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12017-12-27 06:13:50 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo Änderungen wurden storniert.
Grund: Verzerrung der Einzigartigkeit
Bitte: zuerst in das Gebiet kommen. Zu studieren Und dann entscheiden Sie sich für eine Änderung.
Das Territorium des Vereinigten Königreichs hat viele Nuancen, die für Ausländer großartig sind....
22017-12-27 06:38:05 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo Die Ukraine hat viel Nuancen, die es in Ihrem Land nicht gibt. Vor der Editierung fragen Sie in (Ukraine )
12017-04-20 11:02:35 UTCzalex_ua WHY are you ding vandalism ?
Do not touch areas which you are not familiar of !!!
Changeset will be reverted!
22017-04-22 06:20:24 UTCzalex_ua activity for "keepcalmandmapon" also discussed in
12017-04-20 11:02:31 UTCzalex_ua WHY are you ding vandalism ?
Do not touch areas which you are not familiar of !!!
Changeset will be reverted!
12017-04-19 19:19:42 UTCdudka The culvert=yes syntax is deprecated (since 2010) due to ambiguity.[1] Please use tunnel=culvert instead.
12017-04-11 22:33:44 UTCThunder08 It's too bat too draw roads above buildings. There is need to use tunnels.

And roads in live quartals must have tag service = drive_through
12017-04-11 09:37:16 UTCnikiforov Hello! I'm a local, and this part of the road is car-free, so, please, return the tag back :)
12017-04-04 07:51:52 UTC~Jhellico What information you use when changing highway statuses (in other changesets too)?
12017-03-14 22:17:49 UTCRanger444

These two parallel streets are not one ways as you edited. Please Fix.
22017-03-14 22:35:06 UTCRanger444

Another thats not one way.
12017-03-14 21:43:53 UTCRanger444

This is not a one way.

Where are you getting your oneway data?
22017-03-14 21:44:49 UTCRanger444

neither is this
12017-03-10 18:43:20 UTCRanger444

Is there any evidence to suggest that this is a oneway?
22017-03-10 18:55:35 UTCRanger444 Ground survey shows cars facing both ways on the street as well as bidirectional traffic arrows painted on the surface.
12017-03-10 17:34:02 UTCRanger444

What sort of verification or evidence do you have that this is a oneway? I do not believe it is a oneway
12017-02-02 00:32:14 UTCSomeoneElse Oops,
There was something at latitude 0, longitude 0 in here as well, like there was in .
Do you know how it can have got there?
Best Regards,
12016-12-09 10:46:32 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
As you can see from the orange line around this change on the map at the right when you view the changeset on the OpenStreetMap website, it goes well into the Atlantic because some data was accidentally added at latitude 0, longitude 0.
It's been deleted now, bu...
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