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12017-03-18 16:34:16 UTCIbnTēšfīn Assalamu Alaykum,
An imamzadeh is an Islamic place of worship so it should have both denomination=shia and religion=muslim tags.
Also, fixme tag is used to tell other mappers that something is not correct. You should not put your username in this tag.
22017-03-19 21:52:46 UTCrezakoulivand Assalam, when you tag a Muslim is added turns to the mosque, only Shia's have added to became a place of worship
32017-03-20 19:36:41 UTCIbnTēšfīn Thank you for answering my comment.

Religion is mandatory for a place tagged with amenity=place_of_worship. It is also mandatory when you have a denomination=shia tag.

You should not tag these places incorrectly because iD editor tells you they are mosques. In iD, Christian chapels and mon...
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