (Hope to get to it tonight)
42018-05-09 14:52:09 UTCDerick Rethans I did survey last night, and I've now updated the mapping. The buildings *do* actually form one building, with a level 1 in between. In 3D: (once it refreshes, that is).
12018-04-03 09:09:22 UTCDerick Rethans I just noticed — are you drawing this for the *new* layout, or the old layout?
22018-04-03 10:46:11 UTCtklug Thanks for the notice. I was working with stationplans provided by TFL as it seems it's an old one. I will inform them and hopefully get the new one.
12018-03-29 12:05:23 UTCDerick Rethans Are you sure this postbox is on St. Gabriel's Road?
22018-03-29 12:05:59 UTCDerick Rethans Sorry, *not* on St. Gabriel's Road
32018-03-29 13:50:28 UTCBCNorwich Hi, it now looks like you've moved it into the back garden of a house. Must be special delivery and pick only.
42018-04-02 08:50:49 UTCubasche I haven't changed any post boxes, at least not intentionally. It's not far, so I'll go there and have a look where the post box is.
52018-04-02 09:51:01 UTCBCNorwich Hi Thanks, you must have accidentally moved it from roughly the middle of St Gabriel's Road to the back garden.
62018-04-03 15:36:51 UTCubasche There was no post box, so I removed it.
12018-03-19 11:08:36 UTCDerick Rethans This is a mini roundabout as per — and my surveys. Why did you change this to a 32-node roundabout?
22018-03-22 15:31:30 UTCerantr1 Hello Derick,
Since when driving through this intersection one actually drives in a circular route, I thought a roundabout would better represent the reality. After re-reading the mini roundabout page I understand better the importance of this tag.
I will revert it back.
Thank you for flagging th...
12018-03-19 10:53:07 UTCDerick Rethans Thanks for upgrading my lose guessed drawing to the official one — but you seem to have misspelled Southbound (I've fixed it for you). However, I think you used an old drawing, as for a while, there were indeed two ways from the middle section at the bottom of the escalator to the platfor...
22018-03-19 11:19:47 UTCWeltstaat Thanks for indicating. The plans were indeed old then. I added the third way.
12018-03-03 12:08:57 UTCDerick Rethans Hi,

why are you adding data that's already there? Now there are lots of duplicates that I now will have to conflate or remove.

I see there are lots of updates through #ICT4society, all with the same problem — could you put me in contact with the organisers of this event?
12018-03-03 12:08:45 UTCDerick Rethans Hi,

why are you adding data that's already there? Now there are lots of duplicates that I now will have to conflate or remove.

I see there are lots of updates through #ICT4society, all with the same problem — could you put me in contact with the organisers of this event?
12018-03-03 12:07:57 UTCDerick Rethans Hi,

why are you adding data that's already there? Now there are lots of duplicates that I now will have to conflate or remove.

I see there are lots of updates through #ICT4society, all with the same problem — could you put me in contact with the organisers of this event?
12018-02-27 18:41:53 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

I've some questions:
- Is there a reason why you removed highway=pedestrian from ?
- Is the whole building at the dentist? Does the dentist have a name?
- Are both
12018-02-13 10:56:33 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

What's the reason for adding "oneway=no" to as that's the default? It would make sense if either or were mapped as oneway=yes, but neither of them are.
22018-02-22 18:12:16 UTCPhilip Bray Thanks Derick.

I do live locally. I have changed this to assumed to be no.

32018-02-22 19:50:09 UTCDerick Rethans Hi Phllip,


Nice, I live local too - and I'm the reason for way too much detail here :-) And can definitely some help keeping all these shops on the High Road up to date :-).

12018-01-02 14:18:12 UTCDerick Rethans Why doesn't the Tree Mountain have every tree mapped? ;-)
12017-12-21 08:11:07 UTCMateusz Konieczny Sorry for bothering you about a very old change but I have question about - Why this is not tagged as highway=steps? What is the meaning of steps=yes here? See for more cases (I considered a...
22018-01-02 10:41:56 UTCDerick Rethans I think it was already mapped like this, and I just changed the geometry. I've changed it to highway=steps (and added the incline direction)
32018-01-02 14:35:39 UTCMateusz Konieczny Thanks!
12017-08-16 18:03:17 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

What is your source for this?

12016-08-09 08:53:51 UTCDerick Rethans Hey,

why did you change "building:levels" of to -5-0?

The station is really one level above ground.

22017-06-16 18:16:55 UTCccityplanner12 I had thought that it was using American numbering incorrectly, when it was actually including the mezzanine level as a separate storey.
sorry for the delayed reply,
32017-06-21 13:18:55 UTCDerick Rethans That's ok, I've fixed it back But the number is not supposed to be a range either. Just a single number with how many levels.
12017-06-18 09:52:20 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hi Derick,

When I mapped that short stretch of Camden Street as oneway=no in June 2015, it was because, following all signs, it was possible to drive or cycle from Bonny Street to Camden Gardens. There was no left-turn-only sign out of Bonny Stre...
22017-06-19 08:41:34 UTCDerick Rethans I don't quite remember why I changed this, but I am pretty sure that coming out of Camden Gardens there is a "Turn Right" on the road, but I guess that doesn't say anything about the coming out of Bonny Street.

But that's all that I can remember. I would generally say that we should map...
32017-06-21 18:54:43 UTCJarek Piórkowski Thanks. I made a note to see if there is anyone in the area who can verify
12017-05-16 12:22:57 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

I don't think this change is right. I doubt that the fast food sandwich place is called "East Croydon"? Did you perhaps by accident changed it to the name of the station?

12017-04-17 12:12:48 UTCchillly This is a controversial mass edit by a recently-joined editor. I think this needs to be discussed before such a change. I suggest this is reverted.

Why have you made such a change? (Please reply - we need to understand what you are doing)
22017-04-17 12:13:33 UTCDerick Rethans Hi, and welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see you're a new mapper (5 edits), and you've decided to change town/suburb classfications around London. This is a controversial move, and should have been discussed on the talk-gb and talk-gb-london mailinglist first.

32017-04-17 12:28:59 UTCSK53 Revision of place tags on London suburbs MUST be discussed beforehand. The current values represent a consensus of mappers and users over the past 12+ years. I have reverted this and your 4 similar changesets.
42017-04-17 23:19:02 UTCPyorot Hi, thanks for describing your policy.

I made the changes in order to make the map work with OSM's Nominatim service. This is an API that takes coordinates as input and returns addresses. Suburbs of London labelled as towns *do not get returned* by Nominatim, presumably because it trumps them wit...
52017-04-18 09:37:32 UTCSK53 Thank you. I know perfectly well what Nominatim is: the current maintainer is a friend.

For this sort of issue you should be filing issues on the Nominatim github pages I suspect that the issue is known, but we have too few developers and maintai...
62017-04-18 14:45:51 UTCPyorot I deduced based on the fact that Nominatim doesn't return town info in London and based on the usage info given here ( ; that suburbs in Greater London should be tagged "suburb" and no...
72017-04-18 14:49:57 UTCPyorot Actually, sorry, I forgot to mention that part of the reason I'm put off from engaging in discussions is that your note gives an example of such a discussion that took over a year to close.
82017-04-18 16:41:27 UTCSK53 We do have an important principle in OSM: respect for fellow contributors. You are distinctly failing to show that respect to me or others. Quite frankly I think we are better off without your arrogant attitude and unwillingness to collaborate.

The reason why the note has not been cleared is that...
92017-04-18 19:54:21 UTCPyorot You think it's arrogant to not engage in a discussion? Do you have infinite time? Or did you take my characterisation of the state of suburbs as "idleness" personally?

Either way, your accusation of disrespect and arrogance, bundled with the mischaracterisation of my opinion, use of the...
12017-04-13 23:25:52 UTCDerick Rethans Parks don't usually contain houses. Is this really there, or just a made up Pokemon thing?
12017-03-15 09:28:35 UTCDerick Rethans The Gallery is already mapped as — I'll revert this duplicate.
22017-03-16 10:37:55 UTCartoo80 I probably did not have updated version with the gallery mapped as a bar when I added it.

However, I still think it is pub and not a bar but that is somewhat subjective.
12017-02-27 11:42:15 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

And welcome to OpenStreetMap. I think you might have double drawn the road now. Would you like me to correct this? What was your intention with this change? did the road change?

22017-02-27 14:53:23 UTCBCNorwich Hello, Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

You've actually added 4 new untagged ways each duplicating the route of Grierson Road. So I have reverted this changeset to avoid any problems of someone trying to undo mistakes.
12017-01-26 23:28:14 UTCDerick Rethans Please don't add fictional parks.

I've removed this addition.
12017-01-24 17:57:05 UTCDerick Rethans The church yard is already mapped. This is *not* a park, but a cemetery. Please don't add imaginary things.
12017-01-24 17:55:25 UTCDerick Rethans Are these public or private gardens? I don't see that you added a path to them. And I don't remember them being public. Is there a sign with a name of the park on it?
12017-01-24 17:49:05 UTCDerick Rethans I only see the added park, not the playground. Is there proof (on the ground) that this park really has the name "Brooklands Close Park" - on a sign or something?
12017-01-24 14:50:09 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Welcome to OpenStreetMap!

When you say "Corrected Grass Area", you seem to have changed the grass to park. Did you mean to remove the grass? Or what is your reason for changing it to park? The park itself is already there as a different way:
12017-01-04 11:10:44 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

And welcome to OpenStreetMap.

Your note says that you live here, but then you map it as a shelter? That's for giving shelter in forests. What you want to map this at, is a building, with address information (street, housenumber, and postcode).

I realize probably doesn't allow y...
22017-01-04 18:07:52 UTCBCNorwich Hi, I've drawn in a house from Bing imagery around that node, tagged it as a house and noted that you shelter there. Please check and add any other info you can.
32017-01-09 13:18:24 UTChadw I thought there was a general principle that we did not map information about private individuals. If nothing else, it creates Data Protection Act responsibilities - full redaction may be needed if there is a a complaint.

Also mapping internet_access=wlan seems to me to imply at least customer ...
42017-01-09 18:23:48 UTCBCNorwich OK. Reverted my own changeset.
12016-09-13 10:27:24 UTCDerick Rethans Can I really visit you personally in that office between 7am and midnight? And which one is the right one, 15 or 16?
12016-09-12 13:14:24 UTCDerick Rethans Can the general public visit you at this address to arrange cleaning?
12016-09-08 13:28:12 UTCDerick Rethans Is this an office I can visit? I don't recall seeing any doors with branding etc when I walked past 10 mins ago.
12016-09-02 09:33:21 UTCDerick Rethans Could you please add comments to your changesets?
22016-09-04 08:05:08 UTClcmortensen Sorry, forgot.
12016-09-01 10:02:29 UTCDerick Rethans What is the name of this Doctor's? And the address?
12016-09-01 08:07:41 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Thanks for adding so many bus stops, that's really helpful.

Many of them however, have some incorrect tags. The "name" field should be "the name on the bus sign", like you have done at, but not a description such as "5...
12016-08-31 22:19:17 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

You added a "place_of_worship" in the middle of a hill - what sort of place is this?

12016-08-31 09:39:53 UTCDerick Rethans Hi! It seems you have mapped Barnes Wallis twice? Which one is the right one? This node: or this one: ?
12016-08-31 08:59:39 UTCDerick Rethans Is this a shop, or their offices?
12016-08-30 18:53:30 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Thanks for adding things to OpenStreetMap!

Is the Pets at Home that you added really in a garage? Or is that what the building previously was?

12016-08-26 05:57:44 UTCBCNorwich Hello and Welcome to OpenStreetMap. The building you named is a group of sheds in back yards. I am pretty sure they are not named and in any case there is no need for name:en tag to be used. It's likely that this changeset would be reverted if you can't offer an explanation and verification. Regards
22016-08-26 09:18:08 UTCDerick Rethans BCNorwich, the Bing imagery could be outdated though. I have fixed the duplicate name/name:en :
12016-08-26 09:01:51 UTCDerick Rethans Are you trying to map that this shop is gone now?
12016-08-23 17:39:29 UTCDerick Rethans Please don't add viewpoints for names of locations. Things like "Notting Hill" and "Knightsbridge" are easy to find in OpenStreetMap already.
12016-08-23 10:07:51 UTCDerick Rethans The campsite that you added (, is that an organised one? Or where you just wild camping?
12016-08-23 09:52:23 UTCDerick Rethans Please don't tag places for your personal note taking. Not the whole world needs to know that you live here.
12016-08-22 13:55:21 UTCDerick Rethans "The Mall" is a different Street, and I doubt that 26 is the house number in between 15 (Bracey Interiors) and 12 (Noa). I'm reverting this.
12016-08-22 10:31:01 UTCDerick Rethans I've moved the names to "name" instead of "name:en", and was puzzled by the stop name "Australia" - but it *does* seem to be called like that!
22016-08-22 11:39:46 UTCrailwayjim Derrick, it is named after the pub opposite. However a few years ago the pub name was changed to Y Gestiana. The bus destination now made no sense. Luckily the pub has been sold and has reverted to its old name again.
I was testing editing from app on android, hence incorrect tag. I will st...
12016-08-22 09:34:56 UTCDerick Rethans Is the opening time of Bar Convent really 07:46 ? Or did you mean to write 07:45?
22016-08-22 14:06:58 UTCSomeoneElse Nothing in York happens that early in the morning. :)
The website suggests 10:00-16:00, which seems far more plausible.
It's a bit of a stretch to make it a separate POI from the convent, really (though it is distinct from the school now I believe).
12016-08-22 09:28:38 UTCDerick Rethans Is there really an ATM in the middle of a parking place?
12016-08-22 09:27:41 UTCDerick Rethans Is that really a car parts shop at ?
22016-08-25 18:27:18 UTCSomeoneElse Is really an "amenity=fuel"? If so, what's the significance of "1826 gate combi" on ?
12016-08-10 12:49:50 UTCBCNorwich I think you've got this cafe in the wrong place, it is already mapped under the parent company name of Benugo at 33 Commercial Road. Your POI should therefore be removed.
22016-08-20 08:53:49 UTCDerick Rethans I've reverted it.
12016-08-19 15:45:45 UTCDerick Rethans Please don't use to add "descriptions" in Slovenian as a name tag. Use's bookmark feature instead please. I've reverted this changeset.
12016-08-19 15:45:26 UTCDerick Rethans Please don't use to add "descriptions" in Slovenian as a name tag. Use's bookmark feature instead please. I've reverted this changeset.
12016-08-19 15:44:54 UTCDerick Rethans Please don't use to add "descriptions" in Slovenian as a name tag. Use's bookmark feature instead please. I've reverted this changeset.
12016-08-19 15:44:19 UTCDerick Rethans Please don't use to add "descriptions" in Slovenian as a name tag. Use's bookmark feature instead please. I've reverted this changeset.
12016-08-18 21:45:54 UTCDerick Rethans Could you please capitalize items correctly, so that somebody else doesn't have to fix it?
12016-08-18 08:49:45 UTCDerick Rethans Hi JozefM!

Thanks for adding these details. I saw you added some steps: — it would be helpful if you also tagged whether the inclination (in the direction that the way is drawn), is up or down), so that disabled people that can go down steps, stil...
22016-08-21 21:32:58 UTCJozefM Hi Derick,
I have added the inclines. Thanks for getting in touch.
Take care,
12016-08-13 09:42:37 UTClostmike Is this really called "v" in Amharic? This seems a little unlikely but I'm no language expert.
22016-08-17 21:14:08 UTCDerick Rethans I've reverted it.
12016-08-17 21:12:03 UTCDerick Rethans The Golden Hind (which you added), already existed:

I've merged the opening hours from your new POI with this existing object, and deleted your duplicate POI
12016-08-15 10:43:30 UTCDerick Rethans Hi Andrew,

These schools were both mapped already I think:

But in slightly different places (on the buildings it seems).

Which one is correct?

22016-08-17 07:06:01 UTCAndrew Burns Hi Derick,
The way that the school was mapped before was incorrect, as both of the buildings shown on the are actually used by both schools.

The infant school is situated to the North of both buildings, and the junior school to the south, and they are split at the hall location on the main buil...
32016-08-17 08:37:08 UTCDerick Rethans Hi Andrew,

thanks for getting back. I have made an attempt at mapping this "properly". With conflating the information already on the original buildings, and your description of which school belongs where. It's likely not a 100% accurate, but likely better to what it was :-)

thanks a...
12016-08-15 10:41:36 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

This is nowhere near Felthem? Which I think is spelled Feltham? Are you sure it's really hear on Tamar Way on which looks like a residential street?
12016-08-09 13:11:53 UTCDerick Rethans Is the O2 not a mobile phone shop? Or is it really just an office? I'd *expected* it to be just like what you mapped for

22016-08-12 07:55:35 UTCmappy123 It is a shop and it is changed already. I tried a new app to add places and the categories were a bit misleading and picked here a wrong category by mistake. As I said it is already fixed, but thanks for checking and asking I appreciate that.
32016-08-15 09:16:47 UTCDerick Rethans Great :-) It seems that also let you *change* a POI's category either. I've been mentioned that to them a fair bit :-)
12016-08-09 18:41:55 UTCDerick Rethans This B&B was already mapped at, which also has the website mapped. If you know the address, can you please add that to the already existing node?
22016-08-10 11:09:57 UTCKantert 49 Frederick Crescent,
Port Ellen
PA42 7 DJ
32016-08-14 22:15:01 UTCDerick Rethans I'll merge the nodes - thanks!
12016-08-14 22:11:40 UTCDerick Rethans This one was already mapped.
12016-08-14 22:04:11 UTCDerick Rethans It still has some odd things here:

name \tMikeCurleyMusic.Com
name:en \tTanworth in Arden
tourism \tartwork
12016-08-10 12:01:13 UTCtrigpoint Has Viva really become a Costa?
If it has it should no longer be tagged as a restaurant but as a cafe with cuisine=coffee.
Cheers Phil
22016-08-10 12:14:16 UTCEdLoach Also, has "The Filling Station" become "Beatles" - the FHRS data extract from yesterday suggests not?
32016-08-10 12:27:49 UTCDerick Rethans Phil, doesn't allow you to change category ...
42016-08-10 15:10:35 UTCKenneth Gafa Sorry but I do not have an idea about "The Filling Station"
52016-08-10 15:23:40 UTCtrigpoint Hi Kenneth, was there a fast food place called Beatles when you were in Liverpool?
Have you some more details if so?
Cheers Phil
62016-08-10 15:29:13 UTCKenneth Gafa Trigpoint, I do not recall such a place but in Liverpool The Beatles are mentioned at every corner. When I was there I ate at Nando's and TGI.
72016-08-15 13:01:02 UTCSomeoneElse It's already been changed back, but I'm pretty sure The Filling Station was still called that when I walked past it a couple of months ago.
12016-08-09 18:40:34 UTCDerick Rethans Which address is this shop at? If it's 38, 40, or 42 - you might want to merge these nodes. For the merging, you will have to use something else than though ­— reach out if you'd like to know more, or want me to merge it with an address node.

12016-08-09 10:59:45 UTCDerick Rethans Thanks for adding so many shops! It's great that you spend some time adding them. I'd be great if you'd capitalize them properly though ;-) (Sorry, bit of a nitpicker here).

12016-08-09 10:55:51 UTCDerick Rethans Kani Mini Market was already mapped:
12016-08-09 10:55:44 UTCDerick Rethans Does "no name sklep" means "shop without name"? If so, it's better not to add the name at all.
12016-08-09 09:09:43 UTCDerick Rethans Please don't add your own description to the name of restaurants. OpenStreetMap edits are globally visible. I've reverted it.
12016-08-03 20:17:52 UTCDerick Rethans This was already mapped here:

Can you please merge this?
22016-08-03 20:19:09 UTCDerick Rethans Also, why is this new way a relation too?
12016-08-03 08:22:04 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

You seem to have misspelled traffic_signals wrong in your changes:

An extra "r" in every case.

22016-08-03 08:42:02 UTCjpennycook Hello Derick

Thanks for spotting that and letting me know. I've fixed them now.

12016-08-02 13:51:49 UTCDerick Rethans This wasn't a cafe, but a shop.
12016-08-02 13:26:03 UTCDerick Rethans Their website calls it "Maida Hill Place":
12016-07-29 09:18:36 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
Thank you for your addition, however Madame Tussauds is already mapped.
You have created a duplicate node which should be removed.
22016-07-29 09:27:55 UTCDerick Rethans Reverted.
12016-07-29 09:13:05 UTCDerick Rethans Hammersmith is nowhere *near* here. Reverting this.
12016-07-27 15:08:20 UTCDerick Rethans You replaced the station with some taxi service. It's good to have local businesses on the map, but it's not good to remove stations.

I've reverted this changeset.
12016-07-27 08:56:15 UTCDerick Rethans Are you sure there is a burger place under the Golden Jubilee Bridge? That seems very suspect.
12016-07-25 16:28:19 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Are you sure these opening times are correct? Their website indicates not:

12016-07-25 08:18:18 UTCDerick Rethans These are two residential streets. Are you sure there is a theatre there?
12016-07-12 10:37:41 UTCDerick Rethans Hey Kristian, We only map physical world stuff in OpenStreetMap. Please do not add Pokémon Go stuff to OpenStreetMap. Thanks.
22016-07-12 11:49:58 UTCtrigpoint Reverted
12016-07-11 10:24:15 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

thanks for adding bits and bobs around the area. If you know the address of these blocks - ie if they're the same as the "name" property, you probably should stick the names in "addr:housename" instead, so that routers can pick up on this.

Bonus points for adding buildi...
22016-07-11 11:47:09 UTCperegrination I don't really like addr:housename as it renders as a light grey in small chars, instead of 'name' which renders in more readable letters. I think that routers are using name and addr:housename, am I right ?
12016-06-28 14:36:24 UTCDerick Rethans You've added a bunch of duplicated items, without notes or names; just the types. Were you trying to make a map for just yourself? If that's the case, you should try out http://umap.openstreetmap.frg/en/

Every upload you make on the website, is for everybody to see.
12016-06-27 13:07:32 UTCDerick Rethans I just tried visiting the shop, but there is no such thing. There is a "Mail Boxes Etc" at this address, as it is mapped on OpenStreetMap. What's the deal?
12016-05-20 08:43:18 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Thanks for adding a cafe. In this case, it already existed however (I added it last week, I suppose, the data was outdated). I've removed your duplicated node.

Let me know if you have any questions contributing to OSM!

12016-05-18 15:39:55 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Do you realize you removed much of the hospital buildings with this edit?

I'm happy to revert that if you'd like to.

12016-05-18 13:50:33 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM.
This seems to have gone wrong a little, it is very unusual for a postbox to have a name. Are you sure thats what you intended, although your changeset comment seems to confirm it was.
If you need any help fixing this, just ask.
22016-05-18 13:51:13 UTCDerick Rethans Please don't modify existing data for personal use. Not the whole world needs to know that Eugènia lives in this postbox. has a "bookmarks" feature for keeping your own personal note. Every place that you edit is visible by everybody, world wide.
12016-05-17 09:14:48 UTCDerick Rethans Please don't use to add your own personal notes. All the items you add through are shared with everybody else. And they now know your hotel and train station of arrival...

I'll remove these two notes. Please use's *bookmark* system to make personal notes.
12016-05-10 17:55:24 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Where you meaning to change the *name* of the hotel to "London Hotel"? As far as I know, this is still the "IBIS Euston".

12016-05-06 10:11:00 UTCDerick Rethans Hi! And welcome to OpenStreetMap!

Your "test" removes some steps though, can you explain why you removed them? Please use descriptive change set comments, so we all can see what your intention was.

All data that you edit goes to the database immediately, so please be careful when edi...
22016-05-06 10:57:12 UTCblue butterfly hi! im just learning. I didn't realise my edits would change any thing. Im very sorry.
32016-05-06 11:02:14 UTCDerick Rethans Hi,

that's okay. Would you mind if I reverted your change? You seem to have changed some paths around Inner Temple Garden as well. The path now goes through the building :-)

Happy to help if you have any further questions!

42016-05-06 11:13:22 UTCblue butterfly hi,
please revert my changes back to the way they were. thank you.
12016-04-26 08:49:32 UTCDerick Rethans Charteris Sports Centre was already mapped as a way:

I saw you added data there, so no need to have this extra node as well. I've removed it.
12016-04-26 08:47:35 UTCDerick Rethans Is this tree really in the middle of the road? I would guess it's on the North side, but can check later in my lunch break.
12016-04-26 08:45:09 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

That changeset comment was misleading. It's nowhere near the Sports Centre! :-)

I've also tagged this new place as a shop, as without it, it won't show up on the map.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Your Friendly Local Mapper
12016-04-17 15:31:06 UTCtomhukins Hi, Derick. I remember discussing mapping Wimbledon Park with you on Tuesday. :)

The node you've added here duplicates so now it looks like there are two sets of toilets here.
22016-04-17 15:39:25 UTCDerick Rethans Just keeping you on your toes ;-) didn't show it originally and only after I had added it it showed two. Can't remove the added node with so will sort it out when I get home.
32016-04-17 16:15:28 UTCtomhukins Heh, I've just removed it in
12016-04-14 08:36:15 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Thanks for adding these. I noticed that you had changed Lecky House into a multi-polygon. I don't quite know why that happened, but I've restored it to just a normal building.

Let me know if you have any questions!

12016-04-14 08:21:46 UTCDerick Rethans Hi,

OpenStreetMap is not a business directory, so please don't rename streets with your business name. We don't map business that do not have a physical presents in the form of an office that people can *visit*. If you have an office where people can obtain your services in person, please map you...
12016-04-07 16:08:53 UTCDerick Rethans Thanks for updating your business, but were you meaning to delete the station building too?
12016-03-15 11:47:06 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Did you mean to delete this terrace of buildings?

12016-03-01 14:19:18 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Please not that you're editing on the live database, which is not really suitable for tests.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to help!

12016-01-11 11:09:25 UTCDerick Rethans Sorry, but St. Pancras is an existing location. What made you remove this from the map?
22016-01-12 14:10:54 UTCcrossmyloof St Pancras was the name of the parish and former metropolitan borough. There has never been any specific 'suburb' known as St Pancras. The area around King's Cross has historically been known as King's Cross. There may be an argument for a neighbourhood designation for the immediate vicinity of the ...
12016-01-11 11:04:39 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Somebody mentioned this new building on the IRC channel, to point out that it looked like it was drawn from a Bing projection. In general, OSM should ignore the slanted buildings that imagery often shows, and instead, make sure that buildings are mapped as if you would look at them from strai...
12016-01-11 10:51:38 UTCDerick Rethans Why is this a neighbourhood and not a suburb? What is the source of all these suburbs and neighbourhoods?
22016-01-12 14:01:29 UTCcrossmyloof Information comes from research, using various sources of information.

Is there any evidence this is a 'suburb' rather than a term used to refer to the immediate environs of the Swiss Cottage road junction?
12016-01-11 10:49:40 UTCDerick Rethans Again, what is the source of this one? Nobody in the area would call this Maida Hill.
12016-01-11 10:46:00 UTCDerick Rethans Sorry - what is the source of these "Districts"? I live in the area and nobody really refers to this as "West Kilburn".
22016-01-12 13:43:07 UTCcrossmyloof West Kilburn is the name of the area on OS Maps.
12015-12-15 09:18:13 UTCtrigpoint The node should be added to the appropriate building rather than the edge of the residential landuse.
One question, are there signs on your building so that it can be verified and callers able to find you?
22015-12-15 09:41:59 UTCDerick Rethans 31 is also the same address as the Tesco Express a bit further to the east...
12015-12-12 16:56:47 UTCDerick Rethans Can we visit you at this location, or is it just an office? From what I understand, the odd numbers are on the other side of the road (atleast they were last night!)
12015-12-11 23:56:58 UTCDerick Rethans Welcome to OpenStreetMap! :-) Thanks for adding this bit of the world. If you don't mind, I have a few pointers for you:

- Please try to close building ways into a full "circle" - and tag them as "building=yes" (or if you want more specifically as "building=residential&qu...
12015-12-09 12:11:48 UTCDerick Rethans I noticed you have moved the Westbourne Green note further North and changed it to "Maida Vale". Maida Vale was already mapped ( and now because of your change, it's duplicated.

"Westbourne Park" is also defini...
12015-12-04 09:55:47 UTCDerick Rethans What did you change with this changeset? Can you please use changeset comments?
22015-12-05 21:04:24 UTCYorvik Prestigitator Hi Derrick,
I renamed North End/Wildwood Terrace to match what the street sign at the end of the road said - as highlighted by note #382035
Aligned the buildings of King Alfred School to better match the bing aerial image
Tidied up the roundabout at the junction of North End Way/Spaniards Rd/Hea...
12015-11-30 11:32:03 UTCDerick Rethans Is Zaika still at "1 Kensington High Street" too?
22015-11-30 11:32:52 UTCWinstond Yes, they are 1 ground level. We are 1 Basement
32015-11-30 11:42:32 UTCDerick Rethans Perfect. I've just fixed your opening times as OpenStreetMap wants them in a specific format. Thanks for adding your business!
42015-11-30 11:43:30 UTCWinstond Thank you!
Who uses your maps? Is there where apps pick up their data?
12015-11-29 16:14:32 UTCDerick Rethans Hi! And welcome to OSM! We don't really store coffee (or any other goods') prices in OpenStreetMap. I doubt a coffee in there is 5 *dollar* either - it's in the UK!
22015-11-30 10:38:03 UTCSomeoneElse (for anyone stumbling across this edit unaware of the history) Coffeedex is/was a "single-tag proof of concept editor" - see for a discussion about it. It's more about "how can we get new people to update OSM with different data in d...
32015-11-30 10:46:56 UTCDerick Rethans I've reverted the change set now
12015-11-26 17:21:02 UTCDerick Rethans Hey - I am not too keen on these changes. It's unlike anything else in the area (which is no surprise as I've mapped most of them). If you really want to have them separated, please map both as area, and set the appropriate level/layer/min_level tags.
12015-11-26 09:21:35 UTCDerick Rethans What is this line supposed to be?
12015-11-18 17:28:52 UTCDerick Rethans Please don't doodle on the map. It is very much shared by all other users. I've reverted your change.
12015-11-18 17:04:51 UTCDerick Rethans Hey - what is this supposed to represent?
22015-11-18 17:25:42 UTCZalitoar Hi Derick, obviously this is an error. Some weeks ago some people (new collaborators) began to add schools. I guess they added points from a file and maybe this POI had wrong the location data. I'll contact her to ask about it.
32015-11-18 17:33:04 UTCZalitoar This started as a program done in Argentina (I don't know who was responsible of that) to teach teachers about OSM, but something went wrong because since that started many changes were done with errors :P ... We're trying (the argentine community) to correct those errors and teach to authors of th...
12015-11-04 10:56:30 UTCDerick Rethans Does this Zoo have a name too? Or perhaps a website?
22017-02-12 21:49:49 UTCHarry Wood Searching the web for zoos in Saint Marcellin turns up nothing. It seems like you were experimenting Sébastien. Shall we delete this?
12015-10-21 09:42:52 UTCGerdP please review:
node 288529429 has tag
which is rarely used.
I assume you meant traffic_sign=* ?
22015-10-21 10:02:11 UTCDerick Rethans I don't know - I just reverted some vandalism I believe! So feel free to change it to traffic_sign.
32015-10-21 10:06:29 UTCGerdP okay, sorry, I did not see that. No idea what traffic_sign that might be :-(
42015-10-21 10:25:44 UTCDerick Rethans The note says it's a road numbering sign with a "C" on it. Which technically should not be on a sign (only "A" and "B" roads). Because of that, they've added it. I would like to keep the data though. Perhaps traffic_sign=road_number ?
52015-10-21 10:34:58 UTCGerdP I found traffc_sign=highway_number is used 4 times, guess that is better,
traffic_sign=road_number would also be new.
12015-10-20 07:01:31 UTCGerdP me again ;-)
I have started to check the database
for new highway=* tags and it seems that you really like to invent new tags, so your work pops up on my list.
way 217569275 looks clearly like a
to me, maybe maybe service=parking_aisle.
You use
22015-10-20 14:47:40 UTCDerick Rethans Also, are those reads really officially called "Garage Road"? There are several in the area. name= tags are not meant to describe something. Similarly with "pavement" I see in the same area.
32015-10-26 21:59:01 UTCGovanus Just catching up with some old email and found these comments so lets take a look before closeing in under 8 miniutes ;)

quickly: I did a lot of early areaisation attemps here. so the names get a bit duplicated as that that what I thought then but I fixing it soon.

now those monuvering forecou...
12015-10-07 23:11:45 UTCDerick Rethans You've deleted a lot of objects from the map. Do you have any justification as to why they should no longer be there?
12015-09-18 20:12:56 UTCDerick Rethans Hi! And welcome to OpenStreetMap. It seems you have replaced a postbox with a WH Smith - Did you intend to do that? Or did you just want to *add* the WH Smith?
12015-09-02 13:54:28 UTCDerick Rethans Hi, I've merged your new node (The school) with the already existing building tagged as school. In general, we don't map the same feature with two objects. Let me know (via messaging) if you have any questions.

22015-09-02 14:16:34 UTCCristinaZen hi
i am new to this and would like to apologise if i have made an error... i am identifying relevant community services in the are and noticed the schools were missing... i could see the symbol but not a chance to edit/add the name... hence the only way i found was by creating a point...
12015-08-24 09:49:09 UTCDerick Rethans I've unlinked the amenity from the road (as I presume you're not in the middle of Acklam Road! :-), and added your web address to the new node.
12015-07-23 11:49:57 UTCtomhukins Hi, Derick.

You added three trees on the north side of New King's Road between Munster Road and Eddiscome Road.

My photos from Tuesday show a building site here running alongside the pavement with no trees there. I wonder if the trees should be somewhere else.
22015-07-23 13:39:02 UTCDerick Rethans You're right. I added those from Bing, but now you mention it I do remember a construction area there. Feel free to remove them! (Also, so many more things to add!)
32015-07-23 13:53:36 UTCtomhukins I'll remove them in my next edit if you haven't beaten me to it - I've also still got lots more to add..
12015-06-30 15:41:23 UTCDerick Rethans Thanks for adding these names!

You've only added the name tag though on two of them. Perhaps you should add place=neighbourhood (, or alternatively draw the area and put the name on there.

You also seem to have changed Silvertown to ...
12015-06-17 16:30:27 UTCDerick Rethans What sort of object did you want to add? Right now, you added a point without tags.
22015-06-17 18:44:42 UTCBärli Bär Hi, thanks for the feedback. It's a supermarket. I will try to add more tags to make it more obvious. Thanks.
12015-06-15 22:28:14 UTCKDDA Why is this house round and got a road running through it?!?
22015-06-16 15:08:01 UTCDerick Rethans Looks fine to me now...
32015-06-16 18:37:46 UTCKDDA Ive been in touch with the mapper via PM and have fixed it.
12015-04-15 11:14:22 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

I'm just curious. Is this actually a place I could come and visit? Or is it just your office, with no access for customers?

22015-04-15 11:34:14 UTCbestmove It's office and you can come visit if you want to, but it's not practise to meet our clients at the office! More like b2b office! Have a great day, Derick!
12015-03-31 10:56:07 UTCDerick Rethans Hey - the Blue Anchor was already mapped:

Your addition makes it a duplicate.

It would be awesome if you could also tag the address, and whether they serve real ale (real_ale=yes) tag.
22015-03-31 10:57:37 UTCBSRE Thank you, just seen that The Blue Anchor is now a duplicate. I will delete it and find out if either serve real ales. Thank you for your feedback
32015-03-31 11:00:43 UTCDerick Rethans And thank you for adding things to OpenStreetMap! Plenty of things to do in London - it gets addictive ;-)
42015-03-31 11:04:12 UTCBSRE Thanks Derick - I can't seem to find the real ale tag... any advice?
52015-03-31 11:06:52 UTCDerick Rethans I don't think iD shows all tags - you can on the left hand side open up "All tags (3)" and then use the + to add a new tag yourself.

OpenStreetMap basically allows you to tag objects with whatever you want - not only with what the editor tells you is okay.
62015-03-31 11:09:41 UTCBSRE Understood - I can see things are going to get quite busy for me! Thank you again for your help
12014-12-08 16:02:50 UTCDerick Rethans Could you please move the pointer to the right spot? I doubt your head office is in the middle of the road.

12014-12-08 14:23:27 UTCDerick Rethans Hey Andrew,

thanks for updating this shop. In general, we don't make things as "Vacant Shop" in the name though, but instead change shop=convenience to shop=abandoned — the *name* of the shop isn't "Vacant Shop" after all.

12014-12-08 11:15:42 UTCDerick Rethans Sorry, you don't have an office in the middle of the square. This sounds too much like spam, so I have removed your addition.
12014-12-02 12:19:57 UTCDerick Rethans Hi! Please don't add a new node for something that already exists ( In this case, you probably want to map an *entrance* point, and not the whole building again. I've changed that for you.
12014-11-26 10:04:30 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Do you have a physical office at that location, that people can come and visit?

12014-11-24 11:41:23 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Thanks for adding the two shops - would you know their names as well?

12014-11-21 11:04:18 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Thanks for added the new building info. I have just one question, as you used both addr:housename (I think, incorrectly, as there is already addr:housenumber) as well as "name" — meant for the real (signposted) name of the building — which is likely correct.

Would yo...
12014-11-18 13:59:04 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Thanks for adding this cinema, and welcome to OpenStreetMap! Although you added the name, you did not map this as a "cinema". Can you please edit the feature again, and select the "cinema" category?

It is really helpful for fellow mappers to fill in a comment when savin...
12014-11-18 13:56:56 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Thanks for adding this cafe, and welcome to OpenStreetMap!

It is really helpful for fellow mappers to fill in a comment when saving your edits, that way, we know what good things you've added! Please have a look at that for future edits.

12014-11-18 13:55:13 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Thanks for adding this abbatoir. You have however not assigned a category, could you please add that through the editor?

It is also really helpful for fellow mappers to fill in a comment when saving your edits, that way, we know what good things you've added!

12014-11-18 13:52:51 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Thanks for adding this funeral service office. You have however not assigned a category (office type), could you please add that through the editor?

12014-11-18 13:52:26 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Thanks for adding this shop. You have however not assigned a category (shop type), could you please add that through the editor?

12014-11-18 13:50:28 UTCDerick Rethans Hi!

Thanks for adding address information to this restaurant. Could I please point out that we just tend to store the housenumber in the "addr:housenumber" field, and not in "housename"? Right now, you've also added "E London" to the housename, which is not correct e...
12014-11-18 13:48:27 UTCDerick Rethans Hi,

I saw that you added a pub. Great! However, you mapped it as a restaurant with as cuisine "pub". But we usually map a "pub" with a specific category, that your editor (iD) also supports.

Beside that, it would be really helpful for others if you supplied a comment when s...
12014-11-18 13:47:11 UTCDerick Rethans Is there a reason why you removed the name of this fast food place?

It really helps if you fill in a change set comment when you click "save" in iD - then people know what you've been up to!
12014-11-03 10:26:34 UTCDerick Rethans Hi,

I saw you added a node right in the middle of Marylebone Road - that's most certainly not where your office is. Do you have a physical office that people can visit? If so, that's where you should put the node, preferably with the full address. If you do not have a physical office, the data do...
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