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12017-09-30 07:02:26 UTCemvee Bedankt voor het toevoegen van de verkeerslichten.

Ter info:

Ik probeer de openstreetmap data geschikt te maken zodat routeplanners ook stoplichten mee kunnen nemen en zo een route kunnen plannen met minder stoplichten.

Daarvoor zijn behalve stoplichten ook de richting nodig, als de weg gee...
22017-09-30 19:50:19 UTCA67-A67 Bedankt voor de verbetering! Ik wist niet van de direction-tag.

Ik vraag me nu wel nog iets af over deze locatie:
Ik heb hier gisteren ook stoplichten toegevoegd. Omdat ze zo goed als op de kruising staan, heb ik die aan de kruisingsnode to...
32017-10-01 07:23:17 UTCemvee Ik heb even gekeken bij de Bolkbrug maar dit zijn stoplichten die geplaatst zijn volgens de "oude stijl", dat is, op het knooppunt zelf.

De "nieuwe stijl" is om verkeerslichten te plaatsen op de stopstreep, dat is nauwkeuriger, nu komen bijv. overstekende fietsers twee stoplic...
42017-10-01 21:41:03 UTCA67-A67 Bedankt voor de informatie. Ik heb de stoplichten bij de Bolkbrug en in de Phoenixstraat omgezet naar de nieuwe stijl.
12017-09-14 13:21:27 UTCGerdP Hi!
It seems that you changed some outer ways which were tagged area:highway=*
in a way that the modified MP relation now has highway=*
I think you should have kept the old tag key.
22017-09-15 20:28:37 UTCemvee Hi GerdP,

> some outer ways which were tagged area:highway=* are now highway=* is the MP relation

Strange, I did not do things completely by hand but used copying, so I am surprised.

Can you give an example? With that I can have a better look and likely check if I made that error more of...
32017-09-15 20:55:32 UTCemvee I did a OverPass query for relations with highway=pedestrian and no area=yes and added area=yes to all these, so I think the problem is fixed.

Thanks for letting me know!
42017-09-16 05:50:00 UTCGerdP Sorry, seems I forgot to add a link to the object that lead me to this CS :-(
Not sure if that is better. On a single, closed way the tag area:highway is used to map the area covered by the road itself, while highway=pedestrian + area=yes says that the area within the way is usable for pedestrians...
52017-09-16 06:04:30 UTCGerdP Think it was this one:
62017-09-16 06:59:15 UTCemvee Aha, thanks, the original way object ( had area:highway=service and now the relation has highway=service.

To find relations with "highway=*" and no area tag, use in JOSM "Download from Overpass API" and past into it:

72017-09-16 07:06:52 UTCGerdP Yes, area:highway is used by special renderers.
Looking again at it I think in case of
you really improved the mapping.
Sorry for the noise. I found other cases that IMHO did not improve the data, see
82017-09-16 07:49:52 UTCemvee No problem for the "noise" ;-)

For the particular case of I see how area:highway=area could make sense but before going that way, it would make sense to adds ways indicating how to access this service area and how to drive over it.

92017-09-16 08:00:42 UTCGerdP Yes, and another potential problem here is that one may confuse area:highway=service with highway=services + area=yes as in
12017-08-31 21:38:02 UTCalphensebezorger De routerelatie heeft o.a. de tags
lcn is de afkorting van "local cycling network", dus dat zal wel een vergissinkje zijn. Is het een fiets- of een wandelroute? Of allebei?
22017-08-31 22:11:45 UTCemvee Goed gespot, dat is inderdaad een vergissing, het is (alleen) een wandelroute.


12017-08-27 07:15:51 UTCemvee Bedankt voor het oplossen van opmerking #1117493 bij de A4 in Leiderdorp.
22017-08-27 09:52:59 UTCDutchMapper Geen probleem :)
12017-07-07 21:21:13 UTCPolarbear Hallo, was ist das denn für ein seltsames MP-Gebilde, dem du den Namen "Neue Wiesen" gegeben hast?
Der Name basiert offenbar auf einem Objekt in v.3 von 2008, als es noch 4,7 qkm Hoch...
22017-07-08 07:07:16 UTCemvee Hi Polarbear,

Reading German is not really a problem for me but writing takes much more time, so excuse me for answering in English.

The Berliner Zeitung article indeed gives the name "Stadtrandpark Neue Wiesen" to the 12 Ha = 0.12 qkm area but it seems to me more than the park is ca...
32017-07-08 10:28:10 UTCPolarbear Thanks for the clarification. The Verden link you provide refers to a town in Lower Saxony, about 350 km away from Berlin! This is completely unrelated.
As the newspaper about the park opening in Berlin-Karow cites the organisers to have the name adopte...
42017-07-08 11:32:46 UTCemvee Hi Polarbear,

Yes, the link to the Baugebiet Neue Wiesen was an error, but doing some more searching I think the Neue Wiesen in Berlin is not only the 12 ha park, see for instance

"LSG 42 Neue Wiesen, \...
52017-07-08 19:15:56 UTCPolarbear LSG 42 Neue Wiesen is again a mismatch, it is in Berlin's district of Köpenick, mapped here
The object in discussion is half in the district of Pankow, half in the state of Brandenburg, county Barnim.
62017-07-08 21:27:55 UTCemvee After I wrote my last reply I did read this Dutch article, eight Berlinerstraße and minimal two "Neue Wiesen's. Based on that I will stop searching for information on "Neue Wiesen" in Berlin. ;-)\...
72017-07-15 17:13:44 UTCPolarbear Fixed in CS 50309693, no response from the original mapper.
82017-07-16 07:46:21 UTCemvee Thanks for checking and fixing!
12017-06-15 15:47:40 UTCarvdk Hello emvee. You might have fixed an area problem, but the building doesn't show anymore on the map. Can you add a tag building=yes ore something such that it shows again?
22017-06-15 19:59:50 UTCemvee Hi arvdk,

Fixed the problem by changing building:part=yes to building=yes. I must have overseen the ":part"...

Thanks for letting me know.
12017-04-27 11:25:51 UTCemvee Hi ratrun,

Please be careful fixing osmi problem without knowing the exact local situation. The Tibullushof is not connected to the footpad, actually there is a fence in between.

Just corrected it this changeset


12017-04-24 16:15:23 UTCemvee Hi agab29,

Can you have a look at

This way has area set to yes but no other tags,

What is it?


12017-04-19 16:33:49 UTCemvee Hi,

Thanks for improving restaurant Alexander.

One note: When creating relations, the tags should not be on the outer way, but on the relation itself, see and


22017-04-22 10:41:14 UTCOF0 I thougt the restaurant tags are on the single node inside the building?
32017-04-22 11:06:46 UTCemvee It is not forbidden or dis-encouraged to place tags like amenity=restaurant as isolated point inside the outer way but I thin it is better to tag the building, that is in my opinion more precise.

See for statistics and keep in mind that in...
42017-04-23 15:00:26 UTCOF0 Restaurant Alexander is on the ground floor. I have no idea what is in the rooms upstairs. I think in this case a single node is the best solution. The site i-park Tauberfranken is a former barracks.
52017-04-23 15:10:41 UTCemvee You are the "on-the-ground expert" so if you think it is better to use a single node, please go ahead, and if it is a multi-tenant I definitely agree.
12017-04-19 18:12:43 UTCemvee Hi Polari,

One more question related to multipolygons.

In this changeset you added but the relation and the inner and outer way do not have tags to indicate what it is. It is also not clear from the Bing imagery, so can you the tags to indicate wh...
22017-04-19 19:12:36 UTCpolari Hello.
It was just mistake i made. I have planned fixing it later. It should be a lake with island.
12017-04-19 16:31:54 UTCemvee Hi Torsten,

Thanks for adding details near Waltershausne.

One note: When creating relations, the tags should not be on the outer way, but on the relation itself, see and

22017-04-19 17:05:06 UTC_torsten_ Hi Martin,
Thank you for the hint. Normally I set the attributes to the outer way. Here I have clearly forgotten.
12017-04-19 16:27:10 UTCemvee Hi Night_Raven,

Hi Szydzio,

Thanks for adding addition details to the Klasztor Franciszkanów.

One note: When creating relations, the tags should not be on the outer way, but on the relation itself, see and http:...
12017-04-19 16:25:19 UTCemvee Hi Szydzio,

Thanks for adding addition details to the Szachty park.

One note: When creating relations, the tags should not be on the outer way, but on the relation itself, see and
12017-04-19 16:21:15 UTCemvee Hi Kiekin,

Thanks for adding addition details to Filmpark Babelsberg.

One note: When creating relations, the tags should not be on the outer way, but on the relation itself, see and
12017-04-19 16:16:58 UTCemvee Hi,

Thanks for adding the "Teich am Blumenauer Kirchweg + Brücke".

One note: When creating relations, the tags should not be on the outer way, but on the relation itself, see and
22017-04-19 17:30:02 UTCHWaii Hi Martin,
thanks for your comment. I am just starting and appreciate any help to get the attributes right. I will now go out and collect some GPS tracks, but later I'll try to map the lake as it is supposed to be.
12017-04-17 12:54:21 UTCemvee Hi polari,

What is the source for the Kurjenrahkan kansallispuisto national park?

It is a bit strange it is a relation with an outer (makes sense) and inners. Is the area of these inners no national park??


22017-04-17 14:55:31 UTCpolari Hello.
Source is from Maanmittauslaitos/National Land Survey of Finland. I used this address in editor:$z/$x/$y.jpg and then drew over it.

That's right. Inner areas are not national park.
32017-04-17 15:11:39 UTCemvee Thanks polari,

Checked and yes, these inner parts are not part of the national park, strange but true.

I have fixed the relation in the light of, see
12017-04-15 10:09:20 UTCemvee Hi Thoschi,

Thanks for your Ergänzungen Muttental but I noticed it likely broke quite some bicycle and Wanderweg relations.

I fixed some relations but some are still problematic, for example the Energiewirtschaftlicher Wanderweg, and the Radv...
12017-04-04 06:32:37 UTCstreckenkundler Hei,

bitte beachten, nicht alles, was mit einem Fehler markiert wird, ist auch ein Fehler. In der Relation waren drei Inner drin, die aber in der NSG-Grenze nichts zu suchen haben. Ich habe den gültigen Stand wiederhergestellt. Übrigens Sch...
22017-04-06 18:38:14 UTCemvee Hi Sven,

Thanks for the feedback, great somebody is watching.

I learned something new, if "boundary=protected_area", the relation type should be boundary instead of multipolygon.

Yes, I already concluded touching rings are not always errors although I think it is often possible to...
12017-03-30 20:15:22 UTCemvee Hi Sebasic,

Goed bezig; ik was ook bezig maar toen ik wilde uploaden kwamen er allerlei conflicten op dus ben ik maar richting Duitsland verhuist ;-)


22017-03-30 20:56:06 UTCsebastic Yeah, I'm working my way up the old-style.osm.pbf issues per country. Belgium had the smallest file size now. I think I can thank you for making that happen. :-)
12017-01-14 10:32:10 UTCemvee Hi Jimiiee

In this changeset you added streetlamps, great but with a "source=Google Maps".

Google Maps can not be used as source for openstreetmap data, see

Can you either remove...
22017-01-14 11:55:23 UTCdvdhoven In an urban region it is much better not to add street lamps, but to add the tag lit=yes to the road. Otherwise you get much individual nodes.
Street lamp can be use in non urban regions where you have lamps only at way crossings and dangerous points.
I see on the map that there are much individua...
32017-01-14 16:31:25 UTCJimiiee Hi all!
Thanks you for the comments. Someone else told me earlier and I thought I removed all the source=Google maps. Maybe I missed a few lamps. If I change the source, does it show in this change set or another? Because if it doesnt show here,it is in a different changeset where it shows I remove...
42017-01-14 18:40:37 UTCemvee Hi Jimiiee
I see you already deleted the streetlamps with "source=Google Maps", good!

For trees that are really in a line natural=tree_row is useful but I am also not against mapping individual trees, the "Gemeente Rotterdam" has and App that has all trees in the city with th...
12017-01-07 20:12:52 UTCemvee Hoi,

Bedankt voor het terug-corrigeren, osmore geeft een foutmelding op rwn_ref en ik was even niet scherp genoeg om te zien dat dit een bogus foutmelding was.



22017-01-07 21:09:26 UTCdvdhoven Hallo Martin,

Het rare is wel dat niet alle wandelknooppunten door Osmose worden gemeld.
Maar vreemd biijft het wel dat Osmose dat melldt.

Bedankt voor je reactie

Vriendelijke groeten,
Dick van den Hoven
12015-10-03 16:49:53 UTCemvee Als onderdeel van deze changeset zijn de Daan Schammerstraat en Pietje Bellstraat toegevoegd maar zover ik weet bestaan die helemaal niet.
12015-05-03 15:17:24 UTCemvee Hi MeghaShrestha,

I saw that with this changeset several hospitals were added for example in Dharapani,

I have been there last year and I am quite sure there is no hospital there. Maybe there is an doctor there (although I ...
22015-05-03 16:53:09 UTCJarl Arntzen Hi, Megha. Like Martin, I'm also curious about the source for the hospital locations. I've only inspected 5 of them now but the are all in very obviously wrong locations, at least according to satellite imagery: In the middle of forests, hillsides or terreaced fields, kms away from any roads or othe...
32015-05-03 22:59:10 UTCedvac Hi. DWG, HOT and the user that made this import have been notified about this. Waiting for reply from DWG before reverting this changeset. I am sure it was done with the best of the intentions.
42015-05-04 00:37:39 UTCMeghaShrestha Hello all, this changeset was imported so there may be some misalignment issues but this changeset had been reverted already.
52015-05-04 10:08:04 UTCJarl Arntzen Thanks for the swift response, Megha. Best of luck on the next import. ☺
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