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12017-04-18 08:26:16 UTCEivindWAA Hi Stella Lee, if island/islets are taged whit source Kartverket, and username has _import please do not aligned the island/islet by bing maps, as the island probably are imported from official data deliverd from map authorities here in Norway. bing has many miss aligned images here :( have a look h...
12017-01-25 07:55:18 UTCchnav Hi, you are mass shifting objects by non-calibrated imagery. I will revert all of yours and your colleagues' changesets in Kazakhstan as much as possible. Please read OSM wiki for best practices and proper tagging. If you not react then I will report DWG about your mapping 'for validator'.
12017-01-25 07:03:07 UTCchnav Please check imagery alignment by GPS-tracks before mass-shifting geometry.
This changeset is reverted.
12017-01-25 05:56:20 UTCchnav Hi, you have deleted my building geometry and draw it at new position. Please note that before deleting or changing any geometry you must align imagery by GPS-tracks. I revert this changeset.
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