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12017-11-24 09:07:56 UTCВладимир К trees are natural=tree, not natural =wood on nodes. I fixed that
22017-12-26 18:01:00 UTCMark Esman thank you
12017-07-10 09:10:05 UTCВладимир К Why is an ice_rink? I see pitch on Bing imagery
22017-07-10 11:43:48 UTCMark Esman Ok. Maybe you're right. Thank you
32017-07-10 12:05:36 UTCВладимир К fixed it. offtop: you can add parking=surface on amenity=parking to mark type of parking
42017-07-10 12:21:17 UTCMark Esman Yes, I fixed

Good. I'll indicate the type of parking
12017-04-22 18:42:15 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Mark Esman,
please follow the OSM wiki guidelines,
"wikipedia"="lang:Name" (not http..).
Thanks, Alex
22017-04-25 15:03:21 UTCMark Esman Hi Alex! Ok, I understand you. Thanks
12017-04-12 19:24:30 UTCscai Hallo Mark. Anstatt Fußwege separat einzuzeichnen ist es besser den Tag sidewalk an der Straße anzubringen ( Beispielsweise sidewalk=both, wenn es auf beiden Straßenseiten einen Fußweg gibt. Das erleichtert das Routing, da anso...
22017-04-16 14:10:02 UTCMark Esman Hallo scai! Vielen Dank für die Hilfe!
12017-04-10 07:09:29 UTCВладимир К Wow, large polygons. You should use multipolygon relations instead, because they need less lines, lines will not cover above each other. And it is the only true way to make "holes" in polygons. Check out this page
22017-04-10 09:48:28 UTCMark Esman Thanks for the info! I'll learn
12017-04-09 14:10:37 UTCacsd Верните название Болгары
22017-04-10 09:37:09 UTCMark Esman Please use English. This will simplify many questions. The site was originally English-speaking. In addition, this language is international.

=Болгары, no problem
12017-04-07 06:18:23 UTCВладимир К I see, you removed name:ru. Please keep name:ru, even name=name:ru :)
22017-04-09 11:55:22 UTCMark Esman Sorry! I didn't notice this)
12017-04-08 13:02:10 UTCacsd Не надо удалять линию реки (waterway=river), там где нарисован берег реки (natural=water)
12017-04-06 06:58:44 UTCВладимир К Wrong way for naming ЗЯБ. Do not enter different names in one tag. name=ЗЯБ, full_name=Завод ячеистых бетонов.
Also English names are not always needed
12017-03-09 12:20:28 UTCВладимир К Nice job!
22017-04-04 10:28:15 UTCMark Esman Thank you. No problem)
12017-03-09 12:21:04 UTCВладимир К nice!
22017-04-04 10:25:03 UTCMark Esman Thanks!
12017-03-06 11:18:38 UTCВладимир К in this case

names are excess. Such names do not give any useful information. name tags are for proper names.
22017-03-06 13:12:49 UTCMark Esman Ok
12017-02-03 13:10:43 UTCВладимир К better not to use highway=roads. They are useless for navigation. Often you can guess not certain type - highway=track for roads on farmland or highway=service for small roads between streets in villages
22017-02-04 10:02:29 UTCMark Esman You mean that it is better to use the service tag of the road?
32017-02-04 10:27:33 UTCMark Esman Oh yeah) You're right. I didn't pay attention to tags
42017-02-04 10:29:33 UTCВладимир К I mean most of highway=road you tagged are highway=track actually. And some are highway=service, which are short and in villages. You can see examples in other villages around. I'll try to find examples for you later
52017-02-05 10:45:13 UTCMark Esman Ok
12017-02-03 13:16:04 UTCВладимир К try not to connect farmlands and other object to the roads
22017-02-04 10:04:52 UTCMark Esman Ok, sorry
12017-02-03 13:14:37 UTCВладимир К please, use natural=wood for any trees. Landuse=forest has uncertain meaning
22017-02-04 10:03:58 UTCMark Esman Ok, I understand you
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