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12017-08-17 03:52:31 UTCraito I did some photo mapping around this intersection earlier this year (uploaded to Mapillary), and you can see barriers there. There are gaps between the barriers, so it is still physically possible to do any turns.
22017-08-17 20:21:28 UTCMyWayOrNoHighway Hey raito,
Thank you for the message and the additional imagery input. A proper fix may be to add the tag barrier=bollard (, on the middle of both of the ways I drew in, and to include turn restrictions. Adding these features should accuratel...
12017-03-15 07:18:05 UTCgeoaria Hi, write a description about the changes that you have done in this part of the Isfahn city.
12016-11-29 22:43:05 UTCandrej] You removed the Veljka Vlahovica - Pera Cetkovica roundabout I added just after it was built and replaced it with a map of a very old Bing satellite image. The intersection (roundabout in reality) isn't correct the way You drew it. I know because I use it every day.
22017-01-25 20:20:30 UTCMyWayOrNoHighway Hey andrej], I apologize for any incorrect edits I may have made with old imagery. I noticed the roundabout has been touched by a couple other users since my edits so please feel free to make any correct changes with your local knowledge!
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