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12018-01-11 04:33:36 UTCWoodWoseWulf Are you sure on this one? Both locations look more like parks than the buildings you changed them into.
22018-01-11 17:29:08 UTCIrnando Sastra this is a real park, i can assure you there is a basketball court and children playgrounds. usual spots for family leisures.
12018-01-01 22:54:52 UTCWoodWoseWulf Hiya, make sure you check the OSM wiki page for forest - in regards to this edit. natural=wood is more appropriate for this location.
22018-01-02 21:32:24 UTC4linta Thanks for the tip - I had read the wiki pages, but was unsure about the difference - I've been using 'forest' for bushland that is not very walkable.
12017-12-29 04:43:58 UTCWoodWoseWulf Please stop making invalid edits over (what I assume) is your house. We will remove them before they make it to Pokemon Go. If you want to start contributing in a way that helps both OSM and Go, feel free to contact me at any time.
12017-11-29 04:10:08 UTCWoodWoseWulf It seems that you accidentally set a single point as the garden instead of the entire area which remains untagged. I'll leave it for you to check :).
12017-11-29 03:57:38 UTCWoodWoseWulf Please be more considerate with your edits. This is clearly a pair of residential homes and should not be marked as a park or water. OSM does not exist solely for the pleasure of Pokemon Go trainers.
12017-11-02 22:10:29 UTCWoodWoseWulf Source: Survey + GPS trace
12017-10-05 20:31:26 UTCWoodWoseWulf Gosford*
12017-06-05 05:40:38 UTCWoodWoseWulf Fixed, changeset #49257849
12017-06-04 12:39:37 UTCWoodWoseWulf I removed the building tag from Brisbane Water Legacy's grounds for you. Please be careful with this.
12017-06-03 06:49:06 UTCWoodWoseWulf Please be careful when editing near roads - you dragged a huge section of Dane Drive in Gosford down almost all the way on to Baker Street. I have fixed it.
12017-06-03 06:28:06 UTCWoodWoseWulf Hey, I've fixed a whole heap of areas where you've left the building tag in on the grounds of amenities and other service style buildings. Please make sure that you remove the building=yes tag on things that aren't buildings if you're marking grounds instead
12017-05-29 22:42:23 UTCWarin61 Way 496396375 .. crosses itself.
22017-05-30 05:47:54 UTCWoodWoseWulf You've marked The Willow's entire grounds as a building.
12017-05-30 05:23:40 UTCWoodWoseWulf The way you've mapped the apartments here is incorrect. You have mapped the entire area as a single apartment block building as opposed to just the buildings. Regardless, building=terrace (rowhouse in iD) would possibly more appropriate for the buildings in this particular area. I will leave for you...
12017-05-30 04:15:05 UTCWoodWoseWulf You might want to look at some of the building tags you created in this edit - you've marked areas that aren't buildings as buildings.
12017-05-29 06:32:48 UTCWoodWoseWulf Hey! Welcome to OSM on the Coast! I noticed that you have created so driveways as footpaths. A better way to do this is to use highway=service and service=driveway instead of path related tags (in the default iD editor you can just choose "driveway" and it'll tag for you).

I'll leave th...
12017-04-27 06:03:39 UTCWoodWoseWulf Is this location specifically set aside for Kangaroos or did you just spot them here? They are pretty common all over the place.

Is this in line with OSM good practice?

"OSM data should, as far as is reasonably p...
12017-04-19 23:06:46 UTCWarin61 Removed duplicate segment from relationship 7166553 wood. This shares boundaries with the Jilliby State conservation Area .. why? I would remove the tagging of wood on the conservation area as the wood would not stop at its boundaries ...
22017-04-26 02:39:24 UTCWoodWoseWulf Cheers, I don't know how I missed that. I'll come back and further refine this area as per your feedback later :).
12017-04-04 07:35:07 UTCWoodWoseWulf Oh my goodness. PEARL BEACH, NOT PALM BEACH.
12017-04-02 07:45:33 UTCWoodWoseWulf I mean recreation_ground not recreation_area***
12017-04-01 23:02:53 UTCWarin61 Relation 7120549 - wood .. has touching rings.. the oval and the parking area.

Wot I'd do? make it a simple way .. include the oval and parking area and the road in like you have for the power station.. ?
22017-04-02 00:33:29 UTCWoodWoseWulf Well spotted and fixed now :)
32017-04-02 01:50:12 UTCWarin61 Spotting is easy as NSW is free of area errors.. use

Also use this to see other 'errors' of your own

Good Luck
12017-03-28 05:19:14 UTCWarin61 Fixed multipolygon 7102520. The ways should not touch ... Also added landcover=grass tag.
22017-03-28 08:40:35 UTCWoodWoseWulf Thank you as always for proofing :)
12017-03-23 00:09:47 UTCWarin61 This building (way 481787267) crosses over it self ... and that is not right. I'll leave it to you to fix.
22017-03-24 01:39:15 UTCWoodWoseWulf 👍 fixed, cheers.
12017-03-16 04:32:12 UTCWarin61 Wetland relation 6955233 has errors... you have
2 ways tagged as outer ways .. that is the outside of the wet land ... yet one of them lies inside the other .. so which is the outer and which is the inner of the wet land ???

Or are they both wetland???? I don't know.
Way: 440320931 lies alon...
22017-03-16 20:38:46 UTCWoodWoseWulf Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, I must have had a brain fluff or something while editing. I've fixed it now.
12016-05-25 04:04:41 UTCWoodWoseWulf Description is incorrect, sorry - this changeset fleshes out the ruins of the Morriset Hospital for the Criminally insane, including adding a number of other names that it was known by. Marked out the buildings in the ruin, changed the ruin from "walls" to "ruin" marked tracks in...
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