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12017-03-17 02:48:40 UTCCloCkWeRX What's the source of this change, it doesn't match Bing, Mapbox or even some non-free aerial imagery very well
22017-03-17 02:51:52 UTCnibennett The source is the developer of the estates maps, (I'm someone who has bought a block in the estate)
I mapped out the whole estate on the developers maps since none of the other imagery is up to date yet
32017-03-17 03:47:56 UTCCloCkWeRX Ah hah. Probably shouldn't go from the potentially copyrighted developer maps; but since you've got a block there you've probably surveyed it directly :)

Nice work on the detail around freeling and other areas, welcome to OSM!
42017-03-17 04:47:08 UTCnibennett Fair enough. Yeah I've definitely seen it all just used their map of it that they gave us to help do it when I was at the computer.
12017-03-17 03:09:46 UTCCloCkWeRX This one is a bit odd, its not really a reservoir like a farm dam so much as an emergency? drainage area... and if the water was that close to the road/houses, would be a bit of a problem. May better as for the main 'drain' part of it (centre/...
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