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12018-01-16 14:08:08 UTChighflyer74 Hello!

Could you please try to get rid of all the Non-OSM data on these buildings?

There are things like


which do not belong into OSM, also there is "addr_place=*" which is...
12018-01-16 08:32:51 UTCmueschel Hi,
this import contains tags which don't seem to belong to OSM, like OBJECTID and Shape_Area. Could you have a look and remove these?

12017-12-28 11:45:46 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added many new tags to 155 roads - these don't look they are supposed to appear in the OSM database. Was this a mistake?

NET_CLASS=main road
REGION=Saddar Town

Cheers, Jan
12017-08-31 08:47:39 UTCGerdP Hi!
You have mapped a lot of ways with highway=turning_loop. I think they are all link roads. A turning_loop is mapped on a node, see
22017-09-07 05:12:56 UTCGerdP I've fixed them now, see
12017-09-07 04:59:41 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review turn:lanes=slight_left;through|slight_right|slight_right;reverse
on way
It seems you have combined two ways with different turn:lanes values here so that the result is invalid.
Please be very careful when comb...
12017-03-27 16:15:56 UTCmanings Hi Splasher, curious why remove language specific names here:
12017-03-18 16:22:29 UTCIbnTēšfīn Hi,
In OSM features are represented by either a point or an area, not by both at the same time. You should not have created nodes like or
Could you please remove the duplicates you have created ?
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