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12017-12-07 00:31:46 UTCMarion Barry oops, using Checkin Checker
12017-11-15 22:37:34 UTCMarion Barry Hi there, it looks like you adjusted the India-Bhutan border and removed some roads here, do you have a source for that? Thanks.
22017-11-16 12:49:14 UTCSrihari Thalla Must be an unintentional mistake?
12017-11-15 22:31:18 UTCMarion Barry Hi there, I just noticed this issue. it looks like you moved an entire town and it doesn't match up with imagery or OSM GPS traces, can you explain more about the edit? Thanks
12017-11-07 02:31:10 UTCMarion Barry Hi there. Thanks for mapping! It looks like you mistakenly deleted the place=city tag for Dhaka so I will re-add it. Be careful with big, important features like this.
12017-11-02 17:57:03 UTCMarion Barry this mountain is called Mount Obama. Please stop changing it.
12017-10-27 19:55:06 UTCMarion Barry Thanks for mapping! Buildings are usually going to be rectangular though, make sure to use the imagery to find those right angles
12017-10-27 19:23:07 UTCMarion Barry Looks great, thanks for mapping Jason!
12017-10-26 20:33:22 UTCMarion Barry Hi, this mountain is officially called Mount Obama so I am going to fix it
12017-10-25 19:01:22 UTCMarion Barry Thanks for mapping! Don't forget to square your buildings' corners with the s key on your keyboard after you outline and tag them
12017-10-25 18:59:58 UTCMarion Barry Looks great, thanks for mapping! Keep squaring your corners with the s key like you have been!
12017-10-24 17:42:41 UTCMarion Barry Hello again. I see you have been changing large apartment towers to small houses and adding fanciful names from the fictional Rainspell Island ( and adding something called "Gaga Base" and added a reservoir that used to b...
22017-10-24 22:36:55 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53221630 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some fictional names in Singapore and elsewhere. See
12017-10-24 17:33:45 UTCMarion Barry Hello, I noticed you added a lot of suspicious things, such as buildings, mountains, streams and pathways in the middle of the ocean, what is the source for these?

You also broke some roads (such as https://www.openstreetmap.or...
22017-10-24 22:36:58 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53221630 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some fictional names in Singapore and elsewhere. See
12017-10-23 18:08:03 UTCMarion Barry woo
12017-10-22 17:38:43 UTCMarion Barry Awesome, thanks for your edits! And check out MappingDC, the local OpenStreetMap community! We do various mapping events and meet ups
12017-10-22 17:37:00 UTCMarion Barry Thanks for your edits! Is the Sligo Neighborhood Park not a park anymore? I saw you took off the leisure=park tag. Thanks! Also check out MappingDC, the local OSM club!
12017-10-22 17:20:22 UTCMarion Barry Awesome! Thanks for your edits
12017-10-22 17:16:57 UTCMarion Barry Thanks for your edit! Please don't add an additional building on top of the existing building, it's better to add it as a point. Please keep mapping too!
12017-02-26 08:11:45 UTCHarald Hartmann Hi carlitos gomez, this changeset looks like an import (14782x man_made=water_well). Where was this import discussed and documented? (
The problem i see is the possible incorrect tagging: you used name instead of ref, and tagged both amenity=wat...
22017-02-26 19:42:55 UTCedvac This import has been reported to the imports list. It will likely be reverted, or redacted in case there is a copyright infringement.
32017-03-03 01:10:14 UTCedvac This changeset has been reverted, in two changesets:
Please, follow the imports guidelines ( for any import.
42017-03-03 14:02:31 UTCcarlitos gomez Hi Harald

Surely this is an error on my part. I didn't realize because the points
were well displayed on OSM
This data have been shared by CDIG (Centre de Documentation et
d'Information Geographique du Tchad) in early 2016.
In theory these public data and shareable on OSM (I'm in the process...
52017-03-03 14:05:05 UTCcarlitos gomez Hi Edvac
Sorry for my late reply, I was on field mission
This data have been shared by CDIG (Centre de Documentation et d'Information Géographique du Tchad) in early 2016. In theory these data is public (I'm in the process of requesting confirmation from my contacts in Chad)
62017-03-03 14:18:37 UTCHarald Hartmann The problem is, that public data isn't public data. In Germany we have also public OpenData, but: The "attribution" obliges the data user to name the respective data provider. This doesn't match the OpenStreetMap License Policy, and therefore this (OpenData) isn't useable in OpenStreetMap ...
72017-03-03 16:01:43 UTCMarion Barry But if he gets confirmation from the data provider then it will be fine, correct?
82017-03-03 16:08:18 UTCHarald Hartmann If he pays attention to the import guidelines,
and documents it in the wiki (for transparacy, legal and license issues),
and corrects the import,
and so on, yes, then everything will be fine.
92017-03-03 16:09:09 UTCHarald Hartmann sorry, i've forgotten the link:
102017-03-03 20:04:42 UTCedvac Imports have to be discussed with the local OSM community too, and then with the imports list.
I would also discourage automatic imports. Better do it manually, crowdsourced, adding contextual data to each object (having a WASH point in the middle of nowhere, without the road access to it, is a rea...
112017-03-06 15:20:52 UTCcarlitos gomez Hi all
All data from the ResEau project (SIRE) under the DDC-Tchad-UNOSAT contract
are public and shareable data, confirmed !
122017-03-06 15:41:33 UTCcarlitos gomez Hi edvac
Add data manually: ok for digitization some infrastructures but I do not think that is a good idea if there are 500, 1000 or 2000 points to add.
Freaky, some members of the OSM community met for me (mostly humanitarian staff) just encourages the opposite.
"having a WASH point in th...
132017-03-07 23:35:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hello carlitos gomez,
Just to echo what has been said above - if you want to import data please do read and follow the links from it.
If you've got any questions you can either mail the Data Working group at or ask on the "impo...
12017-02-21 19:18:55 UTCMarion Barry Hi there, I saw your edits, do these things all exist? They don't seem to show up on imagery and the names don't seem correct for a Spanish speaking country. If you are testing out OpenStreetMap that's fine, just make sure to remove your tests after you created them. Thanks!
12017-01-27 18:03:03 UTCMarion Barry Hi, please only add things that exist on the ground to the map.
12016-12-24 02:59:08 UTCMarion Barry Hi Jeffrey, I saw your edit and I've heard that too. Where did you read it?
22016-12-24 17:21:04 UTCToeBee Please do not add fictional things to OpenStreetMap. I have removed this edit. You are welcome to experiment with Pokemon Go by adding actual features that are missing and observing their effect on the game.
12016-12-23 05:36:39 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Dra9on107, Welcome to OpenStreetMap (OSM). You can edit good features on OSM to create database. Please go through to learn some basic editing. Once again, you can reply for this discussion to know much about OSM.
22016-12-23 06:47:37 UTCDavidKewley Chetan_Gowda, there are two chaotic footways here that do not improve the map. They appear to be attempts to get Pokemons to spawn -- I'm seeing this in my region too (25 new users today adding footways, some mentioning Pokemon). See any reason not to delete the two footways at this location?
32016-12-24 02:54:30 UTCMarion Barry Maybe we can find out where they are hearing about this?
42016-12-24 03:07:18 UTCDavidKewley I think the instigation may include these two sources:
12016-12-24 02:24:45 UTCMarion Barry Hello, why did you add these things? They don't exist on satellite imagery. Thanks.
12016-05-04 20:50:06 UTCAlan 🌈
22016-05-04 20:50:45 UTCMarion Barry haha, truly
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