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12017-12-05 05:38:31 UTCfmarier Are you sure about this Nexus Enrollment Center? It seems like a really odd place for one. I would expect it to be only at the airport.
22017-12-05 06:52:46 UTCmbiker pretty sure it was there 4 years ago, but now shows otherwise - somewhere on Main St.
12016-11-12 04:11:36 UTCScottNelson I tried to go up the trail heading north from Rabbit Lane today, and ended up bushwhacking the final 100m along the creek. to Deep Dene Road. Does this trail really connect out to Stevens drive? If so I didn't see any sign of it going that way when I was running up it.
22016-11-12 04:15:52 UTCmbiker Been a while since I was there. I sort of remember being able to to Stevens but things could have changed.
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