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12018-09-01 17:55:03 UTCjumbanho Welcome to OSM! Thanks for improving the map.
12018-07-28 20:51:02 UTCjumbanho Any objections to removing the mtb:scale tags from the tracks here? Given that these are not even biking trails, I think that having these tags is superfluous and potentially confusing.
22018-08-01 12:01:34 UTCLeifRasmussen Yes, go ahead! Golf courses with no bicycle access should certainly not have mtb:scale tags.
12018-06-13 20:08:13 UTCjumbanho Note that Mapbox Satellite has a bit of an offset in its imagery. The NC State Orthos are nearly always dead on.

I moved this building to match NC Ortho
22018-06-13 20:48:54 UTCrivermont Awesome, thanks! I think I drew around the roof and didn't adjust for the offset from the actual base.
12018-05-27 20:04:50 UTCjumbanho Welcome to OSM! Thanks for your great work.
12018-02-12 17:26:29 UTCjumbanho How did you modify the borders of this park? The original borders were based on imported data that may be out of date, but I'm curious how you determined the borders based on Bing imagery
12018-02-12 17:09:59 UTCjumbanho I am going to revert this changeset as there is no evidence that this church actually exists
12018-02-02 00:50:54 UTCjumbanho This track has been removed and there is currently construction to expand the soccer field and stadium.

Be careful when using aerial imagery as it is frequently not up to date.
12017-12-10 21:46:33 UTCjumbanho Just wanted to say thanks for some really good edits-- Welcome to OSM!
22017-12-10 21:57:18 UTCJustinc11 Thanks! I just wanted to fix the incomplete roads around me I found from playing PoGo, but I'm enjoying adding in some other details as well!
12017-12-08 22:14:54 UTCjumbanho Thanks for contributing to OSM! Adding trails is a great way to make the map better. It looks like you may have just copied a gps trace that was not very precise.

In this case, it may be preferable to use the trace as a guide and draw a more simple line for the path. Right now it looks like ...
12017-12-07 11:31:14 UTCjumbanho Nice work! Welcome to OSM
12017-12-05 15:35:52 UTCjumbanho Nice work, welcome to OSM.
12017-05-25 00:18:47 UTCjumbanho Are these real roads? Some of them appear to show up on aerial images, but others do not. If they are paths or trails, please correctly tag them as highway:footpath or some other appropriate tag
12017-05-25 00:16:13 UTCjumbanho Did you mean to add this? If not please delete it. If you want to play around with mapping there is
12017-05-23 14:13:37 UTCjumbanho It looks like the location has moved a lot, you're probably better off just creating a new node at the new location.
12017-05-16 16:01:59 UTCjumbanho Thanks for your help in fixing Tiger import. However, please be careful in changing highway classification. Orange Grove Road here is probably better classified as a tertiary highway. It is a state maintained road that is used for commuting to and from Hillsborough and smaller outlying communitie...
22017-05-16 16:29:10 UTCSpanholz Thanks. I saw so many residential road that I got a bit sloppy.

Will use the unsigned_ref from now on.
12017-04-20 11:23:57 UTCjumbanho Yes that is annoying, there are also a lot of names that are descriptions in the RST area.
12017-03-18 10:40:58 UTCjumbanho Thanks for helping with the map!
12017-03-10 19:07:55 UTCjumbanho First, thanks for helping with the map. I'm curious why you changed all the tracks in Duke Forest into paths? Many of them fit the description of tracks perfectly: i.e. they are two track roads for forestry.
22017-03-11 20:38:03 UTCJojo14 Hey, sorry about that. I added a path that wasn't on the map yet, that I found walking around in duke forest. And then I thought that the other places I walked were also paths, not really roads, and was confused because they had a different name on the map, but I think your description is more accur...
32017-03-12 01:16:46 UTCjumbanho No problem, and thanks for responding. I normally would have waited for a response, before reverted changes but there have been a lot of people who never respond to comments. If you have any questions about mapping, please feel free to ask!
12017-02-24 17:22:38 UTCjumbanho Welcome to OSM! If you have any questions how to map, please ask.
12017-02-21 14:36:09 UTCjumbanho This is some really good mapping. A few quick suggestions.

1. It is important to connect sidewalks to streets so that routing can be certain to know that there is a physical connection between streets and sidewalks.

2. Putting the description of an object as the name is frowned upon. If ...
12017-01-25 18:07:32 UTCjumbanho Is this a park, or is it a residential area. If the latter, it would be better tagged as landuse=residential, rather than leisure=park
12017-01-25 14:19:43 UTCjumbanho Thanks for a great first edit and welcome to openstreetmap!
12017-01-25 14:15:30 UTCjumbanho Thank you for updating the map. I did a little bit of correcting of your tagging here. This is not a park, but rather a basketball court.
12017-01-24 23:47:30 UTCjumbanho Is this a park or a residential area?
12017-01-24 23:46:44 UTCjumbanho Is this really a park or is it a residential area?
12016-10-18 15:20:41 UTCjumbanho Why did you delete the preexisting building? It had valuable tags that you did not preserve. Please be more careful when editting.
12016-10-18 15:19:14 UTCjumbanho There was a better footprint of this building already existing, so I deleted yours.
12016-10-15 14:20:24 UTCjumbanho It seems as though you deleted a building and then added a part of it back. Is this what you intended to do?
12016-09-19 23:42:09 UTCjumbanho Thanks, even if it was forced! The houses look good.
12016-09-12 15:04:57 UTCjumbanho I'm not a fan of the change to service roads for fire roads. I agree that it is a hard call, but the wiki, which represents general consensus, states that tracks are generally for access for jeeps and tractors. I've been on these fireroads and I would really drive on them with a normal vehicle. T...
22016-09-12 15:36:34 UTCniborg I agree it's often a tough call. However, I'm on these fireroads all the time, and it would be inaccurate to characterize them as "unmaintained." They are definitely maintained from time to time. That reasoning led me to make the change. But I don't have strong feelings on it. Either desc...
32016-09-12 16:00:34 UTCjumbanho I think the "unmaintained" may be something that shows up on the iD editor only and is not necessary for a track. They are generally defined as being used for agricultural/forest maintenance, which I think is reasonable for fire road.

Also if you look at the tracktype wiki: http://wi...
42016-09-12 16:54:14 UTCniborg No objection!
12016-07-21 03:43:56 UTCjumbanho Hi, Thanks for adding these to the MST relation. I added the trails based on Strava heatmap from this site: Most of the trails had several gps traces, so I think they are relatively accurate. Obviously, they could be double/triple ...
22016-07-21 05:57:46 UTCMST Hiker Hi Jumbanho. Thanks for adding the trails to the map. I'm not familiar with Strava heatmap or how it works, but I am very familiar with the area the link leads to. I spent several days helping with the construction of the trail near Goshen Branch, so I can verify the trail does not join the parkw...
32016-07-21 19:21:51 UTCjumbanho I'm glad you're actually on the ground mapping! I have less time than I want to hike and have been trying to assemble most of the MST via various sources, with some hope of doing a big hike sometime in the future.

Strava is an app for recording running/bicycling and they produce a map of gps poi...
12016-04-16 11:34:18 UTCjumbanho Is there a bridge there, now? If so, feel free to add it.
12016-04-11 14:05:50 UTCjumbanho Just a note here, there is technically access for motor vehicles, as there are service vehicles that use some of these roads. Would motor_vehicle=private be accurate?
22016-04-11 14:06:34 UTCjumbanho and maybe highway=living_street for the main roads?
12016-03-23 10:33:54 UTCjumbanho It's wonderful that you are adding crossings to OSM, these data can be quite useful. However, note that it is optimal for use of the data if the crossings are better integrated with other data.

Please, when adding crossing make sure they connect to the street they are crossing. This will bette...
22016-03-23 17:00:13 UTCheadwatersolver Will do.
12016-01-22 00:40:35 UTCjumbanho Good job, welcome to OSM!
12015-12-28 19:32:19 UTCjumbanho I just wanted to note that I changed the geometry on a trail here. I found this trail from the Strava bugs site. One thing I note with the slide tool is that it will over smooth sharp trail turns such as switchbacks. It's not a big deal, but something to look out for when you use your tool.
22015-12-28 21:06:31 UTCmbrucker Thanks @jumbanho. I have noticed that and should have stopped editing as I was working on the map all day. Must have gotten a little sloppy on the QC.
12015-12-19 13:06:25 UTCjumbanho The sidewalk added along Cleveland Avenue was actually part of the electric system.
22015-12-21 05:29:21 UTCmanings @jumbanho, I revisited may edits and it seems you have corrected them. Thank you very much.
12015-10-09 15:25:21 UTCGerdP please review:
no tags on outer way or mp-relation
after this change.
relation 1466957
22015-10-09 15:35:09 UTCjumbanho These must have been an unusual tag like basin that was listed in the NHD conversion tool. It doesn't look like an obvious water feature so I deleted both the relation and the outer way. There was another nearby that I also deleted. If you come across any similar that have water as an inner way, ...
32015-10-09 15:35:35 UTCjumbanho Sorry, that should have read "wasn't listed in the NHD conversion tool.
42015-10-09 15:50:16 UTCGerdP okay, thanks
12015-09-28 22:54:19 UTCjumbanho This changeset seems unnecessary. Oneway=no is not needed as the default is no. Also, why did you make two little highways at the end of Campus Walk?
22015-09-29 12:31:44 UTCtcao@transloc Regarding the bi-directional, I agree is not necessary but it reflects true traffic.

Regarding the connections, it wasn't connected, so I connected the roads. I'm not sure which highways segments you're referring to.
12015-09-25 22:58:14 UTCjumbanho Hi, Welcome to OSM and thanks for helping to make the map better! Your first edits look greatl

A couple of minor points.

1. Make sure that you connect roads to other roads. for example, Tummel lane and Hilltop Needmore Extension do not connect with the roads that they end nearby.

12015-09-23 15:52:31 UTCjumbanho Nice work, I saw your comment on the routing bug site. Your change will show up on the osm map almost instanteously, but the routing engine that Strava uses updates relatively infrequently.
22015-09-23 16:26:08 UTCanoncow Thanks for letting me know. I'll just keep updating data for this part of the world to try and get some accurate routes for cycling in place :)
32015-09-23 17:51:53 UTCjumbanho You'll be surprised how a little bit of work will make the map for your area better than any other online map. If you have any questions about how to map check out for resources or ask another mapper. I'd be happy to help.
12015-08-29 00:38:51 UTCjumbanho Welcome to Openstreetmap and thanks for helping with the map! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
12015-07-29 21:50:59 UTCjumbanho I changed WI 50 back to primary. Bing shows many accesses, strava bugs showed bicycle activity and there is no other evidence that this really is a limited access motorway.
12015-07-12 00:58:42 UTCjumbanho Does this way have a purpose?
12015-07-02 13:51:15 UTCjumbanho Null is not really the name of these streets.
22015-07-02 14:18:50 UTCcalfarome Thank you for your observation, I fixed my error, I will be careful in future work
12015-07-01 16:54:24 UTCjumbanho Bike and foot paths really should be connected to the streets they cross and dead end into. This allows routers to properly recommend routes that go on and off streets.
12015-06-29 14:23:41 UTCjumbanho Given your other edits, is it safe to assume that this isn't real?
12015-06-12 19:17:59 UTCSomeoneElse Hi, rather than adding "example" data to OSM you might find it helpful to use the "dev" server . It's a separate login, but once you're in the editing process is exactly the same as the normal server, apart from tile rendering.
22015-06-29 14:22:12 UTCjumbanho I think this should either be reverted or the single way should be deleted. It's nonsense.
32015-06-30 09:05:19 UTCSomeoneElse @djberghoff - thanks for removing it.
12015-06-13 12:40:28 UTCjumbanho Are you sure that 29527825 isn't there? It's on the official 2012 map and has many strava traces along it. I also remember using it 15 years ago and it was a big wide path.
22015-06-13 14:02:35 UTCChelvisGeocacher Your recollections are correct. I used this trail myself almost daily for the first 29 years I lived in Northfield. Erosion has always been an issue on this trail. Last fall, after a particularly heavy rainstorm, this short connector trail was closed. My hope was that it was a temporary closure,...
32015-06-13 14:14:47 UTCjumbanho Great, thanks for the confirmation. I actually did some of the work on this trail in the early 90's and couldn't believe they would give up on it. It's probably for the best that they close it. Thanks for the timely and accurate mapping!
12015-06-09 10:43:01 UTCjumbanho What are hangouts? Are they observable so other can verify them? If not and they are general areas where people hangout, then they probably don't belong in the OSM data set.
12015-05-19 11:34:32 UTCjumbanho Hi, I see that this is your first edit. Welcome to OSM! We need all the mappers we can get and the best way to learn is to map things near where you live and work. However, it is generally not acceptable to make fictional edits. This ads clutter to the database.

If you are looking for help, th...
22015-05-22 22:51:35 UTCjumbanho I'm going to revert this changeset, since it appears to all be fictional.
12015-05-15 17:27:16 UTCjumbanho Hi I was just looking at your work on this. There seem to be some freeways and ramps that you've added that are already on the map. In the link below, you can see two westbound and two eastbound carriageways. We generally only create separate ways for physically separated ways, e.g. the separate ...
12015-03-25 15:03:31 UTCjumbanho Is this import done? There are a lot of nodes that don't have the ways connecting them.
12015-03-09 21:32:37 UTCjumbanho I noticed this was your first edit in OSM and I take it you did not intend to delete this building. If you are interested in participating and would like some pointers, I'd be happy to help.
22015-03-09 23:24:53 UTCskvanburen I did not mean to delete anything I just meant to add the location of a physical therapist there! Can you help me un-do the delete?
32015-03-10 02:17:06 UTCjumbanho Done. Unfortunately it is quite easy to accidentally delete things. Thanks for editing the map and feel free to keep editing it!
12015-01-09 12:32:41 UTCemacsen If you're copying data from Strava Global Heat maps, can you show the license for those maps that allow us to copy from them?
22015-01-09 12:47:15 UTCjumbanho Strictly speaking I'm not "copying data" as the data are a set of points that I or the Strava-produced slide tool interpolates. I assume that since Strava hosts this version of iD that uses this tool that they permit this use of their data.

There also is the wiki page:
12014-12-21 16:25:41 UTCjumbanho Welcome OSM! I see that you just added what appears to be a street number for a house in the name tag for that house. Name is usually used for official names of things, not addresses. There is a formal way for adding addresses that make it easier to be searched for. A house just around the corne...
12014-11-08 12:12:10 UTCjumbanho Nice Work! Welcome to OSM.
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