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12017-04-19 12:57:33 UTCmanuelab_telenav Hello Kevo,

I am correcting street names in Toronto. I have a curiosity on the Kiss'n'Ride parkings. Do you think it's alright to keep the name tag on the ways like that? I have seen many throughout Toronto and it seems a bit weird to me, so I'm not really sure what to do with them.
I'll be wa...
22017-04-19 20:28:46 UTCKevo Hey Manuel,

I've added them in the past to GO or transit stations because they have Kiss n Ride painted on the road or on signs around it. I guess it's not really needed if you think they shouldn't be there.
12017-03-18 12:50:01 UTCkartler175 To prevent what you call vandalism, please do not misuse roads as boundary elements. Boundaries are virtual lines with no dimensions. Highways are 2-dimensional objects with specific attributes, which are not suitable for boundary lines. Furthermore using highways as boundary elements leads to needl...
22017-03-18 13:55:11 UTCKevo The removed vandalism was referring to a building that was changed to a park and the node that was a park but someone had added to a boundary relation. There's been a bunch of new users adding parks and meadows for Pokémon Go that don't exist.

In relation to the boundary, i only continued ...
12017-03-13 22:19:26 UTCPierZen Svp faire un revert. Risque Exercice Maproulette sans connaissance terrain. Vous avez brisé connexion a cette intersection. Outils de navigation routieres ne peuvent plus traverser l'intersection à partir du chemin Saint-André pour se rendre sur section sud de la route 104.

22017-03-13 22:22:56 UTCKevo Hi PierZen - I'll take a look at this changeset and the other changeset you commented on tonight.

Sorry about that
32017-03-14 00:19:40 UTCKevo I believe I fixed all of the problems, PierZen. I did it manually rather than reverting, which can cause other problems.
Please tell me if you find any other problems I created and I'll be glad to fix them.
My apologies, have a good night.
12017-03-13 01:23:31 UTCKevo Why were parking aisles and laneways across a huge chunk of the city turned to highway=residential??

You wrongly tagged values that were already added in correctly and made them incorrect...
12017-02-28 01:36:41 UTCKevo Just a heads up when using the City of Brampton's street data - any road that has a "CONSTRUCTION STATUS" of something other than "REGISTERED" means that it hasn't been approved by the city or finalised by the developer. The street layout and street names can change up until the...
22017-02-28 07:04:15 UTChoream_telenav thank you for this info, I'll keep that in mind for the future
12016-12-02 18:50:33 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the tags name_alt and name_alt:fr
Usually the key "alt_name" is used. Maybe you want to change this?

22016-12-02 18:54:48 UTCKevo Oops, thanks for catching that. I'll fix that when I have some free time this weekend. :)
32016-12-04 04:47:51 UTCKevo Fixed those tags on the 401.
12016-08-26 12:07:39 UTCNakaner Hi Rps333,

I am going to revert this changeset in the next hours due to following reasons:

1. Import using no dedicated account (i.e. violation of Import Guidelines)

2. bad import because of uploading data which is clearly broken (ways with natural=water which are not closed). Your editor (...
22016-08-26 16:40:23 UTCRps333 Hi

I will check the errors you are talking about tonight. Please wait.
32016-08-26 16:48:50 UTCNakaner Hi Rps333,

I won't wait.

If an import is bad and/or violates the guideline, everyone can revert it. I will have a look at your other changesets which I consider as imports and will revert them, too, if they seem to have the same systematic errors than this changeset.

JOSM has an built-in va...
42016-08-26 17:30:49 UTCNakaner Changesets 39517571 and 39517686 have the same problems as this changeset: unclosed ways. Changeset 39517944 and 39518147 have a different problem: You added lakes inside lakes.

Within 34 minutes (19:30–20:04), you created 35,972 objects (1058 objects/min). A manual tracer who checks his tr...
52016-08-28 07:08:47 UTCNakaner The revert has been started. and following changesets.
62016-08-28 16:14:19 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 41756737 where the changeset comment is: Revert low-quality CANVEC import due to violation of Import Guideline and technical errors. See discussion of changeset 39517002.
72016-08-29 12:43:01 UTCRps333 Why? I had fixed most if not all the errors you noticed. What are your guideline for determining poor quality?
82016-08-29 13:00:29 UTCNakaner Yes, you fixed some errors but there have been left still enough errors which justify a revert.

Unclosed polygons, liquid islets (natural=water inside natural=water), wetlands overlapping with water are the main problems of your import.

In addition, you violated the policy by not using a dedic...
92016-08-29 14:05:00 UTCLogicalViolinist Nakaner, I think you should have discussed your rollback on the talk-ca mailing list to decide what to do. Rps333 does fix his errors and is a very active mapper. Adding lakes and rivers around native reservations is quite useful to Canadians.
102016-08-30 12:45:48 UTCRps333 So, if I used an import account it would be OK?

Could I have just remove all the wetlands?
112016-08-30 13:07:17 UTCNakaner Hi Rps333,

if you used a dedicated account and check all your uploads before you upload them, you would take the wind out of the sails of people like me.

Please note that not every error can be detected using JOSM's validation engine. If you upload data which is simple wrong (compare the data ...
122016-08-30 13:33:32 UTCKevo "been on-the-ground quality of Canvec's hydrological data"

If you're talking about on-the-ground checks in areas like this changeset, you've proven that you're unqualified to make decisions on data in a country that is 30 times bigger than your own. This land is still essentially unexp...
132016-08-30 13:33:39 UTCRps333 Michael, I always check the data against Bing/ Mapbox imagery/ NRCan Map in JOSM. In this area the imagery is very poor.

I also alway check if the CANVEC data is better than what is already there. Not alway the case.

I added one layer at a time; roads (if required), water, streams and sometime...
142016-08-30 13:59:15 UTCNakaner I do not claim that every lake has to be checked on the ground but some secpscepticism about third-party datasets is always a good idea.

Has ever been an OSM mapper in Northern Communities around James Bay and Nunavut and can say if the lakes at CANVEC match the reality? If you do remote sensing ...
152016-08-30 14:18:36 UTCjfd553 All available Canvec data in northern areas were checked less than 10 years ago using much higher resolution imagery than what is available in OSM. Everything is not perfect but way much accurate than nothing.
I used to work on the checking process mentioned above!
162016-08-30 16:55:36 UTCthe506 In addition, most of these communities are tiny (<1000 people) and often do not have quality Internet access. The chances of there being active local OSM mappers in these areas are essentially zero.

For all its faults, CANVEC is literally all we have in these areas, and given the sheer size o...
172016-08-30 17:03:50 UTCLogicalViolinist Not to mention that Bing Imagery can be older than CanVec itself (10-15 years or more)
182016-08-31 15:02:41 UTCmikelmaron > I won't wait.

This is not OK.

OSM only works with cooperation and respect. We find ways to help support each others work and make the map better. The work of this changeset is led by active mappers in an active community, who are ready to discuss and work on their data. Certainly there ca...
192016-08-31 18:34:37 UTCNakaner I have sent an email to the Talk-ca mailing list via Gmane. I hope it arrives. Otherwise I'll resent it the normal way. (I have subscribed the list)
202016-09-06 12:11:00 UTCRps333 Ref JOSM validator: I have deleted my JOSM profile. It now picks up the broken lakes. Thanks for the info.

I will be happy to fix the broken lakes and any other problems that are in this change set.
12016-08-09 09:54:32 UTCsaikabhi Hey Kevo, excellent work on adding such great data to OSM. Was going through updating and validating the turn restrictions using mapillary in this area and came across some restrictions which do not quite match the mapillary images: e.g. Can yo...
22016-08-09 11:53:33 UTCKevo Most of the restrictions like this are common sense for Ontario drivers and aren't signed. The example you cite also has a solid white line until you're merged with the flow of traffic and the centre line is double solid yellow, making a left turn legally impossible. Furthermore, there is a ramp a...
32016-08-10 08:52:10 UTCsaikabhi Thank you the detailed explanation. Makes it a lot clearer.

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