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12017-04-19 08:15:17 UTCDalkvist Hi, please note that there are no tide to speak of in the Baltic sea (~1cm) so when mapping the coastline please include the gravel beach in the island.
12017-03-21 11:13:21 UTCimagico Hello Shaun,

your edits claims to be based on Bing imagery but Bing apparently has no coverage in this area. Could you explain the basis of this edit?
22017-03-30 02:52:47 UTCShaun Austin Hi imagico. The basis of this edit was to clean up the geometry of small islands. I incorrectly made improvements to the island when no good resources were available. Sorry about that, and thank you for letting me know. Thanks, Shaun A.
12017-03-28 22:01:06 UTCwoodpeck You aligned this island with Bing but you left the nearby, larger island untouched even though it, too, is very much out of sync with imagery. Why the focus on this one island? Have you made this edit as part of a MapRoulette task, and if yes, have you been instructed by anyone to do this?
22017-03-30 02:36:07 UTCShaun Austin I am finding these islands through a MapRoulette challenge. I did not fix the other island because it may be another task and I wanted to save it for others working on the challenge.
12017-02-08 06:02:22 UTCMarych_ Hi,
Why you decide that intersecting building and road?
building has tag roof
by default road on layer=0
22017-02-08 06:03:13 UTCMarych_ which tool do you user to find such places?
12017-01-25 06:07:17 UTCchnav Hi, tunnel building_passage does not require 'covered' tag. Also you have disconnected tunnel from building contour which is completely wrong. I revert this changeset.
12016-12-28 10:38:54 UTCAthalis Hi, it looks like you only used Bing imagery and didn't look at the source of the data or surrounding objects. All data in this area is based on newer imagery from the HOT project Unfortunately your changes made the map worse than better.

I reverted your chang...
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