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12017-10-14 06:31:48 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway=5 on
Maybe you meant addr:housenumber=5?
22017-10-15 04:56:46 UTCReza_koulivand Hello! Yes, you are right, I have been trying to register the height of the building. thank you
12017-04-05 21:51:03 UTCNavid Hosseinzadeh برای ثبت اسم میدان یا هر چیز دیگه ای بهتره که اسمش رو روی مسیر(خط) اضافه کرد بجای اینکه یه پوینت اضافه کنید.
این پوینت رو من پاک میکنم و اسمش رو به خوده میدان اضافه میک...
22017-04-05 22:09:12 UTCReza_koulivand مرسی،الان دارم همه فیکس می ها رو حذف میکنم
12017-04-05 22:07:04 UTCNavid Hosseinzadeh منم یه تعداد از این فیکس می ها رو پاک کردم ، بقیه اش رو خودتون بی زحمت حذف کنید.
12017-03-18 16:34:16 UTCIbnTēšfīn Assalamu Alaykum,
An imamzadeh is an Islamic place of worship so it should have both denomination=shia and religion=muslim tags.
Also, fixme tag is used to tell other mappers that something is not correct. You should not put your username in this tag.
22017-03-19 21:52:46 UTCReza_koulivand Assalam, when you tag a Muslim is added turns to the mosque, only Shia's have added to became a place of worship
32017-03-20 19:36:41 UTCIbnTēšfīn Thank you for answering my comment.

Religion is mandatory for a place tagged with amenity=place_of_worship. It is also mandatory when you have a denomination=shia tag.

You should not tag these places incorrectly because iD editor tells you they are mosques. In iD, Christian chapels and mon...
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