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12017-12-15 17:00:37 UTC3vivekb I don't know this area, but would say there is only one real path here? Is the bike and pedestrian path separte? Maybe we should just add bike tags to the existing path.
22017-12-15 20:14:12 UTCIcyMidnight They are right next to each other without any barriers, but there is a pedestrian lane and a cycle lane. I wasn't sure how to represent that so I did this. If you think the other way is better you can change it and I won't be offended :)

Here's a picture for reference:
32017-12-15 21:03:46 UTCMinh Nguyen Since there’s no physical separation, a single way would be more accurate. But you could use bicycle:lanes and foot:lanes tags to say which side to walk or bike on.
42017-12-15 21:05:07 UTCMinh Nguyen And colour:lanes while we’re at it. :-P There’s more information about lane-specific tags at
52017-12-16 02:23:55 UTCIcyMidnight Made the changes you suggested. Thanks!
12017-12-15 16:54:32 UTC3vivekb This isn't really the right way to do this. the Crossing node should stay on the road. I fixed it here:
12017-12-15 16:51:20 UTC3vivekb Welcome to OSM!
12017-12-15 16:50:12 UTC3vivekb This looks good though in general I don't like to connect ways to areas.
12017-12-13 23:18:12 UTC3vivekb Hi! Your cyclepath here duplicates an existing track in OSM. Do you want to update the existing path instead?
12017-12-13 23:12:59 UTC3vivekb Hi! Welcome to OSM. Please don't add anything that can't be verified by others.
12017-12-10 07:52:47 UTC3vivekb Hi there!

In the future please only add features that can be verified.

These edits were reverted in 54503532.
12017-12-09 03:12:40 UTC3vivekb I might have mistagged some crossings. Will correct shortly.
22017-12-09 04:11:54 UTC3vivekb Fix attempt in #54475628
12017-12-08 05:50:28 UTC3vivekb Be careful about not adding intersecting nodes between the Los Gatos creek trail when it passes underneath the sidewalks.
12017-12-08 00:36:42 UTC3vivekb Please be sure to make comments in the future more specific like "Drawing sidewalks!" Welcome to OSM.
12017-12-08 00:24:38 UTC3vivekb Hi! Since your footpath borders a road would you like to mark it as footway=sidewalk as well?
12017-12-06 02:24:36 UTC3vivekb Please be careful that sidewalk tags aren't used as crossings.
12017-11-27 17:08:11 UTCpaulmach This changeset added the same park twice with slightly different geometry.
22017-11-27 18:28:06 UTC3vivekb Well that's super weird. I'll look into it tonight. Thanks for noticing. If you have an easy fix feel free.
32017-11-30 01:44:02 UTC3vivekb Hey @paulmach for some reason my changeset added two additional parks. I deleted them in .
12017-11-21 00:25:21 UTC3vivekb Hey Telcas. Thanks for updating this! It must be pretty hard with the lack of good imagery in this area. Hmm. But we need to re-add the VTA Park_Ride.
22017-11-21 00:30:33 UTC3vivekb Oh wait it's there. Nevermind!
12017-11-21 00:10:51 UTC3vivekb Hi @Andre68 Thanks for fixing this. I also added a footway=crossing tag.
12017-11-14 17:58:05 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! I have reverted your changeset, because you paint building over buildings and the names seem very imaginative.

If this is wrong, I will help you to rebuild the change set.
22017-11-20 22:37:20 UTC3vivekb I think some of the names of things are still very wrong. Tupac Shakur Memorial Parking Lot? Really?
32017-11-21 19:04:13 UTCuser_5359 Please see also the discussion on
12017-11-14 09:59:16 UTC3vivekb This reverted #53765186
12017-11-14 09:54:59 UTC3vivekb I am reverting my own upload - #53765874 only added nodes but not the ways that connected them.
12017-11-14 09:54:04 UTC3vivekb This was another bad upload. I didn't know how to handle the differential in properties properly. It was reverted by me in #53766348.
12017-11-14 09:51:57 UTC3vivekb This upload had a bad tag associated with the ways. I reverted it myself in #53765788.
12017-11-14 02:10:42 UTC3vivekb Hey @nickelodeous for the sidewalks that cross the Coyote creek trail, the sidewalks probably don't intersect with the creek but go over them along the freeway like a bridge. Can you remove the intersecting nodes and instead add bridge and layer tags, similar to that of the freeway?
22017-11-14 02:11:33 UTC3vivekb *intersect with the trail
12017-11-13 01:08:52 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As has been pointed out on the "imports" mailing list a number of times over the last month or so, there are still problems with newly-added sidewalks not actually joining to anything. is an example in this changeset.
Back in September ...
22017-11-13 05:06:17 UTC3vivekb Hi Andy. I'm the project leader. I'll reply to your email on the imports list shortly.
12017-11-10 03:22:57 UTC3vivekb Hey dvorty let's just ignore the road_marking= solid_stop_line and build separate ways for crossings.
12017-11-07 17:42:01 UTC3vivekb I didn't mean turn lanes I meant intersecting ways.
12017-10-22 04:54:09 UTC3vivekb A+
12017-10-21 04:00:14 UTC3vivekb Be careful sidewalks don't cross streets, that would be a crossing.
12017-10-15 22:10:37 UTCNakaner Hi 3vivekb_sjsidewalks_import,

please pause this import and read my posting on the Imports mailing list.

Could you please add a note to the profile of this account whom this account belongs to?

Best regards

22017-10-16 04:29:00 UTC3vivekb Hey Nakaner I see your email and am replying now.
32017-10-16 04:34:12 UTC3vivekb I also added a note to this profile as suggested.
42017-10-19 10:24:49 UTCNakaner I hoped that you start fixing your errors without being asked directly. Unfortunately, I do not see any real progress in this issue.

Could you please fix your import until 2017-10-21 20:00 UTC? Otherwise I will revert your part of the import because people rely on the quality of OSM and low-qual...
52017-10-19 16:43:04 UTCmikelmaron @Nakaner -- You are not in position to demand fixes and threaten reverts. We do not deal with each other in this way in our community -- we work with each other to make a better map, in good faith. From what I can see, your concerns are understood, discussion is happening, and things are moving.
12017-10-01 02:16:44 UTC3vivekb This was partially reverted in #52525345 since these edits seem to affect far more than they should and there seem to be some invalid tag changes.
12017-09-25 17:27:36 UTC3vivekb I think i'm going to revert this change.
12017-08-11 16:21:57 UTC3vivekb Hmm. I'm not sure if I know what correct sidewalk tagging is versus footpaths.
22017-08-11 16:50:17 UTCbhousel Hello, how you did it looks ok! People tend to use Sidewalk for paths alongside a road, and Footpath for paths not alongside a road. (Sidewalk is really just a special kind of Footpath). And connect them to the roads wherever it is logical for people to walk. Thanks!
12017-07-29 05:43:15 UTC3vivekb Hmm, I want to undo this one.
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