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12017-12-07 08:40:33 UTCConstable Hi, looks like you edited this park a month ago, do you mind having a look at this note?
Thanks for your help!
12017-09-29 19:42:58 UTCIain I Is there a reason you removed this? Or is this just vandalism?
12017-07-20 00:41:03 UTChoserab FYI the row of triangles painted on the road you mentioned in your comment on note 1028107 is a "yield line". Definitely a rare pavement marking in Calgary; the only other ones I can think of off the top of my head are on 8th St SW at the intersection with 14th Ave.
12017-07-19 18:32:42 UTChoserab Thanks for fixing this. :)
22017-07-19 20:20:32 UTCabDoug I normally won't map inner open areas of buildings, since they aren't visible from ground level & I suspect there are only 3 balloonists world-wide who use OSM. Inner areas aren't wrong but I just don't consider them to add useful info in most cases. An exception might be for a public building s...
32017-07-20 00:34:35 UTChoserab I generally don't include inner areas of buildings either, but this building's inner area is actually clearly visible from ground level: the walls of the enclosing corridor on the east side of the building are mostly glazing. You can see right in from the street. When I first drew in the outline for...
12017-07-15 18:03:08 UTChoserab Why did you do this? I had pretty accurately drawn this school, complete with this inner courtyard. Deleting the way that defined the courtyard broke the relation and now the school building doesn't render at all, it's just a line.

If there's a better way of doing what I'd done I'd love to know.
12017-05-02 08:48:59 UTCflorinbadita_telenav Hi Doug, can you be more specific about the problem/s that you are referring.

From what i have seen in this changeset, the only difference is that the names are expanded.

If this is a local rule you should specify it...
22017-05-02 15:23:16 UTCViajero Perdido The suffixes (NW, SW, etc.) are how the City of Calgary spells the names, same with Edmonton. The OSM wiki pages for Calgary and Edmonton use NW, SW, etc. in their examples; the latter page is more explicit than Calgary's with naming examples.

So NW is literally correct, and "Northwest"...
32017-05-02 18:32:56 UTCiandees Hi Viajero. Please check your language and be more kind to others participating in OpenStreetMap. We're all trying to make the map better, and responding like that isn't really helping anyone.
42017-05-02 18:33:47 UTCiandees (Same to you, abDoug)
52017-05-03 14:19:17 UTCabDoug Names that are just plain wrong!
62017-05-03 14:23:16 UTCabDoug They are not making the map better, they are making it worse! Yes, I'm pissed off. I've put a great deal of work into the map and I do it very carefully and try very hard to be accurate. The telenav crew has showed up, presumably because they have some financial interest, repeatedly name roads incor...
72017-05-03 14:40:54 UTCiandees All of that might be true, but you only make yourself (and our map project) look bad and keep people from listening to your opinion when you use such negative and insulting language. If you had responded with something like "hi there, I think your changes are incorrect. here's a link to the cit...
82017-05-04 23:30:27 UTCabDoug THE ISSUE IS NOT THE SUFFIXES! - though that could have been avoided if the editors had bothered to look the map over for a few minutes before editing. The issue is that the telenav crew has applied completely incorrect names to roads all over the city.

I really don't care if I make your map proj...
12017-01-09 22:39:16 UTCkartler175 Please reconnect:
12016-12-02 19:52:04 UTCkartler175 disconnected highways cause false routing, please reconnect:,unconnected_major2,unconnected_major5,duplicate_ways
12016-08-20 07:35:02 UTCkartler175 Please connect highways at to enable correct routing
22016-08-23 21:10:28 UTCabDoug If I did this in the changes, it certainly wasn't intentional. I may have deleted a node that connected Centre St directly to Memorial Drive (would be very messy if you followed a route that relied on that connection without question!), without realizing that it also connect two segments in tunnel.
32016-08-23 23:03:28 UTCabDoug There is something else very strange going on here. If I move the destination to west-bound Memorial just east of Crowchild Tr. & the start to west-bound Memorial just west of of the tunnel under Centre St, osrm_car finds a strange route but mapzen_car finds the appropriate route. Neither will w...
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