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12016-08-11 08:14:02 UTCblackadder Hi. This looks like an advert? for your music? Its not appropriate for OSM as it is is but if you wanted to add and tag your studio then that's fine, assuming its a fixed building location, and I can help you with that. Just comment here on what you were wishing to do.
22016-08-11 09:43:20 UTClostmike This appears to be a car park.
32016-08-12 14:04:53 UTCMichael David Curley MikeCurleyMusic is a known recording studio in Earlswood/Tanworth in Arden. Also known local within community. Indications of emails identifying exact address details as a car park are factually incorrect. The establishment at point of contact is. Thank You Very Much.
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