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12017-02-22 15:25:55 UTCridixcr Hi YSJM!, in this changeset you deleted several school buildings without specifying details of said action, your comment was add building. You can reverse this changeset please.
12017-02-17 13:19:26 UTCwoodpeck Hello, in this changeset you deleted y couple of buildings and your comment says that you deleted them because they are in a security area. However, OSM does not generally respect specific national security interests with regards to mapping. If a building is visible on aerial imagery, then it may be...
12017-02-17 12:19:44 UTCandygol Hey, YSJM

I spotted that you added Korean name into `name` tag for the cities. I removed all those edits. For multi language tagging need to use `name:lang_code` tag. Such tags in Korean were existing before. There isn't need to add it again.
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