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12018-09-04 15:25:47 UTCkartonage Hey Guy Zohar,

I don't understand what you are trying to achieve here. We don't map turn lanes or physically unseparated lanes as ways. There is also a bit of a mess here with cycleway infrastructure and actual highway tags. Quite frankly your edits to Strausberger Platz did more harm than improv...
12018-08-30 08:27:21 UTChighflyer74 Guy, could you please stop adding this tagging to nodes of ways? I already commented here on the same issue. If you do not accept my reasoning this will have to be addressed at a greater scale.
22018-08-30 15:25:40 UTCGuy Zohar Hello,
This tag suppose to indicate roads curvature. I assumed the wiki page covers the osm procedure. If you think it's not according to the OSM guidelines i'll stop adding that info. Thanks
12018-07-07 15:14:52 UTChighflyer74 Hello there!

This changeset added several nodes tagged with curve_geometry=yes. There are also several other occasions where this happened. Can you please let us know what your intention is? See for example here Thank you!
22018-07-08 08:18:07 UTCGuy Zohar Hello
Please see osm wiki re this tag
32018-07-08 12:26:48 UTChighflyer74 Hi and thanks for your reply! As you are obviously connected to OSM in a commercial way, please be aware that this is not the right way to improve things in OSM. That wiki article was set up in 2017 and being an inactive proposal which has not been discussed anywhere (at least not that I am aware of...
12018-04-27 00:14:40 UTCGITNE Please do not add turn restrictions with identical ways in the to and from roles. If you want to map the legal situation on the road like a no u-turn then please map a u-turn prohibited traffic sign, like traffic_sign=US:R3-4. OSM turn restrictions model routing restrictions, not the legal situation...
12018-03-26 14:11:54 UTCTruchin Bonjour Guy,

Je me demande sur quoi tu t'es basé pour faire passer la rue René Boulanger de rue piétonne à rue résidentielle.
Au passage, tu as supprimé le double sens cyclable.
Je suppose que c'est une erreur de ta part, aussi j'ai rétabli la si...
12018-02-16 16:27:27 UTCSybren This is a mistake, Ribesstraat is *not* under construction.
12018-02-15 12:14:03 UTCeggie Dag Guy,

Je hebt hier per ongeluk een bushalte verplaatst naar de andere kant van Amsterdam. Helaas zat de weg daar aan vast.
You moved a busstop incl. road to the westernpart of Amsterdam. I fixed it.
This as your edit..
Greetz, Eggie
22018-02-15 12:24:10 UTCGuy Zohar Sorry, fixed that mistake.
Thanks for raising that.
32018-02-15 12:39:37 UTCeggie No bad feelings :)
12018-01-25 10:31:02 UTCConstable hi there, why did you add that roundabout?
There's a note here saying it's not a roundabout
12017-12-05 11:04:25 UTCalthio Hi Guy Zohar,

What is your source for this "fix way direction"? This has been modified on the ground last year, please do verify your source is not outdated.

I am pretty sure this is incorrect and break routing so I will go back with changeset
12016-11-20 17:26:16 UTCuser_5359 Hello! What is the meaning of curve_geometry=yes? I can't find any definition. And I can't see any necessary to add this information to the node of a highway!
22016-11-22 12:02:25 UTCGuy Zohar Hi,
I work for a company named Via, a ride-sharing transportation company.
We use OSM as one of our map data sources in order to navigate in areas where we operate. One of the tags we use internally is "curve_geometry" which allows us to identify nodes that have geometrical importance....
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