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12017-06-11 03:02:27 UTCiandees I reverted these edits. Please don't add fake data to OpenStreetMap. Only add data that actually exists in the real world to OSM, not fictional or unverifiable data.
22017-06-11 08:17:05 UTCPiskvor OTOH, there _is_ a site for mapping fictional places:
12017-06-01 20:35:58 UTCiandees Thanks for adding these points! These kind of changes are really helpful in OpenStreetMap.
12017-06-01 15:43:24 UTCiandees Welcome to OSM! Thanks for your contribution. I've reverted your change because the entire area is not a playground, it is a park. The small area that was already marked as a playground is the kind of area we specify as a playground. The park is the area surrounding a playground.
12017-05-31 16:36:06 UTCiandees I've reverted your change because these are clearly not parks. Please add only real places to OpenStreetMap. Thanks!
12017-05-28 20:15:34 UTCiandees Hi, welcome to OSM. I've removed this park and path because they appear to simply be a backyard to a house. Please don't add fake data just to improve the Pokemon game.
12017-05-12 01:24:52 UTCiandees Welcome to OSM! The edits you make to the map data should reflect reality. I'm going to revert your changes here.
12017-05-12 00:39:53 UTCiandees Hi! Please note that things you add to the map should exist in real life. I'm going to delete the church and park that you added because it doesn't appear that either of these things exist.
12017-05-07 13:58:18 UTCiandees Hi! Thanks for adding to OSM. Please make sure you only add things that exist in real life. Adding fake data just makes the map worse for everyone.
22017-05-07 14:23:06 UTCCRGarden Was meant to be a good hearted laugh
12017-05-02 08:48:59 UTCflorinbadita_telenav Hi Doug, can you be more specific about the problem/s that you are referring.

From what i have seen in this changeset, the only difference is that the names are expanded.

If this is a local rule you should specify it...
22017-05-02 15:23:16 UTCViajero Perdido The suffixes (NW, SW, etc.) are how the City of Calgary spells the names, same with Edmonton. The OSM wiki pages for Calgary and Edmonton use NW, SW, etc. in their examples; the latter page is more explicit than Calgary's with naming examples.

So NW is literally correct, and "Northwest"...
32017-05-02 18:32:56 UTCiandees Hi Viajero. Please check your language and be more kind to others participating in OpenStreetMap. We're all trying to make the map better, and responding like that isn't really helping anyone.
42017-05-02 18:33:47 UTCiandees (Same to you, abDoug)
52017-05-03 14:19:17 UTCabDoug Names that are just plain wrong!
62017-05-03 14:23:16 UTCabDoug They are not making the map better, they are making it worse! Yes, I'm pissed off. I've put a great deal of work into the map and I do it very carefully and try very hard to be accurate. The telenav crew has showed up, presumably because they have some financial interest, repeatedly name roads incor...
72017-05-03 14:40:54 UTCiandees All of that might be true, but you only make yourself (and our map project) look bad and keep people from listening to your opinion when you use such negative and insulting language. If you had responded with something like "hi there, I think your changes are incorrect. here's a link to the cit...
82017-05-04 23:30:27 UTCabDoug THE ISSUE IS NOT THE SUFFIXES! - though that could have been avoided if the editors had bothered to look the map over for a few minutes before editing. The issue is that the telenav crew has applied completely incorrect names to roads all over the city.

I really don't care if I make your map proj...
12017-04-28 20:41:53 UTCiandees Hi! Thanks for making this change and adding to OpenStreetMap. In general, a living street does not allow cars, and it looks like this street allows cars so that the residents can get to their driveways. I adjusted it to "residential" road type.
12017-04-28 20:40:06 UTCiandees Hi! Thanks for adding these paths to OpenStreetMap. Please make sure you tell us what sort of line these are by selecting a preset from the menu on the left in the editor. I picked "footway" for these. Please let me know if you have any questions.
12017-04-26 21:12:41 UTCiandees Thanks for adding and improving all these trails! This is great work.
12017-04-26 21:05:05 UTCiandees Hi! Thanks for adding to OpenStreetMap. Please make sure you add details to these lines rather than just outlining the buildings. For example, when you added this house, you should select the "Area" option and choose the "House" preset. Make sure you go through the walkthrough fo...
12017-04-18 13:45:47 UTCiandees Hi J-Werg! Was the bridge completely removed? Can you still cross in some way on this path?
22017-04-18 13:49:20 UTCJ-Werg It's completely gone, and no other way to cross without a boat.
12017-04-13 21:37:18 UTCiandees Thanks for adding this church!
12017-04-13 20:32:57 UTCSpanholz Welcome to OSM,

just have a look on large lowercase.

Have fun mapping!
22017-04-13 20:35:05 UTCiandees I think what Spanholz meant is that you should not be afraid to use capital letters when giving something a name. Thanks for your changes, Vespersis!
12017-04-13 20:11:24 UTCiandees Hi there! Thanks for your contributions to OSM. I reverted this change because the area you made into a park is actually a playground, which should be marked differently. The area surrounding the playground is already (correctly) marked as a park.
12017-04-13 19:26:06 UTCiandees Hi! Thanks for your contribution to OSM. I reverted your change because the park outline you added did not correspond with anything on the ground. Please make sure you map only the outline of the park, not a large area around the park. Let us know if you have any questions!
12017-04-13 18:44:27 UTCiandees Hi! Thanks for your map edit. I'm reverting your change because it's pretty unlikely that a park like this would change to remove a bunch of well-established roads. This map is a shared resource: please don't add fake data for your Pokemon Game.
12017-04-11 15:46:55 UTCiandees Hi! I appreciate your interest in updating the map, but it looks like you deleted a bunch of minor roads that should still exist. Do these roads no longer exist?
22017-04-11 15:56:50 UTCSTAS Inc That is correct. The only road is Archbishop Lefebvre Ave. and it is a dead end into the property. It has only one entrance off of Ranson. The shape is not quite the same, but I don't know how to fix that.
12017-04-11 00:14:46 UTCiandees Hello! I reverted your changes because they placed business information on a road intersection. Please add business information to a point over the actual business, not the road. Thanks!
12017-04-05 23:51:13 UTCiandees Thanks for adding information to the street you live on! Please consider also adding your house and your neighbors' houses as well.
12017-04-04 15:03:41 UTCiandees Thanks for adding these buildings to the map! If you have some extra time it would be really helpful to add the house numbers, too.
12017-04-02 14:49:50 UTCiandees Hello! I am undoing your change here because the "name" tag should represent the name used locally. We don't include the English name in parentheses.
12017-03-21 12:55:00 UTCiandees Hi! Welcome to OSM. Please don't add incorrect data to our map to give yourself an advantage on Pokemon Go. OpenStreetMap is designed to be an accurate map of the world and thousands of people work together to make that happen. I'm going to revert your changes to remove the incorrect data.
12017-03-20 23:21:51 UTCiandees Thanks for adding this park! Keep up the good work.
12017-03-20 23:16:05 UTCiandees Hi! I reverted your changes because the line didn't seem to coordinate with any real-life feature and the trees you converted into a park don't seem to align with any park in the area. If you have any questions about this change, please let me know by replying to this message.
12017-03-20 21:47:14 UTCiandees Good afternoon! Thanks for adding this data to OpenStreetMap. In the future, could you please try to hit save in the editor before you move on to another area of the map? This makes reviewing changes easier for the rest of the community. Thanks!
12017-03-20 19:25:48 UTCiandees Hi mrmart! Please don't make test edits to the map. This map data is used by services around the world and we only accept real features that can be verified on the ground. If you'd like to practice editing OSM, please let me know and I can point you to a test server.
12017-03-20 19:24:36 UTCiandees Hi there! I removed your point because it didn't contain any useful information. If you're trying to add your business to OpenStreetMap please make sure to select a preset in the editor. If you'd like a simpler interface, check out
12017-03-20 18:43:50 UTCiandees Hi! Thanks for adding this great detail to the golf course. I made a small change: the line drawing the course of the golf hole should have the hole number in the "ref"/"reference" text box, not the "name". Keep up the great work, and let me know if you have any questio...
12017-03-20 18:40:37 UTCiandees Hi there! Thanks for adding your business to OpenStreetMap.

I made a small change: the building outline should only go around the building, not the whole property. I also noticed that you duplicated the information on the point as well as the building polygon, so I merged those two things togethe...
12017-03-20 17:33:41 UTCiandees Hi there! This house doesn't seem to be a lake, so I'm reverting your change. Please keep in mind that these changes are applied to the real map – if you'd like to play around or make test changes, let me know and I can point you in the right direction.
12017-03-20 16:48:10 UTCiandees Hi! Thanks for adding these parks. I made a small change to the three you added recently. When creating the park outline, please apply the "Park" preset to the outline, not to a point on the interior of the polygon.
12017-03-09 22:47:01 UTCiandees Hiya! I reviewed this change and removed the apartment area you made here because we put the outline around individual buildings instead of the whole apartment area. I drew the outlines of the individual apartment buildings so you can add more details (like addresses) later, if you want.
12017-03-09 22:39:19 UTCiandees Hello! Thanks for improving OpenStreetMap. I made a quick change to your edit so that the "pool" area only encompasses the actual pools, not the whole park. Let us know if you have any questions about mapping!
12017-03-08 22:24:54 UTCiandees Hi communish! Thanks for your contributions to OpenStreetMap. Please make sure your edits are based on things others can check on the ground. These landuse polygons don't appear to be correct, so I removed them and adjusted the woods polygon to match the area behind the stores.
12017-03-08 22:14:02 UTCiandees Hi there! Thanks for your contribution to OpenStreetMap. It doesn't look like these power lines are actually built. If they're under planning or you're just testing, please wait until they're real before adding to OSM.
12017-03-01 22:31:41 UTCiandees Hi there! Thanks for your contribution. Please keep in mind that edits to OpenStreetMap are meant to represent things in the real world that you can verify. If you'd like to create a map to share with others, let me know and I can point you to some excellent tools.
12017-02-28 01:53:17 UTCiandees Awesome! Thanks for your contributions to OSM. Keep it up and let me know if you have any questions.
12017-02-22 00:12:42 UTCiandees Welcome to OSM, nelsonseyes! Thanks for your contributions, and feel free to send along any questions you might have about the map or editing.
12016-05-29 19:50:22 UTCEzekielT How did you do that?
22016-05-29 19:51:30 UTCEzekielT You are now required to state your objective - how did you escape? (no comment)?
32016-05-29 19:53:03 UTCiandees How did I do what?
42016-05-29 19:55:43 UTCEzekielT You put (no comment) or?
52016-05-29 19:56:38 UTCiandees What're you asking?
62016-05-29 19:57:41 UTCEzekielT I thought OSM requires you to put a changeset comment (in the old days, people did not have to).
72016-05-29 19:59:30 UTCiandees It does. The comment is `(no comment)`. It's Vespucci's default changeset comment.
82016-05-29 20:02:58 UTCEzekielT Who is Vespucci? Sorry if I'm causing you trouble, but I'm curious......
92016-05-29 20:04:35 UTCiandees Vespucci is an Android OSM editor.
102016-05-29 20:06:32 UTCEzekielT Oh okay.
112016-05-29 20:07:46 UTCEzekielT Thanks for replying - I really did not expect any replies.
12015-09-02 17:49:20 UTCiandees Hello! Welcome to OSM. An important part of our process is using changeset descriptions that say something a bit about the changes you're making. "Homicide Is Here!" isn't a very useful description of what changes you made. For example, this one might be "Marking the Baltimore City Po...
22015-09-11 01:29:38 UTCElliottPlack It is not even a real police station. It was used as a police station on a TV show.
32015-09-11 15:40:01 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 33960782 where the changeset comment is: revert ficitional edits and other damage, see and
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