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12018-10-14 04:25:46 UTCحبيشان الأخ الفاضل
رجاء ل تغير الأسماء في اليمن، نحن لا نتعامل بأسماء الأشهر السريانية، وهذه مسميات لا ينبغي أن تغير
12018-07-14 12:07:58 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi. Do you speak Arabic or are you using an automated translation tool? Although most translations are OK, sometimes the translation is peculiar and seems mechanic.
12018-05-15 15:38:15 UTCzstadler Hello,
In this edit you have changed the name of the Yasaf stream from Hebrew to Arabic while only the smaller part of the stream is in the area of an Arab village.
I understand your eagerness to name OSM items in Arabic. However, when an element is shared between Arab and Jewish areas, plea...
22018-05-15 19:54:57 UTCأ ش Thank you for your information and I am sorry for this mistake. You can correct this.
12018-01-17 15:50:06 UTCmueschel Hi,
does this small residential street really have 5 different arabic names?
22018-01-17 16:20:40 UTCأ ش Actually these are 5 separated streets, but I did not have the time to separate them as they were created as one large street.
32018-01-17 16:24:27 UTCأ ش I added a note and fixme-tag. If someone has time, it would be nice if this could be fixed.
42018-01-17 17:15:13 UTCmueschel Splitting a way in iD is simple: You select the node where you want to split the road, then press "X".
52018-01-17 19:08:10 UTCأ ش Thank you for the tip, I learnt something new. :)
62018-01-17 19:14:35 UTCأ ش I now separated the roads, so the problem should be fixed.
72018-04-07 14:16:33 UTCzstadler Hi,
It seems that you are the only person that mapped the "شارع رئيسي" name in Israel.
I have never seen such a name in Israel, and it contradicts the Israeli street naming conventions.
What is the source of the "شارع رئيسي" ("Main Street") name ...
82018-04-20 12:33:26 UTCأ ش Hello zstadler. Sorry for my late answer, I was on travel.

The name is the locally used term by the inhabitants for this street, and is also used in bus station names surrounding this street. However, the name is not defined by official authorities.

Maybe I could move this name to "loc_na...
92018-04-21 05:48:24 UTCYfrPcI4RzVGr It seems like this name is similar to "downtown" or "City Center" in the sense that it represents a function and importance.
In OSM maps, this is captured by using highway=tertiary instead of highway=residential.
I think such a name is redundant, just like name=viewpoint for a ...
12018-04-20 15:43:37 UTCuser_5359 Hello, please have a look on The shop has 0 minutes open every day (Mon - Sun: 09:00AM-09:00AM). Please notice the modified key and the 24h notation.
12018-03-26 16:51:15 UTCdieterdreist Hi, I just found this edit and wonder whether this is a documented bot? Are you aware of the automated edits code of conduct and following the provisions?
12018-03-06 13:26:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hello ألبرشت شونكا,

Please use meaningful changeset comments for your changes - it helps everyone else understand the reasoning behind and the source for the changes.

In this case I'd agree that an English language name doesn't make sense for the "name" tag here, but can y...
22018-03-06 13:31:00 UTCأ ش Yes, often the communication is a problem in OSM.

Maybe we should made an arrangement that both tags are used, e.g. "هەولێر / أربيل"

What is your opinion for a solution?

With best regards
32018-03-06 13:35:34 UTCSomeoneElse That approach is certainly used in some places in OSM when there isn't an obvious "most popular" value for that name. Given the "to and fro" edits that the name has seen "هەولێر / أربيل" is probably better than most of the orther alternatives.
12018-02-12 08:18:04 UTCAnas Almzoghy Hi!

Thanks for your edits, but please don't use Arabic-Indic numbers when editing in Libya.
Here we use the Arabic Numerals (123...) instead of Arabic-Indic (١٢٣...) since these are mostly used in Middle East and Urdu/Persian speaking countries.

Thanks :D
12018-01-15 10:04:04 UTCzstadler There seems to be a potential of an edit war between two semi-automated edits: The "Automated incremental Bus Stop (GTFS) updates" described in and the copying of "name:ar" to "name" by in Arab speaking areas.
22018-01-15 11:31:35 UTCأ ش This is an manual edit by me. You cannot even do automated edits with iD editor.

My manual work is compatible and in accordance with the automatical bus stop update script by SafwatHalabyBot.
32018-01-16 11:42:28 UTCSafwatHalaby When the raw "name" tag has been changed to Arabic as being made here, the bot will synchronize name and name:ar in case of any future updates.

This behavior should be documented. I need to update the bot documentation.
12018-01-04 00:56:31 UTCAustin Zhu Multiligual words in name tag is not recommended. Please use tag name:xx instead. In this case the node already have separate tags for multilanguages. Please refer to China tagging guidelines on osm wiki.
Austin Zhu
OpenStreetMap Chinese Community
12017-11-22 20:20:07 UTCSafwatHalaby There are several issues here:
Name with two languages:
Name with two languages:
name:ar / name mismatch:
Typing error:
22017-12-05 01:43:10 UTCأ ش Thanks for your work, I now implemented corrections.
12017-11-10 06:22:39 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi,
The stops are auto-managed by a bot.
it's hard to make the bot decide whether the stops "name" tag should be Arabic or Hebrew.
But I've updated it such that if you change a stop name to Arabic, the bot will from now on consider it an Arabic stop and will always put Arabic in ...
22017-11-10 06:24:49 UTCSafwatHalaby Also, I wonder if Israeli Arabs prefer Arabic numerals or regular numerals... No idea. The GTFS data is regular numerals, but if you edit the stops the bot does not revert your edits.
32017-11-11 17:33:19 UTCأ ش Israeli Arabs use both Eastern and Western Arabic numerals.

It is okay, if you change them back to Western Arabic numerals, if it is easier to read and manage data for you and others.
42017-11-11 17:33:58 UTCأ ش Anyway, thank you for your work and your information.
52017-11-11 18:03:44 UTCSafwatHalaby Thank you!
12017-11-04 10:53:30 UTCSafwatHalaby بني شمعون منشة الإقليمي
is a bad translation.
22017-11-04 10:54:22 UTCSafwatHalaby I suggest
مجلس اقليمي بني شمعون
32017-11-04 18:17:37 UTCأ ش Thank you, I will change it.
12017-09-16 16:09:13 UTCma-rt-in Ist das eine Moschee oder ein Vereinsstätte?
12017-09-16 15:35:02 UTCSafwatHalaby Thank you for the Arabic name translations in Israel!

I was wondering if "ref:ar" has any practical use at all for road numbers. Clients can trivially convert between Arabic and regular numerals, so it seems unnecessary to me.
12017-09-13 22:29:13 UTCØukasz Hi,
Dream City is actually locally called Dream City
12017-09-13 22:10:46 UTCØukasz hey, you broke the name of the city. can you fix it and put it back please?
12017-08-10 05:09:37 UTCmanoharuss Hi ألبرشت شونك,

Wanted to flag that the translation you have given to this feature in this changeset translates to `Till`. Is it correct?

Thanks and regards,

22017-08-11 01:23:18 UTCأ ش Hello, thank you for your question.

In Semitic languages generally only consonants or long vowels are written, short vowels are normally not written. So if you see the word only with consonants written, it maybe can have multiple meanings.

The given translation transliterates in "d-s-w&qu...
12017-06-19 06:24:21 UTCoormilavinod hey ألبرشت شونك!! welcome to OSM. i have observed from this changeset that you have added the name Cameroon twice. may i know the reason behind this. happy mapping !!
22017-06-19 20:04:38 UTCأ ش Because according to the constitution both English and French are the official languages of the country.
32017-06-19 20:04:52 UTCأ ش Cameroon (English), Cameroun (French)
42017-07-24 20:50:10 UTCperoa Having duplication in the 'name' field is pretty bad for services that rely on OSM data. Since French is the #1 language in Cameroun, I'm going to use that as the 'name'. The English name can always be accessed via the 'name:en' field.
12017-07-18 06:22:59 UTCoormilavinod hey ألبرشت شونك!! welcome to OSM !! I have noticed that you have named a place ولاته which translates to "why " in English, could you please verify this name happy mapping
22017-07-18 19:48:12 UTCأ ش You can find the name "ولاته" for example on also on Google Maps, Bing Maps (Arabic version), Here Maps (Arabic version) or Wikipedia ( Best regards.
12017-07-17 08:36:07 UTCoormilavinod hey ألبرشت شونك , welcome to OSM!! the desert area you have demarcated, could you please specify if it is local knowledge, as I cannot differentiate from the surrounds regions. happy mapping
12017-07-05 09:58:00 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi ألبرشت شونك,

I just letting you know that I reverted wikidata code on relation Fujairah (3766484, v13) as I believe it was removed by accident.

22017-07-05 11:15:31 UTCأ ش This seems to be a big with the iD editor, that it removes the wikidata tags. But I found now a way, that this won't happen anymore. Sorry.
32017-07-06 06:58:04 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi,

No worries, I though it could be something like this :) Maybe would be good to report the issue to iD team.

Happy mapping!

12017-07-04 05:14:22 UTCupendrakarukonda Hi ألبرشت شونك,

You deleted the appropriate wikidata tags for the features. I brought the data back.


22017-07-04 16:17:17 UTCأ ش Sorry, this is a bug by the iD editor. This was not intended, sorry. Best regards.
32017-07-05 03:44:33 UTCupendrakarukonda Hello ألبرشت شونك,

Yes, came to know about that yesterday. Sorry for commenting on the changeset, without knowing about the bug. Happy mapping.


12017-06-12 06:24:32 UTCupendrakarukonda Hello ألبرشت شونك,

May I know the reason behind deletion of wikidata tag here , though It directs to the right information ?


22017-06-29 08:34:56 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi ألبرشت شونك, upendrakarukonda

I also noticed that
Tadjourah District (3905174, v4)
was tagged with Q645896, but this tag refers to
Tadjourah (3725194, v6) (region not district), I'll fix it, please let me know if you think my change sould be reverted.


12017-06-26 16:59:51 UTCkaritotp hi, you added arabic name to the previous names like this (, you should add these name in a new tag like name:* according the idiom. Could you please take a look again on these place? Thank you
22017-06-27 03:16:49 UTCأ ش In the case of Eritrea I will also add futurely English and Italian nameplates. Thanks for your info.
12017-06-18 05:52:11 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi,

I just wanted to check why have you removed correct wikidata codes from some of the items?

Hodh Ech Chargui (3394987, v8)

I the meantime I have revered missing wikidata codes.

22017-06-18 19:09:08 UTCأ ش Hello, if I have removed the wikidata codes,
this was a mistake by me and I am sorry for that. Wish you a happy editing. Cheers,
32017-06-18 20:33:44 UTCŁukasz Dudek Hi,

No worries, just wanted to double check if it was intentional or by accident :)

12017-06-12 06:32:33 UTCupendrakarukonda Hi ألبرشت شونك,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. May I know the reason behind the deletion of the wikidata tags


12017-04-28 15:55:28 UTCsamely Hi! thanks for contributing to OSM. I saw you are adding arabic names, which are wonderful, however could you split the names? For example: for "Goré" - "غوري", you can leave the name in the official language and ad...
12017-04-02 13:24:49 UTCSomeoneElse Here you've changed e.g. the name of "Morocco" to not include French. Did you check that that change was acceptable to the OSM community in Morocco before doing so?
OSM generally follows an "on the ground rule" with regard to names - see
12017-03-11 19:56:35 UTCnumide these names do not mean any thing in arabic. It is justa transcription. But they do in amazigh, the language of your ancestors. Stop hating yourself aND YOUR HISTORY
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