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12018-04-17 13:54:50 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, I see from your note that this path is not open yet, but you have bicycle=yes which in conjunction with access=no indicates that cycles can use the path but pedestrians can not - I suspect this is not what you intended. If the path is under construction, it might be better to use highway=constru...
22018-04-17 16:56:48 UTCdrnoble Thanks Mike, it was an error on my part.
The path is built, but fenced off. I'm not actually sure if it will be a cycle path, it was just a tag copy/paste mistake, have resolved now
12018-04-13 09:23:36 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Does it seem plausible that Broughton Street is (still) closed now, presumably related to the St James development? Someone's marked it as access=no based on a mapillary photo you took of the north end in 2016 (see ). This changeset suggests th...
12017-10-29 01:22:38 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, FYI adding access=no does not have any effect on a footway that has foot=yes because the foot tag overrides the access one. If you need to show the footpath as closed, you need to change the other access tags, rather than add access=no. Can you please review your change?

22017-10-29 12:06:16 UTCdrnoble Thanks Mike, I assume you mean for routing foot=yes overrides access=no. Are you suggesting that I should change the bicycle=yes and foot=yes tags? Should these also be set to no, or removed?
32017-10-29 15:10:24 UTCMike Baggaley Yes foot=* overrides access=*. If the path is closed, and is going to be for quite some time, then I would not add the access tag at all, but would change the foot and bicycle tags to no, and add a note to say this is a temporary closure and giving some idea of the reopening date. Alternatively, the...
12017-09-30 18:57:57 UTCGinaroZ Agreed, saw this before and thought it was a bit strange
22017-10-01 17:30:48 UTCdrnoble I discussed this in the pub with Eric from MESH quite a while ago, and he agreed it maybe wasn't the best way to do it, but it's never been changed so I decided just to do so
12017-07-14 12:48:20 UTCRobert Whittaker In this changeset, you seem to have created a duplicate node to one of the postboxes, rather than editing the existing node:

I presume this was unintentional (perhaps a bug in your editor) and there's actuall...
22017-07-15 11:05:06 UTCdrnoble Thanks for flagging this up Robert, it was unintentional, and in error. I have deleted the duplicate and made the edit to the original node.
12017-07-07 12:36:58 UTCGinaroZ Shouldn't be a service road rather than a track (as it's not for agricultural use)?
22017-07-09 09:59:33 UTCdrnoble I suspect this was a very rough route, difficult to get a car down, which was why I mapped as a track. I don't think all tracks need be for agricultural use. But feel free to change if you have more recent information, it was 5 years ago I mapped this.
12017-05-16 12:23:56 UTCFrenchyF The park covers a much larger area than the boundary marked here, I think. Goes all the way to the A1. A map can be found on their website:
12017-03-20 18:35:12 UTCdrnoble As per discussion at
12017-03-19 20:09:17 UTCGinaroZ thanks for resolving the notes :)
12016-09-04 22:50:34 UTCSomeoneElse Hello, is "building=F". Did you mean "family_house" here like the adjacent one?
22016-09-05 11:59:11 UTCdrnoble This was meant to be building=house, but must have been a glitch when editing, have changed now. Thanks for flagging up
12016-08-18 17:27:06 UTCGinaroZ There's also amenity=animal_shelter if you want to add it to the dog & cat home
22016-08-18 17:28:08 UTCGinaroZ Oh bugger, I didn't see you had added another way for the whole area, ignore me! :X
12016-08-08 15:36:11 UTCeric_ Thanks Donald. I thought it was ok to add them already as buildings because their construction is going to start very soon (less than a month) and because the area is tagged as landuse=construction.

But you're right, it's clearer the way you mapped it. Thanks.
12015-12-04 10:36:34 UTCGerdP Hi there!
I found a node highway=g1,
changed it to give_way. OK?
22015-12-04 10:42:05 UTCGerdP Please do also note that the nodes with
highway=stop or highway=give_way should
be connected to (part of) the road.
32015-12-04 11:39:09 UTCdrnoble GerdP - thanks for fixing/highlighting this. I was using ID, but have now fixed the unconnected nodes in JOSM.
Turns out that ID isn't ideal for this type of edit
42015-12-04 13:33:19 UTCGerdP Interesting. Did you open a ticket for this?
In my eyes iD should show a warning, like JOSM does. It is really a sad thing that each editor has its own rules.
52015-12-04 13:53:44 UTCSomeoneElse @GerdP if you'd like to discuss this with the editors of iD you're welcome to, and I'm sure that they'd gladly point you at the _tons_ of discussion that has taken place about the level of interaction that is appropriate for users who may be new to OSM. Personally I see far more "invalid edits...
12015-02-08 18:18:48 UTCdrnoble Wrong comment - should be "Landuse and details around Wormit"
12015-01-14 00:23:57 UTCChris Fleming You beat me to it!
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