Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12017-03-27 09:48:14 UTCmanoharuss Hi opengislab,

This might be an accidental error. But you have given ESRI SUCKS COPY THIS in the name tag for a few place objects you created here. This is a similar case with few other objects in other changesets as well.

May I know the source of this data?

22017-03-27 15:22:46 UTCmanings Reverted here:
32017-03-29 21:50:29 UTCopengislab Hi manings
I just wanted to know if any antivandalism system exists or was implemented, and apparently it does, and it works, thank you.
It was just a proof of concept for a scientific article.
Greetings mappers.
42017-03-29 22:49:04 UTCmanings We monitor edits using osmcha, for example, here's your edits:

> It was just a proof of concept for a scientific article.

Please don't experiment with the live database. People depend on the data in real world applications. If you want to experiment use t...
12017-03-27 07:09:18 UTCmanoharuss Hi Jahvinci,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. I have observed that you have been adding unverifiable water bodies along with this one in this changeset. I reverted your edits as these seemed unreasonable. Please do continue mapping but please only map what i...
12017-03-24 21:23:18 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi Alexis,
I came across your edits and noticed you have mentioned Google as a source. Please note Google cannot be the source while mapping on OSM. Please do not map anything on OSM if you are using google as a source. Thanks and welcome to OpenStreetMap. Happy Mapping :)
Poornima Badri...
22017-03-25 13:58:08 UTCAlexis Nugon Hi,
Ok I didn't know, do I need to remove the changes ?

Alexis Nugon.
32017-03-27 05:21:10 UTCmanoharuss Hi Aleix Nugon,

It would be great if you can. Google data is proprietary and not open data. This is the reason why the information from any Google product(maps,streetview) cannot be used on OSM due to license issues.


42017-03-28 15:30:28 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi,
Yeah, please revert the changes. But it can be added again with a source compatible with OSM or by doing a field survey :) Thanks.
52017-03-30 16:06:14 UTCAlexis Nugon Hi,
There's no way to revert all of it in one 'click' or something ?
Do I need to delete the changes for every building one by one and push a new changeset ?

12017-03-24 07:54:15 UTCmanoharuss Hi Love Toys Ctg,

The correct tag for sex shops is shop=erotic. I corrected your edit. Can you confirm the name of the places here? if they are correct.


12017-03-24 07:40:30 UTCmanoharuss Hi Abderrahmane Benkhalifa,

These are way too many attractions, are you sure these are right?


12017-03-24 07:17:37 UTCmanoharuss Hi asdunn,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. For buildings instead of area=yes, building=yes is the right tag. It would be great if you can correct.


12017-03-24 06:42:07 UTCmanoharuss Hi EmGee0430,

Nice job on building mapping here. If you can correct the overlapping buildings here that would be great.


12017-03-24 06:40:23 UTCmanoharuss Hi DaveHath,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your interest in contributing to the map is greatly appreciated. Nice job here on building mapping. If you can fix the building overlapping issues here, that would be great.


12017-03-24 05:34:47 UTCmanoharuss This relation is now broken
22017-03-24 05:51:03 UTCmanoharuss Hi AragonChristopherR17Z,

I understand a large relation is manageable by splitting it into smaller relations. But the bay area relation here seems broken. May I suggest using JOSM for easier manipulation of relations. I understand that you have created these relations in the first place and maint...
12017-03-23 09:36:07 UTCmanoharuss Hi Grand Homes,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your interest in contributing to the map is greatly appreciated. I have observed that these ways you created here do not exist in the imagery and look very roughly mapped. I reverted your edits. But please talk a look at
12017-03-23 06:14:35 UTCmanoharuss Hi Hollywood Theater Burleson TX,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your interest in contributing to OSM is greatly appreciated. But you deleted valid data here. If you are a local mapper, it would be greatly appreciated if you can improve your neighborhood. I am reverting your changeset as it deleted a ...
12017-03-22 11:37:33 UTCmanoharuss Hi ListenOrange,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your interest in contributing to OSM is greatly appreciated. OSM aims to be a live map of the real world. Understand that your edits are useful for the wider audience and carry a great reach. If you were a user of OSM and relied on OSM for your daily m...
22017-03-22 14:21:58 UTCListenOrange Hi Manohar,

Thank you for your kind review. I hope I haven't made a mistake!

I created an area around the train station that I tagged as Railway Station and I named this area Pointe-Claire.

However, I soon noticed that the train station was already marked with a Railway Station point, as ar...
32017-03-22 14:48:12 UTCmanoharuss Thank you. Cleared up.


12017-03-22 11:32:20 UTCmanoharuss Hi wolfbert,

Observed that this changeset was open for more than 2hrs and the changeset seems to have touched a large area. Just leaving a note here to confirm if this was an intended behaviour.


22017-03-22 20:43:00 UTCwolfbert Thanks, I'm currently doing a lot of QA (mainly geometry problems, waterways with wrong direction, old-style multipolygons and such) which can occasionally lead to such changesets.
12017-03-21 12:42:29 UTCmanoharuss Hi carmenhotel,

You do not need to add + instead space between words in name tag. I have observed that you have been adding POIs with similar plus signs in name tags. Can you correct these? From the metadata, it appears that the changeset is created_by Can you g...
12017-03-21 10:49:14 UTCmanoharuss You just added building=yes tag to
12017-03-21 09:53:07 UTCmanoharuss hi timwenzel98,

Is this import of elevation tags discussed and documented somewhere?


12017-03-21 08:48:44 UTCmanoharuss This changeset as well.
12017-03-21 08:46:01 UTCmanoharuss hi Manuchehr,

You just created 10001 untagged nodes here. Is this a broken import? Can you revert and cleanup?


12017-03-20 15:05:32 UTCmjkab108 Why was the name of this park removed. It has been known as "The Battlefield" for decades. It is where all rally's for the football team as well as bonfires for the local football team are held. At this point I feel that your simply just picking on my submissions.
22017-03-20 15:49:53 UTCmanoharuss @mjkab108 I am not. I apologize for assuming this was a wrong edit and removing the name. But from your initial mapping of park on a residential area made me think this was not a right addition to the map
12017-03-20 11:35:38 UTCmanoharuss Hi mjkab108,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions to OSM are greatly appreciated. But this place does not look like a park from satellite imagery. Please make sure that you map what is existing on the ground. Deleting these.


22017-03-20 12:27:40 UTCmanoharuss Otherwise great mapping activity by the way. So awesome. Happy mapping.
12017-03-17 06:56:49 UTCmanoharuss Hi katpatuka,

want to clarify if this is indeed correct here.

22017-03-17 07:38:26 UTCkatpatuka Name looks ok comparing with but it may be just a village and not the district seat. Nothing on or for Champassack District...
12017-03-17 06:17:27 UTCmanoharuss Hi Blackruby,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. But I have observed that you have given place=city tag to offices. These 3,, https://www.openstreetmap....
12017-03-17 06:00:29 UTCmanoharuss Hi Cz ja,

You did change relation from a forest to redbead wetland. Are you sure this is right? From Bing imagery I see distinction between the area tagged as forest and wetland here.

22017-03-19 22:07:08 UTCCz ja Sorry. I fixed it, Now is better?
12017-03-16 10:45:09 UTCmanoharuss Hi Toni Serra,

Is the name correct for this feature?
Seemed like a description and wanted to clarify.


12017-03-10 12:02:28 UTCmanoharuss Hi laurenmalia,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping contributions are greatly appreciated. Observed that you have given 'Long distance bus station' as name for this way It seemed like a description and wanted to clarify. Is this the actual name o...
12017-03-10 10:04:30 UTCmanoharuss Hi AndiWin,

Curious why this changeset is not associated with any OSM editor and why this changeset was open for exactly 1hr.


12017-03-09 12:04:00 UTCmanoharuss Hi lorandr_telenav,

Observed that this changeset bbox is huge. May I suggest keeping the changeset size to a smaller area by uploading often.



12017-03-06 05:52:25 UTCmanoharuss Hi mustafakamil,

I have observed that you have been editing "Jebel Aulia Reservoir". Even though you have spending a lot of time working on this waterbody relation, observe that this is not rendering on OSM.

22017-03-06 06:29:40 UTCmustafakamil hi Manohar
I know this problem from the beginning and I'm trying to solve them
As soon as possible Thank ^_^
12017-03-03 06:39:36 UTCmanoharuss Hi jcaviborg,

You have deleted a lot of farms and landuse polygons here. May I know why?


22017-03-03 07:18:00 UTCjcaviborg In Denmark we prefer the tag ”landuse:farmland” not ”landuse:farm”. Only en small part of the fields in the area are tagged. I deleted those with the wrong tag.
32017-03-03 08:42:22 UTCHjart I think it's usually better to retag than to outright delete otherwise correct polygons. For reference please see
42017-03-03 08:42:38 UTCHjart Also please see
52017-03-03 09:40:07 UTCjcaviborg @Hjart, bagdelen ved "highway=service + service=driveway" er at det ikke kræver et vejnavn. Det er flittigt brugt, også på steder hvor der er flere adresser. Her må "highway=residential" være at foretrække, da det kræver et vejnavn.
62017-03-03 10:05:33 UTCHjart Jeg forstår ikke det argument i forbindelse med private adgangsveje. Bemærk at generelt bruges til at betegne offentlige fælles beboelsesveje/villaveje, ikke private adgangsveje.
12017-03-02 10:38:44 UTCmanoharuss Hi palmfiction,

Welcome to OpenStreeetMap. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. But you did 2 tabletennis points here. I have deleted one point.


22017-03-02 10:48:21 UTCpalmfiction Hi Manohar,
thanks for the welcoming words.
I added 2 Tabletennis points there because there actually are to table tennis "tables" there.
best, fabian
32017-03-02 10:48:44 UTCpalmfiction *two
12017-03-02 10:28:28 UTCmanoharuss Hi Cherrytours,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. But I have observed that you have added 'building=Lux Berlin' as values to these buildings. This is a wrong tag value. You can add a commercial building by using 'building=commercial' or an office by 'building=o...
12017-03-01 10:10:36 UTCmanoharuss You have changed Lake Victoria into a forest. And changed an island boundary=administrative to a forest. Do not vandalise the map. Any further edits to vandalise the map will be reported to the OpenStreetMap Data working group(DWG).

12017-03-01 06:34:04 UTCmanoharuss hi Michael Klemp,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your interest in contributing to the map is greatly appreciated. But I have found that you have given a description on access in the name tag. This is already covered in "access=no" tag. You don't need to specifically mention that it is only for residen...
12017-02-27 09:13:07 UTCmanoharuss Hi WernerMap,

This fire hydrant is right in the middle of the road. Is this position right?



22017-02-27 10:13:26 UTCNakaner Hi Manochar,

didn't you see the tag fire_hydrant:type=undergrund? I don't understand what should be wrong here.

Best regards

32017-02-27 17:15:08 UTCmanoharuss Have not observed it. My bad. Thanks for clarifying Michael.


12017-02-27 06:45:38 UTCmanoharuss Hi Foothills,

I read the discussion on your first changeset. And as it seems you have imported similar incompatible road set again into OSM. 1. Before importing any data into OSM, read up on what is procedure regarding imports, what data is acceptable on OSM. Read:
12017-02-23 09:01:14 UTCmanoharuss hi Arungkaran,

These ponds do not exist according to the imagery. Are you sure these are water bodies.


22017-02-23 09:21:53 UTCArungkaran Perumparapukulam is not clear in image. Actually it is a wet land. Inamalamadu is very clearly seen. Check with google maps also.
If any attachment possible I can send you the official government map of these water bodies to you . Thanks for feedback anyway..
32017-02-23 09:28:59 UTCArungkaran Hi Manohar,
How can I send you a map image in message?

12017-02-23 08:49:47 UTCmanoharuss Hi Vijayotp,

I see that you have been mapping all along this coastline and mapping only tertiary roads. These are not tertiary roads. Please read

It would be great if you can correct this. Thank you.

22017-02-23 08:51:58 UTCmanoharuss Please tag these as unclassified
32017-02-23 08:55:31 UTCmanoharuss Can you correct road classification around this area is also not tertiary_link. Link roads are the small connecting exit roads.
12017-02-23 07:06:20 UTCmanoharuss Hi secretlondon,

Shape of these buildings do not match satellite imagery. Getting the intrusions and extrusions of a complicated building is tedious. But the way you drew renders bad on the map. Check out these iD editor shortcuts to square out the ...
12017-02-22 06:33:18 UTCmanoharuss Hi 25or6to4,
May I suggest smaller bbox approach in uploading edits.


12017-02-22 06:01:08 UTCmanoharuss Hi jryanart,

Welcome to OSM. Your contributions to the map are greatly appreciated. Greate that you are contributing to HOT mapping tasks. But I have observed that you have delete the geometry of this road and made it a straight line. Verifying from satellite imagery this does not seem right. I h...
12017-02-21 09:28:08 UTCmanoharuss Hi WWSS,

This relation is incomplete can you add in the missing segment


12017-02-21 09:08:05 UTCmanoharuss Hi PeskyPotatoes,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. I observed that you have changed fundamental tags of Lake Loramie from landuse=reservoir to natural=water, water=lake. According to wiki article the lake s...
22017-02-21 16:32:44 UTCPeskyPotatoes Thanks for the comment! I'm still learning. I switched it back. I thought that since the sign said lake (I've been there before) that this should be tagged as a lake but now I know better. Thanks again!
12017-02-13 07:34:28 UTCmanoharuss Hi felixi,

You gave number as a value for name tag. It would be great if you can correct this.

Thank you.


22017-02-21 07:07:53 UTCmanoharuss Fixed!
12017-02-20 07:51:21 UTCmanoharuss Hi Daichi Fujihara,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions to the map are greatly appreciated. I have observed that you have been updating wood relation I have observed few connectivity errors with the polygons. The inner polygons do not hav...
22017-02-21 02:23:25 UTCnyampire Hello Daichi and Manohar,


12017-02-20 06:26:10 UTCmanoharuss Hi jrome003,

Observed that you have contributed a good deal for the relation This relation is not closed and therefore incomplete. You might have knowledge of this place. May I request for an update to the relation.



12017-02-18 05:18:12 UTCmanoharuss Hi Stara Zagora,

Observed that you have mapped and have been improving on forest relation It has a lot of intersection errors, unclosed polygons and this is the reason this is not rendering on OSM even though you went through the effort of mapping it...
12017-02-15 05:55:39 UTCmanoharuss Hi 느림보,

May I know why you deleted these relations that are administrative boundaries.


22017-02-17 02:58:02 UTC느림보 Hi Manohar,

I deleted them because there exist more older and complete relationships.

For 6940272 :
For 6937056 :

Thank you for review my modification, I'll add more detailed comments in English a...
32017-02-17 05:41:13 UTCmanoharuss Hi Nrimbo,

Thanks for the detailed reply and your mapping effort. May I also suggest keeping the size of the bbox of changeset to a smaller size with constant uploading.


12017-02-16 06:17:49 UTCmanoharuss May I suggest a descriptive changeset comment.

12017-02-14 11:15:53 UTCmanoharuss Hi Hobbitdoug,

Welcome to Openstreetmap.Your contributions to the map are greatly appreciated. Please make sure that you map what is existing on the ground and not what you would like to have. You have used various types of tags in this area here I presume for finding pokemons. This is great. You...
12017-01-31 06:23:52 UTCmanoharuss Hi Will Sterling,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your interest in contributing to OSM is appreciated. It is great to see new users mapping and taking care of their neighborhoods. But the park you mapped here looks jagged and you have done other changes like changing the Olen Mattingly Road to a waterw...
22017-02-14 06:19:01 UTCmanoharuss Since you have not replied, I had to go cleanup your edits. Please do continue to map. But I hope you understand why the quality of the data is given so much importance. Please read or for guidance.

Good luck.

12017-02-13 07:41:07 UTCmanoharuss Hi LorisO,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your interest in contributing to OSM is highly appreciated. But I have observed that for this campsite you have a given a name in name:fr tag and a description in name tag. Can you change it actuall name in name tag as well. You can add description in descript...
12017-02-13 07:17:46 UTCmanoharuss Hi Павел Изотов,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your interest in contributing to OSM is appreciated. Are you sure this cross is an attraction?



12017-02-13 07:11:19 UTCmanoharuss Hi federali,

I see that you have reverted Could not visualize that changeset either in osmcha( or achavi( because it was so huge. May I know the reason why you ha...
12017-02-08 06:21:13 UTCmanoharuss Hi TheWizz,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your interest in contributing to OSM is appreciated. But you changed this locality polygon to natural=water which submerged El Dorado Hills. May I suggest you to look at Happy mapping.

12017-02-07 09:34:53 UTCmanoharuss Hi JeaRRo,

ruins=yes is the right tag not ruin=yes.

Can you please correct

22017-02-07 09:36:06 UTCmanoharuss
32017-02-07 09:38:48 UTCmanoharuss Name cannot be description: Castle (old)
42017-02-07 11:23:07 UTCJeaRRo ok c'est corrigé
52017-02-07 11:32:38 UTCmanoharuss Thank you :)

12017-02-07 07:15:36 UTCmanoharuss Hi hkmpr,

The ice skating track you added here into the relation will render it like an island. Check out this image ( So I have removed the membership in the relation but the track itself exists...
12017-02-03 08:04:03 UTCSpanholz Welcome to OSM,

please connect the footways with streets and paths only then routing will be possible. Else they will be little islands.

Have fun mapping, Spanholz
22017-02-03 10:28:31 UTCmanoharuss Hi LaserManiac,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your contributions to OSM are appreciated. It has been great to see new users show interest in OSM and map their neighborhoods. But I have found few issues I would like to raise. This is not a park as ...
12017-02-01 07:18:56 UTCmanoharuss Hi Tykim,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your interest to contribute to OSM is highly appreciated. It has been great to see new mappers joining OSM and mapping their neighborhoods. But these `landuse=forest` tags you added do not seem reasonable. As these are really small. May be http://wiki.openstree...
12017-01-31 07:02:09 UTCmanoharuss Hi rlarjsdn,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your interest in contributing to OSM is highly appreciated. It is great to see new mappers joining us and mapping their neighborhood. But this building here is intersecting with the roads and does not seem to exist in the satellite imagery as well. It would ...
12017-01-10 05:45:34 UTCnammala Hi firepanda11,

Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap. Some of the footways created in this location doesn't seem appropriate. Could you please confirm the source of adding these because I am not seeing in the satellite Imagery.

22017-01-10 07:03:13 UTCfirepanda11 I am the source. I happen to know this area very well. A lot of it is hidden by the building or trees.
32017-01-10 07:07:16 UTCnammala Thanks for getting back.

Happy Mapping.
42017-01-27 14:43:43 UTCmanoharuss I have deleted your mapped object. Please do not continue mapping for PokemonGO.
12017-01-25 07:02:01 UTCmanoharuss Hi calexandermen,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your interest in contributing to the map is appreciated. But the park and meadow you have mapped does not seem right. This seems like a residential area from satellite imagery. This seems like a PokemonGo related mapping. I suggest you go through http:/...
12017-01-25 06:24:53 UTCmanoharuss Hi Kairi13,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your mapping contributions to OSM are appreciated. But look at your changeset here This is a global map database. May I suggest looking at and http://wiki.openst...
12017-01-24 09:27:44 UTCmanoharuss Hi muzirian,

May I suggest not having the tamil version of the name in the "name=*" tag considering we do also have name:ta translation for the same node.


22017-01-24 18:25:44 UTCmuzirian First what i did was remove tamil version from name, but then thought of reverting my change to include tamil version, as it may help someone, not sure.
32017-01-29 09:45:16 UTCmuzirian there are also more nodes like this. Also i see @PlaneMad adding :en tag for these nodes after the main tag was edited to add tamil too in the name.
So there will be a reason for him to leave it like that.
So it would be better if u ask him too.
Hope to hear from u.
12017-01-24 07:09:38 UTCmanoharuss Hi lferreyra,

Appreciate your mapping activity and contributions to OSM. But you did leave and untagged. It would be great if you can tag them and update. Your edits looks great otherwise.


12017-01-24 06:05:20 UTCmanoharuss Hi thatmoodieguy,

Welcome to OSM. Your interest in contributing to OSM is appreciated. But I have reverted your changeset because you have mapped overlapping footways, given natural=water tag to a building etc. Please make sure when you map, that you connect these footways to existing footways, s...
12017-01-19 06:58:04 UTCmanoharuss Hi Siewjy,

Looking at May I ask why you deleted these buildings?


12017-01-18 06:59:39 UTCmanoharuss Hi Glass Cup,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your mapping contributions are greatly appreciated. This way you added here is crossing with itself in several places, crossing with a building.

It would be if you can correct these and in general also keep the ...
12017-01-18 06:44:22 UTCmanoharuss Hi Bored,

Looking at

All of these ways you have deleted seemed to exist in the imagery with appropriate feature tags. If they are well mapped, exist on the ground (be it for private use which is also tagged) how are they unnecessary?

22017-01-18 16:38:43 UTCBored Hi manoharuss,
In many rural counties, TIGER data includes driveways and driveways labelled as residential roads that adds clutter to the map. If you look at the TIGER data in Montgomery County, MD and compare it to the TIGER data in Athens County, OH, you'll find a lot more misaligned, inaccurate ...
32017-01-18 16:40:58 UTCBored

This is what I'm talking about. I edited some of the county roads there in the past, but didn't tiger-align them or delete the unnecessary roads.
12017-01-18 06:37:17 UTCmanoharuss Hi user983427120,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your contributions to the map are greatly appreciated. But the buildings, parking area you have deleted here do indeed exist according to Bing imagery. It would be great if you can remap them back. Thank you.


12017-01-18 06:34:51 UTCmanoharuss Hi esunget,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions to the map are greatly appreciated. But I have found issues in this changeset I would like to share. this way has footway=crossing, crossing=zebra for the whole way. These tags are ideal for only t...
12017-01-18 05:21:22 UTCmanoharuss Hi Andrey Steklo,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your mapping contributions are greatly appreciated. But you have given the whole address in the addr:street tag which I corrected here


12017-01-16 08:57:37 UTCmanoharuss Hi Andrew Matheny,

Some of the imported buildings have overlaps with some highways in this changeset. The highways themselves are misaligned and not the buildings imported. It would be great if you can align these.


22017-01-16 15:04:08 UTCAndrew Matheny Good catch! Fixed and done
12017-01-13 09:19:49 UTCmanoharuss Hi Arthurian Arthur,

Your contributions to OpenStreetMap are greatly appreciated. But I see some issues with the mapping here. You have added so many trunk roads here(, which do not seem like trunk roads at all. There were previ...
12017-01-12 12:34:31 UTCmanoharuss Hi Herison Teixeira,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your interest in mapping is greatly appreciated. But Google is a proprietary database from which one cannot copy map into OpenStreetMap. Can you confirm that this is not the case here?


22017-01-12 12:58:17 UTCHerison Teixeira Olá.

Pedi para confirmar no Google Maps pois na imagem de satélite deles aparecem os bairros acrescentados.

Trabalho com o Moovit em Patos de Minas - MG e preciso dessa região no Mapa..


Herison Teixeira
32017-01-12 12:59:40 UTCHerison Teixeira As infomações eu colhi com a Prefeitura de Patos de Minas, com a Viação Pássaro Branco e pessoalmente no local.
12017-01-10 17:52:21 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! What is the meaning of water=sound? Please read .
22017-01-11 05:55:49 UTCmanoharuss Hi Visit MS Gulf Coast,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. As user_5359 specified in the above comment, waterbody in the sea with a sound tag does not seem plausible. I have deleted this feature object. this woud be good reading to understand the kind of fea...
12016-09-06 03:06:28 UTCmanoharuss Hi Lafeer,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping efforts are greatly appreciated. But I have observed that you have added so many ATMs with numbers as their names. If these are personal place bookmarks, these should not have been uploaded to OSM. If these ATMs are correct, it would be great if you...
22016-10-24 17:33:11 UTCSomeoneElse @manoharuss Did you ever get an answer here? Assuming these names aren't real, what's the next step?
32016-10-27 05:44:19 UTCmanoharuss @SomeoneElse

Thanks for leaving a message. I lost track of this changeset and was able to get back because you commented. I have looked through all the edits of Lafeer and found them to be inconsistent. Since the user has not many edits, I was able to download all his edits using Overpass. I have...
42016-10-27 09:03:38 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks. I've commented on I comment on . If there's no further reply there I can send them a "0 hour block" message (a message that they have to read before continuing editing). After that one of two things will happen - they'll either read it, and...
52016-11-10 11:07:30 UTCmanoharuss @SomeoneElse
Further actions here?
62016-11-10 11:21:16 UTCSomeoneElse @manoharuss They've not edited since the last changeset discussion comment so I don't think trying to 0-hour block will achieve anything. What remains is to try and figure out whether the data in changesets such as this is worth keeping or not. I'm a bit far away to comment on that; you're at leas...
72016-11-14 11:02:46 UTCmanoharuss @SomeoneElse sent a quick mail to Sri Lankan mailing list talk-lk.
82016-11-14 12:52:22 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - hopefully someone local will comment.
92016-11-23 18:41:39 UTCSomeoneElse @manoharuss - looks like talk-lk is mostly adverts for events, so I guess no reply there is not surprising. Maybe trying contacting individual mappers locally to see if they can validate or invalidate any of the locations?
102016-11-24 11:15:30 UTCmanoharuss @SomeoneElse, OpenStreetMap Sri Lanka group on Facebook seemed more active. Left a quick post to get traction. Hopefully, someone replies.
112016-11-30 06:05:25 UTCmanoharuss @SomeoneElse Received a reply from a Sri Lankan community member
122016-11-30 13:52:11 UTCSomeoneElse @manoharuss thanks - if they can get in touch, great.
132016-12-21 13:24:48 UTCSomeoneElse @manoharuss An progress from the SL community side of things?
142016-12-23 09:48:46 UTCmanoharuss @SomeoneElse No update from SL community :( this was the last update
152016-12-23 19:17:03 UTCSomeoneElse I'd be tempted to do a revert then - it seems unlikely to me that is an ATM.
Presumably you're OK with doing a revert here? If not, let me know and I'll do it.
162017-01-09 15:06:43 UTCSomeoneElse Interestingly, they've edited again - . Does that look plausible?
172017-01-10 06:06:23 UTCmanoharuss @SomeoneElse from Satellite imagery, this seems like a residential area. Seems betting and bookmaking is a legal, regulated business in Sri Lanka. There is no way to verify this mapped object by the user. From the given name tag, this could also be a personal bookmark.
12016-09-05 06:14:18 UTCmanoharuss Hi msyam,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping efforts are greatly appreciated. But I have observed that you have added numbers to POIs names. The name tag is to specify the name of the business or establishment, not numbers. It would be great if you can fix this or I would have to revert your ...
22016-11-25 17:10:12 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Manohar,
Any thoughts about this one?
The names are clearly implausible, but it'd be great to try and find out what the user's trying to record here.
Best Regards,
32016-12-01 07:59:21 UTCmanoharuss @SomeoneElse Thanks for your comment. Apologies for my late reply. I opened a ticket in Mapbox mapping repository to track cleanup of the user edits ( and put together a gist noting down my observations (
42016-12-01 10:32:25 UTCSomeoneElse @manoharuss It looks like there's been no attempt to contact the mapper for 5 months?
Some of the edits seem plausible (the name of the petrol station here for example) some less so (the name of doesn't sound like a bank) so if no contact can be made a ...
52016-12-20 06:18:45 UTCmanoharuss @SomeoneElse left a personal message to the mapper to encourage participation in this changeset discussion( Have not received a reply yet. What do you suggest on next actions?
62016-12-23 20:21:18 UTCSomeoneElse The usual stuff to try now would be to try and find a local mapper forum, or even just a local mapper, and consider an Arabic translation of any message. If that fails, I'd just revert it - on the balance of probability they're just personal markers.
72017-01-09 21:09:43 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 45037169 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some numbered objects in Gaza (suspected personal notes). All attempts to contact the mapper have failed.
82017-01-10 05:28:17 UTCmanoharuss @SomeoneElse Thanks for cleaning this up
12017-01-10 05:18:55 UTCmanoharuss Hi SuffolkNY,

You seemed to have added 17000 orphaned nodes here. May I know how this happened.


22017-01-10 17:47:03 UTCSuffolkNY Hi Manohar. Thank you, this accidently happend. I think, there was an upload problem. I just removed them and I will redo the upload. Best, Michael
12017-01-06 05:28:10 UTCmanoharuss Hi Cynthi Cepada,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping contributions are greatly appreciated. The footway you added was crossing the service road here. I have fixed this. Please make sure that the highways you add do not cross with the existing map data.


12017-01-05 06:12:58 UTCmanoharuss Hi GoogleMapMaker,

Refer wiki for bus stop names Are these the actual names of the bus stops?


12017-01-05 05:55:01 UTCmanoharuss Hi Jacob T,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping contributions are greatly appreciated. I have observed that you have been mapping addresses of buildings. This is great. But you don't have to give the address again in the name tag. Name tag is for names of businesses, houses etc. Refer http://w...
12017-01-03 06:06:35 UTCmanoharuss Hi Kevin Boggs,

First, welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your interest in mapping is appreciated. OSM is an open public collaborative aiming at making the most up to date and detailed map.

I have read the discussion in your other changeset. Thanks for mapping and further thanks for correcting your edi...
22017-01-03 06:09:50 UTCKevin Boggs Thanks for the welcome and the suggestions. I've made the changes you recommended.
12016-12-23 07:59:26 UTCmanoharuss Hi Dillon Schneider,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your interest in mapping is greatly appreciated. But I have found that this footway you added cross intersecting and unconnected. I have undone your change. It would be great if you can map this correctly and also reminder that private ways used insi...
12016-12-23 07:02:32 UTCmanoharuss Hi jrayt,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your interest in mapping your is appreciated. I have found your edits overlapping, adding non existing footways. I have undone your changes. I would like to request to keep the mapping realistic and map only what exists on the ground. Please take a look at h...
12016-12-23 06:36:33 UTCmanoharuss Hi Alexander Court,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions are appreciated. But I have undone your changeset because you have changed road classification of paths to footways. Ex this way is a well mapped way with highway=path tag. For a trail path ...
12016-12-23 06:21:38 UTCmanoharuss Hi Luciola,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your edits to the map are greatly appreciated. But you have left some of the footways here unconnected and there definitely seems to be a road connecting these footways to the nearby residential road. It would be great if you can connect these footways.

12016-12-23 06:17:58 UTCmanoharuss Hi minar,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions to the map are greatly appreciated. I observed some duplicate nodes, overlapping footways in your edits. It would be great if you can fix these.


12016-12-23 06:00:24 UTCmanoharuss Related changeset comment

But first welcome to OpenStreetMap. It would be great if a local mapper can update the polygon here.


22016-12-23 13:34:20 UTCLightning The change of amenity from "school" to "university" is good and definitely needed, but the circular polygon outlining the campus grounds is not accurate. The rotated "T" shape that was previously there was closer to reality - but probably still had some issues. I think it may have excluded a coupl...
12016-12-23 05:56:08 UTCmanoharuss Hi Lightning,

Observed that you originally created this amenity=university circular polygon here May I know why this was mapped circular. There was an edit to the amenity recently in this changeset from a new user
22016-12-23 12:49:47 UTCLightning I definitely had not mapped it as a circle. Correcting it now...
12016-12-20 05:50:12 UTCmanoharuss Hi tlt83,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your mapping contributions are greatly appreciated. I have observed that you have deleted this track that clearly seemed to exist in the imagery. But the track seems to exist in bing, mapbox satellite and USGS imagery. It would be great if you can trace back th...
12016-12-20 04:17:18 UTCmanoharuss Hi ajnunley,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping contributions are greatly appreciated. But I have observed that this trail you tried to map here does not have any feature tags and there are other unconnected nodes here as well. Would be great if you can fix it and trace the trail again.

22016-12-20 15:14:28 UTCajnunley Thanks Manohar! I've been submitting updates using ArcMap's OSM Tool, and this segment just keeps having issues during the submit process. Not sure why. I'll hand edit it :)
12016-12-13 06:02:51 UTCmanoharuss Hi Ryan Holliday,

Should this wikidata tag be added to this way instead then


22016-12-13 06:27:45 UTCRyan Holliday I'm new to OpenStreetMap, so I'm not sure what the right solution would be - I would have thought there should be a boundary for Marina del Rey, rather than just a node. I added a Wikidata ID to this record before realizing that it wasn't a boundary, so removed it to avoid any confusion since my ow...
12016-12-12 05:21:06 UTCmanoharuss Hi maurice2010,

Few of the buildings and parking lots you have deleted in this changeset do exist in the satellite imagery. But the imagery is from 2013 and so old. Are you sure they have been all demolished?


22016-12-12 11:29:29 UTCmaurice2010 Yes, they are demolished to build new buildings in this area.
12016-12-06 05:20:37 UTCmanoharuss Hi margonotmango,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping contributions are greatly appreciated. But I have observed you have been creating, tagging a number of ways at intersections with relation `type=lanelet` giving roles to ways `left` and `right`. This seems odd. I couldn't find information r...
22016-12-06 05:29:00 UTCmargonotmango HI Manohar,
Please check this
But now I encountered some problems,When I upload the data to the server, it will prompt a lot of conflicts, I would like to temporarily change the data back to the initial state, and I also back up the initial data, but when I...
32016-12-06 06:15:26 UTCmanoharuss Hi margonotmango,

This seems like a private project and the changes to the data on OSM seems to be undiscussed. Could you please revert all your changesets that have lanelet mapping. Let me know if you need help in reversion.

42016-12-06 07:24:36 UTCmargonotmango Hi manoharuss,
Please tell me how to revert,thanks a lot.
52016-12-06 08:53:04 UTCmargonotmango Hi manoharuss,
I have the previous osm file,but I don't know how to revert.
62016-12-06 12:09:18 UTCmanoharuss Hi margonotmango,

I see that you are using JOSM. You can goto `Data` in top menu, -> Select `Revert Changeset`. You should give each changeset ID and revert. Remember that you cannot do randomly. You must revert in the order of latest to last. Please follow this guide. Once you revert all the cha...
72016-12-07 01:01:55 UTCmargonotmango Hi manoharuss,
Thank you.I will try.
82016-12-12 02:30:45 UTCmargonotmango Hi manoharuss,
I was trying to revert changes.It started well, but after a few times, when I click "revert changeset",it says"unable to upload or download data from due to data transfer issues.
What should I do?
92016-12-19 03:09:18 UTCAlexey Lukin Can someone help revert this series of changesets? It breaks continuity of many roads and intersections in Cambridge, MA, and also shifts Red Line tracks away from their accurate alignment established in a changeset 31029556.
102016-12-20 01:40:05 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 44529328 where the changeset comment is: revert accidental upload of 'lanelet' data to OSM which is meant to be uploaded to a private server only. See for discussion.
12016-12-05 07:46:51 UTCmanoharuss Hi Akram Dandal,

Welcome to OpenstreetMap. Your mapping contributions are greatly appreciated.

But this alpine hut you have mapped seems to have been mapped on a residential area according to satellite imagery. It would be great if you can correct this.


12016-11-23 11:09:39 UTCmanoharuss Hi Alexandr Apasov,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. The name tag was supposed to be the name of the business or the cafeteria in this case and not the description. It would be great if you can correct your edit.

12016-11-21 07:49:57 UTCmanoharuss Hi jun hyuck kim,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. But I have observed that you have been giving korean names in name:en tag. name:en tag is for english. Please correct your edits. Korean names can be given in name:ko tag. Feel free to reply.

12016-11-18 08:49:08 UTCmanoharuss Hi Benjidevedas,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. But you have deleted place=neighborhood tags here. If these are wrong, you can correct them. Please undo these deletions if this is an accidental deletion. Feel free to reply.

22016-11-18 09:32:41 UTCBenjidevedas This is not an accidental deletion. The name of the neighborhood was written twice.
12016-11-17 11:31:11 UTCmanoharuss Hi Donavan Paul,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your interest in contributing to OSM is appreciated. But I have observed that you have only outdoor shops with alphanumeric names. We must only map what is there on the ground with their names. Your edits do not seem reasonable. OSM is a public database....
12016-11-17 06:11:09 UTCmanoharuss Hi jpmartin1977, is definitely not a track according to the satellite imagery. I have observed that all the ways edited in this changeset are tagged as tracks. It would be great if you change them back to the right tags.

12016-11-15 05:58:58 UTCmanoharuss Hi chunty,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. But I am guessing and correspond to a same fast food center? Feel free to reply.
12016-11-14 05:43:01 UTCmanoharuss Hi MisterOblivious,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping contributions are appreciated. I have observed that you have deleted tracks in this changeset saying "Excessive mapping on private property". These tracks definitely exits on the imagery and I do not see how this big an area could be a pr...
12016-11-07 10:24:41 UTCmanoharuss Hi Stephanie Landa,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping contributions are appreciated. May I know why you deleted the buildings in this changeset( Feel free to reply.

12016-11-02 10:37:51 UTCmanoharuss Hi swapnil jagtap,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your interest in mapping is appreciated. But as a mapper and user of the map, you need to understand that OpenStreetMap is a public map database. It is for everybody. So one user cannot map a building and name it `my home`. The name is reserved for the...
22016-12-01 19:03:10 UTCJedrzej Pelka Hi swapnil jagtap, why don't you just add house numbers - of your and your neighbours' houses? That would be actually useful.
12016-11-02 09:11:02 UTCmanoharuss Hi Saint_Byte,

Your mapping contributions are greatly appreciated. But I have observed that you have deleted this track and leisure playground. It exists in both Bing and Mapbox satellite imagery, may I know the reasy why you have deleted. Thank you.

22016-11-02 10:08:55 UTCSaint_Byte
There began construction of the new stadium. its local knowlage. But you can see last satelite images there:
12016-11-02 05:58:03 UTCmanoharuss Hi calubi,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping contributions are greatly appreciated. I have observed that in this changeset you have deleted these exisiting buildings and added your own traces of these buildings in other changesets (, www.openstreetmap....
12016-10-26 12:49:32 UTCzeromap The wikidata tag you added refers to the administrative division and is already present on this relation.

Tagging towns as points was done from a TIGER import, before boundary data was available. To make things more confusing, the point location refe...
22016-10-27 09:48:38 UTCmanoharuss @zeromap Thanks for keeping an eye out. The point location from satellite imagery does seem like a hamlet as in small number of buildings around the intersection along the roads. Do you think it would be a good idea to tag the point as a hamlet and remove the wikidata tag I added?

32016-10-27 12:21:24 UTCzeromap Yes, but this problem is more widespread. There are many town administrative divisions mapped as nodes, at least in New York State. They all need to be checked to see if, like in this case, they correspond to a hamlet or other place tag and if a relation exists with the proper information. In the ca...
42016-11-02 05:15:47 UTCmanoharuss @zeromap starting to understand the problem. This point is now a hamlet( and wikidata I added was deleted, according to our discussion. But now, I feel like the census and population tags which are at 20658 does not correspond to this hamlet but indee...
52016-11-02 11:07:06 UTCzeromap The population tag should be added to the relation:
62016-11-09 03:11:17 UTCPlaneMad zeromap, what do you estimate is the scale of the problem? it would be great if you could point to any previous discussion that talks about a potential cleanup effort.
72016-11-09 08:07:48 UTCPlaneMad Have extracted the GNIS place where wikidata tags were added that are

Looked into a sample of 20 and they all look like well urbanised areas. My hunch is that these cases are more of a minority th...
82016-11-12 13:57:29 UTCzeromap >these cases are more of a minority than a majority

Yes, I believe so.

>What would be the best way to find out how many incorrectly tagged towns there are?

Hard to say, but I noticed they are more common among towns without eponymous larger settlements. Consider this map of Onondaga County:...
12016-10-28 10:50:02 UTCmanoharuss Hi Lourence,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. But I have observed that there are buildings that are crossing highways. I have checked the tms layer you have used and it seems the previously traced roads do not align with the imagery like the buildings you have t...
12016-10-21 04:30:23 UTCmanoharuss Hi Suryo Adhy Chandra,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. But I have observed that this POI you mapped "Indomaret" is located on the road. It would be great if you correct the position of the POI.

Manohar Erikipati
12016-09-30 21:52:07 UTCdannykath Why do you work with an import account?
22016-09-30 21:54:14 UTCdannykath
32016-10-01 07:54:11 UTCmanoharuss Hi dannykath,

This was a mistake on my part. I have observed that my JOSM account setup was not changed after uploading above changesets and later changed it to my personal account( I will make sure to not repeat this mistake. Thanks for keep...
12016-09-22 05:19:23 UTCmanoharuss Hi Muhammad Shaaban,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions to the map are greatly appreciated. But I have observed that you have deleted a mosque. May I know the reason behind this.

22016-09-22 13:05:13 UTCMuhammad Shaaban I am trying to create very concise drawings of historic buildings in Cairo. I uploaded the mosque but the borders aren't correct. I will be re-uploading a more precise border for the same mosque.
12016-09-12 06:22:34 UTCmanoharuss Hi Vincent Dechenaux,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. But I have observed that these buildings you imported are not aligning with the imagery, also this import does have unmerged buildings. It would be great if you can merge these and align. Feel free to comm...
22016-09-14 18:43:05 UTCVincent Dechenaux Hi,

Oops, I'm sorry, I'm a beginner :/
I'm not able to do it, can you do it for me please?.. :(
I won't import buildings again, sorry
32016-09-21 06:42:31 UTCmanoharuss Hi Vincent Dechenaux,

Sorry for the late reply and sure. I see that you are using JOSM. As long as the import is going to help the map and the source of the import is listed or the license of the import is okay to be imported into OSM, I have no problem ...
42016-09-21 07:21:21 UTCVincent Dechenaux Hi,

I used the French "cadastre" to generate the file. I used this tool:
12016-09-21 05:45:54 UTCmanoharuss Hi Sofm,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping efforts are greatly appreciated. But I observed that you have added a theatre in the Sundarbans. This does not seem reasonable. Do you have a source for this that could be verified? Let me know.

12016-09-09 04:29:47 UTCmanoharuss Hi Kyle Snyder,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. It is awesome that you are contributing to HOT projects. I have observed that there are few buildings which are crossing in this changeset. Can you check this place once please. Thank you. Happy mapping.

12016-09-06 03:37:01 UTCmanoharuss Hi 工場長,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping efforts are greatly appreciated. I have observed that you are adding points of interest with multi-lingual names in the name tag. There is a combination of english/japanese/mandarin in the name tags of the points. You can add name:ja for japane...
22016-09-07 09:15:28 UTC工場長 Hi manoharuss
In Japan , the display of the sign has been displayed a mix of Japanese and other languages ​​. It's just a normal thing . When you try to align the display in either language , become very strange display . It will become past the desired location . Display of billboards should b...
12016-08-30 08:32:08 UTCmanoharuss Hi Inayat Ur Rahman,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I have observed that you have been adding year+personal names to all of the guest houses, pubs you have mapped. This is not a good practice. Since OpenStreetMap is a public mapping database, everyone who is using OpenStreetMap based services or Open...
12016-07-28 07:52:37 UTCmanoharuss Hi Barlanki,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping efforts are appreciated. But it seems that you have added `tourism=attraction` to a lot of nodes, 'tourism=camp_site' to a lot of bridges and given alphanumeric names. This is not the right way to map/tag bridges, crossings and control switches ...
22016-08-12 11:26:38 UTCindigomc Something needs to be done with this soon. There are too many tourism=attraction tags, some in touristy places where they will cause confusion. Thanks, indigomc
32016-08-12 13:31:21 UTCyogi_ks I think this is because of limited POI categories available in app which is the editor in this case. But anyway if suitable category is not found, its not a good idea to map with false tags.
42016-08-12 13:31:50 UTCyogi_ks Similar cases of edits are seen in other parts of the country.
52016-08-30 04:06:20 UTCmanoharuss Hi Barlanki,

I have reverted this changeset here ( It has been 1month since you have closed this changeset and your edits were still on the map. This is a public database and all the OSM users see the objects you map. @indigomc @yogi_ks I had to ...
62016-08-30 10:04:26 UTCyogi_ks Thank you for doing this.
12016-08-27 09:55:51 UTCscai You did remove the tag natural=coastline from a lot of ways. Now the coastline seems to be broken.
22016-08-27 12:15:07 UTCmanoharuss Hi scai,

Thanks for your comment, otherwise I would not have known my mistake. My intention was to fix the relation ( as it was incomplete and cross interesecting at a place. The members of the relation did not have roles either. During that I accid...
12016-08-23 06:18:38 UTCmanoharuss Hi ItalianMustache,

Your mapping efforts are greatly appreciated. But I I have observed that you have created a broken multi polygon. This is the relation id This is the reason why this swamp is not being rendered on OSM. Do you want to fix this or...
22016-09-01 02:13:30 UTCItalianMustache Sorry for not responding- I don't check my email very regularly. I usually am working on several relations at a time, so I often leave some unfinished for a while before I go back to them (it's very time-consuming to map large or complex relations). If you want to finish mapping it (the DNR conserva...
12016-08-17 06:56:50 UTCmanoharuss Hi Airlobster,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. I have observed that you removed "natural=water". I have looked through the imagery and the area seems to be dry. But if this is a season change you can add "intermittent=yes" tag to the waterbody instead of dele...
22016-08-17 08:36:54 UTCAirlobster Hello,

The removed water was a duplicate of the Gowne Dam.

Kind regards,
32016-08-20 16:10:08 UTCLittle Brother I tend to agree with @Manohar.
The pertinent area should probably be tagged with "landuse=reservoir", "intermittent=yes".
Dam only refers to the actual dam and not to the reservoir area.
42016-08-20 19:57:54 UTCAirlobster The area is already tagged with "landuse=reservoir". I added "intermittent=yes".

I'm not 100% sure, but when googling some pictures it looks more like a waterhole that is called a "dam" because it looks like a small dam.
12016-08-17 06:32:27 UTCmanoharuss Hi VictorIE,

Your contributions to OpenStreetMap are greatly appreciated. I looked through this changeset along with your other changesets 41465760, 41488327, 41488458 to understand what happened here. The wiki for tagging power stations is here(
22016-08-17 08:03:32 UTCVictorIE Hi,

Apologies for the unorthodox method. I've been removing deprecated tags and names. For example: lists operator=ESB (154), operator=ESB Generation and Wholesale Markets (21), operator=ESB Networks (394), operator=ESB Telecoms (3), operator=ESB ec...
32016-08-17 08:27:05 UTCVictorIE has updated. I'll get to work. :)
42016-08-18 13:33:15 UTCVictorIE I'm working on the last set and it should be gone today
12016-08-10 14:45:11 UTCGrillo Upptäckte det här changesetet av en slump. Det ser ut att vara 50 000 otaggade noder? Finns det något vettigt här eller är det bara att reverta?
22016-08-10 14:49:54 UTCFringillus Det var förut landcover. Det blev reverterat men någon glömde ta bort noderna också. Så bara att reverta.
32016-08-16 07:00:48 UTCmanoharuss Hi Fringillus,

I am reverting this changeset since Grillo and you did not revert this yet. Happy mapping!

42016-08-16 09:28:16 UTCmanings I deleted all the untagged nodes in this changeset:

Because the data is so big, I had to manually download each section in JOSM. After completing the download, I selected all untagged nodes that is not part of any way using this filter in JOSM: `...
12016-08-03 07:54:01 UTCmanoharuss Hi DianaPS,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping efforts are appreciated. I have observed that there are duplicates in this area. This changeset from you and this changeset created buildings and uploaded nearly at the same time. I am reverting you...
12016-08-02 06:10:17 UTCmanoharuss Hi Carlos Cevallos Armas,

Welcome to Openstreetmap. Your mapping efforts are appreciated. You have mapped a `tourism=alpine_hut` in a city. Please check this wiki If you want to map a hut, this would be right tag for the building but no...
12016-07-21 07:17:26 UTCmanoharuss Hi Sujan Nepali,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping efforts are appreciated. If all the users strive to map their hometowns, OSM would be a great source of open map data. I have observed that you have given names to the buildings here. I would like to suggest you against it. The names can be ...
12016-07-20 06:57:59 UTCmanoharuss Hi Prijoy Peter,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping contributions are appreciated. But I have found few issues in this changeset. This OSM way is traced to be a residential road. But it is mapped over other roads which were already there (ht...
12016-07-19 06:48:08 UTCmanoharuss Hi Juan David Saad,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping efforts on OSM are appreciated. But you have added `name=casa` for all the residential buildings you have traced.
`Casa translates to Home`. You should not give `casa/home` to tag to buildings to residential buildings. `building=house` ...
12016-07-19 06:35:48 UTCmanoharuss This was a test to see if iD editor gives warnings on overlapping buildings. Going to revert it, now.
12016-07-15 09:01:58 UTCmanoharuss Hi rosomak,

There were a few duplicates for buildings in this changeset. I cleaned up those in this

12016-07-15 09:01:19 UTCmanoharuss Mistake: Cleanedup duplicates from this changeset 40742858
12016-07-14 07:00:01 UTCmanoharuss Hi Rhon001,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping is appreciated. You have tagged viewpoints to residential buildings,roads and offices.
Please go through this guide to know what tags we have for specific amentities. Please correct your edits as t...
12016-07-14 06:05:59 UTCmanoharuss Hi msyam,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You have given alphanumeric names to banks, attractions and sport shops. The number of attractions, banks and sport shops seem unreasonable. I would like to the reason behind this. This is a public map database and your POI's are visible to all OSM users. please ...
22017-01-09 21:09:40 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 45037169 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some numbered objects in Gaza (suspected personal notes). All attempts to contact the mapper have failed.
12016-07-12 07:12:45 UTCmanoharuss Hi kailashdhirwani,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I appreciate your mapping efforts. But you have added tourism=attraction, tourism=artwork tags to many amenities. I suggest you that when you are in doubt or didn't find the exact tag in the app, don't tag it as anything else. Check this out for exact...
22016-07-12 11:25:27 UTCkailashdhirwani dear

i corrected all amenities later on web.
please check it
32016-07-12 12:30:36 UTCmanoharuss Hi kailashdhirwani,
I appreciate your reply. I have seen that still there are few nodes with `tourism=*` tags for many nodes. I appreciate your effort in adding POI's. Please take some time to look into the nodes you have created.


42016-07-12 12:41:11 UTCkailashdhirwani Dear Manohar
i agree with you i will defiantly change it

i am using app it has limited poi that please allow me some time. i personally aware about all poi.

please give some time.


52016-07-12 13:16:18 UTCkailashdhirwani hi Manohar

now all nodes are updated with real and accurate names.

but if you find some error inform me

some are still with tourism tag. it are informative for tourist


62016-07-12 13:23:50 UTCmanoharuss Hi kailashdhirwani,

Great job updating your the POI's. Awesome mapping. Now the POI's you just created will be of use to another OSM user. Good job. Please continue mapping on OSM. If you need any help in mapping or seeking to learn more, I am always here to help. Make sure that your edits are ta...
72016-07-16 04:51:18 UTCkailashdhirwani halo , manohar
i am updating lots of poi(as i think) so please correct me if you find some wrong thing in it as a tourissam ,attraction...which i didnt corrected.. if possible.. please help me

i normaly correct all poi but if by mistake some of them will left than pleace point it out.

12016-06-15 20:08:52 UTCZverik Hi, I guess you've mistaken the "Add place" feature for markers. All these points were added to a global database, that is, a map. Do you need these points? I plan to remove them, but if you need, I can export them in any format.
22016-07-12 07:50:13 UTCmanoharuss Hi Julie Thurman,

You have not replied to Zverik's comment. 27days after you uploaded your changeset, your edits are still on OSM. These edits maybe are your local bookmarks you wanted to have in your phone. But this is a public database. What you map is visible to everybody and seem as tourist p...
32016-07-12 08:31:37 UTCZverik Manohar, thanks for cleaning this up. Do you know you can revert and other simple changesets with ? :)
42016-07-12 09:55:36 UTCmanoharuss Hi Zverik, I've not come across It seems like a quick, handy tool to revert small changesets and edits. Thanks for this.
12016-07-12 08:12:46 UTCmanoharuss Hi pohaham,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap. But clearly the airport does not have these many doctors. This is a public map database you are uploading to and people who use OSM would see these unusable mistagged POI's. I am not sure what you were trying to tag. If these Points of interest are right but yo...
12016-07-12 07:01:44 UTCmanoharuss Hi dennislyn,
You have added tourism=viewpoint tag to streets too. This is clearly a mistake. Please have a look at Make sure to clean up your edits or let me know if you want me to do it for you.

12016-07-11 10:45:17 UTCmanoharuss Hi Lafta Dakhil Hasan,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
You have added so many department store tags. What is the reason for this? Is this a marketplace and you tagged each store? Please reply.

12016-07-11 10:01:07 UTCmanoharuss Hi Arjie'Cindy,
You tagged `tourism=viewpoint` to so many nodes. Even to few streets. These edits are not constructive to OSM if they are not actually viewpoints. You want me to revert this?
12016-07-08 06:41:33 UTCmanoharuss Hi PSHye06,

You have added `tourism=viewpoint` tag to all kinds of POI's. Ex: Motorcycle parts store would have a building=manufacture to the polygon instead of a node with viewpoint tag. It is not a POI. For Car Emission testing, you can give `amenity=vehicle_inspection` to the node. Please go t...
12016-07-05 07:49:26 UTCmanoharuss Hi Danilo Reinoso,

You added a lot of 'shop=hardware' shops using Maps.Me. This is way to many for a couple of cities. Can you mention the source of your edits or the reason behind this. The number of hardware shops are unreasonably huge.

12016-07-05 06:48:52 UTCmanoharuss Hi Razor74,

I saw that you added building:levels for few buildings. Awesome mapping. However, can I request you to be descriptive in your comments and please mention source for your changesets. It is a good practice. Our OSM community grows and integrates much better if we have lesser communicat...
22016-07-05 08:20:58 UTCrazor74 I am from Bucharest and i saw these buildings daily. I know what i do. Do you?
12016-06-28 06:10:37 UTCmanoharuss Hi rdz3056,

Your contributions to OSM are appreciated. We need more mappers in India. You are doing a good think adding point of interests and amenities. What I would like to suggest though is draw a building with building=yes tag and then add amenities/shop etc so we can avoid these amenities l...
12016-06-22 06:16:50 UTCmanoharuss Hi epician,

Your mapping efforts are appreciated. But the 'name' tag should only have the name from the local language. There is no need of English name in the brackets. OSM way, 301792883. The english name you have given for name_en is correct. I request you to avoid giving english names in brac...
22016-06-22 07:12:17 UTCepician Hello, Manohar.

After read your comment and few wiki pages I learned about correct naming rule that are you described.

Long time ago when I learn about OSM map, I'd reference some posts like here ( And I just follow the rules already named by other. This is why ...
32016-06-23 08:26:46 UTCmanoharuss Hello epician,

Thanks for the reply. The guide post at is actually quite good. It is suggested that English names be in "name:en" tag and local name be in "name" tag. But I have observed that the name tags in South Korea actually also have english name in brackets. ...
12016-06-14 09:52:26 UTCmanoharuss Hi kdano,

I came across your edits in this changeset and observed that you have deleted many crosswalks in this region. It would be great if you could explain the reason for deleting these crosswalks as the Bing imagery clearly shows the crosswalks.


22016-06-14 10:26:43 UTCkdano Hi Manohar,

I didn't delete the crosswalks. I deleted the footways leading from nowhere to nowhere and replaced them with crosswalk nodes on the roads.

My reason was to clean up the database: there is no point in having paths leading nowhere. (most of the crossings drawn did not even have a c...
32016-06-16 06:51:14 UTCmanoharuss Hi kdano,

Thanks for your detailed reply. There is a kind of back and forth on-going discussion in the OSM community about the best way to map crosswalks. This is the reason why both methods are presented in the OSM wiki ( You have a completely val...
12016-06-10 06:32:12 UTCmanoharuss Wrong changeset comment. Changed footway highway tag to unclassified based on Bing imagery.
12016-06-07 07:00:15 UTCmanoharuss Hey JayCBR, appreciate your edits on OSM. But this highway
you changed from secondary to teritiary and teritiary to secondary again from version 21 of the OSM way. You changed ref to old_ref and old_ref to reg_ref as well. Along with that, in your final e...
22016-06-09 09:07:25 UTCJayCBR there is a reconstruction of provincial network in progress, you should visit the greek wiki and forum..we the community decided for all provincial roads to be secondary (unless unpaved)
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