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12017-09-08 04:42:37 UTCDr Kludge in change set 50651988, I left this message, "West Chandler Boulevard is available at 08:30 on 27-July-2017. The portion of the road connecting to West Pecos Road is closed for the South Mountain Freeway construction." You added back a segment of Pecos Road that no longer exists. Please ...
12017-05-23 07:06:02 UTCSafwatHalaby This has no roundabout nor highway tag
22017-05-23 15:08:20 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
32017-05-23 15:11:13 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
12017-03-16 05:55:20 UTCСергей-Питер Зачем Вы сломали 3D в Пулково? Эти "лишние" (на Ваш взгляд) линии - описывали объемы. Как и когда собираетесь восстанавливать?
22017-03-16 08:52:51 UTCliteran На "Небоскребах России" пишут, что после реконструкции исторического терминала "стаканы" оставили. Надо откатывать.
12017-03-07 10:15:11 UTCChris Fleming Hi, I messaged you yesterday. Please don't remove our individually mapped trees and replace them with rows are areas?
12017-03-06 15:28:03 UTCChris Fleming Hi, I was just wondering what your source for this change is?
12017-03-06 15:18:53 UTCChris Fleming Why have you removed the trees that were individually mapped and replaced them with a forest area?
12017-03-06 12:05:30 UTCGinaroZ Why are you changing all of these trees into landuse=forest?
מדוע אתה משנה את כל העצים האלה לתוך landuse = יער?
12016-12-09 16:24:13 UTCToeBee I commented on another changeset a couple of days ago and haven't heard a response. This is another one that I'm curious as to your source of data for this Neurosurgery operation. Please explain your edits better in the changeset comments. Thanks!
22016-12-09 17:18:12 UTCЮкатан Слушай, чего пристал? Гугл Мапс знаешь такой сервис? Там лишнего, наверное, ничего не нанесут на карту. А если что не так, вытащи палец из задницы и сам всё поправь. Че...
32016-12-09 19:56:59 UTCToeBee Your message is not entirely clear but I think you are saying that you have copied information from Google Maps into OpenStreetMap. If this is true, please stop immediately and read this wiki page:
42016-12-11 08:22:23 UTCmavl Здравствуйте, Юкатан. Спасибо за ваш ответ. Вам задали простой вопрос об источнике данных, но вы зачем-то решили испортить участнику настроение. Портить настроение ...
12016-12-08 21:58:28 UTCclay_c Hi, where did you find the name "George Bush Park/Eldridge Park"?
12016-12-08 21:58:06 UTCclay_c Hi, why did you change the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs to parks? They are detention basins, not parks.
12016-12-04 05:25:33 UTCToeBee I am curious as to your source on these edits in Ellsworth. You have edits all over the place so it seems unlikely that you visited Ellsworth, KS. But you are adding information that cannot be added without being able to see things on the ground.

Also, please consider using better changeset comm...
12016-11-28 11:34:17 UTCSanniu Missing object kind - from OSMOSE. Can add more descriptive attributes to this point?
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