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12017-09-04 10:11:54 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi Nesim,

As a part of this change you have added node:
It's tagged as a city, but wikipedia and wikidata links to Hatay Procinve. Is it ok? Is there a city with such name?

Maybe this node should it be merged with:
22017-09-04 21:17:06 UTCNesim The transaction is correct. No need to fix it. Thank you
32017-09-05 02:27:44 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi,

Don't you think it's a bit confusing? The node is tagged as a place=city but it wikidata tag links to Hatay Province (not city)? Or is it a city named Hatay Priovince?

42017-09-13 11:13:23 UTCŁukasz Dudek Ping Nesim
12017-09-04 10:36:10 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi iran map 28,

I have a question why relation 229766 has been deleted?

12017-07-05 09:58:00 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi ألبرشت شونك,

I just letting you know that I reverted wikidata code on relation Fujairah (3766484, v13) as I believe it was removed by accident.

22017-07-05 11:15:31 UTCألبرشت شونكا This seems to be a big with the iD editor, that it removes the wikidata tags. But I found now a way, that this won't happen anymore. Sorry.
32017-07-06 06:58:04 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi,

No worries, I though it could be something like this :) Maybe would be good to report the issue to iD team.

Happy mapping!

12017-06-12 06:24:32 UTCupendrakarukonda Hello ألبرشت شونك,

May I know the reason behind deletion of wikidata tag here , though It directs to the right information ?


22017-06-29 08:34:56 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi ألبرشت شونك, upendrakarukonda

I also noticed that
Tadjourah District (3905174, v4)
was tagged with Q645896, but this tag refers to
Tadjourah (3725194, v6) (region not district), I'll fix it, please let me know if you think my change sould be reverted.


12017-06-24 23:39:20 UTCŁukasz Dudek Sorry, incorrect change set message.
Should be: "Added missing wikidata code"
12017-06-24 23:36:08 UTCŁukasz Dudek Sorry, incorrect changeset message. Should be
"Changed English name - removed (state) suffix, to align it with names in other languages
12017-06-24 04:35:35 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi salvabarquin,

I have a question regarding changing wikidata code from Q219060 to Q407199 (not saying that's wrong:) ). My concern is that now wikidata is not aligned with wikipedia tag link.

12017-06-18 05:52:11 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi,

I just wanted to check why have you removed correct wikidata codes from some of the items?

Hodh Ech Chargui (3394987, v8)

I the meantime I have revered missing wikidata codes.

22017-06-18 19:09:08 UTCألبرشت شونكا Hello, if I have removed the wikidata codes,
this was a mistake by me and I am sorry for that. Wish you a happy editing. Cheers,
32017-06-18 20:33:44 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi,

No worries, just wanted to double check if it was intentional or by accident :)

12017-05-22 10:22:45 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi,

I just wanted to check if way Way: Reserva Natural do Ilhéu de Maria Vaz (350336993) should be a part of Azores relation. It seems there is another polygon Ilhéu Maria Vaz (133243628) covering this area. In not sure if Azores relation would produce a valid multi-polygon.

22017-05-22 10:52:26 UTCSilva1989 Hello,

In fact there was another polygon. I transformed the Nature Reserve polygon into a relation, so i guess everything's fine now.
32017-05-22 18:51:18 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi,

Yes, looks perfect now :)

42017-05-22 19:22:32 UTCSilva1989 Feel free to let me know about other situations that can be improved. Thanks ;)
12017-05-22 10:03:06 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi,

I just would like to double check if way 56723614 should be part of Perak relation 4445076 (the relation produces incorrect polygon)

12017-03-15 19:06:29 UTCmavl Hello. The node [] already contains the tag "name:en=Tobolsk" (and other name:xx tags). Why do you need this tag on relation []?
22017-03-15 21:19:00 UTCŁukasz Dudek HI,

I just put a name because the relation was tagged as place=city and already had a name tag so I added a name in English. I happy remove it if it introduced an issue.

I noticed that the node is not a part of of the relation, maybe should be?

The other thing is that there are two relation...
32017-03-16 04:24:40 UTCmavl It's not an issue. In Russia the contributors usually add "name:xx" tags only on nodes. This way facilitates a support of the map (only one object contains the tag).

The node ( is part o...
42017-03-16 06:15:41 UTCŁukasz Dudek Thanks for the feedback. Now I see.

I was going through objects marked with place=city and adding missing English names where the name in Latin alphabet is missing (e.g in Russia).

From my perspective it would be nice to have one object relation tagged as city with english name or relation wi...
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