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12018-02-16 23:42:17 UTCMadeline Steele I am reverting this changeset because the carriageway actually is divided just north of McDonald. Worse, the oneway tags and number of lane tags were not updated when the separated carriageways were merged. This makes the HWY one way for a short stretch, messing up navigation on a major road.
12017-10-22 16:37:03 UTCMadeline Steele Hello Oregon on Demand! It looks like you may have been importing external data to OSM. Have you had a chance to review the import guideslines, here: It's important to notify local OSM contributors before undertaking something like this - one co...
22017-10-22 17:27:32 UTCOregon On Demand Greetings! All data was manually traced using authorized sources, mainly the USGS topographic maps. Thanks!
32017-10-22 21:05:57 UTCMadeline Steele Ah, awesome! Thank *you*I
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