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12017-03-15 07:18:05 UTCgeoaria Hi, write a description about the changes that you have done in this part of the Isfahn city.
12016-11-29 22:43:05 UTCandrej] You removed the Veljka Vlahovica - Pera Cetkovica roundabout I added just after it was built and replaced it with a map of a very old Bing satellite image. The intersection (roundabout in reality) isn't correct the way You drew it. I know because I use it every day.
22017-01-25 20:20:30 UTCMyWayOrNoHighway Hey andrej], I apologize for any incorrect edits I may have made with old imagery. I noticed the roundabout has been touched by a couple other users since my edits so please feel free to make any correct changes with your local knowledge!
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