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12017-10-25 05:28:17 UTCJason Harrison Thanks for adding this! I split the building into 4 segments to reflect reality, and I added the parking lot.
22017-11-12 00:41:37 UTCfmcfad01 Nice! There are probably some parking lots around the building and the Marriott that could be added! Also, there is a Uhaul across the street on 38.
12017-10-25 05:15:28 UTCJason Harrison I improved your edits and added the Wawa parking lot and gas station. Thanks!
12017-03-16 06:36:16 UTCnammala Hi fmcfad01,

Welcome and thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap. Make sure you add valuable data not fantasy data. The park in that area doesn't make sense.

22017-03-16 06:46:50 UTCnammala Sorry, I bought back the changeset while looking into Mapbox Satellite Imagery, Make sure you add the imagery source properly
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