Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12018-10-21 05:25:05 UTCGerdP Hi! Please try to use the lifecycle prefixes instead of highway=disused on ways like
22018-10-21 19:11:42 UTCSeandebasti Hi GerdP, I read the article, but what should I improve? Its already disused ;) How wd you change it?
32018-10-21 19:48:27 UTCGerdP If a highway=residential is closed, the tag would be disused:highway=residential,
not highway=disused.
12018-10-20 09:06:46 UTCGerdP Moin nochmal! Du hast ja ein paar highway=stop_line gelöscht, aber nicht alle.
Ich habe mir diesen cs mal genauer angeschaut. Irgendwie sind die Angaben zu Ampeln an der falschen Stelle.
Ampeln sollten als Knoten von highway=* Wegen erfasst werden, nicht als allein stehende Knoten. Man mapt ...
22018-10-21 09:43:09 UTCicke68746 Hallo, danke für die Info. Sollte jetzt passen.
32018-10-21 09:59:21 UTCGerdP Diese Kreuzung sieht besser aus, aber stop_line gibt es noch immer ;-)
Du kannst die z.B. mit overpass finden:
12018-10-21 07:42:55 UTCGerdP Oops, forgot to update source :
Bing; Esri World Imagery
12018-10-21 07:15:35 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
You added two buildings here with a lot of details. That's fine. The problem is that you didn't add those tags to the already existing way, instead you created two copies.
To add tags to an existing way in JOSM, select the way and press Alt+A to add tags.
22018-10-21 07:25:35 UTCGerdP Some more hints:
for a mini market you may use shop=kiosk,
12018-10-21 07:02:51 UTCGerdP Hi again!
This changeset duplicated a lot of building nodes. Please note that you are changing data in OSM, not in a training database.
12018-10-21 06:56:33 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed that you changed a lot of ways from highway=residential to the less precise highway=yes here. Was that intended?
12018-10-21 06:21:26 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed a few duplicated nodes on roads created by you, for example this one:
Please watch out to avoid this.
When you change position and type of a road you should...
22018-10-21 06:39:49 UTCGerdP I've now seen that you also use JOSM :-)
Please use the validator to check for duplicated nodes in this area.
12018-10-21 06:36:28 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I see that you started to fix sidewalks created a 8 month ago. I think many of these ways are probably not needed at all.
Do you know the sidewalk tag? See
12018-10-21 05:53:16 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've just fixed a few typos like highway=proppsed or highway=porp
Please watch out for this and try to add proposed=* , e.g. proposed=residential
See also
22018-10-21 08:26:36 UTCmaraf24 Yes, I am aware that I'm making this typos. Unfortunately, JOSM doesn't have "proposed" as suggested value, that is how this happened.
Thanks for fixes.
12018-10-21 04:51:35 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of the tag highway=crossing used on this way:
This tag is meant to be used on nodes of highways, not on ways. In this case the node to tag is
I also noticed that you ...
22018-10-21 05:47:13 UTCGerdP I see that you added a lot of ways with a combination of area:highway and highway all over Providence.
This is a really bad idea. The tag highway=* is about routing, the tag area:highway=* is about rendering of areas. You should probably never use both tags on the same object.
12018-10-20 15:36:28 UTCGerdP Moin!
Mir sind hier ein paar "Sandwege" mit bicycle=designated aufgefallen, z.B.
Ist das wirklich loser Sand, oder eher surface=fine_gravel? Auf Sandwegen ist doch Radfahren eher schwierig...
12018-10-20 08:44:02 UTCGerdP Hi! I've noticed a few ways with highway=island + area=yes created by you. This tag is not often used on . If I got that right the ways describe a kerb, so maybe highway=footway + area=yes + kerb=raised would be better?
12018-10-20 08:24:20 UTCGerdP Hi again! I fixed another typo
highway=residenta on
12018-10-20 08:22:04 UTCGerdP Hi! Please watch out for typo highway=residental (missing 2nd i)
Fixed it here:
12018-10-19 07:24:54 UTCGerdP Hi again!
You moved the nodes of the primary road, e.g. here:
Was that intended? The GPS traces stored in OSM seem to show that the ways are now too far from each other.
The ways should be placed in the middle of the road, in case of https://www.ope...
22018-10-19 09:53:49 UTCAshiqur Choudhury I fixed the road positions, but it seems the building positions in the map is wrong, as the map buildings are drawn on the actual road. So, the map road is not crossing the buildings, rather the map buildings are crossing the road.

Thanks for pointing it out and for helping with the correct notat...
32018-10-19 10:04:50 UTCGerdP Reg. the positions: Aerial images may be shifted, make sure to adjust the position.
12018-10-19 09:20:38 UTCGerdP Hi!
Are you sure that there is no bridge at this point?
E.g. ESRI sat image seems to show a bridge with a truck on it.
22018-10-19 09:21:32 UTCGerdP Forgot to say that the correct tag would be railway=level_crossing in case there is no bridge...
12018-10-19 07:52:48 UTCGerdP Hi! Please review this place:
Sat images show a rail on a bridge, not a level_crossing
22018-10-19 08:04:35 UTCGerdP I removed this node, see my changes:
12018-10-18 18:23:45 UTCLokalfuerst Hallo GerdP,

sorry für die späte Antwort, du weisst, wie es ist..

Vielen Dank für deinen Hinweis und die Korrektur meines Eintrages 'highway = p'.

Wie vermutet sollte es heissen 'highway = path'. Ich kann mich an den Eintrag erinnern. Es geht um einen 'Trampelpfad' der durc...
22018-10-19 07:41:16 UTCGerdP Hallo Lokalfürst,

der Weg war vorher auch highway=path,
nie footway. Nach Deinen Hinweisen sollte wohl noch ein surface=ground dran. Ist der Weg
wirklich ein Weg mit Sand als Oberfläche?
Und trotzdem bicycle=designated ?
Oder ist das eher ...
12018-10-18 07:51:47 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway=crossing. Was this tag suggested by Go Map ?
If I got that right the sat images show a bridge and steps or ramps connecting this bridge with the primary roads. The bridge itself is not connected to the sidewalks ...
22018-10-19 06:32:52 UTCAshiqur Choudhury Thank you for your comment. Yes there is indeed an overbridge there, with steps connecting the bridge to the sidewalks of the primary road.

I would like to add 'sidewalk' to these primary roads, and then connect the bridge with the road, so that it is properly represented. Could you please help ...
32018-10-19 06:43:46 UTCGerdP First see
There are two ways to map a sidewalk:
1) add the tag sidewalk to the existing road. Maybe split the road if only a part of it has a sidewalk.
2) add a new way with highway=footway, footway=sidewalk and make sure that it is connected to t...
42018-10-19 06:45:37 UTCAshiqur Choudhury Haven't used JOSM, but I've added the sidewalk tag on the road using iD editor. If u have time in hand, could you please see my edit one more time? That would be really helpful.
52018-10-19 06:50:27 UTCGerdP I don't see a change. Did you save already?
62018-10-19 07:02:40 UTCAshiqur Choudhury I did, in fact. I believe it might take a few minutes to go live.
72018-10-19 07:03:13 UTCAshiqur Choudhury Changeset #63668716
82018-10-19 07:11:29 UTCGerdP The sidewalk tags look OK, but I can't say if the whole stretch of the road has a sidewalk.
The bridge still was not OK. Please check my changes:
92018-10-19 09:08:55 UTCAshiqur Choudhury Understood. will be aware of it in future. Thanks a lot. I shall change the other overbridges accordingly.
12018-10-19 06:24:38 UTCGerdP Hi! I've just corrected a typo at the roundabout area here:
and noticed the way
You seem to be a local, do you know which ways are tunnels / bridges? Maybe you can add that information?
22018-10-19 06:38:39 UTCOlga | Yanosik Information added
32018-10-19 06:45:17 UTCGerdP Thanks, looks more plausibe now :-)
12018-10-02 10:16:55 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check: What is meant with highway=springway on ?
The way leads to a spring, but there is also another highway.
Maybe you forgot to remove it like e.g. ?
22018-10-19 06:33:53 UTCGerdP See my cs:
12018-10-18 08:06:32 UTCGerdP Hi! I've noticed that you added some highway=disused like this one recently.
The tag is not often used for this, better use e..g. disused:highway=service because this also tells us what the closed road was used for. See also
I wonder if you rea...
22018-10-18 15:06:06 UTCVoirie Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole Hi,
I work for the local authority of Montpellier. OSM is part of our GIS, with a method you can find with key words 'OSM Montpellier'.
We prefer a life cycle that is homogeneous :
highway=proposed for projects, that does not appear on OSM map
highway=construction that appears on map.
32018-10-18 15:26:27 UTCGerdP I don't sugest to use constuction:highway, the tag highway=construction is well established.
In case of roads which do no longer exist the tag highway=disused is simply wrong, in the past highway=razed was used for that, now it should be razed:highway=*
If you use OSM as part of your GIS you still...
12018-10-17 07:53:05 UTCGerdP Hi! I've noticed that you removed a river here:
What was the reason?
You also removed some route relations. Was that intended?
22018-10-17 08:16:05 UTCGerdP I suppose that was not intentional. Can I help restore the data?
32018-10-18 09:03:26 UTCERASTO ELIUD yes, it was not intentional.. i mistakenly deleted it, I was begginer during that time. sorry!
42018-10-18 10:15:14 UTCGerdP OK, I am trying to fix this. The river is already restored...
52018-10-18 12:24:02 UTCERASTO ELIUD thank you very much...
62018-10-18 14:20:39 UTCGerdP OK, I've restored the route relations here:
12018-09-26 09:13:55 UTCGerdP Moin!
Du hast hier aus highway=path ein highway=p gemacht mit dem Kommentar footway:
Was war gemeint?
22018-10-18 08:17:31 UTCGerdP Hab es wieder auf path zurückgeändert.
Wäre nett, wenn Du mal auf CS Kommentare oder posts reagieren würdest.
12018-10-18 08:11:35 UTCGerdP Moin! Schau bitte noch mal auf den Weg
Ist mir wegen highway=p aufgefallen,sollte wohl eigentlich ein geschlossener Weg mit highway=pedestrian sein?
22018-10-20 19:47:05 UTCMatthias Frank Hallo Gerd,
Highway=p war natürlich ein Fehler von mir. Habe es wieder auf pedestrian korrigiert. Danke für den Hinweis, Grüße von Matthias
12018-09-29 08:28:24 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check way
You connected a highway=steps with
a trunk road (AH2) that has foot=no.
I assume that there is a separate footway next to the trunk road?
22018-10-17 17:42:17 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Gerd,
According to this individual was a "directed mapper" for GRAB / Global Logic but left in July. I suspect they won't see your message.
Best Regards,
32018-10-17 17:57:58 UTCGerdP Hi Andy,
well, so this will be one of many unanswered cs comments unless sabiyana is still active for OSM...
12018-10-17 07:16:36 UTCGerdP Hi! I've changed the unusual highway=abandoned:footway to the common
After doing that I wondered if abandoned: is the right prefix for a way that is not visible as
the wiki for abandoned: starts with "still vis...
22018-10-17 16:09:23 UTCjnstahl Difficult. No problem with the prefix, I thought that both versions are acceptable.
The problem with this section of the trail is that it is completely overgrown after a fire a decade ago and it basically amounts to bushwhacking. No discernible trail here. One option would be to delete this section...
32018-10-17 16:26:52 UTCGerdP I agree that it should be kept in this case. Maybe add a note that points to this discussion?
42018-10-17 16:47:39 UTCjnstahl It also seems that this was changed from "path" to "line"?
52018-10-17 17:52:46 UTCGerdP what do you mean? I see that you added the note but it was and still is a abandoned:highway=path
62018-10-17 17:53:30 UTCGerdP oops, meant footway, not path
12018-10-15 08:38:51 UTCGerdP Hi! I've noticed a lot of unconnected roads created by you. For some of them I cannot find any sat image showing it and also IBGE shows nothing. Example:
is not connected to
Please make sure to use the Valid...
22018-10-16 16:04:13 UTCThe Mapgician Hi, I used digital globe to draw these in last week. I used an updated imagery to do the changes I implemented. Thank you.
32018-10-16 16:54:10 UTCGerdP OK, I fixed various errors here:
I think you probably forgot to download existing data before adding new. This resulted in duplicated or overlapping ways. Hope I did not introduce new errors with my changes...
42018-10-17 14:35:34 UTCThe Mapgician Is there any change suggestions for me in this area?
52018-10-17 14:36:09 UTCThe Mapgician Is there any change suggestions for me in this area? Thank you.
62018-10-17 14:45:28 UTCGerdP Some of the new residential roads added by
you looked strange. Parts are paved, parts are barely visble. I have no idea if the latter are really usable. At least they seem not to be used often and they have different surfaces. Without local knowledge I would not map them with only IBGE as a source...
12018-10-15 07:48:58 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check way
Sat images don't show how this way crosses the rail. There seems to no tunnel or railway=level_crossing.
22018-10-16 16:03:03 UTCThe Mapgician Hello, I connected the highway to the railway using ESRI WI. There is a crossing further north of where it indicated, that is where I made the connection. Thank you.
32018-10-16 16:48:08 UTCGerdP Hmm, are you sure that normal traffic like cars can use this way? In ESRI I see some marks which indicate that pedestrian use this way but I see no normal infrastructure to cross a rail. Besides that the connecting nodes should be either railway=crossing or level_crossing, depending on the road type...
42018-10-17 14:33:45 UTCThe Mapgician Hello, we are only using satellite imagery for this area. We do not have on the ground evidence. I added the railway=crossing tags to the connecting nodes. From the imagery I am using it appears that vehicles would be able to cross this section of railway. Do you have the ability to verify this on t...
52018-10-17 14:40:34 UTCGerdP Hi, I am also an armchair mapper, sitting in Germany. I prefer to map nothing in cases where sat images are poor. All normal image sources provided by JOSM seem to show two rails on an embankment, so I think cars cannot pass the rails there.
12018-10-01 06:45:14 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed that you map highway=passing_place as a way in addition to the normal way as a single node here.
I wonder why. I also don't understand why those places have a name, I think that's unlikely.
22018-10-17 09:17:00 UTCmarnov Hi,
there is a very narrow road there (not for two cars) and there are several pasing places (for avoid oncoming car). Name si maybe badly, it is not name as name but description for better understanding (is it showed in car navigation).
32018-10-17 09:21:26 UTCGerdP I hope the polski wiki also says that you should add the tag to a node on the highway?
42018-10-17 09:53:14 UTCmarnov I do not know if I understand correctly what is wrong.
52018-10-17 10:04:20 UTCGerdP two things:
1) The name tag on the nodes like
should be removed.
2) The ways like
I think they are not needed at all, as they duplicate the information of the nodes.
62018-10-17 10:09:11 UTCmarnov Ok, I think I understand, I'll fix it :-). Thanks for the warning, passing_place I did for the first time.
12018-10-17 07:27:53 UTCGerdP Hi! I wonder what this highway=underground means:
Maybe the building is just a roof and the part of the below it a highway=path + covered=yes ?
12018-10-16 14:27:37 UTCGerdP Hi MikeN!
I found a few ways with the unusual tag highway=demolished. This may also mean something like "bad surface" . Please use one of the lifecycle prefixes instead so that the status is clearer.
22018-10-16 16:16:26 UTCMikeN Thanks - I've updated these to lifecycle prefix.
32018-10-16 17:04:43 UTCGerdP Thanks for the quick response :-)
12018-10-14 07:09:05 UTCGerdP Moin!
Du hast hier aus highway=path ein highway=nix gemacht. Normalerweise ändert man statt dessen das highway in z.B. was:highway um. In OSM gibt es zumindest GPX Daten, die es nahe legen, das dort mal ein Weg war, daher passt dann vielleicht auch disused:highway. Siehe https://wiki.openstree...
22018-10-16 16:09:37 UTCrichard23 Moin,
jo, formal nicht korrekt. Habe es in was:highway geändert. Werde Verfasser irgendwann mal anmailen, wir "laufen uns hier öfter über den Weg". Der gpx ist entweder 25 Jahre alt, oder einfach nur ungenau. Ich habe den "Pfad" an mehreren Stellen gesucht, er sol...
32018-10-16 16:55:54 UTCGerdP OK, danke für die Rückmeldung.
12018-10-16 05:43:20 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please don't invent new _link types for minor roads. The tag highway=unclassified_link is only used here.
22018-10-16 16:19:55 UTCMoonDragon My apologies GerdP, the change has been reverted. Thank you for pointing this out.
32018-10-16 16:37:44 UTCGerdP Thanks and happy mapping!
12018-10-16 15:11:46 UTCGerdP Moin! Mir sind hier ein paar building:demolished=residential aufgefallen. Normalerweise verwendet man z.B. razed:building=residential
Der "Lifecycle Prefix" ist halt ein Prefix, kein Suffix ;-)
Bei den Straßen ist highway=de...
12018-10-16 15:02:25 UTCGerdP Hi! You changed / added some ways to highway=demolished here. It is a good idea to keep those ways because Mapbox still shows them, but I think this tag is a bit unclear, it might be missunderstood as "bad surface". I've changed them to razed:highway=* here:
12018-10-16 14:51:31 UTCGerdP Moin!
Mir sind ein paar Wege mit dem unüblichen tag highway=demolished aufgefallen, z.B, hier:
Ist etwas unklar, könnte auch als "voller Schlaglöcher" oder so verstanden werden. Schau mal bitte, ob Du hier einen passenden Prefix...
12018-10-16 14:40:52 UTCGerdP I found a few ways with the unusual tag highway=demolished. I think this tag is unclear, it might be missunderstood as something like "bad surface". Please try to find a proper lifecycle prefix for them. See
12018-10-16 14:33:14 UTCGerdP Hi!
If I got that right Bing is quite up to date here and it shows some roads and many new buildings in this area. I don't think this road is in status construction, rather razed:highway=residential.
22018-10-16 14:38:31 UTCGerdP There is also a highway=demolished next to it. I think this tag is unclear, it might be missunderstood as something like "bad surface". Please try to find a proper lifecycle prefix for this and other roads with this tag created / modifed by you.
12018-10-16 14:20:42 UTCGerdP Hi!
The tagging of the bridge is quite confusing:
How can it be both a bridge=yes and a demolished:bridge=yes? You also added highway_1=proposed. Does that mean the status is that it once was a bridge and now it is proposed to rebuild it?
12018-10-16 14:13:05 UTCGerdP Hi! Please use one of the lifecycle prefixes instead of the unusual highway=demolished for and
12018-10-16 14:09:15 UTCGerdP Hi! Please use one of the lifecycle prefixes instead of the unusual highway=demolished for
12018-10-16 08:12:40 UTCGerdP Hi! I wonder if highway=underwater_way
could be replaced by abandoned:highway=track
or destroyed:highway=track?
12018-10-16 06:31:46 UTCGerdP Hi! I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway=other. Please don't invent new road types! I see that you try to map road areas here.
Why do you add area=yes to ways with area:highway=*?
When you change a highway from tertiary to secondary please remember to change the corresp...
12018-10-16 05:58:20 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
You have mapped lots of buildings here, that is good :-)
One small problem: You typically draw the shapes of the buildings too large, so that the shapes also cross roads. Please try to avoid that, the shape should describe the outline of the building at the ground
so that o...
12018-10-16 05:40:10 UTCGerdP Hi! You used highway=unclassifay instead
of highway=unclassified on 13 ways,
e.g. this one:
Please correct them and watch out ;-)
12018-10-16 05:33:26 UTCGerdP Hi! I changed the unusual highway=destroyed to destroyed:highway=primary, see also
22018-10-16 07:20:17 UTCcquest Thanks, that's really a better choice !

Let's hope we'll be able switch it to highway=construction soon...
12018-10-15 19:42:38 UTCGerdP Moin!
Ich wundere mich gerade über
Auf den Sat Bildern sehe ich keinen Bordstein (barrier=kerb) und highway=crossing ist nur für Knoten gedacht. Evtl. traffic_calming=island?
12018-10-15 17:54:28 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've changed tags for way
Did Go Map! suggest to use the tag highway=crossing for a way? That would be an error in Go Map!
12018-10-15 13:08:27 UTCGerdP Hi! What does collection_times=Rosebay Pond mean on a waste basket?
12018-10-15 09:12:01 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check way
Is there a tunnel where it crosses the motorway? If yes, please map it. Sat images neither show a bridge nor a tunnel.
22018-10-16 16:59:18 UTCThe Mapgician Fixed. Thank you for pointing this out to me. ESRI ftw.
12018-10-15 09:05:32 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check the western part of
This way is shown in IBGE but not on any sat image. Are you sure that IBGE is a good source?
22018-10-16 16:55:44 UTCThe Mapgician Hello, I checked this with more updated imagery and made the proper changes to reflect. ESRI was a better source for this area. Thank you.
12018-10-15 06:37:34 UTCGerdP Moin!
Mir sind hier die zwei Wege mit dem tag highway=historic aufgefallen. Das wird sonst nirgendwo verwendet und die Bedeutung ist unklar. Gibt es dort einen Weg, den es schon sehr lange gibt oder gab es ihn mal irgendwann und er ist nicht mehr da? Siehe auch
22018-10-15 06:48:20 UTCTaunide Moin,
Wege nach historischen topografischen Karten die auf dem Satellitenbild noch als Spuren auszumachen sind, im Gelände aber nur noch ganz vage (und auch deshalb nicht gerendert werden sollen, zudem sie im ehemaligen ungeräumten Schießplatz liegen) und zur Strukturierung des Gebi...
32018-10-15 07:20:15 UTCGerdP Dann würde ich doch den key historic:highway vorschlagen sowie gerne auch ein erklärendes note. Kennst Du die ehemalige Bedeutung?
12018-10-15 06:42:01 UTCGerdP Hi!
Irgendwas ist hier schiefgegangen;
highway="residential;Link DHA EME"

Habe das revertiert. Nach einem Straßennamen sieht das auch nicht aus,
Was hat Go Map! da falsch verstanden?
12018-10-15 06:30:05 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual highway=dirt. I guess you meant something like highway=path + surface=dirt?
12018-10-15 05:28:50 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed that you changed a highway=service to highway=bus_guideway.
Please note that this is a very special kind of road for a special kind of busses, see
I think this road is just a normal highway=service. ...
12018-10-15 05:23:39 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed that you changed some highway=service to highway=bus_guideway.
Please note that this is a very special kind of road for a special kind of busses, see
22018-10-18 11:51:36 UTCSilva1989 Hi GerdP,

Thanks for pointing this out, you're absolutely right. Those lanes are now tagged with highway=service;access=no; bus=designated. Any other improvement recommendations will also be appreciated!
12018-10-15 05:08:30 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed that you changed some highway=service to highway=bus_guideway.
Please note that this is a very special kind of road for a special kind of busses, see
12018-10-14 10:09:53 UTCGerdP Moin!
Mir sind hier zwei Wege mit highway=turning_circle aufgefallen. Das Tag ist nur für Knoten sinnvoll, habe das entsprechend geändert:
Mir erscheint auch das access=private am Ende des Goethewegs fraglich. Ich würde erwarten, das...
12018-10-14 07:15:27 UTCGerdP Moin!
Anscheinend hat Go Map! hier was falsch verstanden ;-) Du hast aus einem highway=residential einen highway=residential;living_street gemacht. Ich nehme an, Du wolltest ändern, nicht hinzufügen?
12018-10-11 06:32:08 UTCGerdP Hi! I've noticed this changeset because of the typo highway=serwice used on
The previous tag highway=residential looks good to me, why did you change it?
22018-10-13 09:43:12 UTCGerdP OK, I got two emails from you but no explanation for the change. Why do you prefer highway=service instead of residential?
OK, otrzymałem od ciebie dwa e-maile, ale nie mam żadnego wyjaśnienia dla zmiany. Dlaczego preferujesz highway=service zamiast residential?
32018-10-13 10:10:40 UTCGerdP In addition to your changes in
I've done this:
Another option would be to use highway=track with tracktype=grade1 for all these roads because there are only landuse=farmyard, but I think the current...
12018-10-13 09:54:16 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway=minor. You added a lot of ways with area=yes and highway=* here, do you know the tag key area:highway which is normally used for this? See also
12018-10-13 08:46:35 UTCGerdP Hi! I found two ways tagged genus=Musa (no other tags). Both described highways.
I assume you wanted to add that tag to something else?
12018-10-04 07:31:47 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this changeset because of
the unusual tag highway=tiera used here
and the zig-zags in highway near
It seems you used a gpx...
22018-10-13 08:43:22 UTCGerdP I've tried to fix it, please review my changes:
12018-09-26 09:16:27 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check: You changed highway=footway to highway=p on
What was meant?
22018-10-13 08:21:31 UTCGerdP Changed it to path now like you did with the other ways. I think it would be good to add some tags like sac_scale or mtb:scale
on these ways.
12018-10-05 10:17:25 UTCGerdP Moin!
Ist das highway=permissive Absicht, weil es ein so spezieller Weg ist?
22018-10-07 17:53:40 UTCbskartograph Hallo,
das ist aktuell noch die Zufahrt des Marienstifts, und bis zum Ende der Baustelle nur dafür nutzbar.
32018-10-07 18:06:35 UTCGerdP Dann sollte es ein highway=service mit access=permissve o.s.ä. sein.
42018-10-13 07:31:27 UTCGerdP OK, habe auch noch ein paar andere Kleinigkeiten korrigiert, siehe
12018-10-13 07:29:57 UTCGerdP Oops, wrong comment. I meant see cs 58474637 .
22018-10-13 15:28:23 UTCbskartograph Danke für die Korrektur, wenn die Baustelle fertig sein sollte, werde ich es wieder korrigieren auf highway=tertiary
12018-10-13 07:24:12 UTCGerdP Hi! Please review:
You added some ways with waterway=wadi here. Please note that this tag is deprecated, see
Later, someone added the tag highway=tract on
There is also a highway=tertiary crossi...
12018-10-13 07:12:18 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've changed the unusual highway=closed:motorway_link to the usual disused:highway=motorway_link
I wonder if this state is still up to date?
The changeset comment doesn't explain the reason for your change.
See also
12018-10-02 08:14:44 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
You mapped some proposed objects here. The normal tagging scheme for a proposed service road is : highway=proposed + proposed=service
For amenities, the prefix proposed is used, e.g. proposed:amenity=parking
See also
22018-10-13 06:51:04 UTCGerdP I tried to fix some of the problems but I have no idea about the current state. Some ways have a construction=yes tag. Those should be changed to highway=construction + construction=* where * is a place holder for the type of road that is constructed.
12018-10-12 07:51:49 UTCGerdP Hi! I changed the unusual highway=trunk,construction
to highway=construction + construction=trunk here:
12018-10-12 07:46:33 UTCGerdP Hi! Please watch out for typo highway=unclassifide instead of unclassified.
I found it here:
My understanding is that this is a highway=residential, as well as
12018-10-12 07:37:36 UTCGerdP Hi! You changed a highway=service to service;crossing here. I assume you wanted to add or modify a node. Do you remember where this pedestrian crossing is?
12018-10-12 07:30:27 UTCGerdP Hi!
You changed highway=path to highway="path; track" on
What does that mean?
12018-10-11 08:40:14 UTCGerdP Moin! Mir ist das highway=turning_circle am Weg
aufgefallen. Das Tag wird normalerweise am Knoten eines highway verwendet, nicht für den Weg. Laut Beschreibung ist die Fläche kein "offizieller" Parkplatz. Nach einem Wendeplatz sieht es...
22018-10-11 21:19:42 UTCTS-R Hallo Gerd,

vielen Dank bezüglich des Hinweises zu dem turning_circle Tag. Ich habe den Platz entsprechend umgearbeitet.
Zur Erklärung: Das gesamte Wohngebiet ist eine Parkverbots- Zone, außer in gekennzeichneten Flächen. Bei dem Wendeplatz gibt es weder eine entsprechende B...
32018-10-12 06:20:16 UTCGerdP OK, ich habe mal versucht, Deine Angaben umzusetzen:
12018-10-11 09:27:20 UTCGerdP Hi! I've corrected a few circular ways where you used highway=turning_loop. This tag should only be used on a node of a highway when you are too lazy to draw the circular way.
22018-10-11 09:30:15 UTCKalepom You're right. Thank you
12018-10-11 09:12:22 UTCGerdP Hi! Please review:
You changed from oneway=no to yes. I've reverted this and also changed the wrong highway=turning_circle to residential near
Maybe add junction=roundabout if that matches.
If there is a traf...
22018-10-11 09:12:57 UTCGerdP Hi! Please review:
You changed from oneway=no to yes. I've reverted this and also changed the wrong highway=turning_circle to residential near
Maybe add junction=roundabout if that matches.
If there is a traf...
32018-10-11 09:14:32 UTCGerdP Oops, sorry, did not want to repeat that, instead I wanted to correct myself. You used highway=turning_loop, so the link to the wiki is
12018-10-11 08:55:10 UTCGerdP Hi! I've reverted your change from highway=residential to highway=turning_circle on
See also
12018-10-11 08:50:04 UTCGerdP Moin und willkommen bei OSM!
Mir sind die zwei Wege mit highway=turning_circle aufgefallen. Dieses Tag gehört nur an Knoten, nicht an Wege. Kann es leider nicht ändern, weil ich mich vor Ort nicht auskenne.
Siehe auch
12018-10-11 08:46:07 UTCGerdP Hi! Please don't use the tag highway=turning_circle on ways. What was the reason for the change?
12018-10-11 08:25:42 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've just changed two ways with highway=turning_circle back to highway=service. Please don't use highway=turning_circle on ways, it is only meant to be used on nodes when one is too lazy to draw a circular way. See
12018-10-11 06:34:06 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Please watch out for typo highway=unclassifay. The correct spelling is highway=unclassified.
12018-10-10 08:26:07 UTCGerdP Hi! I've corrected typo highway=unlcassified
on two ways, please check to make sure that JOSMs autocompletion doesn't use it again ;-)
My cs:
22018-10-11 07:35:16 UTCTaraV Thank you very much!
If you have any input regarding mistakes or mapping Australia in general, please let me know. :)
12018-10-10 07:39:48 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Please watch out for this typo:
You used hightway instead of highway,e.g. on way
I'll fix some of them now.
12018-10-10 07:27:58 UTCGerdP Hi! I've noticed that you change some highway types to the unusual highway=driveway. Please use the well known highway=service + service=driveway for those ways.
22018-10-16 14:01:23 UTCLSkalayo Okay and thank you.
32018-10-16 16:01:12 UTCThe Mapgician Okay, I've looked it over and the data was corrected. Thank you for pointing that out to me.
12018-10-08 17:12:21 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check these ways
What do they describe?
12018-10-08 09:04:20 UTCGerdP Hi! Please don't use highway=junction for this kind of objects. The tag junction=yes is enough and the additional highway tag might confuse routing programs.
22018-10-08 13:49:43 UTCNutchanon Wetchasit Duly noted. For this intersection, the concern is now addressed in changeset 63312065 <>.

Anyway, does this also apply to node-based intersection, where intersection a node on the road itself? (Like this one: <
32018-10-08 14:37:42 UTCGerdP I only know highway=motorway_junction for nodes. I think that the highway tag should be used with great care because routing is one of the major uses of the OSM data. It is always hard to understand that a tag is okay for nodes but not for ways or areas, so I would not use highway=junction anywhere.
12018-10-08 09:18:04 UTCGerdP Hi! Please watch out for typo highway=residencial instead of residential
like here:
I found 12 ways with this wrong value in Sangarédi, probably your JOSM editor remembered the wrong value and uses it for autocompletion.
12018-10-02 09:19:19 UTCGerdP Hi! I wonder what you tried to map here.
You have created some ways with highway=route and more tags corresponding to the relation
Did you mean route=ferry instead? See
22018-10-04 04:35:59 UTCyumean1119 To GerdP:
I'm a local mapper in Okayama. Some national highways in Japan contain ferry routes. National Route 58 is such a way with the longest ferry routes, connecting Kagoshima and Naha via Tanegashima and Amami Oshima.
32018-10-04 05:23:54 UTCGerdP To yumean119:
OK, maybe you can correct the wrong parts so that routing will work?
42018-10-04 16:25:45 UTCyumean1119 To GerdP:
To tell the truth, if routing engines showed the way from Kagoshima to Naha via Route 58, it would be a serious mistake. Why? The marine routes in Route 58 from a legal point of view are different from actual ferry routes, and no ferries are operated now between Tanegashima and Amami Oshi...
52018-10-04 21:47:54 UTCOtenkiya To GerdP and yumean119:
The road route is a series of structures, not traffics. And, in principle, the national highway is certified as continuous road structures.
In the case of Route 58, the route is determined to pass over the sea, but the operators (Government of Japan and local municipalitie...
62018-10-08 09:12:30 UTCGerdP Maybe you can use highway=no instead?
12018-10-08 08:34:43 UTCGerdP Hi!
I think the way
should be removed. If it describes a (hiking) route please create a corresponding relation.
22018-10-08 08:40:44 UTCpeternik99 I agree. But I am not the original author. It had the tag highway=track which polluted renderered maps.
32018-10-08 08:45:13 UTCGerdP That is understodd. I hoped you are a local and know what that way means.
42018-10-08 08:47:31 UTCpeternik99 Yes I am. It does not constitute any known hiking route.
52018-10-08 08:57:45 UTCGerdP OK. There are now a few places where a road is missing, e.g. near these nodes:
I think you should fix that and finally remove the wrong way.
62018-10-08 09:00:00 UTCpeternik99 OK. Sure
12018-10-08 08:51:42 UTCGerdP Moin! Warum ergänzt Du hier ein unübliches highway=junction zu einem junction=yes?
Ist aus meiner Sicht keine gute Idee.
22018-10-08 15:43:17 UTCMichael_H Es gibt zumindest ein Proposal dazu. Er wäre ja möglich, dass die Information irgendwo genutzt wird und sie kollidiert nicht mit dem anderen Tag. Wenn es dir nicht gefällt, kannst zu es auch wieder löschen. Das ursprünglich Problem in dem Note ging ohnehin nicht um die Fl&au...
12018-10-08 06:43:49 UTCGerdP Hi! I've noticed a few buildings with the typo highway=GSImaps/std instead of source=GSImaps/std.
Anyway, there is no need to add the source tag to each building since your changeset comment tells us this source.
My changeset:
12018-10-08 06:39:17 UTCGerdP Hi! Why did you change highway=unclassified to highway=* ?
If this way is only used to reach the church I would use highway=service
12018-10-08 06:34:00 UTCGerdP Moin!
Ich verstehe das seltsame highway=* nicht. Warum nicht highway=path oder cycleway?
12018-10-08 06:25:00 UTCGerdP Hi! It seems that you got something wrong about the mapping of roundabouts. If you find the tag highway=* in the wiki it never means to use the value "*", it is just a place holder for the appropriate highway value. If changed both ways to highway=residential now.
22018-10-09 09:56:36 UTCCARBOB Hello! Thanks for the correction and sorry for the mistake.
12018-10-04 09:04:47 UTCGerdP Hi! I've noticed this changeset because of the typo highway=trn on way
I see a lot of roads in this area going through an orchard. I think that means that these roads should be tagged highway=track, not highway=service.
Also, some ways visible in Bing ar...
22018-10-08 04:01:34 UTCIko IRM-ED Hallo GerdP! thanks for your feed back to typo changeset on way
for additional information in this are there're a lot of palm plantation not orchard. this ways can't be access for everyone, only for an employee. so, i give tag highway=service not highway=...
32018-10-08 05:54:41 UTCGerdP OK.
Reg. employee acces: I think you should use the access tag(s) to map that, e.g. with access=private. A hw=service doesn't imply that. If you want to keep service instead of track you should also add surface=unpaved where appropriate.
BTW: The wiki for orchards mentions palms, see
42018-10-08 09:26:41 UTCIko IRM-ED that's sound good, thanks GerdP! i'll discuss again about tags access and surface.
p.s: nice information between orchards and palms,maybe that trees have same pixel in the imagery.
12018-10-07 08:11:11 UTCGerdP Hi! Please watch out, you created a lot of duplicated buildings here. Always make sure that you download the existing data before adding new.
12018-10-05 09:32:04 UTCGerdP Hi! Why did you change highway=footway to the very unusual highway="Simple unmarked footpath" here: ?
22018-10-05 16:02:24 UTCTonyS999 That was an unexpected effect of changing the JOSM preset of Public Footpath from 'Simple Marked Footpath' to "Simple unmarked footpath". It changed the highway=footway to the new value I entered "Simple unmarked footpath". I shall revert this tag to highway=footway.
32018-10-06 09:31:23 UTCGerdP I've just noticed two other "accidents":
highway=<different> . Fixed it here:
12018-10-06 09:25:42 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this change because of the unusual tag highway=impassable used here:
If I got that right MapBox Sat image shows a new road there.
12018-09-23 09:10:02 UTCGerdP Moin!
Du hast hier mehrere aus meiner Sicht korrekte highway=primary_link nach
residential_link geändert.
Was war der Grund?
22018-10-06 09:07:39 UTCGerdP Habe gesehen, dast Du zumindest einen Weg geändert hast. Habe jetzt auch die anderen korrigiert:
12018-09-29 09:28:08 UTCGerdP Hi! You changed two ways with highway=path to highway=gravel.
This tag is rarely used, I guess you meant surface=gravel?
You also removed the mtb tags. Was that intended?
22018-10-06 08:30:17 UTCpalhenf Hi

I am not so familiar with all tags, but it is a small gravel road. Therefore the mtbmap tags shall be removed. The highway tag should not be path, but a solid line on the map. Please update with the best suitable tag.

Pål Henrik Finstad
32018-10-06 08:43:37 UTCGerdP Done, please review
12018-04-17 15:01:21 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, in the change a number of ways (31140891, 299417582, 41121952, 43462076, 5096325) have been set with foot=permissive;yes. Can you please review and set one value or the other as appropriate?

22018-04-17 15:53:24 UTCRossA Well spotted Mike - what do you use to spot this sort of thing? I’ve corrected I think but will double check when home later.
32018-04-17 16:09:11 UTCMike Baggaley I use mkgmap to build a Garmin map from OSM data, and my build process includes checks for various things, one of which is unrecognised access values.
42018-10-06 08:20:59 UTCGerdP There is also way 292244991 with
No idea if a track can have steps, but I think it is more likely that this is a hw=path or hw=bridleway.
12018-10-05 10:19:31 UTCGerdP Hi! You changed a highway=residential to the very unusual highway=commercial.
I assume this happened accidentially?
22018-10-05 10:19:55 UTCGerdP Forgot the link:
32018-10-08 20:03:50 UTCbeigetable Hi. Thanks for pointing it out. I've changed it to highway=service.
It was deliberate, it is a commercial rather than residential area, though I didn't check whether highway=commercial was a usual tag.
12018-10-05 10:13:21 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check unusual tag highway=cyclestreet on
Maybe you meant highway=cycleway or you wanted to bicycle_road=yes and keep highway=unclassified?
22018-10-13 15:27:32 UTCHendrikklaas Hi Gerd, Changed it
12018-10-05 09:01:49 UTCGerdP Hi! Please review these ways
They were tagged highway=سه
instead of residential. I guess you wanted to add a name tag but I doubt that they both have the same name.
22018-10-05 09:02:53 UTCGerdP Forgot a link to my changeset:
12018-09-24 08:31:32 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check typo highway=wood:

22018-10-05 08:28:04 UTCGerdP Corrected it myself now:
12018-07-23 05:38:32 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed some highway=driveway in some of your changesets. The usual tagging is highway=service + service=driveway. I guess it was just a typo?
22018-07-23 06:39:50 UTCarvdk Hi, thanks for your remark. I bet that must be a 'want to work fast' error that slipped through. Weird that JOSM didn't catch that because I do have the good habit to run the validator before uploading :) Did you repair, or do you want me to?
Kind regards,
32018-07-23 07:27:44 UTCGerdP Thanks for the quick response. I did not change anything yet, I would prefer that you do it.
42018-10-05 08:26:04 UTCGerdP I've now corrected this, see
12018-10-05 08:16:35 UTCGerdP Hi! Please review unusual tagging
highway=way on some ways in this area.
I guess highway=path might match?
12018-10-04 07:07:31 UTCGerdP Moin! Das tag highway=stop_line ist sehr selten. Wenn ich das richtig in Erinnerung habe wurde es in den USA von einem Mapper zunächst massenhaft eingefügt und dann wieder gelöscht, weil es unklar ist, ob ein Stopschild gemeint ist oder vielleicht etwas wie dies hier:
22018-10-04 19:10:12 UTCicke68746 Hi, ich meinte die Halte-/Stopplinie, die dort markiert ist.
Ist das falsch?
Gruß Mike
32018-10-04 19:33:42 UTCGerdP Falsch würde ich so nicht sagen, aber eben nirgendwo sonst in OSM verwendet und daher unklar.
Schau mal hier:
42018-10-05 15:11:47 UTCicke68746 Ok, dann nehme ich sie wieder raus. Gut, das Du das jetzt schreibst, ich möchte die BAB 2 bis Berlin durchsehen, da wäre dann einiges zu löschen gewesen.
12018-10-04 09:10:20 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check typo highway=truck.
Looks like highway=service, but maybe it is something special?
12018-10-04 08:55:10 UTCGerdP Hi! What does it mean when you change highway=track to the unusual highway=trd
like here?
See e.g.
12018-10-04 08:48:36 UTCGerdP Hi! I've corrected a typo highway=trannn here:
I've also noticed that many roads have the tag name="Jalan Desa". This seems to be a description of the usage, not the name?
22018-10-09 10:08:23 UTCAdiatma IRM-RV Hi GerdP, you are right. Those are not the name. Fixed on
Thank you very much.
12018-10-04 08:29:40 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway=track; residential
I've fixed this and some other problems here:
There is still one error: The southern end of oneway road
is not con...
12018-09-26 07:41:24 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Please watch out for typo highway=trach, I found this on some ways mapped by you during the last hours.
22018-10-04 08:08:26 UTCGerdP I've corrected them now, see
12018-10-04 07:39:24 UTCGerdP Hi! The tag highway=toll is only used on this way
You also added a (correct) node with barrier=toll_booth, so I wonder what
the tag on the building means?
12018-10-04 07:13:59 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check typo (?) highway=tera on
I guess it is hw=track?
12018-09-28 09:12:33 UTCGerdP Hi!
The unusual tag highway="abandonded bridge" is confusing. Is the road still in use as a track? Maybe with ford=yes?
22018-10-02 20:54:18 UTCgormur Better now?
32018-10-04 06:52:09 UTCGerdP I hope. My understanding of the current data is that there is no longer a way to cross the water here.
12018-10-03 09:44:53 UTCGerdP Moin! Mir sind die beiden Wege mit highway=street_lamp aufgefallen. Normalerweise wird dafür ein einzelner Knoten verwendet. Was ist hier besonders?
22018-10-03 14:09:25 UTCSupapleX Hallo Gerd, ja, bei diesen Lampen wusste ich auch nicht wie ich sie am besten taggen soll - am Ende habe ich mich für diese Variante entschieden. Es handelt sich dabei um Bögen, die jeweils rechts und links der Straße im Boden verankert sind; das Licht hängt oben in der Mitte im...
32018-10-04 05:37:15 UTCGerdP OK, da bin ich auch überfragt. Vielleicht hängst Du noch ein description tag dran mit einer kurzen Beschreibung dieses Umstandes.
12018-10-03 10:31:16 UTCGerdP Hi! I wonder what highway=task means here?
12018-10-03 09:41:24 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check:
You added highway=street_lamp to an existing way instead of a new node:
Do you know the remember position?
22018-10-04 19:09:08 UTCRossnerMichael Thanks Gerd. I must have mistakenly marked the wrong item.
I removed the wrong tags and I will check again next time I'm on the location.
12018-10-03 09:37:02 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check way
It is now tagged highway=street_lamp, you used bah=street_lamp. I guess you wanted to map a barrier=hedge.
22018-10-03 09:39:23 UTCescada fixed, thanks !
12018-10-02 09:57:33 UTCGerdP Hi! You missed a short part:
I am not sure if secondary or primary is correct,
the longer part
was changed back to primary, but still has the tag source:highway_classification=secondary, DEER-MG classifica ...
22018-10-02 11:39:14 UTCGerald Weber Thank you for your kind comment.

Regarding the classification, there is no clear rule for either primary or secondary in Brasil. In lack of an official classification we use the existence of a highway hard shoulder as proxy for primary classification. In this case we do not know if the highway ha...
32018-10-02 11:52:40 UTCGerdP Well, what I tried to point out is that I did not correct the error yet. I hope you find a solution that works for all.
42018-10-02 12:05:44 UTCGerald Weber Thank you, I indeed misunderstood what you wrote, sorry about that. I'll fix the error as soon as I can.
12018-10-02 09:32:16 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway=runway. The normal tagging would be aeroway=runway, see
I also wonder why so many roads in this area are highway=secondary. That looks like a copy+paste errror done in 2012.\...
22018-10-02 09:58:24 UTCinah_telenav Hi
I didn't add the runway tag, Only if it was highway=secondary and I added runway. My mistake. I modified it from highway tag to aeroway. As for so many secondary highways,we decided not to modify the edits that the community make unless it's a big mistake. And also the roads leads to an airport...
32018-10-02 10:24:39 UTCGerdP I don't know if the other tags for the runway are valid. I think lanes should be removed, surface=unpaved is unlikely, isn't it?
42018-10-02 10:35:04 UTCinah_telenav You're right. I deleted the other tags.
12018-10-02 09:48:12 UTCGerdP Hi! I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tags like highway="secondary;closed"
The normal tagging would be e.g. disused:highway=secondary
On the other hand, my understanding of the document at
12018-10-02 09:12:27 UTCGerdP Hi!
What does highway=river in combination with waterway=river mean? Was it just a typo?
12018-10-02 08:27:45 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check typo highway=rei
Looks like a hw=residential, but the
name Henriksdalsvägen is also on the tertiary road in the east.
22018-10-04 20:35:45 UTCGrillo Pretty sure it's a cycle path, probably misstagged and then forgot to change. Fixed now. The area is under construction so it might change. I'm updating the area from time to time.
12018-10-02 07:48:32 UTCGerdP You seem to import data here and the quality looks very poor. It seems you did not read the corresponding guidelines:
Please stop these imports for now, as it is likely that your edits are reverted.
12018-10-02 07:42:14 UTCGerdP Hi! Something seems to have gone wrong here, I see lots of unconnected nodes without any tags.
12018-10-02 06:18:50 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Please check
The ref was CW 80, which looks reasonable.
You added name=BOULEVARD 01 NOVEMBRE and also changed the ref to this value. I've revierted the change to the ref and changed the name to mixed case "Boulevard 01 Novembr...
12018-07-23 00:13:46 UTCc2r Looks like this user has been plagerising AA Maps here.
22018-07-23 07:16:04 UTCGreyseal18 I email the AA and they said that was correct from Highways England so I can’t argue with them really after saying that
32018-07-28 08:52:56 UTCSomeoneElse Just to be clear - you can't use AA maps as a source (even if you've asked them).
If you've asked them to release the data under an OSM-compatible licence and they've done so, then that would be a different story.
42018-10-02 06:03:51 UTCGerdP Does anybody know the current status of this way: ?
52018-10-02 06:24:26 UTCc2r Unless anyone has free evidence or has seen signs indicating that the length of the road north of Scotch Corner is the A6055,it needs to be reverted, as it could quite easily be a copyright trap by the AA. South of here I believe it is.
12018-09-29 08:53:16 UTCGerdP Hi! The tag highway="former footway" is only used here. Why don't you use one of the common life cycle prefixes here?
22018-10-01 10:35:18 UTCbrianboru Hi

Didn't know they existed. Done now.
32018-10-02 04:53:59 UTCGerdP Hmm, disused:highway=removed is still unusual. I think the idea of those prefixes is that you use the standard highway values. So, if the removed way was a highway=footway, the new value would be removed:highway=footway.
12018-10-01 07:18:15 UTCGerdP Hi! Please review invalid tag highway="path; track" on way
I assume you wanted to change track to path? I wonder how the remaining short hw=track can be used when only connected to hw=path.
12018-10-01 07:05:10 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check:
I've noticed a few ways in this area with highway=passing_place.
I guess you meant path instead? In case of I'd say it is a hw=service,
the other two near are not clearly shown on sat images....
12018-10-01 06:50:04 UTCGerdP Moin!
Was bedeuted denn ein highway=passing_place an einem Weg wie diesem: oder diesem ?

12018-10-01 06:29:35 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check:
What does highway=no mean on this way: ?
Just a typo?
12018-09-30 08:32:29 UTCGerdP Hi! Please review way
with suspicous tag highway=passing_place. Sat images don't show a way, so it seems that this is a shortcut? Maybe use highway=path and trail_visibility=no
12018-09-30 08:23:14 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review two ways with suspicous highway=passing_place:
I assume these are also natural=tree_row
like e.g. ?
22018-10-01 03:16:40 UTCescada Thanks a lot GerdP ! I mixed it. I wonder how I made this stupid mistake.
12018-09-30 07:45:17 UTCGerdP Hi! I've noticed a lot of small areas with
natural=wood here. It seems that each one represents one tree. I think you should use a single node with natural=tree for this.
12018-09-30 06:50:52 UTCGerdP Hi!
You used the very unusual tag highway=minor for this road:
Why not unclassified?
22018-10-05 20:03:43 UTCclay_c whoops, not sure how that got there. fixing
12018-09-30 06:42:32 UTCGerdP Hi! Please review way
The tag highway=minor is very unusual, it should probably be changed to unclassified.
I don't understand why it ends at node It seems to continue on the old railway way named Ferrocarr...
22018-10-13 21:08:08 UTCVidal de la Blache It was a labeling mistake. It ends in that point because i followed the road only till that place.
12018-09-30 05:52:12 UTCGerdP Hi!
This change modified a few ways with the strange tag highway=living_street;service, and service=driveway, e.g. this one:
Your comment says that you only wanted to add the name, so I removed the other changes. Please check:
12018-09-29 07:20:22 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway=bus on way
I think there is no need to draw a new way for this, instead you should change the way
Why did you draw a new wa...
22018-09-29 14:45:01 UTCAdava-Anthony Yes it may not be necessary to make a new route but the situation is special. There is a pedestrian sidewalk in the middle See map :
32018-09-29 17:50:20 UTCGerdP OK, but highway=bus is still only used here. I think it is either service or residential.
12018-09-29 09:56:59 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
What did you try to map here?
12018-09-29 09:37:15 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've tried to fix a typo here:
Hope I got it right?
22018-10-01 17:31:36 UTCarcanma Marco, vedo che metti molto impegno, però cerca di mettere anche le etichette giuste. Se le strade sono state ultimate il construction va tolto, il noname=yes va messo quando il nome non esiste, ecc. Ti consiglio di partire con edit più piccoli, controllare le pagine wiki (http://wiki....
12018-09-29 09:07:39 UTCGerdP Hi! What is meant with highway=give_way on a closed way like here?
Normally, this tag is used on a node to map a sign:
12018-09-29 08:48:59 UTCGerdP Moin! Ich habe das nochmal geändert:
Siehe auch
12018-09-29 08:41:15 UTCGerdP Hi! What is meant with highway=ford on this way ?
Seems to be a typo?
12018-09-29 08:13:45 UTCGerdP Hi! I've noticed this change because of the unusual tag highway=escala on
Maybe you wanted to map an escalator?
That would be highway=steps + conveying=yes, see
22018-09-30 01:09:00 UTChiga4 thx. you're right. Fixed.
12018-09-29 08:09:19 UTCGerdP Hi! Please review typo highway=ere
22018-10-01 18:37:23 UTCRVR002 Hi GerdP,

Thanks for the heads up. I've fixed the highway type.

12018-09-29 08:02:11 UTCGerdP Hi! Why did you change the tags of these two ways to the unusual highway=different?
12018-09-29 07:59:04 UTCGerdP Hi! This change added some weird tags to the cycleway
I've reverted these changes, maybe you remember what you really wanted to change?
22018-09-29 08:20:46 UTCTuanIfan Hi GerdP. Yeah i think so. I’ll try to add those points again at the next time i visit Yarraman station.
Sorry for messing up the trail.
12018-09-29 07:50:42 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've modified the tags for the escalators here:
See also
12018-09-29 07:10:30 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Why did you change highway=construction to highway=bridge? This tag is very unusual.
The way is already tagged with bridge=yes.
Once the road is open for use the tag construction=trunk tells you the proper highway value.
12018-09-29 06:57:00 UTCGerdP Hi!
Why do you change the correct highway=residential to highway=Residentiel?
In OSM, tag values are normally in lower case characters and in british english.
12018-09-28 09:51:57 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway=b on
Most of it looks like a track, but the western part looks more like a waterway.
At is is connected to a waterway.
12018-09-28 09:39:13 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've changed the unusual highway=auxiliary here:
I think it is better to use the zebra crossing. OK?
22018-10-01 06:55:35 UTC*Martin* Thanks, that's better tagging :-)
12018-09-28 09:21:09 UTCGerdP Hi!
What is meant with highway=area on this way?
It looks like a landuse=farmyard to me.
12018-09-28 08:09:50 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check typo highway=Plaza del Ayuntamiento
Is this a part of Calle San Pedro?
22018-09-28 10:24:09 UTCalan_gr Thanks for the comment, I will fix the tags.

I believe it is part of the Plaza, not Calle San Pedro based on the house numbers - these buildings seem to have numbers belonging to the Plaza and the numbers for Calle San Pedro start at the point where car access ends just west of the pedestrianised...
12018-09-28 07:50:30 UTCGerdP Hi!
What does highway=Lovington mean here?
12018-09-27 06:34:08 UTCGerdP Hi! I noticed this way
because of the unusual tag highway=footpath. Since the way is also tagged with railway=rail I wonder if there is a separate path / footway or if one is really allowed to walk on the rails?
22018-09-27 12:43:00 UTCArthur2e5 @GerdP Apologies for this confusion. This rail is put on a ford on which people can walk on the two sides. I was a bit too lazy to draw three ways for that, so I merged these tags together.
12018-09-27 06:28:39 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check way
I guess you meant highway=footway ?
Reg. the tag barrier=gate : This should be on a node.
12018-09-27 06:19:38 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway=footpath. Please check my corrections:
See also
12018-09-27 06:14:28 UTCGerdP Hi!
I noticed that you change some ways to highway=footpath. This is a very unusual tag, the normal tags are highway=footway or highway=path. See also
12018-09-27 05:56:43 UTCGerdP Hi!
I see a lot of ways with highway=footpath here. This is a rarely used tag, the normal highway values are footway or path.
12018-09-27 05:33:10 UTCGerdP Hi!
You created a lot of ways with highway=footpath here. This is a rarely used tag, the normal highway values are footway or path.
12018-09-26 07:35:16 UTCGerdP Hi!
Did the Osmose Editor really suggest to use the very unusual tag highway=residential_link for ? I think the old tagging highway=secondary_link was correct.
22018-09-26 13:28:57 UTCSparks Yes, that's the only time I would have used those tags in the changeset. I'm trying to find that exact change to see the change because, like you said, that is incredibly... odd. :)
32018-09-26 13:32:28 UTCSparks I couldn't find the exact road that was changed to residential_link. Could you point to it, please?
42018-09-26 16:46:08 UTCGerdP The link to the way is in my comment.
52018-09-27 14:26:39 UTCSparks Opps, yes it was. So... I reverted that particular change as the wiki says that _link for residential isn't actually available.

I wonder if Peartree Road should actually be classified as a residential roadway at all.

Thanks for the catch here.
12018-09-26 09:38:15 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check typo highway=foot on
I am confused here because the way connects a cycleway with some highway=path, so I would expect highway=path instead of highway=footway. I am also confused because there is a route=hiking using the cycleway.
22018-09-26 11:29:57 UTCPeter Elderson I've corrected foot to footway. Thanks for pointing that out. The hiking route uses the cycleway over the bridge, then the hikers have to cross the macadam road (no visible crossing there) and continue on the grass path. Since the route needs a way to connect and for routing, I've mapped a short fo...
12018-09-26 09:11:03 UTCGerdP Moin!
Du hast hier wohl aus Versehen aus highway=pedestrian ein highway=p gemacht. Was sollte eigentlich passieren?
22018-09-29 17:59:43 UTCMatthias Frank Hallo Gerd,

ja, das war in der Tat ein Versehen und Vertippen von mir. Habe es nun wieder bereinigt und auf Highway=pedestrian zurückgestellt. Danke für den Hinweis! Grüße von Matthias
12018-09-26 08:40:28 UTCGerdP Hi!
I tried to fix the mapping of circular ways withthe wrong tag highway=mini_roundabout.
Please review my changes:
12018-09-26 08:19:54 UTCGerdP Moin! Mir ist der Weg
aufgefallen, weil er als highway=mini_roundabout getaggt war. Habe das auf highway=residential geändert. Kenne mich vor Ort nicht aus. Gehört da noch ein junction=roundabout dran? Ein mini_roundabout kann es wegen des Baum...
22018-09-26 12:41:47 UTCletihu Das kann so, wie du es jetzt getaggt hast, gut sein. Ich hatte nur einen Punkt vorgefunden. mini_roundabout mit Baum. Ich glaube in der Nähe gibt es noch mehr zu verbessern. Ich schau mir das später noch mal an.
12018-09-26 08:07:30 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed some ways with highway tag and additional length tag. I think that the length tag makes no sense, the length can be computed by the geometry and wil be wrong when someone splits such a way. Example:
12018-09-24 08:58:27 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check typo highway=tp on
Not sure if it is a path or track.
12018-09-24 08:45:22 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check typo highway=yt
Looks like track, but in this case why not simply add the nodes to way ?
12018-09-24 08:28:30 UTCGerdP Hi!
What is meant with highway=tranmission ?
Maybe you meant man_made=goods_conveyor ?
See also
12018-09-24 08:09:02 UTCGerdP I fixed a typo here:
Hope I got it right?
22018-09-24 08:52:00 UTCescada I guess so. Thanks !
12018-09-23 05:27:07 UTCGerdP Hi!
A few days ago (2018-09-09) I tried to cycle this way:
but it was gone due to the construction works. It is part of several route relations. I wonder if those routes have an alternative now?
22018-09-23 05:45:05 UTCAxelos Hello,
The main variant is here
For the works I transfer the message to the association "Vélo & Territoires".élo & Territoires
32018-09-23 05:55:13 UTCGerdP Thans for the quick response. I am not sure if I should change / remove the way or will somebody else care about this soon?
42018-09-23 06:02:51 UTCAxelos You can delete the way, and in this case add state=proposed on relation
(for EV05 no possible ...)
52018-09-23 06:23:08 UTCGerdP Hmm, difficult. I think the question if if there will be a bridge in the future. I did not see anything like that at this place. I found tunnels through the new road near and near 48.677841, 6.950354, but no further way over the old N4, at least not with...
62018-09-23 16:36:28 UTCAxelos Ok ... Is it possible or not to go by this road by bike now?
72018-09-24 07:27:36 UTCGerdP I did not even see this way, and I did not find any other alternative. Sorry, I forgot to make a foto. There are big tunnels through the new road but they only lead to very narrow ones through the old road, probably meant for small animals.
I asked an engineer working there and he told me to drive ...
12018-09-23 09:29:58 UTCGerdP Hi! You changed some link roads here, but according to this table the old tagging was correct:
What was the reason for the change?
22018-09-23 11:46:32 UTCmapko Hi. Sorry, it was my fault. Can you fix it?
32018-09-23 12:31:34 UTCGerdP OK, done
42018-09-23 16:30:43 UTCmapko Thanks.
12018-09-23 09:20:39 UTCGerdP Moin!
Ich habe hier
aus dem unüblichen residential_link ein residential gemacht und beide Wege mit den gleichen Tags versehen. OK?
12018-09-23 08:37:04 UTCGerdP Hi! The tag highway=turning_circle should only be used on nodes, not on ways. Besides that it would be a turning_loop.
I've changed back to residential.
See also
12018-09-23 08:29:20 UTCGerdP Hi! Please check accidential (?) highway=traffic_signals on way
It seems to be a highway=residential or unclassified.
12018-09-23 08:20:35 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've reverted the change to way
I assume you wanted to add those tags to a node?
12018-09-23 08:05:52 UTCGerdP Hi,

I found quite a lot of ways with highway=service:alley
here. The normal tagging would be two tags: highway=service and service=alley
but I think most of them are in fact service=driveway.
12018-07-23 06:14:47 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed several ways with unusual highway=footpath. Did you mean highway=footway or highway=path?
12018-07-23 06:06:34 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM,
Please check:
I've noticed several ways with typo
highway=unclassifed (missing 2nd i) created by you. JOSM probably stored this value, so please make sure to correct it so that the autocomplete function doesn't produce this wrong key.
12018-07-23 05:58:33 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed that you often tag ways with highway=crossing. This tag is meant to be used with nodes only. Please check the wiki:
12018-07-23 05:49:04 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed a typo highway=driveway here.
Please review my changes:
I think
simply doesn't exist, so I did not change that.
12018-07-23 05:35:35 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed some highway=driveway in some of your changesets. The usual tagging is highway=service + service=driveway. I guess it was just a typo?
12018-07-23 05:33:17 UTCGerdP Hi John,

I've noticed some highway=driveway here. The usual tagging is highway=service + service=driveway. I guess it was just a typo?
22018-07-23 13:17:41 UTCJohn Grubb Probably. Fixed now.
12018-07-23 05:20:25 UTCGerdP Hi Patrick,
I've noticed that you created/changed 15 roads to highway=driveway. The usual tagging is highway=service + service=driveway.
22018-07-24 21:05:25 UTCarvdk Hi Patrick, After fixing my own mistake, I fixed yours as well. See
12017-11-06 08:38:56 UTCGerdP Moin!
Was ist denn mit highway=duckboards
gemeint? Nach meinem Verständnis sollte es highway=path sein, denn das ist die Bedeutung des Weges. Wenn duckboards für Laufbohlen steht, dann kann man das evtl. mit surface=wood erfassen?
22018-05-11 10:12:22 UTCAeroid Das Teilstück auf Scharhöern ist ein Bohlenweg auf kleinen Pflöcken um die Vegation darunter zu ermöglichen. Was wären denn sonst Duckboards?
32018-05-11 10:20:04 UTCGerdP Ich habe den Begriff vorher nicht gekannt. Die Frage ist aber, waruim Du nicht das übliche highway=path oder evtl. highway=footway verwendest.
12018-04-15 08:21:59 UTCGerdP Moin!
Ist der Radweg immer noch nicht freigegeben? Bin da gestern langgeradelt und mir ist nichts entsprechendes aufgefallen. Es fehlen nämlich noch die Anbindungen an das restliche Straßennetz.
22018-04-15 09:19:36 UTCTourenbikerFKB Freigabe hat stattgefunden:
Es spricht deshalb nichts gegen die Anbindung an Straßen und kreuzenden Feldwegen
32018-04-15 09:49:36 UTCGerdP OK, werde in den nächsten Tagen mal anschauen, wo es Verbindungen gibt.
42018-04-16 06:12:43 UTCGerdP erledigt.
12018-04-12 08:13:10 UTCGerdP Hi!
You changed a member of a cycle route to
access=private here:
Does it really mean that a cyclist is no longer allowed to follow the route here?
22018-04-13 17:13:58 UTCKrteček Hi GerdP,
thanks for your question.
It's pretty long ago, but I remember the trip along the mining field. There was a kind of swing gate (locked) and a traffic sign beside, right at the junction. My Polish isn't that godd, but sth like "private / mine property" was mentioned there.
I ju...
32018-04-13 17:17:47 UTCGerdP Hi Krteček,
I don't know the area yet. I plan to cycle their in June, I just wondered why I was not able to route along the cycling route.
I think I'll add a note so that locals can have a look.
12017-07-04 14:18:00 UTCRicoElectrico - co to za sklep z shop=yes?
22017-07-04 14:23:19 UTCszutkes hehe, jeszcze nie sprawdziłem dokładnie, poprawię jak będę tamtędy jechał :)
32017-07-04 14:24:56 UTCRicoElectrico OK, dzięki, poprawiam teraz shop=yes, bo trochę tego na Pomorzu jest.
42017-07-04 14:30:26 UTCszutkes dodałem sklepy (były fotki na googlach) i dodałem adres
52018-04-09 06:14:38 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check
I assume it should be
instead of
bicycle=destination ?
12017-11-22 08:35:52 UTCGerdP Hi!
You used the unusual tag highway=footpath here:
I assume you meant highway=path ? Besides that the way is crossing without a shared node. Bing shows a different surface a that place, maybe a traffic_calming...
22017-11-22 09:30:49 UTCVelella Yes, apologies for that - it was probably getting late. Now corrected. It was a highway footpath that diverted away from the highway and then crossed a minor road. Now joined to the minor road and tagged more appropriately
32018-01-25 11:44:54 UTCRichard Hi - great to see all the work you've been doing on the Wales Coast Path. Unfortunately you appear to have removed massive amounts of the path from the relation in this changeset, I'm afraid, and the result is that large chunks of the path in North Wales are no longer shown. Before this edit the rel...
42018-02-01 18:49:33 UTCRichard Hi - any thoughts on this?
52018-02-01 19:41:07 UTCGerdP The reverter plugin reports 3 conflicts,
maybe Vellela has problems to revert this?
62018-02-02 02:40:29 UTCVelella I have been in some of the more inaccesible parts of . New Zealand since Chritsmas and have only now returned to e-mail etc. It was certainly not my intention to delete parts of the relationship - my intention was to order it and fill in recent changes. I was doing a significant chunck of work using...
72018-02-02 07:09:53 UTCGerdP Just to make this clear: I did not revert anything so far. I can do this:
Revert all the changes to the relation made by you since (and including) this changeset.
This will probably restore some errors as well.
@Richard: OK for you ?
82018-02-02 10:55:44 UTCVelella Yes, please revert. I have all the GPX tracks conserved and tagged waypoints so I can reinstate the other changes when I am next in the Uk
92018-02-02 12:53:26 UTCRichard That would be great. Thank you both.

Velella - don't worry about it, JOSM makes it too easy to unintentionally make big changes to relations like this. Hope you're enjoying NZ.
102018-02-02 13:27:56 UTCGerdP Ok, please check
Hope this helps.
112018-02-02 13:35:01 UTCRichard Looks great (just checked it on Thank you.
12017-12-29 15:01:16 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review:
What is meant with highway=junction?
Sat images show a junction=roundabout, but not these ways.
22017-12-31 00:09:04 UTCmycae-gmx The sat images are out of date. The roundabout was removed about 6-12 months ago, and replaced with a junction which does not allow the circular flow of traffic. You can only turn right from pingle drive to Oxford road, or left. The junction has kerbs to guide vehicles to one of these directions. \...
32017-12-31 00:10:07 UTCmycae-gmx All turns are one-way only.
42018-01-04 05:27:51 UTCGerdP I see that you finally changed the highway type to tertiary, so I guess it's okay now.
12017-12-29 14:50:31 UTCGerdP Hi!
You've created a few highway=driveway + area=yes here. This is a very unusual tagging. I assume you meant highway=service + service=driveway + area=yes ?
22018-01-03 21:37:55 UTCsixfoureight thanks
12017-12-29 14:42:58 UTCGerdP Hi!
You changed a highway=primary to Primary here. I've reverted that change. What was intended?
12017-09-01 13:48:24 UTCGerdP Moin!
Was bedeutet denn highway=emergency_access_point
an diesem Weg:
Ist das ein Fluchtweg oder so was?
Siehe auch
22017-12-23 11:32:30 UTCGPS-Tux Hi Gerd,
da steht ein Schild "Feuerwehrzufahrt"...
Also ähnlich dem hier:
32017-12-23 11:36:29 UTCGerdP Hmm, Feuerwehrzufahrt hat nichts mit
emergency_access_point zu tun.
Ist ja eher ein Hinweis darauf, das Falschparken dort ganz schlecht ist.
Keine Ahnung, wie man das erfaßt.
42017-12-23 11:45:51 UTCGPS-Tux Ist gemäß der Beschreibung nicht identisch, finde ich aber am passendsten...
52017-12-23 11:52:53 UTCGerdP Kapier ich nicht.
highway=emergency_access_point bezeichnet einen Punkt auf einem Weg, in desssen Nähe so ein Rettungspunkt ist. Typischerweise irgendwo im Wald. Was hat das mit einem Parkverbot zu tun?
62017-12-23 11:55:26 UTCGPS-Tux irgendwie ist das ja ein "Notfall Zugangspunkt"...
72017-12-23 12:00:42 UTCGerdP Ein emergency_access_point ist aber wirklich etwas spezielles:

Dein Weg ist zunächst mal highway=service oder so, evtl. mit acce...
82017-12-23 12:02:18 UTCGPS-Tux ja, vielleicht ist es das hier:

aber da läuft ja eh grade in "clean-up" projekt der emergency tag struktur...
92017-12-24 14:30:10 UTCGerdP Ja, besser, kannte ich auch noch nicht.
12017-12-16 08:35:46 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please watch out for typo highway=unclasified
(single s) used on many ways in this area.
Probably caused by a bug in JOSM 13170 which sometimes forgets the presets and forces the user to type the complete tag value.
22017-12-17 08:53:13 UTCGerdP I did not correct the typo because I think that many ways are not unclassified but residential or service, for example this one looks like a highway=service + service=driveway.
Why did you change the existing tag?
32017-12-18 01:44:21 UTCCybban Hi! I'm gonna take a look at it now, the wiki I was reading wasn't so clear about what to do about driveways. Most of the unclassified ones is roads that leads to shops or other similiar like the wiki told me to put it as. But might not have been updated in a while.
But will fix the spellings now.
12017-12-17 08:45:26 UTCGerdP Moin!
Du hast hier einen highway=waterway (?)
über einen vorhandenen waterway=stream
"gemalt" :
Was soll das bedeauten?
12017-12-16 08:45:58 UTCGerdP Hi!
It seems that Go Map! created the meaningless tag
on this way:
If you don't know a ref for the road it is probably residential. If you change it to tertiary please change also the short ways at the roundabo...
12017-12-15 09:56:40 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please watch out for typo highway=unclassifed (missing 2nd i)
You used this wrong spelling for many ways.
(Note that JOSM 13170 sometimes forgets all preset values, this was correctsed with 13190)
See my corrections here:
12017-12-15 09:45:55 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please watch out for typo highway=residentiaal
(double a)
I found it as building=residentiaal and highway=residentiaal
Probably caused by a bug in JOSM 13170 which sometimes forgets the presets and forces the user to type the complete tag value.

22017-12-15 14:32:19 UTCbrianboru Thanks for the warning. I was wondering why JOSM was behaving like that
12017-12-13 08:04:49 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of the typo in tag highway="living street" used here:
It should be living_street (with underscore)
Anyhow, this type of road is very special. The wiki says "For living streets, which are residential...
12017-12-12 10:00:48 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway=rail on some ways
like this:
I guess this was just a mistake as they are also tagged with railway=rail ?
12017-12-12 09:56:03 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway=hale on
What does it mean?
12017-12-12 09:54:06 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway=deactivated.
It is only used here.
I assume you meant something like disused:highway=* ?
See also
22017-12-12 14:23:21 UTCBladeTC Oh yeah, that's it, I didn't remember the right tag to this way. I will fix it today. Tks
12017-12-12 09:50:59 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tags on this way:
The highway tag should give the class of the road, not a description or name.
A roundabout is quite special, maybe you can use this one as an example for mapping:
12017-12-12 09:36:20 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've corrected typo highway=4, please review :
22018-02-28 06:32:54 UTCMinh Nguyen Thanks! iD’s raw tag editor must’ve jumped around without my realizing it.
12017-12-11 07:04:30 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've changed some highway=unclasified
to unclassified (note the double s).
Please make sure to use the correct spelling, JOSM 13170 sometimes forgets all highway types.
22017-12-11 13:53:40 UTCdmgroom_ct Thanks, I only noticed the problem with the lastest JOSM recently. To be honest I'm surprised the validator didnt pick it up. Im being mre careful now.
32017-12-11 13:58:58 UTCGerdP The error is already fixed in recent JOSM 13190. The validator only shows it as information, I agree that highway should be treated different to other tags.
12017-12-11 07:14:42 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've fixed several ways with typo highway=unclassifed to
highway=unclassified here:
Please watch out to use the correct spelling ;-)
12017-12-11 07:07:49 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've removed highway=Residential from the buildings in this changeset. Maybe you meant building=residential?
12017-12-11 07:00:24 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've removed highway=* and bridge=yes from
What special information did you try to map with them?
22018-01-21 22:08:33 UTCIsland Human It seems that those were accidental tags.
Thanks for the edits.
12017-12-11 06:07:33 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've removed highway=water from this way:
What did you try to map with this tag?
12017-12-08 14:11:53 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway="tertiary highway"
used on a building. What does it mean?
There is also ele=5.6, I assume you meant the height of the building (height=5.6)
Instead of name=house please use building=house. The name ta...
12017-12-08 14:04:07 UTCGerdP Moin!
Du hast hier highway=street_lamp an einen Parkplatz gehängt. Meintest Du lit=yes ?
Mit highway=street_lamp werden die einzelnen Lampen als Knoten erfaßt.
22017-12-08 17:00:47 UTCmaction Hi, die Straßenlaterne, die ich mappen wollte, steht wo anders. Der Fahrradparkplatz wurde versehentlich markiert. Ist nun korrigiert.
12017-12-08 14:01:14 UTCGerdP Hi!
You add highway=street_lamp to a closed way with amenity=parking. I assume you meant lit=yes ?
The tag highway=street_lamp is meant for the nodes where a single lamp is located.
22017-12-08 19:28:03 UTCTimothy Smith I'm not entirely sure what I was going for here. Probably lit.
12017-12-08 13:54:41 UTCGerdP Moin!
Das Tag highway=mini_roundabout ist nur für knoten gedacht, wenn ein (geschlossener) Weg gemalt wird, dann passt entweder junction=roundabout oder evtl. junction=circular und das highway tag sollte hier wohl highway=residential sein.
22017-12-12 23:21:24 UTCatpl_pilot Hast Recht, da habe ich geschlafen. Fehler behoben.
12017-12-08 13:49:21 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check:
What does highway=mini_roundabout mean on these two ways?
I think the ways look like highway=unclassified, but where is the roundabout?
12017-12-08 13:39:59 UTCGerdP Moin!
Ich vermute, hier sollte es heigth=5 anstelle von highway=5 sein ?
12017-12-03 08:07:49 UTCGerdP Hi!
Why did you change the tag highway=path to highway=trak
on this way : ? This tag is only used here and the previous value seems to be appropriate.
22017-12-04 13:19:19 UTCaetius Hi!
this track - old railway line - is not a path but a wide track for pedestrians and cyclists that is accessible to only the tractors and vehicles allowed
32017-12-04 13:31:24 UTCGerdP OK, two points
1) trak is probably a typo for track
2) a track is meamt for agricultural vehicles, but this way has an explicit agricultural=no.
I think what you want to describe is a highway=cycleway, right?
42017-12-04 19:37:49 UTCaetius I do not speak English,
we do not understand
52017-12-04 21:04:34 UTCGerdP Excuse mon francais.
Je suggère d'utiliser highway=cycleway.
highway=trak est une faute d'orthographe
(trak -> track).
12017-12-04 11:10:47 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check highway=turning_circle on this way
I guess you wanted to change a different object?
12017-12-04 11:07:38 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of the typo highway=residental (missing 2nd "i").
I assume that JOSM has saved this wrong spelling and uses it whenever you start typing r e s , so please watch out to correct it. I've changed 23 ways here:
12017-12-03 08:12:01 UTCGerdP Hi!
I noticed this changeset because of the typo highway=u here:
I changed it to residential.
I wonder why you map the residential roads with highway=unclassified?
22017-12-03 09:22:07 UTCmindedie Thanks you fixing my typo. Its explain why could find why JOSM have auto complete highway=u
Why I tag residential as unclassified? How distinguish semi random roads? Its residential, service or just unclassified random street. Few building, maybe residential, don't make road residential? Setellite...
32017-12-03 10:04:06 UTCGerdP Yes, the wiki is not very clear about the destinction of unclassifed and residential, and I am also often unsure which is better when mapping in Japan.
When you follow this wiki: for unclassified it says
"The least most important through roads in...
42017-12-03 14:11:18 UTCmindedie "The given example serves to access properties...

Like all mapping, wiki and tags are work in progress. We can write and write and argue what tag is right till we dead :). In mailing list tagging debated multiple times and still no consensus and things le...
12017-11-28 09:26:32 UTCGerdP Moin und willkommen bei OSM!
Du hast Dich als OSM Neuling mit indoor Mapping ja gleich an ein ziemlich schwieriges Thema rangewagt ;-)
Ich kenne mich mit dem Thema nicht aus, aber highway=staiway ist seltsam.
Meintest Du room=stairs?
22017-11-29 11:09:24 UTCAl11ex Ja ich habe jetzt einiges mal ausprobiert und wusste jetzt nicht ganz genau wie ich das benennen soll, vielleicht kannst du mir ja ein bisschen helfen oder Tipps geben, wie ich den Fehler beheben könnte.
32017-11-29 11:57:51 UTCGerdP Wie gesagt, ich kenne mich mit indoor mapping nicht aus. Schwierig ist es, weil man oft mehrere Linien übereinander legen muss und dann ist die Auswahl der gewünschten Linie nicht mehr so simpel.
Ansonsen kann ich nur auf
42017-11-29 12:31:28 UTCAl11ex ok. Ich schau mal, danke.
52017-12-03 08:02:59 UTCGerdP Ich habe das unübliche highway=stairs nach highway=steps geändert.
62017-12-04 11:48:09 UTCAl11ex ok
12017-12-03 07:54:18 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check: What is meant with highway=mwembeni ?
12017-11-29 08:43:09 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review: What is meant with highway=kn on ?
Why are the footways in this area not connected to e.g. ? Instead they are connected with (end at) the landuse area.
22017-11-29 12:08:32 UTCwalley 1: an error, fixed.
2: czech cadastral service (source) does not show the rest of park footways, site survey is needed.
12017-11-29 08:27:37 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway="Ngô Sĩ Liên, KDC Metro"
I assume that "Ngô Sĩ Liên, KDC Metro" is the name of a residential road, so you should use
highway=residential + name=Ngô Sĩ Li&ecir...
12017-11-28 09:31:09 UTCGerdP Hi!
What did you try to map with this way?
Normally the tag highway=traffic_signal is used for a node on a highway=*.

12017-11-28 09:06:58 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
You used the tag highway=crossing for a way here. The tag is only meant for nodes shared by a major road and a minor way (footway / cycleway).
So, if there is a crossing (no bridge or tunnel), please make sure that the minor way and the major are connected and tag the share...
22018-04-30 14:48:05 UTCrealthargor Hi, thanks and sorry for the late answer.
I tried to fix it.
See here:
12017-11-28 08:57:14 UTCGerdP Hi!
Why did you add the tag highway=* to this church?
22017-11-28 11:12:48 UTCgaldinokun HI, that was a mistake. Was reading the wikia guide and messing around with the option and I guess I saved without a double ckeck. thanks for pointing that out.
12017-11-22 08:44:29 UTCGerdP Hi!
What is meant with highway=private + access=no ? Why did you add turn restrictions for a road when it is not accessible for anybody?
22017-11-27 14:44:11 UTCvladmoldo Hello!

I think you are right. If the service way already has "access=no" it is redundant to also add turn restrictions.
So it is best to add restrictions (if they are present) only when the service way doesn't have the "access=no" tag.

Thank you for the remark

Good day,...
32017-11-27 15:01:22 UTCGerdP OK, did you also understand that highway=private is very unusual?
42017-11-28 13:56:22 UTCvladmoldo Hi,

Highway=private is incorrect. I think "access=private" was meant there. But that is also not the best option.
I think it is better to go for the "access=no" tag in these situations.

Good day!
12017-11-21 10:51:49 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway=4wd_only.
Maybe use surface=* and smoothness=* to describe that a 4wd is needed the tag highway=* should describe what the road is used for. See also
22017-11-21 10:54:57 UTCBrackoNe I have foundout few minutes ago that I can use surface:grade=0 for AWD vehicles.

Thank you anyway.
32017-11-21 13:21:36 UTCnevw The tag 4wd_only=recommended is derived from the Australian Tagging Guidelines:
42017-11-25 08:08:25 UTCGerdP Hi!
Why is the road still tagged as highway=4wd_only ?
52017-11-27 09:37:42 UTCBrackoNe OK, I have fixed it.
62017-11-27 09:44:27 UTCGerdP Please add surface=* as well, as the meaning of surface:grade=0 is only clear when the surface is known.
72017-11-27 09:46:58 UTCBrackoNe Done. Thanks.
12017-11-27 07:49:28 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review: You changed a highway=living_street to highway=living street here.
I suggest to use something like was:highway=living_street instead, as your tag looks like a simple typo.
12017-11-22 08:39:51 UTCGerdP Hi!
I noticed this changeset because of the unusual highway=hallway which is only used here. An alternative might be highway=corridor :
22017-11-22 13:20:40 UTCPieter Vander Vennet Changed, thx for pointing out
32017-11-27 07:44:08 UTCGerdP Hmm, not sure what you changed but
still has the same tags.
42017-11-27 12:47:29 UTCPieter Vander Vennet Funny, I thought you were talking about the station of Bruges, where I used hallway as well.

It is a corridor now; promised :p
12017-11-26 10:30:20 UTCGerdP Hi!
I changed typo highway=Path to path here:
12017-11-26 10:28:10 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tags like highway=Hẻm 479
used here:
I assume that "Hẻm 479" is the name of the road and
In this case you should use name=Hẻm 479
The tag key highway gives the...
12017-11-26 10:07:55 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review way
The tag highway=mini_roundabout is for nodes, not for circular ways.
The connected ways in the south have no tags.
12017-11-24 13:38:44 UTCGerdP Hi!
You created a very short way here with tagging that normally is used for a node. Was that intended?
22017-11-24 21:17:58 UTCyoi No I don't think it's intended. Please delete it for me. Cheers.
32017-11-24 21:37:28 UTCGerdP OK, I've deleted the way. What about adding the tags to the shared node ?
42017-11-24 22:16:28 UTCyoi Not sure I understand what you meant. What tag? What shared nodes? And it's so long ago and I was only visiting Cardiff for a day so I know very little of the area. If you are local, I'm sure you can edit the may through survey.
52017-11-25 08:12:48 UTCGerdP I meant this node
I am not a local, I just stumbled over the wrong tag on a way, Anyway, a traffic_light is not that important ;-)
62017-11-25 18:50:32 UTCyoi Hello. I do remember creating a couple of traffic lights (or pedestrian crossing) on that road. What tag did I use? Was it wrong? Please feel free to fix it. Cheers.
72017-11-26 09:30:31 UTCGerdP What tags did you use? See
Was it wrong: I think yes, the tags are not useful for a way, but they may be correct for the node
Feel free to fix it if you remember what it was, if not, maybe add a note t...
12017-11-21 11:27:22 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check typo highway=sers on
service or residential?
22017-11-25 08:15:56 UTCGerdP Changed it to service now.
32017-12-11 22:55:42 UTCcquest Sorry for the typo... thanks for the fix !
12017-11-24 09:21:59 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check highway=traffic_signals on
Did you mean track?
22017-11-24 09:25:11 UTCGerdP Same here:
But that doesn't look like a hw=track.
32017-11-24 18:47:11 UTCff5722 Fixed, probably happened because of this issue
42017-11-24 19:08:57 UTCGerdP OK. The 2nd one is not yet fixed.
12017-11-24 13:42:37 UTCGerdP Hi!
You added highway=traffc_signals to a way with railway=tram here. I assume you wanted to change only one node of this way?
12017-11-24 09:37:18 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check highway=traffic_signals on
Did you mean track ?
22017-11-24 09:38:30 UTCGerdP Same here:
12017-11-24 09:34:36 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check your changes on
I think you didn't want to add highway=traffic_signals to a building?
22017-11-24 12:05:13 UTCTKE-waka I made a mistake, fixed it
12017-11-24 08:44:24 UTCGerdP Hi!
The combination highway=motorway_junction + area=yes is only used here. What was wrong with the old tagging?
22017-11-24 09:27:08 UTCHlav Hi, I changed the tags because, on the wiki (page Tag:junction=yes) they write: "Junctions on motorways (or similar) serve for orientation and transport at great distances (and not for orientation in the local area). Use highway=motorway_junction for these cases, and not junction=yes." Thi...
32017-11-24 09:31:01 UTCGerdP Yes, if you want to map the area maybe use area:highway , see
12017-11-24 09:28:18 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway=traffic_signals
I assume you meant highway=footway and maybe crossing=traffic_signals?
Please check also why the footways are not connected with the major roads. Are there bridges / tunnels?
12017-11-24 09:19:11 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check typo highway=traffic_signals on
12017-11-24 09:13:47 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway=traffic_signals on two ways. I assume you meant track instead, but these roads don't look like tracks, more like disused:highway=residential
12017-11-24 09:07:00 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway=traffic_signals on way
I guess you meant track ?
12017-11-24 09:03:07 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check:
What does highway=traffic_signals mean on a parking?
12017-11-24 08:55:44 UTCGerdP Moin!
Was bedeutet highway=track33 an diesem Weg : ?
Ich habe kürzlich auch schon einen highway=service33 gefunden und auf service geändert :
Erst jetzt habe ich gesehen, dass Du gar nicht JOS...
22017-11-24 10:49:27 UTCbürsti Hallo,
vermutlich hat beim weiter zeichnen die 3 für Fläche sich in den Track eingeschlichen. Eine andere Erklärung fällt mir nicht ein.
Mfg bürsti
12017-11-24 08:47:48 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check: What does highway=sere mean ? I it only used here. I guess it is a typo for service?
22017-11-24 12:46:16 UTCkao It's a typo for service, indeed. Thanks for pointing it out to me. I have corrected it now.
12017-11-24 08:40:46 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've changed the unusual highway=ford here:
See also
12017-11-23 09:16:52 UTCGerdP Hi!
What is meant with highway="minor path" here: ?
I think path is already the lowest class.
I also don't see this track in Bing.
Do you have local knowledge from survey?
22017-11-23 09:44:34 UTCRCD49 Hello:
yes, I have (now) "a lot" of local knowledge.
I am working (with CartONG on a development project, together with a collective in Larabanga. I just received back their work on about 45 FieldPapers I sent them for the town and they have (among many other correc...
32017-11-23 10:32:11 UTCGerdP Hi Robert, sounds great. From sat images one may get the impression that there is no real road network, means, everybody seems to walk the shortest possible way avoiding buildings and other obstacles ;-)
12017-11-22 08:55:18 UTCGerdP Moin!
Du hast hier ein Stück Straße "entfernt", in dem Du es zum highway=turning_cycle gemacht hast. Ein dafür übliches highway=turning_circle (!) ist aber auch am südlichen Knoten. Ich denke, die Änderung sollte rückgängig gemacht werden.
12017-11-22 08:50:16 UTCGerdP Hi! Please don't use tags like highway=service_link instead of highway=service here:
The _link suffix is only used for major road types (tertiary and higher)
12017-11-21 10:55:29 UTCGerdP Hi!
You changed a highway=path to the unusual highway=access here.
I guess you want to express that a car can use this road? If yes, why didn't you use highway=service?
22017-11-21 17:12:08 UTCmotogs Hi @GerdP, your guess is correct. The local post van uses the road frequently, but it's virtually unused by any other vehicle. The car park (at one end) and the Manor House (at the other) are each served by other highways. None of the usual values - including 'service' - seem appropriate for this...
32017-11-21 17:25:28 UTCGerdP Don't know the local laws, do you think that something like access=destination or motor_vehicle=destination is suitable ?
42017-11-23 19:13:15 UTCmotogs Thanks for your help on this. I think motor_vehicle=destination would be fairly appropriate though not strictly accurate. I considered access =discouraged but there's no signage (yet) to support this.
12017-11-21 11:22:32 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've changed highway="residential;living_street" to highway=living_street here:
This seems to be a common problem caused by Go Map! . Please watch out and maybe contact the programmer to fix it.
12017-11-21 11:17:32 UTCGerdP Moin!
Warum highway=racetrack und nicht das übliche raceway?
22017-11-21 12:20:05 UTCstadt-koeln-tillmann Stimmt. Habe ich direkt geändert. Danke!
12017-11-21 11:15:44 UTCGerdP Hi!
The tag highway=milestone is normally used for nodes.
Did you mean historic=milestone?
12017-11-21 11:12:41 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway="jalan buntu".
If I got that right that means "dead end road". The highway tag should describe what the road is used for , maybe highway=service + service=driveway in this case. You may add n...
12017-11-20 09:03:32 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway=Pegasus Croft
12017-11-20 08:59:30 UTCGerdP Moin!
Ich habe bei aus highway=residentail wieder residential (ai -> ia) gemacht. Irgendeine Idee, wie es zu diesem Dreher kam ?
22017-11-22 05:16:21 UTCalan1209 Moin. Das ist ja komisch, kann ich mir leider nicht erklären. Danke für den Hinweis und die Korrektur.
12017-11-16 08:17:57 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I changed the unusual highway=service_road to service here
See also
22017-11-19 17:25:27 UTCportolan Thanks, I think I was meant to use service=driveway; highway=service there.
32017-11-19 18:50:27 UTCGerdP Well, many roads in this area are tagged like that, but I think that these tags imply access=private, as service=driveway normally leads to a single building. Maybe service=alley matches, maybe highway=living_street or just the usual highway=residential.
12017-11-19 09:14:44 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
You changed the road class from highway=tertiary to the unusual value minor.
If I got that right the road is only used to get closer to the Philosopher Falls, so I think it is a highway=service + surface=unpaved.
See also
22017-11-19 11:19:50 UTCajp99 Thanks GerdP
I am not very experienced with OSM tags so I was not quite sure how to classify the road. Your comments have helped and I have used your suggestion. I also notice that somehow I didn't actually add the 'steps' tag, which I have done.
32017-11-19 11:44:33 UTCGerdP Yes, and I still don't see any highway=steps ;-)
42017-11-20 08:47:52 UTCnevw Steps at end of the the walk I expect and look ok.
12017-11-19 09:36:52 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway=yrt
I guess you meant highway=tertiary?
22017-11-19 09:38:07 UTCff5722 yes, thanks, it was fixed :)
12017-11-19 09:31:23 UTCGerdP Moin!
Habe hier Deinen highway=pfad (?) auf highway=footway geändert und ein paar weitere Wege eingezeichnet:
Ist die Brücke wirklich nur für Fußgänger?
Fährt denn heute niemand mehr mit dem Rad zur Schule?
12017-11-19 09:19:38 UTCGerdP Hi!
I changed the unusual highway=path:disused to the common disused:highway=path. See also
12017-11-17 21:02:06 UTCGerdP Hi Minh,
I see that you finally managed to update the data. I still see many errors like duplicated ways, nodes with amenity=parking .
The tag amenity=parking is not meant for each parking space, you can use amenity=parking_space for this. See also
22017-11-18 08:09:04 UTCminhvo1015 Hi Gerd,
thanks for your feedback and the improvement suggestion for the parking spaces. Issues regarding to duplicated ways: is deleting manually the duplicated ways the only solution for this issue or you have some idea that it can be done quicklier?
32017-11-18 08:37:16 UTCGerdP Hi Minh,
no idea what you mean. JOSM validator tells you when it finds duplicated ways. You have to decide which one is to be kept, normally I select the older one if both have the same tags. If they have different tags one has to deicde if the ways should be merged into one or not.

12017-09-12 17:16:32 UTCdaganzdaanda Hi 91301101, welcome to OpenStreetMap!

I think that you want to add good information, but the way that you are doing this right now is not very useful.

Please read the wiki to check if you are using the tags correctly:

For example, here is the de...
22017-10-31 08:58:20 UTCGerdP Hi 91301101,
it seems you stopped mapping after reading the above changeset comment. Now I wonder if there is a way to change your data so that it is useful for OSM. Since you did not correct it so far I think it would be better to remove it.
32017-11-15 20:12:45 UTCgoedegazelle Nguyen is the most common surname in Viet nam. If this data is removed (which I highly recommend) than it should be removed thoroughly.
42017-11-15 20:58:45 UTCGerdP I am not sure what you mean. I refered to nodes with e.g. addr:housenumber=ks or KS,
shop=123 or maybe addr:place=a.
This area is full of this data and it is nearly impossible to fix it without local knowledge.
52017-11-17 15:07:28 UTCgoedegazelle A fix would indeed be impossible. The data may contain personal names so it should be removed completely without leaving a trace.
62017-11-18 06:32:04 UTCGerdP OK, I've removed all nodes in OSM which were last changed by mapper 91301101.
I see similar bad data from other mappers,
They all use source ditagis. Is that a valid source for OSM?
72017-11-19 13:54:29 UTCdaganzdaanda Google says, Ditagis is the "CENTER FOR DEVELOPING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM (DITAGIS)" at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology:
So this looks li...
82017-11-19 14:00:50 UTCdaganzdaanda A newly active mapper:ơn/history#map=13/10.8363/106.7702
92017-11-19 14:02:17 UTCdaganzdaanda Tubk86 has been active for a longer time, and s/he has responded to a changeset comment once, so I tried to ask her/him about the meaning of the tagging and if it's a University project:
102017-11-19 14:17:07 UTCdaganzdaanda Another try...
12017-11-18 06:31:02 UTCGerdP Hi!
I see that you mapped house numbers which is good but why did you add nodes with wrong tags like addr:place=a like this or with addr:housenumber=KS like this ?
Please correct the data or remove it.
12017-11-18 05:46:02 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Please review typo highway=unclassfied
instead of unclassified on 6 ways,
12017-11-16 08:02:51 UTCGerdP Hi!
I just stumbled over what looks like totally misaligned roads and found this changeset.
See e.g.
or the track starting at
Maybe the sat images changed since your changes? Current layer from Strava se...
22017-11-17 11:23:03 UTCMaarten Deen I'm sure when I mapped this (more than 2 years ago) it aligned with the then available imagery. Lots of roads there do not line up with current Bing imagery.
32017-11-17 11:27:47 UTCGerdP Yes, roads in OSM don't match with sat images and also both don't match with Strava data. Quite unusual. I am not a local and have no idea what data is best.
12017-11-06 09:33:13 UTCGerdP Moin!
Warum erfaßt Du diese Fläche(n) mit
so seltsam mit highway=traffic_island +
landuse=residential ?
andere aber ganz üblich mit landuse=traffic_island wie hier:
22017-11-17 08:19:45 UTCatpl_pilot Guten Morgen, Zuvor war die gesamte Fläche - also quer über alles Straße mit landuse=residential getagt. Mann konnte aber nicht abschätzen, wie breit die Straße wirklich ist.
Daher habe ich die die Verkehrsinseln aufgeteilt in den Bereich der Grünfläche ist bzw....
32017-11-17 08:31:50 UTCGerdP Hallo Stefan,
na ja, richtig oder falsch ist so eine Sache, bis heute scheint es kein anerkanntes tagging-Schema für die Fläche einer Verkersinsel zu geben. Ist ja auch fraglich, warum man die erfassen sollte. Aber egal, highway=traffic_island ist zumindest seltener als die Alternativen l...
12017-11-17 08:13:42 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've reverted mixed types highway=living_street;residential
on to highway=living_street, see
It seems that GoMap! produces these wrong tags, so please be careful and maybe contact the programmer to f...
12017-11-17 08:04:59 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
You changed the tag highway=primary to
highway="Jalan Desa Ranaka" here.
I guess that Jalan Desa Ranaka is the name of the road, so I changed it to
highway=primary + name=Jalan Desa Ranaka.
See also

12017-11-09 08:23:39 UTCGerdP Hi!
There are still a few roads with highway=minor. Do you plan to change them as well?
22017-11-09 11:22:54 UTCWalkerB Hi Gerd,

As I come across them I will change them. I realized after digitizing this particular set that we moved to unclassified, so I went back and modified those that popped up quickly.
32017-11-09 11:29:29 UTCWalkerB I think I got the remaining four or five but will continue to look for them
42017-11-16 14:41:35 UTCWalkerB Gerd,
Thank you for checking me on those. I really appreciate it!
52017-11-16 14:49:36 UTCGerdP Well,
I am not checking you but the list of highway=* values from taginfo. Whenever I see a new way with an unusual value and I think it is not just a typo I try to connect the mapper.
12017-11-16 08:24:11 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review misplaced tag highway=traffic_signals
12017-11-16 08:15:10 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've changed highway=residential_link to secondary_link + oneway=yes, see
Please use only those _link values listed in the wiki:
See also
12017-11-16 08:05:01 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway="residential;unclassified" on
It seems that the app GoMap! creates such wrong data ?
22017-11-21 14:08:19 UTCzwaygp Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I have gone back and changed it.
12017-11-16 07:46:26 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway=hi on
22017-11-16 10:29:23 UTCpatrik6761 Hey, i will fix this later today. Thank you.
12017-11-14 19:02:39 UTCGerdP I think you should have highway=crossing + crossing=traffic_signals instead of
highway=traffic_signals + crossing=traffic_signals
22017-11-14 19:33:38 UTCRaulvior From the wiki page at [1]:
"Add the following tags in addition to highway=traffic_signals for pedestrian crossings if the entire crossing is represented by a single node, or to each highway=crossing nodes if the pedestrian crossings are tagged on their own (strongly recommended)."

32017-11-14 19:40:15 UTCGerdP My understanding is that you have a highway=crossing as described in
42017-11-14 19:58:20 UTCRaulvior Judge yourself:

highway=traffic_signals + crossing=traffic_signals + highway=footway + footway=crossing.

52017-11-14 20:12:48 UTCGerdP OK, I don't know about the nodes shared with the rails, but the other two are obviously nodes shared by a footway=crossing and a major road, so highway=crossing is the right tag. The tag highway=traffic_signals is only used for simple crossroads of two major roads.
62017-11-14 20:25:53 UTCRaulvior I am using the "Vehicle traffic signals before intersection, pedestrian crossings not separately mapped " approach. It is perfectly valid as per Traffic signals:

72017-11-15 08:12:40 UTCGerdP The wiki says "Add the following tags in addition to highway=traffic_signals for pedestrian crossings if the entire crossing is represented by a single node, or to each highway=crossing nodes if th...
82017-11-15 14:24:25 UTCRaulvior As I understand it, the crossing is not tagged on its own. There are highway=traffic_signals nodes on a pedestrian crossing. If the nodes were highway=crossing with highway=traffic_lights on a separate node, then the crossing would be tagged on its own.

Also, if I remove the tag "footway=cro...
92017-11-15 14:36:30 UTCGerdP OK, seems that the two alternatives are both accepted. So I've learned something new ;-)
12017-11-15 08:07:24 UTCGerdP Hi!
What is meant with highway=погорелова ?
12017-11-15 08:02:12 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check highway="carrer de València"
I assume you wanted to change the name
instead of the highway tag?
22017-11-15 11:26:46 UTCmateuvic oh! thanks. I will correct it
12017-11-15 07:56:53 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed that you used highway=bridge for a few ways crossing waterways. The usual way is to give the bridge the tag bridge=yes.
Typically you have either a highway=* + bridge=yes + layer=1
or waterway=* + tunnel=culvert + layer=-1
in this situation.
See also http://wiki.openstreetmap....
22017-11-15 07:59:02 UTCGerdP One more link:
12017-11-15 07:45:41 UTCGerdP Hi! Please review typo highway=44 on
I assume you meant height=44?
22017-11-15 07:58:39 UTCMilancer OK, tag corrected. Thank for info.
12017-11-14 08:27:34 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this change because of the unusual highway=residential_link used here:
Besides that residential_link should not be used I think it is a secondary_link or just hw=residential.
12017-11-14 08:22:07 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've changed highway=crossing to highway=footway + footway=crossing here:
I've also changed the nodes from highway=traffic_signals to highway=crossing. Please review.
22017-11-14 14:08:16 UTCRaulvior Hello,
The crossing still has the value "traffic_signals" of the key "highway". Anyways, the crossing has both traffic signals for people and for cars and tram. I have made a new changeset adding "button_operated=yes" to the road semaphores. I forgot to add that. Link ...
12017-11-14 08:17:03 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this change because of the tag highway=crossing used on a way like here:
This tag is meant to be used on the node shared by the major road and the footway. The footway itself is mapped with highway=footway + footway=...
12017-11-14 08:08:22 UTCGerdP Moin!
Bitte verwende highway=crossing nur für den Node, den Fußweg und (Haupt-)Straße gemeinsam haben. Der Fußweg selbst wird wie immer mit highway=footway und zusätzlich mit footway=crossing erfaßt.
Im Falle von lä...
12017-11-13 14:29:12 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please don't use Bing where Japan GSI ortho Imagery is available. Bing is not ortorectified enough.
12017-11-13 07:48:07 UTCGerdP Hi!
Why did you change highway=residential to highway=Road here?
The previous value highway=residential looks correct to me.
12017-11-12 09:14:51 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway=unclassifiedth on
Looks like a highway=residential to me.
12017-11-12 09:09:23 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
You (accidentially?) changed the highway=trunk instead of adding / changing a node on this way. I've reverted that change.
Please see
12017-11-12 08:59:44 UTCGerdP Moin!
Das Tag highway=mini_roundabout is nur für nodes. Die vorherige Version war also "richtiger". Was hat Dir daran nicht gefallen? Siehe auch
22017-11-12 15:31:17 UTCgoegeo Sorry, habe ich nicht gewusst. Meine Änderung basierte auf eigenen Erfahrungen, da ich mehrmals im Monat an der betroffenen Stelle vorbei komme und aufgrund der tatsächlichen Größe immer schwanke zwischen Mini- und normalen Kreisverkehr. Die Bausausführung entspricht aber d...
12017-11-12 08:52:43 UTCGerdP Hi!

Please don't use highway=mini_roundabout for ways. The tag is only meant for nodes when you don't want to draw the circular way.
I also think that this way is connected to Rue de la Landes.
Please revi...
22017-11-12 09:55:11 UTCAdrien G Hi,
Indeed the mini_roundabout was a mistake.

The small way is not connected to the other road. It only goes to a small parking, which I had to OSM.

For the name, I have to verify, but I think it's rue de la Lande.

Thank you for your reviews.
12017-11-10 10:16:07 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway=closed on
The tag is only used here. If the road is disused, I think disused:highway=residential would be better. See also
12017-11-10 10:04:22 UTCGerdP Hi!
What is meant with highway=rebuilt on ? It is only used here.
I guess you meant something like was;highway=primary as described here:
12017-11-10 10:00:03 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review
and name="Ituzaingó;Atatürk Caddessı"
12017-11-10 09:55:53 UTCGerdP Moin!
Mir ist dieser Weg aufgefallen:
wegen highway=passing_place
Das sollte an einen node, nicht an eine Fläche.
Ist das hier ein Platz, wo z.B. Trecker rechts ran fahren, um andere überholen zu lassen? Eigentlich braucht man ja an mehrspuri...
12017-11-10 08:30:14 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway="Buddha Park Road" on
I think you meant addr:street="Buddha Park Road" ?
On the other hand, I wonder if a leisure=park really has a address.
I sug...
12017-11-09 08:31:18 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway=unclassifiedr
Looks like unclassified or track to me, but I guess you wanted to change it from unclassified to residential?
22017-11-10 20:50:13 UTCVLD007 Dear GerdP,
Thank you for your comment and for bringing this to my attention; the tag has been fixed. Thank you for your time and feedback.
12017-11-07 07:26:59 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this change because of the tag highway=crossing used on a way. This tag is meant for the node shared by the footway and the major road, the footway itself should be tagged highway=footway + footway=crossing.
Please review my changes:
22017-11-08 10:00:17 UTCJan Wilts You're right, I'm sorry...
32017-11-08 10:01:58 UTCGerdP You're welcome! Thanks for the feedback :-)
12017-11-08 09:36:44 UTCGerdP Hi again.
Please check; You've mapped a cycleway here
which is crossing a footway
Are they connected or is the cycleway also under this bridge
12017-11-08 09:29:07 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of strange lanes values like
I assume you meant turn:lanes:forward=left;through|through ?
See also
12017-11-08 09:12:35 UTCGerdP Hi!
What is meant with highway=prop on some ways like ?
22017-11-08 12:21:56 UTCmaraf24 Should be highway=proposed.
Already fixed.

12017-10-06 07:22:20 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
The tag highway=social_path is only used here. If you want to express that nobody is allowed to use a path the tag access=no is enough. If you want to express that there is no path at all you can use was:highway=path or maybe historic:highway=path
22017-11-07 07:50:46 UTCGerdP I've changed it to path here:
12017-11-01 07:07:13 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review:
There are overlapping natural=sand areas and one is tagged highway=incline. I see no need for the highway tag since you also added this way:
22017-11-07 07:45:43 UTCGerdP Please review my changes here:
12017-11-07 07:42:03 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway=grass. Maybe you meant highway=service + surface=grass here?
There is also an unclosed way with recycling_type=container
22017-11-16 13:23:06 UTCmuralito Fixed the ficticious motorway and other details.
12017-11-06 08:30:46 UTCGerdP Moin!
Mir ist diese Änderung aufgefallen, weil Du highway=abandoned:secondary anstelle des üblichen abandoned:highway=secondary verwendet hast.Sieht für mich aber eher nach Baustelle aus. Wenn es dauerhaft so bleibt, dann sind die beiden Enden von L 602 wahrscheinlich auch nicht mehr...
22017-11-06 10:33:37 UTCRailAir Hallo,
Deine Vermutung wird wohl richtig sein. Falls sich da nicht demnächst jemand mit Ortskenntnissen der Angelegenheit annimmt werde ich erst im nächsten Jahr dort mal vorbei schauen. Mir scheint da vieles noch im Fluß zu sein. Die z.Z. gesperrte Strecke wird wieder befahren werd...
32017-11-06 11:05:52 UTCGerdP Hallo Bernd,
okay, wenn die Strecke wieder benutzt werden wird, dann passt disused:highway=secondary besser, siehe auch
12017-11-06 08:46:01 UTCGerdP Hi!
What is meant with highway=red on this road?
Just a typo?
22017-11-06 08:51:22 UTCGerdP Sure, you probably meant residential. I've changed it to that.
12017-11-06 08:43:59 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've corrected typo highway=private. Please review:
12017-11-06 08:23:07 UTCGerdP Hi!
A ford is mapped with ford=yes, please review my changes:
See also
12017-11-02 07:53:07 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway="Materiels didacticques" on
I assume you wanted to add a new tag instead of changing the highway=residential?
22017-11-06 08:13:33 UTCGerdP I've reverted your change now. Maybe you wanted to add another node for a shop ?
12017-11-05 06:14:01 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway=ford used on this way:
I assume you meant highway=path + ford=yes ?
What is meant with foot=no in this case?
Is it really not allowed to walk through the ford?
12017-11-04 08:09:13 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway=roadu on and
I assume you wanted to change road to unclassified?
22017-11-04 12:55:54 UTCHeinz_V Thanks, I made the corrections
12017-10-20 09:45:46 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review:
Some roads in this area are mapped as highway="service road" instead of service and they are not connected to the other ways. They also have names like "dead end" or "Service Road" which seem to be fantasy names.
I also wonder if ways like https://...
22017-11-04 08:02:23 UTCGerdP I've changed the ways with highway="service road", see
12017-11-03 06:21:12 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please revert this change.
1) The information "Area de Rsico Tiros/ Assalto" should not be added to the highway tag. Maybe use note="Area de Rsico Tiros/ Assalto"
2) Google is not a valid source because their licence doesn't match with OSM.
Please remove all data with t...
12017-11-03 06:06:27 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've changed a way with highway=bridge, see
12017-11-03 06:02:27 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway=aerial on
The tag is only used here, I assume it is a typo?
12017-11-02 08:29:31 UTCGerdP HI and welcome to OSM!
I've fixed a few problems in this area:
1) typo highway=tracks instead of track
2) roads ending at landuse=farmland ways
3) roads ending at amenity=school
My changes:
Hope this helps and happy mapping!
12017-11-02 08:15:22 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check the ways with highway=mini_roundabout like this:
I think they are all highway=path or highway=service. The tag highway=mini_roundabout should only be used for nodes.
12017-11-02 07:50:52 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed that you try to map some road markings as islands here. The highway tag should not be used for this, I think area:highway=emergency or area:highway=traffic_island is used for this, see also
12017-11-01 06:54:00 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway=crossing used on ways instead of highway=footway + footway=crossing.
I see no need to map the way itself because the footways are not mapped as extra ways in this area. So, I would only add a node with highway=crossing and further tags where appropriate here:
12017-11-01 06:45:05 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've corrected the mapping of a pedestrian crossing here:
The shared node of major road and footway is tagged with highway=crossing.
The footway itself is tagged with highway=footway + footway=crossing.
For both objects you...
22017-11-02 10:25:46 UTCportolan Thanks! So to recap: zebra crossing highways are footways, and the node at the lane is highway crossing.
I'll keep this in mind and fix the errors I find.
12017-11-01 06:37:57 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've corrected a highway=brdige here:
12017-10-30 06:05:23 UTCGerdP Moin!
Ich habe diese Änderung revertiert. Der Kreisverkehr wird durch junction=roundabout erfaßt und das tag highway=motorway_junction ist nur für nodes, siehe

12017-10-22 09:49:07 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this changeset because you created a lot of short ways where the sat image shows one road. Please connect these parts. I think that this way can be reached with a car, so it is probably a highway=unclassified. You used...
22017-10-24 08:24:59 UTCGerdP I've done some corrections, please review my changes:
12017-10-23 09:16:39 UTCGerdP Hi mati-cl,
I see that you changed here, but I still don't see what it is.
12017-04-10 06:22:04 UTCupendrakarukonda Hi PeetTheEngineer,

You added `highway = yes` tag to the features which doesn't exist in OSM. Can you change it and give a appropriate one.


22017-10-23 09:05:14 UTCGerdP Digital Globe seems to show a highway=track next to the rails. I assume this was meant with highway=yes?
If yes, draw the highway as an extra way.
12017-10-23 08:37:00 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway=footpath on
Is it a hw=path or hw=footway?
22017-10-23 08:40:09 UTCwonka68 It's a new footpath. Apologiees for incorrect tagging.

I guess it should be hw=path
32017-10-23 08:47:09 UTCGerdP Ok, please correct it and add a surface tag and remove the tag cycleway=yes..
42017-10-23 09:36:42 UTCwonka68 Done
12017-10-22 09:09:47 UTCGerdP Moin!
Bitte prüfen:
1) Tippfehler: Eine Zufahrt wird mit highway=service + service=driveway erfaßt:
2) Heißt das Ding wirklich genauso wie die L705 an der Stelle und wie diese Zufahrt: ?
22017-10-22 09:47:05 UTCOlsch Nr. 1 habe ich korrigiert.
Das mit der Benennung von Zufahrten... kann man wohl so oder so sehen. Streng genommen haben Zufahrten ja keine Namen, zur Zuordnung von Gebäuden zu Straßen - also wenn man nur auf die Karte guckt - finde ich das aber hilfreich.

Der alte Teil der Kosterstra&...
32017-10-22 09:59:14 UTCGerdP Ich seh das eher streng, kann aber damit leben ;-)
12017-10-22 09:27:49 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please add / check the layer tags to the cycleway between and
12017-10-22 08:57:55 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this change because you used hghway=crossing for a way. Please review my corrections:
12017-10-22 04:20:11 UTCGerdP Hi Hermann!
I noticed that there are large residential areas in Vallée Du Zio. I wonder if this polygon is still up to date which would mean that all the buildings are in a hazard prone area.
12017-10-21 08:50:23 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check: I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway=access.
Mapbox shows roads which look like highway=service to me.
This road is probably just a service=driveway without a name?
And this one probably is longer according ...
12017-10-21 08:37:52 UTCGerdP Hi!
Sorry for this late comment:
I found nearly 3000 buildings with addr:street=Mkwajuni in this area
but no road with this name. What I found was this boundary:
Do you agree that the addr:street tag is wrong here and should be removed?
The same p...
12017-10-21 08:10:46 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review:
1) You changed a highway=primary to highway=Trunk. The correct value would be trunk
2) You removed oneway=yes from this road, I am pretty sure that it is a oneway road.
3) You added tags like Smooth=Good
or Smooth=Intermediate to some roads.
I assume you meant smoothness=go...
22017-10-21 08:13:31 UTCGerdP Just noticed that you also removed name=Nelson Mandela Road, I fixed it here:
12017-10-20 13:49:29 UTCGerdP Hi
You added lots of buildings here which duplicated existing buildings.
I've reverted the change here:
22017-10-20 13:54:57 UTCklain890 Thank you for the correction, probably that was due to the imagery that loaded in my JOSM and was indicating un-mapped buildings.
12017-10-20 10:14:06 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of the unusual tag highway=vehicletesting
which is only used in this area.
What do you think about changing it to highway=service + service=test_track.
This is used 30 times for similar roads and highway=service is rendered.
I assume all these roads shou...
12017-09-10 08:51:19 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
You tried to map a roundabout here:
using highway=turning_loop
This tag is only meant for nodes, when you don't want to draw the circular way itself. You should use junction=roundabout for a real roundabout. See
22017-10-20 08:17:23 UTCGerdP Please review my changes:
12017-10-20 05:58:39 UTCGerdP Moin!
Ich habe ein paar Korrekturen zu den Zebrastreifen gemacht, siehe
12017-10-17 05:00:40 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review 5 roads with highway=R
in this changeset. I assume you meant residential?
Why do you add import=yes to these ways? If these ways are from an import, you should mention the source of this import instead or additional to Digital Globe. In this case I assume you just use copy+paste...
22017-10-17 17:13:37 UTCVLD007 Hello Gerd.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I corrected the misspelling.

32017-10-17 17:59:47 UTCGerdP I learned now that you work for the "AI-Assisted Road Tracing" project. My understanding of the wiki page is that you should not tag each way with source=* and import=yes but instead use these tags for the changeset. I think this would be much better.
42017-10-19 16:38:21 UTCVLD007 Hi GerdP,
Thank you for following up! Based on initial feedback for this import we decided to tag each way created by our team mainly because of community requests. Having each way tagged also makes the process more transparent so the community can quickly give us detailed feedback if needed.
52017-10-19 16:51:34 UTCGerdP Hi Kurt,
your wiki page was recently changed to match this tagging, but I don't see where this was discussed. Some mappers in Germany (including myself) are very unhappy with this and you risk reverts by DWG. See also
62017-10-25 23:06:31 UTCVLD007 Hi GerdP,
We are sorry that you are upset and have responded to the import list question. We hope you understand we are trying to have more transparency by tagging every element.
12017-10-19 08:49:02 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review, I fear you accidentially moved a part of a major road by > 70m, see
12017-10-19 06:52:38 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please don't use tags like name=path for a highway=path or ref="Tertiary road"
12017-10-19 06:08:45 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've reverted this changeset:
Bing doesn't show the road as a straight connection. Why did you change it like that?
12017-10-19 06:01:14 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review:
This way seems to describe the same object on the other side of the road?
12017-10-19 05:54:40 UTCGerdP Hi again!
Please can you add some details where this parking lot is located and who can use it? Sat images don't show it.
12017-10-19 05:44:42 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
You tried to map something here but I fear I don't understand what it is. Please check the wiki about highways:
12017-10-18 10:47:23 UTCGerdP Hi!
I see that you started to fix these strange numbers. I also want to do that. What do you think that addr:housenumber=KS (or ks / Ks etc) means?
Unfortunately most numbers don't have a valid addr:street tag. Do you see a good reason for this?
12017-01-11 22:52:33 UTCsamely Can you also check this changeset, please?
22017-10-18 06:59:18 UTCGerdP I wonder if the primary road is in a tunnel?
It seems to go straight through buildings with both lanes.
12017-10-18 06:26:07 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this change because you use highway=crossing on some ways. This tag should only be used for the node shared by the major road and the footway. The way itself should be tagged highway=footway + footway=crossing.
See also
12017-10-18 06:09:00 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review the ways with highway=bus_guideway like this one:
This is a very special typo of road, see
Mapbox shows ways with road markings,this would not be needed with a guided way.
12017-10-18 06:04:00 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check my corrections for roads where you entered the name with the highway key:
22017-11-03 10:36:37 UTCGlenn Plas Hi Wegspotter,
Ik ben benieuwd hoe u het wegenregister gebruikt om OSM te controleren, ik zou er graag meer over weten. De reden is vooral omdat na diepe analyse van het Wegenregister blijkt dat er toch wel een groot aantal fouten in staan. OSM is de betere kaart en daarom moeten extra waakzaam ...
32017-11-03 10:39:50 UTCjoost schouppe Hoi Wegspotter,
Het klinkt hier alsof je het wegenregister zonder meer als waar aanneemt. Ik denk niet dat dat zo is, maar het lijkt mij wel nuttig om je werkwijze wat uit te leggen. Misschien kan je er eens een diary post over schijven? Een iets uitgebreidere changeset comment is natuurlijk ook we...
12017-10-16 13:10:07 UTCGerdP Hi!
What does the rarely used highway=historic mean on these two ways?
Maybe you want to express that the ways are no longer usable?
Please check for bet...
22017-10-16 20:50:20 UTCDyserth It means it used to be a track road in the past, with a ford across the stream, but isn't any more having fallen into disuse for general traffic and now being sited on private land. The route could still be used for foot traffic but has restricted access.
32017-10-16 21:13:09 UTCGerdP OK, so you think the owners still use if for walking? In that case it would be a highway=footway + access=private
or maybe hw=path, right?
42017-10-17 08:24:19 UTCDyserth No that is not what I meant - it *could* be used for walking down but is unsuitable for vehicles or horses but there are no rights of access. This was originally an old holloway road - hence the historic tag.
52017-10-17 08:39:00 UTCGerdP Since you don't seem to use one of the common prefixes to express this
what about historic=way? This is used far more often than highway=historic.

62017-10-17 12:04:27 UTCDyserth Less common it may be but is it more appropriate in this case? I feel that the highway=historic tag *is* more appropriate as this is what this road used to be. A road. A highway. Not a path or a way.
72017-10-17 13:32:40 UTCGerdP OK, maybe my understanding is too poor. I've asked the UK forum for help
82017-10-18 14:29:55 UTCRichard historic:highway=* would be much better than highway=historic. Generally the key should reflect what it is, not what it used to be. It is a historic highway but it's not a highway.

taginfo reports 1,200 historic:highway=* vs just 6 highway=historic.

(railway=abandoned/dismantled is kind of gr...
92017-10-19 06:35:43 UTCMateusz Konieczny > No that is not what I meant - it *could* be used for walking down but is unsuitable for vehicles or horses but there are no rights of access

So why highway=footway is unsuitable?
102017-10-19 18:20:40 UTCDyserth re Comment from Richard. That seems spot on - it is indeed a historic highway but not a highway currently. I'll amend the tagging. Cheers.
112017-10-19 18:24:39 UTCDyserth highway=footway is unsuitable because it isn't a designated footway any more than the rest of the fields which the feature crosses. The feature is similar in nature to a classic holloway or sunken lane. For examples of similar features please see:
122017-10-19 18:28:54 UTCDyserth as an aside this feature was marked as a unclassified road on the OS 1:25k 1st Series 1937 Map.
12017-10-17 08:50:07 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
You changed a rather large area from landuse=residential to amenity=marketplace
name=Ranen Market Centre
I've reverted this change, please draw a new way for the marketplace.
12017-10-17 05:44:20 UTCGerdP Hi!
What means highway="path possible, but extremely dangerous" ?
I assume you wanted to add this as a note?
22017-10-17 07:40:08 UTCPfad-Finder There used to be a path/footway over the bridge (about 50cm wide, not official), but now large parts of the handrail are stolen and the risk to drop 20 meters to the ground is real. There is already one recently erected cross under the bridge. I dont wan't to encourage anybody to use this bridge for...
32017-10-17 07:44:44 UTCGerdP OK, that is understood. Question is what tag can be used to express this. Since there is no highway on the southern part of the bridge I wonder why you don't simple remove the highway tag.
12017-10-17 05:09:01 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check:
What is meant with import=yes used on some new ways?
They all have the tags import=yes + source=digitalglobe so it doesn't seem to be an import as described here:
22017-10-19 16:41:37 UTCRVR001 Hi GerdP,
Thank you for your comment. Our import is a semi-automated import as described on the import catalogue
Our process is described at
Please reach out to if you have ...
12016-02-15 06:27:17 UTCGerdP Moin!
Wenn ich das richtig sehe, sollte es bei diesem Weg historic=highway heissen, nicht highway=historic ?

22016-02-16 09:45:42 UTCLodda Dieser Weg und auch andere sind historisch, also nicht mehr existent und sollen in Mapnik nicht dargestellt werden. Sie werden aber in einer Relation zusammengefasst, die diese Wege wieder sichtbar machen.
Gruß Lodda
32016-02-16 10:04:05 UTCGerdP Dann passt doch historic=highway viel besser, oder ?
42017-09-07 13:24:14 UTCGerdP Bin gerade wieder drüber gestolpert. Soll ich es ändern?
52017-10-16 13:33:39 UTCGerdP Siehe
Statt hw=razed könnte man auch historic=way in betracht ziehen. Die Relation
ist auch nicht wirklich korrekt, ist ja mehr 'ne Sammelrelation als 'ne route.
12017-10-13 06:00:29 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed that you added crossing=zebra
to ways with highway=crossing.
The way is a footway and should have the tags highway=footway + footway=crossing
and maybe crossing_ref=zebra were appropriate. The node that is shared by the footway and the major road should have the tags highway=c...
22017-10-15 16:46:14 UTCzorglubu I agree. I wanted to correct a warning of OSM Inspector. There is no footway here (I know the street), I presume I should remove these ways and put some nodes with tags highway=crossing + crossing_ref=zebra on the different ways of the main road . Could you confirm ? Thanks.
32017-10-15 16:55:49 UTCGerdP Yes, since the sidewalk is not mapped as a separate way I think you just have to add the nodes as you suggested.
42017-10-15 16:58:38 UTCzorglubu Thanks for the advice. I will do it in the next days.
12017-10-14 09:29:57 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review position of this highway=secondary:
Current Bing shows a road next to this roughly drawn way.
22017-10-14 09:32:54 UTCGerdP .. at least in the northern part ;-)
Maybe you also know what this is?
32017-10-15 09:03:53 UTCcarciofo Hello, there was no high resolution imagery available at the time the way was created, thus the rough alignment. Regarding the northern part (i.e. north of Barbacoas), if you're referring to the weird highway=pendiente tag, I was not the author: I had added it as highway=unclassified but it was chan...
42017-10-15 09:20:35 UTCGerdP OK, thanks, Will have a look at it later.
12017-10-14 20:42:00 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo addr:place="<different>"
on more than 10000 objects near this area, all created by you.
22017-10-15 09:06:46 UTCschadow1 OMG! Fixing it now. Probably had an error with JOSM literally tagging them as <different>
32017-10-15 09:19:02 UTCGerdP I think I also did that in the past (but noticed it before uploading), but now I am no longer able to reproduce the problem in JOSM. If you can, please open a ticket for JOSM.
12017-10-15 06:34:43 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review these ways tagged highway=escape. I think they are all hw=track + tracktype=grade1
One is here:
Why did you use hw=escape?
See also
Why is it not connected to the ways in the we...
22017-10-15 08:00:10 UTCgpesquero Hello GerP! You’re right! I reused the tag <highway=escape> because it was already used in some ways in this area, but it does not apply here at all !! I will change them to <highway=track> + <tracktype=grade1> where appropriate.
32017-10-15 08:06:10 UTCGerdP OK, thanks!
42017-10-15 08:32:09 UTCgpesquero Fixed with changeset #52948681 ( Please review...
12017-10-15 06:46:49 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please watch out for typo highway=residental (missing 2nd i)
I fixed it here:
12017-10-15 06:37:22 UTCGerdP Hi!
The tag highway=historic is rarely used. Please check
for common tagging.
22017-10-15 22:13:17 UTCdaveemtb Thanks, yes, I think the tagging I used was very old. I've edited now - does that look better?
12017-10-15 06:22:06 UTCGerdP Hi!
I changed the unusual highway=driveway to highway=service + service=driveway, see
12017-10-15 06:18:07 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've changed highway=bridge here:
12016-03-01 08:56:15 UTCGerdP Hi there!
You have added a few ways with highway=test_track here. This tag is only used here, I am not a local, but I guess you should better use highway=service together with a access=private and maybe a note .
22017-10-14 14:08:19 UTCWookey The ways are unusual. There is a large open-sided shed covering an area of marked out roads (and ramps), clearly for something like taking driving tests or testing vehicles.
I was unable to find a suitable tag so I guess made one up. All the other roads in the facility are 'service' (and maybe priv...
32017-10-14 15:50:06 UTCGerdP Taginfo says that service=test_track is used 27 times, so I think hw=service + service=test_track is okay.
12017-10-14 09:53:29 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review unusual tag highway=historical on and
Sat images don't show a highway, so they either existed a long time ago or maybe never?
In the first case I suggest historical=highway or highway=razed, ...
22017-10-14 09:54:40 UTCGerdP oops, sorry, meant historic=highway
12017-08-24 13:05:13 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo (?) highway=unpaved
Maybe you meant landuse=brownfield?
22017-10-14 09:44:44 UTCGerdP Or maybe it is an amenity=parking?
12017-09-25 09:01:34 UTCGerdP Hi!
What is meant with highway=tiny_path
on ?
Do you want to express that it has a small width?
22017-10-14 09:20:10 UTCGerdP I've changed it back to path:
12017-10-14 09:13:03 UTCGerdP Bitte mal prüfen:
Es gibt zwei Relationen name=Travemünder Landstraße, ich denke diese kann gelöscht werden:
Allerdings sind nicht alle Member davon in
22017-10-14 09:14:16 UTCGerdP Ach ja, weißt Du evtl. was dies hier ist?
Evtl. road_marking=dash?
12017-08-26 08:06:11 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review
The sat images show an amenity=parking,
not a circular way. A turning_circle should be mapped as a node, not a way. See also
22017-08-26 11:50:57 UTCRobJN Most satellite imagery is out of date for this location. I am sure I mapped it right but will check again when next in Coventry.
32017-08-26 11:52:58 UTCRobJN I am aware of the turning circle tag and chose not to use that so expect no change required, but as noted, I will check.
42017-10-14 08:48:50 UTCGerdP Esri sat image now shows a turning loop next to an amenity=parking
52017-11-28 23:36:15 UTCRobJN I have made this back in to a loop road again as per the wiki guidelines ("preferably a small loop of road"):

If there is a non-traversable island, and the place is meant for turning, then consider using the new (but unproven) highway=turning_loop, or preferably draw a small loop of roa...
12017-10-14 06:36:02 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review the rarely used highway=access on
I assume you meant hw=service?
22017-10-14 08:18:50 UTCyourealwaysbe Thanks for this. I'm not sure what to tag it now! Service road may be the right one. It is a road providing access to residential apartments. It's more than a driveway since it's not within property bounds, though residential seems like a an aggrandisation. It fits the Cambridge dictionary definitio...
32017-10-14 08:41:44 UTCGerdP I don't know the road and cannot see it on sat images, so I really don't know for sure. I assume hw=residential may also fit, esp. when you have a name as well.
42017-10-15 22:31:38 UTCyourealwaysbe After staring at it a bit on mapillary, i decided residential
12017-10-14 07:29:43 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway="residential et éclairée"
Did you mean highway=residential + lit=yes?
12017-10-14 06:43:17 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've corrected the unusual highway=parking_aisle
to highway=service. I did not add service=parking_aisle because I don't think that this is their main purpose.
See also
22017-10-14 13:44:42 UTCke9tv ok, thanks, must have been going blind after the number of chdr reviews this week.
12017-10-14 06:31:48 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway=5 on
Maybe you meant addr:housenumber=5?
22017-10-15 04:56:46 UTCReza_koulivand Hello! Yes, you are right, I have been trying to register the height of the building. thank you
12017-10-13 07:59:38 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I know it is a bit late but I've noticed this changeset because you added a lot of points with tags that are not useful for OSM.
I've removed the data here:
Please let me know if you think that the data is useful for OSM and...
12017-06-27 13:17:57 UTCmueschel Hi,
welcome to OSM. You added a lot of points here, but none of them has any meaningful tags. Please take your time to read in the OSM Wiki how tagging has to be done to be useful in any application that uses OSM data.
22017-10-13 07:40:18 UTCGerdP I've reverted most of this changeset here
12017-10-13 05:56:22 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review the ways near
The tag highway=crossing is only for nodes, the way has no tags.
12017-10-12 16:40:02 UTCChris Fleming why remove the maxspeed? - also I'm not sure if an area is actually appropriate here. Think that a standard highway tag will be find here.
22017-10-12 16:43:10 UTCGerdP I did not dare to remove the areas. The maxspeed tags are on the normal highway ways and not needed for areas.
If you like, please delete the areas.
I think they were created as an experiment.
12017-10-12 07:29:13 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review and
Are you sure that these are not roads?
Or are there roads parallel to the drains?
12017-10-12 04:44:15 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please don't use highway=* for elements of a playground like
Please check
for common tags.
22017-10-12 07:42:03 UTCsimonmikkelsen-dk You are right. I used highway where I ment to use playground. It is fixed now. Thanks!
12017-10-11 08:12:00 UTCGerdP Hi!
This looks like an import to me. Unfortunately the data is not useful for OSM because you did not tag the nodes or connect them with ways. What was the source for these nodes? Did you follow ?
12017-10-11 08:10:43 UTCGerdP Hi!
This looks like an import to me. Unfortunately the data is not useful for OSM
because you did not tag the nodes or connect them with ways. What was the source for these nodes?
Did you follow ?
12017-10-11 07:42:21 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please don't add landuse=residential to a building. Maybe use building=residential instead. See
12017-10-11 07:35:36 UTCGerdP Hi!
This looks like an import that went wrong. The changeset added many nodes without any tags or ways. Did you follow the import guidelines?
12017-10-11 07:26:18 UTCGerdP This cs was reverted, see
12017-10-11 07:11:16 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've reverted this changeset because it is of no use for OSM and looks like an undiscussed import. See
12017-10-11 06:54:21 UTCGerdP Hi!
I wonder what you tried to map here. The changeset contains 1157 nodes which are of no use as is because they have no tags and they are not connected to a way or relation.
I assume it is an import that did not work.
Did you follow the instructions for imports given here? http://wiki.openstre...
12017-09-14 15:32:20 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review
Why did you use highway=unclassified
for it?
22017-10-09 22:22:50 UTCprogserega Hmm!
I don't know :-)
Highway=* not need for this area. I think, that is mistake.
32017-10-10 05:50:46 UTCGerdP I think I can see a road on the southern
part. Please check my changes:
12017-10-09 06:39:28 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review mapping of this footbrige:
The correct tags are highway=footbway + bridge=yes + layer=1
Please add bicycle=yes if appropriate.
See also
12017-10-08 09:42:19 UTCGerdP Hi!
I fixed a typo highway="te]"
on three ways. I assume you meant tertiary, see
12017-09-08 04:51:02 UTCGerdP Hi!
You used highway=close or closed here.
Both are rarely used. Sat images don't yet show a road. So I wonder what is meant. See also
22017-10-07 16:49:26 UTCfenrisster It is an existing highway (newly built and finished) but since it is closed for public use, so, that is why I used that prefix. If I am mistaken, I will correct it.
32017-10-07 17:07:59 UTCGerdP Maybe you need something like access=private here?
12017-10-06 07:16:54 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Why did you revert my correction?
The correct tag is highway="residential"
not highway="highway=residential"
12017-10-06 06:42:49 UTCGerdP Hi!
What is meant with highway=aerial on this way?
I think the last part is part of the driveway,
the middle looks like a hw=track and the first part might be a hw=path.
12017-10-05 06:17:12 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review:
You changed a lot of ways with highway=footway + footway=crossing to
highway=crossing. See
I assume this was not intended as highway=crossing should only be used to tag the shared node of the footway and the major road.
See http://wiki.openstr...
22017-10-05 15:09:57 UTCDiógenes de Sinope Hi GerdP,

Whops, I made a mistake, I always use iD edit to make edits, seeing as the edits that you refer to are in regards to 'pedestrian crossings' that are raised to be on the same level as the sidewalk, I assumed that the correct representation for this was with the key 'highway:crossing' or ...
32017-10-05 15:18:12 UTCGerdP Ok, maybe also interesting for you:
42017-10-05 16:03:10 UTCDiógenes de Sinope after investigating the issue, it would appear that the reason why the edit was represented as 'highway=footway, footway=crossing, highway=crossing' is because I had originally tagged the way as a 'pedestrian crossing' (highway=footway, footway=crossing), I then change the way from 'pedestrian cross...
52017-10-05 16:17:37 UTCDiógenes de Sinope I tried to emulate what I just described above but by all accounts, every thing seems to be in order, I think we must be referring to different edits, maybe I did make a mistake with a few of them, if you can local the edits that are tagged incorrectly then I think it would be best that you correct ...
62017-10-05 16:24:21 UTCGerdP If you execute the overpass query you'll find a few ways which are still tagged with highway=crossing. This tag is only meant for nodes.
72017-10-05 16:29:46 UTCDiógenes de Sinope as I mentioned in my previous comment, I think that the edits that 'I thought' you were referring to must be the wrong ones, the wiki page (raised pedestrian crossing) for the edits that I thought you were referring to claims that I tagged the edits correctly, unless I tagged a 'way' as 'highway=cro...
82017-10-05 16:36:48 UTCDiógenes de Sinope okay I see what is going on now, the tags for 'raised pedestrian crossing' are highway=crossing, traffic_calming=table, that is why there is an error, 'highway=crossing' should only be used for nodes
12017-10-05 06:33:55 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this change because of the unusual tag highway=stairs instead of steps.
I corrected that already, see
Is this way really still named Isolotto?
22017-10-05 12:57:30 UTCpicnicjonathan Hey Gerd, thanks for the update - I thought I researched enough to not make this mistake ;-) The way might be called Bastion or Isolotto, I don't really know though :)
12017-10-04 16:31:44 UTCrab Zwischen D356 und D776 sind meiner Meinung nach nur die bessern Wege als Unclassified zu betrachten (regelmässig befahren , Verbindungscharakter, mindestens 3m breit). Der Rest ist grösstenteils ein Überbleibsel aus einem HOT "buildings only" Projekt. Am besten grosszüg...
22017-10-04 16:40:18 UTCGerdP Danke für die Hinweise.
Woran erkenne ich bei Bing die besseren Wege? ImPrinzip scheint es hier je einen mehr oder weniger direkten Weg zwischen den einzelnen Häusern zu geben.
Die meisten buildings sind laut Bing okay,
bei den Straßen gibt / gab es halt jede Menge unverbundene S...
32017-10-04 16:50:38 UTCrab Ich schalte oft den Datenlayer aus und zoome dann aus der Ansicht heraus. Da erkennt man meistens die etwas wichtigeren Verbindungen. Um ein Gefühl für die Wegbreite zu bekommen, ziehe ich eine Linie über die Breite des Weges. Das Measurement plugin zeigt dann die Breite recht zuverl&...
42017-10-04 17:15:08 UTCGerdP Ok, im Prinzip verwenden wir die gleiche Methoden. Ich frage mich aber, ob es nicht eher am Untergrund liegt, ob man die Fahrspuren gut sieht oder nicht. Ich habe halt lanes=1 verwendet, weil 2 der default für unclassified ist.
Ich habe aber nichts dagegen, wenn Du die von mir geänderte...
12017-10-04 07:05:41 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review
You created some ways with multiple highway values like highway=service;footway or
It seems that this is a common problem in the Go Map! App, so please wa...
12017-10-04 06:56:03 UTCGerdP Moin!
Du hast hier einige Wege mit highway=pathless erzeugt.
An dieser Stelle wohl aus Versehen:
Warum willst Du z.B. hier nicht einen hw=path verwenden ?
12017-10-03 06:02:45 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Please review the ways with highway=crossing like this:
It should be tagged highway=footway + footway=crossing
and it should share a node wiith the major road. This shared node is tagged highway=crossing and maybe more tags like ...
22017-10-03 20:54:52 UTCTopol65 Thank you for pointing this out! I have fixed these tags.
32017-10-04 06:48:46 UTCGerdP Thanks! See
where I changed the mapping for one footway. At this place it is not a sidewalk but a crossing, and it is not covered:
Always make sure that the node with highway=crossing is shared by the foo...
42017-10-04 20:27:04 UTCTopol65 Thanks
12017-07-25 11:27:01 UTCmueschel Was meinst du denn mit "scheduled"? Üblicherweise nehmen wir doch preproposed / proposed / planned / construction.
Gruß, Jan
22017-07-27 21:51:51 UTCJojo4u Ich dachte ich mache nochmal Werbung für mein scheduled-Proposal. Aber jetzt am Desktop sehe ich bei Taginfo nur 2 Objekte. Aber planned wird ja auch noch nicht gerendert...
32017-09-26 09:18:16 UTCGerdP Bitte ändern. Ich finde, wir haben wirklich genug etablierte Möglichkeiten, einen Weg zu mappen, den es nicht gibt.
ciao, Gerd
42017-10-03 19:27:36 UTCJojo4u Welches Tag würdest du bevorzugen? Proposed oder planned?
52017-10-03 19:32:08 UTCGerdP Ich kenne die Sachlage nicht. Scheduled klingt nach "irgendwas in Richtung Bau passiert bereits" und das wäre dann mehr planned als proposed.
62017-10-05 17:55:17 UTCJojo4u habe es als highway=planned gesetzt
12017-10-02 10:41:40 UTCGerdP Moin!
Ich wundere mich gerade, dass dieser Weg mit foot=no gemapt ist:
Ich radl dort regelmäßig und wüßte nicht, dort ein Verbotsschild gesehen zu haben.
Woher kam die Info?
12017-10-02 09:59:46 UTCGerdP Moin!
Mir ist gerade aufgefallen, dass dieser Weg
als hw=track eingetragen ist:
Ich fahre dort regelmäßig mit dem Rad und habe noch nie einen Trecker oder so gesehen, ausser vielleicht zur Erhaltung des Weges. Warum hast...
12017-10-02 08:13:39 UTCGerdP Hi again!
I am not happy with the changes to
1) The highway tag contans mixed values, only one can be right:
2) The name tag contains now both the chinese and the english name.. Please don't do that. You the tag name:...
12017-10-02 08:03:53 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Please review mixed types highway="footway; path" on way
Maybe you also know the mtb:scale? See
12017-10-02 06:54:34 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this change because you used
highway=crossing + traffic_calming=table for a footbridge:
The usual tagging is
highway=footway + bridge=yes [+ layer=1]
I've seen the same problem before and all mappers used the onli...
12017-10-02 06:35:57 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noted this change because of the rarely used tag highway=bridge. I've modified this and also part of the riverbank. Please review my changes made here:
See also
Maybe this p...
22017-10-02 06:46:24 UTCGerdP I fixed another typical newbe problem:
You connected some tracks to a power line instead of a track. See
Whenever you draw a highway across a waterway you should try to map if there is a bridge or a ford or if the waterway is in a tunnel.
See for...
12017-09-08 08:25:30 UTCGerdP Moin!
Wie kann denn ein Weg gleichzeitig highway=footway und waterway=river sein
und noch dazu innerhalb eines leisure=swimming_pool ?
Ist das vielleicht ein
22017-09-30 07:02:30 UTCkeepright! ler Dies ist der Weg, auf den ich eine Wasserrutsche kartiere:
attraction=waterslide, weil man sich vergnügt
waterway=stream, weil Wasser fließt
highway=footway, damit über die Rutsche geroutet werden kann
oneway=yes, weil eine Richtung vorgegeben ist.
32017-09-30 08:38:36 UTCGerdP Ich bezog mich auf diesen Way:
Eine Wasserrutsche würde ich (wenn überhaupt) auch nur
attraction=waterslide mappen.
Aber was hat so eine Rutsche mit Routing zu tun?
12017-09-30 06:46:30 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
You mapped a few underground ways here, but it seems you gave up. The ways are not connected and some have wrong tags.
For example, instead of highway=escalator you should use highway=footway (or steps) + conveying=yes
12017-09-30 05:47:13 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review unusual highway=footpath on
It was hw=path before, so I assume you wanted to change it to hw=footway ?
22017-10-05 02:33:55 UTC3vivekb_sjsidewalks_import I made the suggested changes in 52641927. Thanks for the suggestion I knew it looked weird.
12017-09-30 05:38:59 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noted that you created two ways with
the unusual tag highway=alley
I changed them to highway=service + service=alley.
You also added some tags with the tiger prefix. Did you get your information from tiger data? If not I would not use these tags.
12017-09-29 06:00:49 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noted this change because you used the tag highway=bus_guideway
on several ways. See
Please note that this is a very special kind of road, see
I assume you need highway=servic...
22017-09-29 06:33:05 UTCBillLim Hello,
I am aware of the classification and believe it to be appropriate. Several sections of the BRT system runs on dedicated curbed "tracks" that are paralell and separate from the roadway and are therefore not normal bus lanes. Hence, the highway=bus_guideway tag seems appropriate. Fu...
32017-09-29 06:54:10 UTCGerdP I think the important criteria on the wiki page are these:
"Guided buses are buses steered for part or all of their route by external means"
and "Do not use this on normal paved roadways that are designated for buses only. One correct tagging for those is highway=service, access=no,...
42017-09-29 15:31:10 UTCBillLim I did read the wiki thoroughly beforehand. As the wiki also states that "Guidance systems can be either physical, such as kerbs (in American and Canadian English, "curbs"), or remote, such as optical or radio guidance."
In the case of the system in question, it's presence of ph...
52017-09-29 17:22:39 UTCGerdP OK, got it. Thanks for your patience.
12017-09-29 08:39:27 UTCGerdP Hi there!
You have used the tag highway=snow_path
for 4 ways, e.g.
This tag is not used anywhere else. My understanding is that highway=path +
might be better here? Or maybe route=piste ?
See also
12017-09-29 06:27:09 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this area because of the tag highway=bus_guideway
used on 4 ways here, e.g.
Please note that these are very special ways, see
22017-10-01 00:50:34 UTCWilmer Osario Thanks, I will correct it to a better tag.
12017-09-29 06:19:15 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review this area. I don't this that
is a way as described here
If only busses are allowed, you can use
highway=service + access=no + bus=yes
Is it allowed to access the cinema \...
12017-07-19 19:51:50 UTCletihu Dieses Gebiet
sollte geschlossen sein. Kannst Du das bitte in Ordnung bringen?
22017-09-28 08:37:43 UTCGerdP Moin!
Bitte prüfen:
Bing und DigitalGlobe zeigen aktuell dieses Gebäude
und viele weitere etwa 50m nord-westlich versetzt.
32017-09-28 12:03:58 UTCFuschi ah, endlich mal Luftbilder, auf denen auch was zu erkennen ist :D
Danke für den Hinweis!
42017-09-28 12:10:44 UTCGerdP Irgendwo muss es da auch eine Straße geben, auf der auch Fahrzeuge dort hinkommen. Im Moment gibt es nur hw=path
52017-09-28 12:21:05 UTCFuschi naja als Straße würde ich das nicht bezeichnen :D
ist auch keinerweise befestigt oder dergleichen
62017-09-28 12:58:11 UTCGerdP Also kommt man dort gar nicht mit einem Auto hin?
12017-09-28 12:32:52 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Please review way
What did you try to map here?
It is not a road.
12017-09-28 08:03:28 UTCGerdP Moin!
Schau mal bitte auf highway=yes an
Da hängt ein proposed=residential dran,
ich vermute, das sollte bei highway hin?
12017-09-28 06:42:05 UTCGerdP Moin!
Ich wundere mich, dass es für die Brücke so detailierte access Attribute gibt, aber nicht für den Rest vom "Wirtschaftsweg".
12017-09-28 05:46:02 UTCGerdP Moin!
Die "Gebäudenummern" sehen für mich nach Hausnummern (addr:housenumber) aus. Oder ist das hier ein Sonderfall?
12017-09-28 04:59:05 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've fixed typo highway=driveway here:
but I think you should review the access tags.I think it is better to have them on the way, not only on the gates. Maybe split the way at the gate. Besides that I wonder why you set access=destination and overw...
12017-09-27 06:07:05 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check the "Maine Huts Trail"
near this bridge:
I assume the trail should be split to use this brdige?
It might be better to use a relation to map "Maine Huts Trail". See
22017-09-27 23:10:36 UTCmcccliv I cannot comment on the bridge you refer to:

I am not familiar with that area. It was not part of the changes I made.
32017-09-28 04:36:44 UTCGerdP Thanks for the quick reaction. I tried to find out if the bridge should be part of the trail.
As of now, the trail crossies the waterway
and there is neither a ford nor a bridge.
I just hoped that know more.
12017-09-27 14:32:18 UTCGerdP Moin!
Du hast hier aus einem Gebäude eine Straße gemacht. Absicht?
12017-09-27 14:29:20 UTCGerdP Moin!
Schau mal bitte auf
Die Fläche ist größtenteils von Autobahnen bedeckt, da macht natural=scrub eigentlich keinen Sinn.
Ich würde nur die großen Flächen zwischen den Spuren so mappen. An den Straßenrände...
12017-09-27 07:20:35 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway=yes
Bing only shows trees. Is it a path or an abandoned road?
12017-09-27 05:47:38 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this change because you used highway=crossing for a way here
and here
The tag is onöy meant for the node shared by a minor way (footway, cycleway) with a major road. ...
22017-09-27 12:50:04 UTCxolrax Yes, I'll correct it. Thank you.
12017-09-26 09:50:07 UTCGerdP Hi!
I try to understand what highway=historical means here:
Do you want to map that there was a road in the past which no longer exists?
Please see\...
12017-09-25 12:14:57 UTCGerdP Hi!
You used highway=passing_place on a way here. The area looks more like a highway=rest_area to me. The value passing_place should only be used on nodes. Do you think that this place was created to allow two vehicle to pass each other?
22017-09-26 08:12:23 UTCJPERR Hi GerdP,

I can't be 100% sure about the fact this area was meant as a passing place, however the road there is quite narrow, uphill, and there are no other spaces right before or after to stop and let a vehicle pass.
But I guess it would be OK to mark it as a highway=rest_area as well.

32017-09-26 09:13:24 UTCGerdP My understanding is that you can stop there to access this viewpoint:
A rest_area is probably larger. Please review my changes
42017-09-29 21:19:20 UTCJPERR I am fine with your changes. Thanks for the input
12017-08-27 06:02:59 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo (?) highway=stream
I guess you meant waterway=stream + intermittent=yes ?
See also
22017-09-26 07:44:45 UTCGerdP Please review my changes:
I am not sure if there is really a ford here:
Maybe the water goes through a tunnel=culvert?
12017-09-26 07:14:20 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review this "roundabout":
12017-09-26 06:59:09 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed this change because of the rarely used tag highway="de servicio"
Please use the english values as listed here:
You should also connect the roads so that they share a node.
You should not connect a road...
22017-09-26 06:59:47 UTCGerdP Sorry, forgot the link to the road:
32017-10-12 14:38:48 UTCosmtools And please have a look at
Closed areas without any tags?
12017-09-26 06:49:04 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway=1
12017-09-25 09:31:25 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review
This looks like a junction=roundabout
or maybe just a circular way with highway=residenital (I can't see an obstacle in the middle on the sat images). The tag highway=mini_roundabout should only be used on nodes.
12017-09-25 08:09:34 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Please review mixed values highway=unclassified;construction
on way
I assume that only a part of the way is under construction?
12017-09-25 08:00:18 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check: Why are there two relations named "Niška Transverzala" ?
They both seem to be incomplete, maybe they should be merged into one?
12017-09-25 07:24:25 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review my corrections on
done here:
12017-09-25 07:16:19 UTCGerdP Moin!
Du hast hier highway=pfad anstatt path verwendet. Absicht?
22017-09-25 13:57:16 UTCBillboa Danke für den Hinweis, soeben korrigiert.
12017-09-25 06:23:20 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please use either highway=disused + disused=* or disused:highway=* for closed roads. See my changes here:
22017-09-25 06:47:31 UTCGerdP Please review also the position of and the other ways near it.
Digital Globe Sat image shows them ~ 16m from their actual position.
12017-09-21 08:56:44 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Please review the nodes you created in this area. For example the tags for look completely wrong.
22017-09-25 06:05:00 UTCGerdP In case you don't know what I meant:
- The key building should be used on ways which describe the outline of a building, like here:
- The key highway is nomally used to map a road (when used on a way) or objects related to the road, like crossings, stop s...
12017-09-24 15:19:35 UTCGerdP Hallo!
Ich habe gerade in D diverse highway=centre_line angeschaut, die meisten waren tatsächlich Leitplanken in der Mitte einer Autobahn/Schnellstraße. Aber was ist dies hier?
12017-09-24 06:17:54 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've notice the way
because you used the tag highway=* here.
I assume you found this i a wiki page.Please note that * is only a placeholder for a reasonable value, in this case probably "service". You also didn't connect...
22017-09-24 09:34:46 UTCEljah Thanks a lot. I hope everything is fixed, at least I tried )
32017-09-24 13:30:25 UTCGerdP Looked again at the names. I assume that
inscription would be better here. See
12017-09-24 07:24:34 UTCGerdP Hi!
I am looking at ways with the rarely used tag highway=access_ramp.
I assume this is a footway usable for wheelchairs (and maybe also for delivery)
Why didn't you use highway=footway + wheelchair=yes ?
22017-09-24 07:35:36 UTCTararan I guess you are talking about the clinic's ramp that looks like
32017-09-24 07:39:12 UTCGerdP Sorry, forgot the link:
42017-09-24 07:39:52 UTCTararan I haven't edited OSM for years, please don't ask me about properties and keys.
52017-09-24 07:41:25 UTCTararan It may also look much like the picture in :
62017-09-24 07:43:51 UTCGerdP Ah, thanks for the last link.
72017-09-24 07:46:42 UTCTararan Photos of the ramp:
12017-06-14 09:42:47 UTCMinh Nguyen Thanks for your contributions! As you add stoplines, please remember to connect them to the roadways, as that would be more topologically correct.

In fact, since most roadways in OSM are modeled as lines rather than areas, most existing software prefers that stopping positions be mapped as [highw...
22017-09-24 06:51:06 UTCGerdP A typical problem with this approach is here:
The stop line is now part of the sidewalk (and still not part of the major road)
I don't think that a way with highway=stopline is any better than a node on the road with highway=stop.
It is nearly useless ...
32017-09-24 06:56:29 UTCMinh Nguyen There’s some additional discussion about this stopline mapping effort in the thread starting at <>.
42017-09-24 07:36:45 UTCGerdP @Minh Nguyen : Thanks for the link.
I noticed that the number of ways with highway=stopline decreased from ~17500 to < 11000 during the last days. Not sure why.
52017-09-24 07:52:29 UTCMinh Nguyen pflier is retagging highway=stopline to road_marking=solid_stop_line at the suggestion of those on the talk-us thread. I welcome this change, and I agree with GerdP that the ways should be connected to the roads they intersect.
12017-09-24 07:33:43 UTCGerdP Hi!
I wonder where this highway=access_ramp leads to and what it is:
Is it a special way for wheelchairs (highway=footway + wheelchair=yes) ?
Is there a lift (highway=elevator) at the end?
12017-09-24 07:28:15 UTCGerdP Moin!
Ich frage mich, ob das selten benutzte highway=access_ramp nicht besser durch
highway=footway + wheelchair=yes ersetzt werden kann.
12017-08-30 09:16:46 UTCGerdP Moin!
Für nicht mehr vorhandene Wege gibt es ein eigenes Tagging-System, siehe
Die beiden Wege sind Teile von Relationen. Kennst Du deren neuen Verlauf?
22017-09-22 12:25:39 UTCSuidakra Sorry hatte nix passenderes gefunden.
Den neuen Verlauf kenne ich nicht. Es ist bis jetzt auch noch so ausgeschildert. Auf meinen Hinweis wurde nicht reagiert.
32017-09-22 14:11:30 UTCGerdP Vielleicht ist es dann besser, erstmal nur trail_visibility=no zu setzen?
42017-09-23 06:05:06 UTCGerdP Ich sehe gerade, Du hast einen Weg geändert, den anderen noch nicht
Nach Deiner Beschreibung würde ich beides eher auf highway=path + trail_visibility=no setzen. Wanderer können ja wahrscheinlich noch durch, oder?
52017-09-24 06:32:37 UTCSuidakra Wandere können da nur durch wenn sie bereit sind eine ca 12m hohen Schotterabhang hinaufzu klettern.
Der restliche Weg ist noch da. Nur das kleine Stück ist weg.
62017-09-24 06:40:49 UTCGerdP Sofern das erlabut ist, kannst Du es ja mit sac_scale erfassen.
12017-09-23 09:27:19 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review
What did you try to map here?
22017-09-23 23:31:43 UTCnevw Hi Gerd
I expect it is this stock route
I also note that this tag is proposed
Maybe highway=track|path|bridleway? would be ok in parts too with additional visibility tags with a ...
32017-09-24 06:06:47 UTCGerdP Thanks for the link.I agree regarding the highway tag. I think each stone cairn might be tagged as historic=milestone (used on a node).
The landuse=farmland tag should be removed.
42017-09-25 01:23:09 UTCgreyim Thanks GP historic=milestone seems good... unusually, there is no actual track, long since erased by time and weather
12017-09-23 16:13:05 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello GerdP. At you have tagged `cylkeway:right:surface` instead of `cycleway:right:surface`, right? #typo
22017-09-23 17:51:28 UTCGerdP Argh! Fixed this also. Hope this was the last one.
12017-08-25 11:58:30 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo (?) highway=passing_place
Is this a bridge or a ford?
22017-08-29 13:45:59 UTCzwombie I honestly don't know, I can't remember adding the tag either, doesn't sound like a tag I would use
32017-09-23 10:07:31 UTCGerdP Maybe you just typed pa for path and JOSM autocomplete selected passing_place.
Do you remember if this way is connected to the road ?
I don't see the path nor the building on any sat image.
12017-09-23 08:32:58 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of the tag highway=cavepassage which is only used here.
I wonder if natural=cave fits better?
12017-09-23 08:21:00 UTCGerdP Hi!
You added some additional ways for cycleways in this area, e.g.
Did you notice that the major roads
were already tagged with
cycleway=lane ?
12017-09-23 07:58:36 UTCGerdP Hi!
This change looks like an import. Where did you discuss it?
Did you follow the import guidelines? See
All buildings have name=house which makes no sense, maybe you meant building=house?
12017-09-23 06:12:51 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review the mapping of this bridge
See also
Do you know if bicycles are allowed?
12017-09-23 06:09:27 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Please review the two footbridges
12017-09-23 05:57:06 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've changed the unusual highway=driveway to highway=service + service=driveway, see
12017-09-22 09:52:12 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo waterway=damm on
Is this really a dam as described here ?
12017-09-22 09:26:57 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo waterway=natural
on 3 ways, e.g. this one:
How are they connected to ?
12017-09-22 09:21:04 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo waterway=natural on
See also nearby
Maybe the same object?
12017-09-22 05:59:54 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello GerdP. At you have tagged `cyckeway:right:surface` instead of `cycleway:right:surface`, right?#typo
22017-09-22 07:38:25 UTCGerdP thanks, fixed
12017-09-06 15:27:52 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo oneway=yes + oneway:bicycle=no+cycleway=opposite
I assume these should be 3 tags,
but cycleway=opposite
doesn't match the changeset comment "bicycles allowed in both directions"

22017-09-21 10:30:43 UTCbluetandem Hi
I do not seem to understand what you mean. It is a road with
- oneway for cars
- both directions allowed for bicycles
- no bycycle lane

what would be the correct tags? This is how I interpreted
32017-09-21 11:03:43 UTCGerdP Look how OSM stored your data:
42017-09-21 11:06:21 UTCGerdP The oneway tag should only contain the value yes. The further information should go into different tags.
12017-09-21 05:58:17 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I see that you are very active mapping house numbers :-)
Please don't create tags like addr:housename=a or addr:place=a
If you don't know the name just leave the field empty.
It would be much better if you add the corresponding street name using addr:street, for example t...
12017-09-20 14:10:01 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review the position of the rails at this node:
12017-09-17 07:05:15 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
You mapped some roads with highway=unpaved here. The highway tag is used to map the importance of the road, not the surface. The roads seem to be for agricultural use, so I've changed them to highway=track. This implies surface=unpaved.
You also used building=yes for a plac...
22017-09-20 12:39:08 UTCGerdP I've now noticed that you moved all nodes of Makurdi to Zaki Biam Road by ~25m. I think this was not intended.
See my changes here:
12017-09-20 06:04:57 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
Please review the mapping of this footbridge
Do you know how this bridge is connected to the building in the west ? If I got that right this way
12017-09-19 16:00:29 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway=Trou du Loup
on node
22017-09-21 10:53:22 UTCFrédéric Gutkin Hello,

Oops ! I set "highway" instead of "name".
Corrected !

12017-09-19 06:45:31 UTCGerdP HI and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed that you changed a highway from unclassified to camino. The highway tag is used to map the importance of a road, e.g. footway or motorway. See
I think that way
could be a...
12017-09-19 06:26:47 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've changed the unusual mapping of the footbridge, see
I guess you were mislead by iD, see also
12017-09-18 17:12:23 UTCGerdP Moin!
Mir ist aufgefallen, dass es den Spessart zwei mal gibt. Siehe
Die beiden beschreiben unterdessen fast exakt die gleiche Fläche, das soll wahrscheinlich nicht so sein, oder?
22017-09-18 19:25:26 UTCGerdP Wird auch gerade hier diskutiert:
12017-09-17 07:54:03 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check this junction:
The roads are not connected.
12017-09-17 07:37:42 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review this bride. See
12017-09-15 05:17:49 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this change because of the tag highway=crossing which is used on a way instead of a node. Is Go Map! encouring you to use this wrong tagging?
22017-09-15 05:23:59 UTCsamuelrussell Firstly it isn't wrong tagging. The ontology specified within the wiki discourages it because some route mappers are programmed by unaware groups.

Secondly the crossing is a way. It has a length, commencement, terminus and is not a series of separate nodes. Either the road and two rail lines mus...
32017-09-15 05:25:39 UTCGerdP For the way itself the common tagging uses
highway=footway + footway=crossing.
42017-09-15 05:28:49 UTCsamuelrussell And that ontology is neither mandatory nor represents the situation on the ground that this is a single object with length
52017-09-15 05:33:19 UTCGerdP Sorry, you lost me. Do you want to establish a new tagging system here?
62017-09-15 05:36:29 UTCsamuelrussell This is an existed supported tagging system. It is specified in the English language wiki
72017-09-15 05:39:00 UTCGerdP Don't think so. The wiki separates clearly between nodes and ways. Please review.
I refer to "The tag is set for the node where the both ways are crossing (footway and street, street and railway and so on). For detailed mapping it may be useful ...
82017-09-15 05:41:03 UTCsamuelrussell Wiki>
Tagging crossings as ways

Some mappers tag a way Way segment of a highway=footway or highway=cycleway that crosses multiple roads and/or railways with crossing=traffic_signals to indicate that there is only one traffic light controlling the cyclist or pedestrian, to avoid multiple nodes...
92017-09-15 05:46:08 UTCGerdP You see? No mention of highway=crossing to be used on ways here.
102017-09-15 06:07:51 UTCsamuelrussell Feel free to be as bold as you enjoy and should I be able to make any sense of your tagging I will model it.
112017-09-15 06:30:14 UTCGerdP Well, sorry for sounding bold. English is my 2nd language. It seems that "LPI NSW" sat images are out-dated in this place as they show the road and the rails at a different position. Maybe look at
This was also created by you and corresponds t...
122017-09-15 06:38:33 UTCsamuelrussell I did check the wiki before using ramp=both which appeared as suggested. I'm using it to code the presence of what are called "pram ramps" in Australian design. 1 m wide useable ramps from a raised footpath to the road level.

In this section of road the road and the railway are separat...
132017-09-15 06:39:04 UTCGerdP By the way: I see some rails with bicycle=y or yes here. What does it mean?
142017-09-15 06:42:57 UTCsamuelrussell The rails with bicycle yes are a combined bidi rails plus way for emergency, rail service motor vehicles bicycle and foot
152017-09-15 06:59:37 UTCGerdP Well, don't know enough about railway mapping, but as a cyclist I know that I don't like to cycle on rails ;-)
I hesitate to edit something here because sat images show the road and the POI next to it at very different positions, e.g.
this fountain\...
162017-09-17 05:15:01 UTCGerdP OK, so I guess that the sat image is outaged, See
LPI NSW also shows a large building in the south of this place which doesn't appear in the map.
12017-09-16 06:35:11 UTCGerdP Moin!
Warum hast Du z.B. hier
aus Area=0 area=0 gemacht?
Aus meiner Sicht war das irgendein Import, bei dem Area etwas ganz anderes bedeutet als area (=yes/no)
22017-09-16 11:30:25 UTCwambacher weil ich das eventuell nicht erkannt habe?

nun, der Tag ist so oder so nicht wertvoll. Stammt aus einen - damals miserablen und auch wohl nicht angemeldeten - Shape-Import und das ganze ist über ein jahr her. kannst es ja zurückdrehen, ich sehe allerdings keinen Sinn darin
32017-09-16 11:59:30 UTCGerdP Neh, will ich auch nicht. Passiert anders wo auch immer wieder, weil halt JOSM meckert.
Irgendwo hast Du auch einfach alles entfernt, was nicht üblich ist. Könnte man hier evtl auch machen.
12017-09-14 13:21:27 UTCGerdP Hi!
It seems that you changed some outer ways which were tagged area:highway=*
in a way that the modified MP relation now has highway=*
I think you should have kept the old tag key.
22017-09-15 20:28:37 UTCemvee Hi GerdP,

> some outer ways which were tagged area:highway=* are now highway=* is the MP relation

Strange, I did not do things completely by hand but used copying, so I am surprised.

Can you give an example? With that I can have a better look and likely check if I made that error more of...
32017-09-15 20:55:32 UTCemvee I did a OverPass query for relations with highway=pedestrian and no area=yes and added area=yes to all these, so I think the problem is fixed.

Thanks for letting me know!
42017-09-16 05:50:00 UTCGerdP Sorry, seems I forgot to add a link to the object that lead me to this CS :-(
Not sure if that is better. On a single, closed way the tag area:highway is used to map the area covered by the road itself, while highway=pedestrian + area=yes says that the area within the way is usable for pedestrians...
52017-09-16 06:04:30 UTCGerdP Think it was this one:
62017-09-16 06:59:15 UTCemvee Aha, thanks, the original way object ( had area:highway=service and now the relation has highway=service.

To find relations with "highway=*" and no area tag, use in JOSM "Download from Overpass API" and past into it:

72017-09-16 07:06:52 UTCGerdP Yes, area:highway is used by special renderers.
Looking again at it I think in case of
you really improved the mapping.
Sorry for the noise. I found other cases that IMHO did not improve the data, see
82017-09-16 07:49:52 UTCemvee No problem for the "noise" ;-)

For the particular case of I see how area:highway=area could make sense but before going that way, it would make sense to adds ways indicating how to access this service area and how to drive over it.

92017-09-16 08:00:42 UTCGerdP Yes, and another potential problem here is that one may confuse area:highway=service with highway=services + area=yes as in
12017-09-16 06:17:44 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
What is meant with highway="whera road" on ?
Bing shows a way that looks like a highway=residential.

12017-09-16 06:09:33 UTCGerdP Hi!
Did you see my comment here?
12017-09-15 05:31:08 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review
I assume you meant service here. I did not correct it because there is also a barrier=gate which is unclear. If you know this place please place the barrier node so that it is not a junction of two different highway ways. See also https...
22017-09-15 12:39:12 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Yep, i ment service. Thanks you! This area is filled with elements having an offset, wrong tags, etc. I wanted to correct as much as possible before leaving for an appointment. ;)
12017-09-13 12:10:06 UTCliteran Приветствую! ты уверен, что рядом с развязкой, на въезде в Совхоз, именно природный луг (natural=grassland), а не газон (landuse=grass)??
22017-09-13 12:16:44 UTCForstEK Привет! Нет, конечно, там и газон-то у шоссе еле живой, какой там луг. Спасибо, поправлю.
32017-09-15 05:06:58 UTCGerdP Hi again.
Please make sure that you don't use highway=crossing for ways.
The tag is only for the node where the footway / cycleway crosses a major road.
The footway is mapped with highway=crossing + footway=crossing
42017-09-15 05:56:56 UTCForstEK Thank you for note, i fixed it:
12017-09-15 05:02:02 UTCGerdP Hi!
I changed the mapping of the footbridge, see
12017-09-14 15:23:23 UTCGerdP Hi!
It seems that you accidentially changed a complex natural=wood multipolygon into something that is now also a bus route.
Also a landuse=residential MP was broken.
I tried to restore the old data with two steps, see
12017-09-14 13:17:11 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review
It is now a highway=secondary MP relation, before it was a area:highway=secondary
Same problem here:
Did you do this change im more places?
22017-09-14 13:58:54 UTCsebastic area:highway doesn't make much sense on a MP relation which is already an area. I've made this kind of change more often while updating old-style multipolygons.
32017-09-14 14:18:14 UTCGerdP I just try to make up my mind what a highway MP is when it comes to routing.
I found many MP which don't describe the same thing as a way with area:highway does. So I think you removed information.
12017-09-13 14:17:07 UTCGerdP Hi!
The tag highway=traffic_calming
is rarely used on ways, can you please explain what you tried to map here?
Maybe you meant maxheight for the service way below the bridge?
12017-09-13 10:35:58 UTCGerdP Hi!
I found a typo highway=residental here
and tried to map more ways. Please review
It seems to cross many buildings. Maybe
Bing is outaged? I used Bing with offset 3.58; -5.97, my changes are here:
12017-09-13 07:03:23 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review the area using around
DigitalGlobe Premium sat images. They show the roundabout at a different position.
Besides that the tag highway=crossing should only be used on this node and not on the footway . The footway should be tagged w...
22017-09-13 08:21:35 UTCForstEK Hi! Thank you for comment - I should verify DG-premium! I correct this object, see changeset:
32017-09-13 08:26:42 UTCGerdP I changed one more highway=crossing here:
42017-09-13 09:05:17 UTCForstEK Klar. Danke schon!
12017-09-02 07:26:03 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review all ways in this area. I see typo highway=pprop on and combination highway=proposed + construction=*
I don't know which one is correct.
22017-09-13 08:17:23 UTCGerdP Please review my changes here:
12017-08-27 06:51:58 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check typo highway=ter on
To me it looks like a secodary_link .
It also seems to be connected to the wrong lane (oneway) in the south.
22017-09-13 07:41:49 UTCGerdP Please check
12017-09-13 07:09:37 UTCGerdP Moin!
Schau mal bitte auf
Anstelle von highway=driveway + driveway=service sollte es highway=service + service=driveway heißen, habs entsprechend geändert.
Diesen Fehler sehe ich in letzter Zeit häufiger, ist da irgendwo ein Wiki falsch?
22017-09-13 12:15:46 UTCliondog Hej! Ups, mein Fehler. Hatte mich gewundert, warum JOSM keine Autovervollständigung beim Eingeben anbot. Das irgendwas im Wiki nicht stimmt, davon weiß ich nichts.
32017-09-13 12:17:26 UTCliondog Und vielen Dank für die Korrektur. Bei der Anzahl an an Wald und Wiesen Mappern bleiben solche Fehler manchmal Jahre bestehen.
12017-09-12 13:01:05 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I fear the app Go Map! has corrupted good data here. A footway is now an amenity=recycling:
Also a former memorial :
and so on.
I found no change that looks correct. If you agree I...
22017-09-13 06:43:13 UTCGerdP Done, see
I found miore changes like that caused by Go Map! :-(
I don't know the app, please take care that you don't accidentially change existing data.
12017-09-13 06:33:55 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please use disused:highway=service instead of highway=closed:service. Or use two tags highway=disused + disused=service.
22017-09-13 11:01:03 UTCCamLewWri Done
12017-09-12 20:23:49 UTCGerdP Hi!
You removed a route=hiking relation here, was that intended?
The tag highway=track makes no sense for a relation, so I guess you wanted to change a single way.
12017-09-12 08:31:16 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
You removed the tags from some relations here and also the members of some. This was probably not intended ?
12017-09-11 09:40:29 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check typo highway=2
22017-09-11 15:49:31 UTCBaldorider Sorry GeradP did not understand the problem you could explain better?
Did I make any mistakes?
Thank you
32017-09-11 15:56:19 UTCGerdP Yes, the tag highway=2 on way makes no sense and I don't know what you wanted to map.
42017-09-11 16:07:47 UTCBaldorider Ok GeradP understood and correct.
See if it's okay.
Thank you
52017-09-12 08:21:18 UTCGerdP Thanks, you may add tracktype to the tracks there, see
12017-09-12 08:13:52 UTCGerdP Hi!
You used highway=mini_roundabout for a way. I've changed it to junction=roundabout:
It seems that iD doesn't contain a preset for that?
See also
12017-09-10 08:09:34 UTCGerdP Please review these changes.
You added new ways on top of or next to existing ways. What did you try to map here?
22017-09-11 11:13:46 UTCRuslan Taxim Good Day! I add new way here. Its named Məhəmmədli Dairəsi.
32017-09-11 12:33:57 UTCGerdP Good Day!
OK, so you did not want to add all the other new ways. I've reverted the change here:
If I got that right you should add
name=Məhəmmədli Dairəsi.
or maybe only a part of the road.
12017-09-11 09:45:10 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review typo highway=bridge
Did you mean man_made=bridge ?
12017-09-11 09:36:49 UTCGerdP Hi!
Fixed typo highway=driveway again, see
12017-09-11 09:19:10 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed that you added addr:place tags in this area. Please check
Do you agree this should have name=Hadeed Road like ?
12017-09-10 08:56:12 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
You use highway=turning_loop here:
This tag is only meant for nodes, when you don't want to draw the circular way itself. The old tagging was correct, so I've restored it. See
12017-09-10 08:44:15 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please don't use highway=turning_loop for ways, this tag is only meant for nodes when you don't want to draw the loop itself. See
22017-09-21 01:51:46 UTCknottga3 Thanks, I stand corrected. I fumble fingered the cleanup on that one. Nice combination attribute for a deeper than normal turning circle/loop.
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