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12017-03-14 23:23:47 UTCSpanholz Please remap this area if this is a park.

You marked a whole residential area as a park.
22017-03-14 23:26:33 UTCCJ Pegues Whoops! Meant to tag it as residental, and retag the park as a park. My bad!
32017-03-14 23:38:40 UTCSpanholz No problem. Currently a lot of users add fake parks to get an advantage at Pokemon Go. :(
42017-03-14 23:46:48 UTCCJ Pegues Ugh. The worst. I play PoGo as well, and using OSM tags to help find nests was one of the big reasons I started actively using it. Now I'm just adding parks that I know aren't on here, as well as personal favorite trails. (Bell Lake, that nice trail all the way round riverwinds)
52017-03-15 10:04:51 UTCSpanholz Some tips: North of this park are some footways, which you can delete as they are not connected to the streets and footwalks are often better mapped as part of the street.
12017-03-14 23:27:46 UTCbhousel Thanks for your contribution and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
22017-03-15 03:28:00 UTCCJ Pegues Haha, no problem! Studying OSM tags and how they relate to PokemonGo nests got me interested in actually helping.
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