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12017-07-26 15:13:45 UTCthenodifier are you sure about the naming on this street?
what is your source?

12017-04-16 22:31:53 UTCcserpell May I ask why are these priority labels being changed??
22017-04-18 15:00:27 UTCMapping Stuff Based on the surrounding roads this doesn’t seem to be worthy of a secondary classification. It is serving less businesses/homes then the surrounding roads. The Chile wiki page states that secondary roads come off of primary roads and connect with other parts of the city, this road seems to fi...
32017-04-19 12:45:34 UTCcserpell I understand. In general, I had tagged this city's streets as secondary when it had several bus lines passing through it, and also when the municipality marked it as primary street (I think both things are related). For example, Condell Sur, that you marked as secondary, is a street mainly used by c...
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