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12017-10-11 21:25:04 UTCDaveF Hi
How do you know it's private?
NT promote it on their Skyline walk:

This is a video approaching the wood from the field below. Hardly private looking.
22017-10-12 17:16:20 UTCNuggg My point was it's not officially a public right of way. What would you consider to be better tagging to reflect that?
32017-10-12 21:28:58 UTCDaveF Leave it as it was.
As it didn't have PROW designation tags it was making no claims that it was.'
'Private' indicates it's not publicly accessible.
42017-10-13 11:46:50 UTCNuggg That's at odds with what I read on - perhaps permissive is the appropriate choice in this case. I see you have reverted now anyhow so will leave it to you.
52017-10-13 19:39:57 UTCDaveF FYI National Trust map (zoom in)
62017-10-13 21:01:10 UTCNuggg OK I concede it is NT land and so can be treated as implicitly public along with its paths. However, the track off Bathwick Hill looked like a private driveway to me, complete with gate.
72017-10-13 21:42:58 UTCDaveF True, just like there's a gate to the Western side. Last time I went through the Bathwick Hill gate it was unlocked & no 'private' signs. To the rear of the houses there are clearly defined property wall boundaries:
82017-10-13 21:48:35 UTCNuggg Rather different looking kinds of gate IMO, with the western one certainly more indicative of public access, but it is all subjective in the absence of signs.
12017-03-20 14:34:08 UTCDaveF Hi Mintra
I think the poultry farm should be tagged as landuse=farmyard. It would certainly get it rendered.

There was a discussion recently on Talk-GB about it. Here's what I said about place=farm:

"This is a misuse of this tag. place=farm is for the rare (non existent?) cases where a r...
12017-02-07 14:18:00 UTCMike Baggaley HI, your change of High Street from a secondary road to a tertiary road has left way 18790688 with a ref of B3355, and a highway of tertiary, which is inconsistent. I suspect that this part of High Street is not part of the B3355. Can you please either delete the ref or return the highway to seconda...
22017-02-07 17:47:42 UTCNuggg Ah yes, I have removed the tag.
12017-01-09 20:21:19 UTCDaveF To check, what is/was the building on the Rec. It wasn't there yesterday
22017-01-09 21:57:15 UTCNuggg Hm yes, temporary tent or something that I overzealously traced from Bing. Reverted.
12017-01-08 15:16:37 UTCDaveF Hi Mintra
Vehicles can access the road via the car park. Could you please revert your amendments.
22017-01-08 19:05:34 UTCNuggg Hmm, the access across the paved area is hardly a road but I concede your point and will join them back up :)

I won't revert the road alongside 4ES to being a parking aisle, however.
12016-12-14 07:26:43 UTCBCNorwich Hi, are you sure Fairways joins to Granville Road here now, there was a fence and verge separating them?
22016-12-14 08:31:06 UTCNuggg Not sure what you mean by the fence and verge "separating" them, but then I did not see it before. Certainly it is now an open and working junction.
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