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12017-12-05 11:04:25 UTCalthio Hi Guy Zohar,

What is your source for this "fix way direction"? This has been modified on the ground last year, please do verify your source is not outdated.

I am pretty sure this is incorrect and break routing so I will go back with changeset
12016-11-20 17:26:16 UTCuser_5359 Hello! What is the meaning of curve_geometry=yes? I can't find any definition. And I can't see any necessary to add this information to the node of a highway!
22016-11-22 12:02:25 UTCGuy Zohar Hi,
I work for a company named Via, a ride-sharing transportation company.
We use OSM as one of our map data sources in order to navigate in areas where we operate. One of the tags we use internally is "curve_geometry" which allows us to identify nodes that have geometrical importance....
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