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12017-09-09 08:42:25 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this edit has gone a little wrong. The wikipedia/wikidata tags you have added to Penhurst Station belong to the one in Kent.

I have removed these tags.

Cheers Phil
12017-03-15 21:47:21 UTCWarin61 Relation: Georges River Council (6205809) Not closed ... was closed before your change.
12017-03-15 21:37:09 UTCWarin61 And you have now unclosed the relationship area...fix it yourself . Getting tired of these!
12017-03-15 01:42:20 UTCWarin61 Not closed again... I have closed it. But not well matched to the actual boundaries!!!!

This boundary is not visible in the Base map .. you should use the Admin boundaries. Suggest you fix all the associated council boundaries as one changeset ... I would use JOSM.
12017-03-08 03:26:44 UTCWarin61 1) The LPI Imagery cannot be the source of an administration boundary ... I think you mean the LPI Base Map ?
2) The relationship is not closed ... sothern end of Cooks Bridge. And has other problems according to the JOSM validator.
22017-03-08 04:04:41 UTCTheSwavu Need to also:

1. Remove old councils:

2. Fix the tagging on your new relation.
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