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12017-12-07 09:02:19 UTCwambacher Hi Ivan, thanks for enhancing your country. good work :)

one comment on creating multipolygons: there is a trend in osm to avoid simple multipolygons whenever that is possible.
MP should only be created when they contain outer or inner. The rest should be mapped as simple closed ways. yes, they...
22017-12-07 09:03:13 UTCwambacher oops, using french josm! may be, you dont't live there. Sorry, did not see that.
32017-12-07 10:12:29 UTCDeanChap Thanks, Walter.
I was mapping using closed ways, but i discovered it so easier and faster to map using multipolygons. I hope that some of the more experienced users will be able to change them to the sample closed ways...
42017-12-07 10:42:46 UTCwambacher may be in Josm F for follow may help. it will jump from node to node. this makes it easier to draw ways using existing nodes of the "neighbours"
and the other is to use ALTG GR to select overlapping ways.

may be that helps.
52017-12-07 10:55:50 UTCwambacher btw: i was talking about landuse areas - not boundaries. Boundaries still have to be mapped as MP
12017-11-30 12:24:59 UTCSomeoneElse Can yo provide a little more detail about this change other than just "boundary corrections"? As I'm sure you're aware, a number of the boundaries here are disputed, and it'd be helpful to other mappers to explain what was wrong and what the change was in more detail.
Best Regards,
22017-12-01 07:16:17 UTCwambacher Hi Ivan,

beside the fact, that this was a political motivated edit (Rep Srpska is NOT an internationally recognised country), you made some technical errors.

changes have been reverted.
32017-12-03 21:40:12 UTCmichalfabik Hi Ivan,
you renamed the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina relation to "Herceg Bosna", why? I renamed it back to "Federacija Bosne i Hercegovine" as there is no recognised entity under the name of "Herceg Bosna". I'm quite certain that you know this very well.
42017-12-04 04:11:20 UTCwambacher @michal i tried to revert his changes, may be i missed that?
52017-12-04 07:00:20 UTCmichalfabik Hi, yeah, it looks like it. I downloaded all three admin_level=4 relations that make up Bosnia and everything seemed fine, there was just this one glaring "error". It should be ok now.
12017-06-12 19:54:29 UTCRub21 hey IvanGI, the last editions on this relations, was made by you, could you check it ? and why it is broken now?
12016-03-04 06:30:39 UTCnikhilprabhakar Hey I see you have deleted the natural=wood data for this area with this changeset which is good. But going forward can you please add a changeset comment on why you did and the source you used? This will help us understand your changesets much better. Thanks in advance.
12015-11-09 16:34:07 UTCSimonvdP this changeset broke the eurasian coastline,
I'll try to fix this by replacing coastline with place=island
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