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12017-10-15 22:21:04 UTCNakaner Hi fidcastro,

this changeset looks strange. Why did you edit a park in the middle of the sea? Which tool/website suggested you to edit this node?

Best regards

22017-10-16 07:42:41 UTCfidcastro thanks..i have revised it however i did not find the location someone else did..i only added the wiki page.
12017-08-02 22:17:53 UTCBeKri Hey Du Spaßßßvogel !!!
Du hast jetzt aber schon eine ziemlich geile Erklärung,
warum Du ins MÜNCHNER Olympiastadion
die Webseite von BERLIN einträgst ???
Irgendwie versinkt OSM langsam wirklich in lauter Scheißeinträgen ...
Nix für ungut aber la...
22017-08-03 09:04:22 UTCNakaner Hi fidcastro,

what is the source of the wikipedia=* and wikidata=* tags you add? The Olympiastadion in Munich is only one example of AT LEAST HALF A DOZEN errors you added. The "Stadtbiliothek" in Heilbronn is in Heilbronn, not in Stuttgart. The "Kaufhaus des Westens" is in Be...
32017-08-07 17:04:15 UTCfidcastro .Nakaner thank you for your comment..i am undergoing training doing this on a voluntary basis and therefore may be prone to few mistakes..i am working on perfecting my editing so that such mistakes as the ones you have mentioned may be avoided in future..i have couple if edits which i am sure are pe...
42017-08-10 23:42:44 UTCBeKri Hi fidcastro,
is it then please possible, that you re-controll
your work and get ot the mistakes please ?
For example the website in this changeset which is definatly wrong.
(Berlin is NOT München).
Please review your work, thank you !
12017-03-29 08:37:09 UTCCarnildo Wrong "Grandfather Mountain". The links you added were for one in North Carolina, not the one in Idaho.
22017-04-18 09:41:32 UTCfidcastro Hi Carnildo, thank you for reverting the data. The attributes were added in error. I have reached out to OSM editors working in North Carolina. The other Grandfather Mountain is now searchable in nominatim and we are actively working to improve that data. Many thanks, Castro."
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