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12017-05-30 13:16:19 UTCSK53 Hi Stan,

You changed the tagging on Scalford FP 23 adding highway=footway. Unfortunately this is highly inaccurate: there is a designation line but the line passes through buildings and is totally inaccessible, exactly as my original tagging showed with disused:footway.

Please be careful not t...
12017-05-01 23:56:18 UTCrobert Did you mean to delete the name for "Dadlington Lane" in this edit? It broke a match against OS Locator:
12017-03-23 18:13:44 UTCwill_p Hi Stan,

Last week I commented on a bridleway you added north of Kegworth ( I received no response from you, and at the weekend I decided to survey it on the ground, because your remote mapping was clearly approximate and rather confusing in the w...
22017-03-23 21:09:49 UTCStan W Hi Will,

Apologies for not responding - I am not familiar with the concept of discussions.

While I was relying on second-hand information from one of my team of surveyors who walked the route, this does raise an issue in my mind as to the purpose of including routes on OpenStreetMap.

If we ...
32017-03-24 11:34:40 UTCwill_p Hi Stan,

There has been a lot of discussion in the past about tagging rights of way and the general consensus is that the highway tag should only be used to indicate physical characteristics and not access rules. There are separate tags available for tagging access (
42017-03-24 16:00:09 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Stan, hi Will - for info is on a server in Germany now, and should be able to cope with people viewing maps there (though tile scrapers would be a problem).
Best Regards,
52017-03-24 16:17:07 UTCSK53 Hi Stan,

A couple of blog posts about footpath mapping & assessing completeness of PRoW information are: and might help build the ...
12017-03-22 11:57:44 UTCCebderby Noticed you've added some underpasses under the A6 in this changeset and in changeset 46813168. At the moment the tagging (railway=subway) implies the track of a underground train running on the surface! Suggest you use the tags of the adjacent pathways and add tunnel=yes for the underpass parts. ...
12017-03-19 16:48:16 UTCwill_p Hi, what does 'RA surveys' mean? The abbreviation isn't clear to me.
22017-03-20 17:41:47 UTCtrigpoint My guess, and knowing Stan as I do. it would be Ramblers Association
12017-03-16 11:03:46 UTCwill_p Hi Stan,

It's good to see you are adding lots of footpaths and bridleways in Leicestershire. However, looking at these additions I'm curious what source you are using? You are adding them at quite a rate, so I'm guessing they might not all be from survey. In general, it would be helpful to fellow...
12016-08-14 21:15:05 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Stan W,
Somehow a couple of roads got joined together (East Street and Logan Street). I've unjoined them, and changed the BOAT back (to Mike's version). Hope this is all OK...
12016-08-14 16:25:55 UTCMike Baggaley Hi Stan, I do not think Public Footpath (A66) is a valid highway name. A66 sounds more like a reference of some sort. I have moved it to the loc_ref field.

12016-07-12 12:00:56 UTCtrigpoint Hi Stan
Welcome to OSM, thank you for your additions around Leicester.
One small comment, I am guessing that should connect to Harefield Avenue at its northern end? This is required to provide connectivity so that routers can dire...
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