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12018-04-21 12:24:37 UTCBCNorwich Hello mountainmonkey,
You've somehow mapped a lot of these ways in duplicate, paths,tracks,fences and walls. Placing one way (path) directly and exactly on top of another (path).
Thus grossly bloating the database and confusing routers over paths and tracks.

I started removing some duplicate w...
22018-04-22 20:35:08 UTCmountainmonkey Oops. JOSM crashed during upload, I thought I had resolved conflicts correctly but clearly not.
Think I have fixed most of the duplicates now.
12017-12-13 11:37:04 UTCmountainmonkey None of these are campsites, they are just laybys beside the road. I don't think they should appear on OpenStreetMap.
22017-12-13 13:08:54 UTCdorian Pineapples That is true. But it would of been great to of had the information that it was possible to car camp at these sites in advance. Perhaps wiki camps would be more appropriate to pin them on.
12017-11-28 21:31:27 UTCGinaroZ Noticed there was a fixme here - is this a cave entrance as well?
22017-11-30 19:50:04 UTCmountainmonkey Didn't spot that when I was there because OsmAnd doesn't render natural=cave. I don't think there is a cave there, it's up a steep wooded bank, but I can't be sure.
12017-06-01 21:41:56 UTCmountainmonkey I don't think the Pentland Hills Regional Park is a leisure=nature_reserve, as it is not managed primarily for conservation. I think boundary=protected_area and protection_class=7 is enough.
22017-06-01 23:11:01 UTCGinaroZ It seems like all 3 of Scotland's regional parks have been tagged as nature reserves - perhaps as the boundary=protected_area tag on its own doesn't render on the standard layer?
Don't know if boundary=national_park would be appropriate or only for use on Cairngorms/Loch Lomond?
32017-06-06 10:28:24 UTCmountainmonkey Yes that probably is the reason it's been tagged as a nature reserve. So the follow on question is does the boundary of a Regional Park need to appear on a general purpose map? Other landscape designations e.g. national scenic areas, forest parks don't seem to appear (and/or have not been mapped).
42017-06-12 15:12:31 UTCGinaroZ I'd probably say yes - given they cover a decent area (108, 35 and 25 sq mi) and are fairly important as a step below national parks. Plus there's only 3 of them.

While we wait for regional_park to be rendered, the other option is to change them to national park instead of nature reserve, as they...
52017-06-17 15:42:03 UTCSK53 At least one NSA (Small Isles) has been mapped as a National Park (I did it & for a long time it featured on worstofosm): it was the only NSA where it was feasible to define the boundaries at the time. I think in general both NPs & AONBs get the national_park tag in E&W. I agree that it'...
12017-03-19 22:48:00 UTCGinaroZ Shouldn't this road be highway=service instead? It seems to primarily serve houses
22017-03-22 10:21:04 UTCmountainmonkey Thanks for comment - I've checked and I think you're right. Have fixed this one and some others nearby.
12017-03-13 23:15:00 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, I think your change adds way 297059390 to the coast path, however, this way is marked as private. Can you please review the access to this way? Please accept my apologies if I have misinterpreted your change.

22017-03-15 11:45:13 UTCmountainmonkey Well spotted, thanks. These roads are open for non motorised users so I have corrected the access tags to reflect this.
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